Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags have become the answer to reducing single-use plastic bags, not to mention becoming a must-have fashion accessory.

An image of a custom tote bag with text design elements and a bouquet of flowers inside.
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Make Your Own Tote Bags With Printify

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Create custom-design canvas bags that will make a lasting impression.

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Order custom tote bags in single and bulk orders, depending on your needs.

Why Sell Personalized Tote Bags?

Custom canvas tote bags overlap with almost every demographic and are a simple but significant utility item.

$4.2 billion

The tote bag market reached a new high in 2021.

They’re easy to ship, and a good design can increase the value and marketability of the product. A sturdy canvas tote bag will last your customer for years and create passive advertising.

An image of a personalized tote bag in green with the word “Librarian” on it.

What Are Customized Tote Bags Used For?

Simply put, tote bags fit all occasions – from fashion-conscious trends and everyday home essentials to casual carry bags for beach trips. Try your hand at creating the perfect accessory with your personalized artwork – great for environmentally friendly shoppers.

Personalized tote bags are used for multiple occasions:

A picture of a black tote bag with white lettering on it.

Promotional Tote Bags

Custom logo tote bags are handy for promoting a brand, business, or cause. It’s a surefire way to add value for conference attendees and is one of the most widely sought-after merch options at promotional events. Perfect as a company message for presentations, trade shows, fairs, or open houses.

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Reusable Grocery Tote Bags

One of the main uses for a good canvas bag is its selling point as a reusable grocery bag for shopping. Reusable bags with easily foldable fabric and durable material are perfect companions for buying groceries at local stores and farmers’ markets.

Custom Tote Bags - UK 2

Gym Tote Bags

A nice alternative for potential customers who have grown tired of polyester drawstring bags when packing for the gym. Totes are great for carrying gym clothes, a water bottle, and other essentials in style.

An image of a male model wearing a custom tote bag on his shoulder.

Fashion Tote Bags

Delight shoppers with fun styles and epic designs by promoting a collection of fashion canvas totes. If designer brands can get away with a simple logo design tote bag, you can put effort into something even better.

An image of a personalized tote bag on the beach.

Personalized Tote Bags for the Beach

Custom tote bags can fit everything needed for the beach, don’t take up space, and are easy to pack and carry. Perfect company for a day trip in the dunes without the eyesore of wrinkled plastic bags.

Design Your Custom Tote Bags!

Why Are Personalized Tote Bags So Popular?

It’s hard to fathom the total number of totes sold every year, but there is a good reason why they’re so popular. Custom canvas bags are extremely universal, can be rolled or folded to save space, and make the perfect blank for printing your custom designs. 

Due to their lightweight fabric, small dimensions, and reusability, tote bags are a cost-effective and valued option. They have low shipping costs and promote a practical way to be environmentally conscious. 

Printify offers a great selection of custom canvas tote bags. Take a look and choose the perfect cotton canvas for your designs.

An image of a woman holding a customized tote bag on her shoulder with a baguette inside.
An image of a woman holding a custom tote bag with text.
A mockup of a woman holding a tote bag on her shoulder.

Custom canvas tote bags with all-over print will take your POD company to the next level. The 100% polyester material is hardwearing and fast-drying, increasing its number of practical uses. The all-over-print feature allows you to create colorful prints and designs that cover the entire surface of the bag. The sleek laminate inside pocket is great for both groceries and travel essentials.

A mockup of a tote bag lying on the floor.

The Jassz 100% cotton tote bag is a comfortable choice with durable web handles and reinforced stitching. This tote bag has a very attractive cost but still carries itself with a quality ringspun cotton thread and an incredibly smooth print finish. With a fulfillment center in the Czech Republic, this is a great option for European sellers.

Colors · 2

Custom Tote Bags - UK 3
A mockup of a woman holding a tote bag on her hand.

The Stanley and Stella collection brings the classic natural tote bag everyone knows and loves. The double-sided print area is super convenient for a company logo on one side and an art piece on the other. The natural cotton canvas matches any style and print color combination.

Color · 1

A mockup of a polyester tote bag hanging on a chair.

Our polyester tote bag is spun with an extremely durable polyester and cotton blend that retains its shape. It has a spacious pocket and a boxed interior with an external linen texture. With a fulfillment center in Australia, this is a great option for merchants in the South Pacific.

Color · 1

A mockup of a man holding a tote bag on his shoulder.

Our woven tote bag is made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester, responsibly fulfilled in Poland. The polyester fibers are resistant to most chemicals and don’t shrink after wash. Produced with a shaping seam at the sides for max volume and long handles with reinforced stitching for durability and comfort.

Colors · 3

A mockup of a custom tote bag lying on a white surface.

One of the key features of this shoulder tote bag is the straps, designed to be carried comfortably on the shoulder. The reinforced stitching on the cotton handles allows the bag to hold items like books, laptops, groceries, and other objects that are too large or heavy for a handbag. The amazing utility is matched by the all-over-print feature, offering unlimited color and design possibilities.

Color · 1

Custom Tote Bags - UK 3
A mockup of a woman holding a canvas tote bag on her shoulder.

From the Port Authority collection, this personalized canvas tote bag is 100% cotton sheeting. Another example of keeping to the memorable and that which works best. The classic style is complemented by reinforced stitching at the handles and flat corner seams. Made of firm materials and a production price that’s soft on the eyes.

Color · 1

A mockup of a person holding a cotton tote bag in his arms.

The ultimate grab’n’bag accessory with a smooth and medium-heavy fabric, our AS Cotton Tote Bag boasts a wide open pocket. Its long and reinforced shoulder straps flow into both front and back print locations, with dark and bright color options for contrasting design elements. Another excellent option fulfilled in Australia.

Colors · 2

A wine tote bag mockup.

Before we return to more custom tote bags for everyday utility, let’s pay a special visit to our wine tote bag. Yep, give your wine lovers a cozy, insulated neoprene fabric bag that will keep a drink niche and ready for a wide range of temperatures. Take advantage of the all-over-print feature and let your best boozy graphics run wild.

Color · 1

Custom Tote Bags - UK 3
A double wine tote bag mockup.

You know it’s good when they’ve made a bigger version. The double wine tote bag mixes the classic with the brew – a wine-lovers favorite with a 100% cotton canvas fabric and a handy interior divider. The heavy fabric keeps any bottle in check, easily holding 2x 25 fl oz of red, white, or rosé. Boxed, reinforced, and ready to go; one size fits all.

Color · 1

A mockup of an organic tote bag on a wooden floor.

Westford Mill takes a more modern approach, offering a 100% organic cotton tote bag OCS-certified, along with a sewn-in label and distinct color options. The cotton web handles give it a comfortable and sturdy feel. Fulfilled in Germany with eligible bulk pricing – an excellent choice for promotional events.

Colors · 3

A mockup of an organic canvas tote bag lying on a white surface.

A nature-approved and certified organic cotton fiber tote made from the Econscious label. This tote bag has a tear-away label and a set of natural color options. Another good choice with a spacious interior and medium-heavy fabric. Perfect for front and back designs with a little extra green feel.

Colors · 3

A mockup of a polyester canvas tote bag lying on a white surface.

Perhaps the most distinctive choice on this list is our polyester tote bag with a vibrant all-over-print feature and a set of five customizable strap colors. It boasts a sleek black interior and a fine-weave texture, with three unique sizes. The best part of it all? This tote has worldwide print fulfillment options.

Colors · 5

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Low on Custom Tote Bag Design Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re just getting your custom tote bag shop off the ground or you’re a seasoned designer looking to add new products to your catalog, it’s always nice to get some free design inspiration. 

To make it easier, we’ve created four click-worthy styles for custom-printed tote bags that you can add to your store. Provide your customers with unique gift options at the right price and promote your quality custom artwork at the checkout.

A picture of a woman holding a personalized tote bag with a logo and company branding.

Branded Tote Bag

Your brand represents authority, trust, and quality values. However, most people will only recognize you if you have a memorable logo and brand name. Tote bags are excellent promotional products due to their simplicity and are also virtually everywhere. Create a custom tote bag with logo designs to spark brand awareness.

Tote Bag With a Promotional Message

Another great choice is to design unique photo art pieces that capture your target audience’s interests. Tote bags are more long-lasting and durable than paper posters and act as free advertising. Add tote bags with pictures as an extra accessory to your line of products with a more stylized and picturesque feel.

An image of a man holding a custom tote with text.
A mockup with a custom tote bag with an abstract picture hanging on a chair.

Custom Tote Bags With Pictures

Another great choice is to design unique photo art pieces that capture your target audience’s interests. Tote bags are more long-lasting and durable than paper posters and act as free advertising. Add tote bags with pictures as an extra accessory to your line of products with a more stylized and picturesque feel.

Tote Bags With Graphics and Illustrations

Open Photoshop (or an alternative) and let your creative side go wild. Digital graphics and illustrations are the more stylistic and trendy options. They can represent virtually anything for your brand and customer base. You can even make all-over-print tote bags for intricate pattern designs and fully-rounded illustrations.

An image of a woman holding a custom tote bag with abstract imagery and graphics.

Sell Custom Canvas Tote Bags With Printify

An image of a woman holding a custom tote bag with text on her shoulder.

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Printify offers an extensive catalog of print-on-demand tote bags and apparel items with no upfront investments and worldwide shipping and manufacturing. Design custom tote bags for free, set your sales margins, and receive orders through a fully automated process.

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Start Selling Personalized Tote Bags

Tote bags are a stand-out apparel choice if you’re itching to create personalized designs and slogans with high-quality graphic prints as a centerpiece wherever your customers go.

Combine utility and style with vintage, creative, and long-lasting tote bags produced with state-of-the-art printing techniques and worldwide shipping.

Create personalized tote bags with Printify and sell them for a profit with no initial investment costs or product inventory upkeep.

Design Your Custom Tote Bags!

Custom Tote Bags FAQs

With Printify, you can create custom tote bags and order them immediately. Go to our catalog and select your preferred blank tote bag.

Upload your design in our Mockup Generator, and export the product to your eCommerce sales channel. Take advantage of zero minimum order quantity and bulk pricing.

Yes. And you can greatly benefit from ordering in high quantities. Profit from a large amount of custom tote bags – bulk orders will save you a 30% discount on shipping costs.

No. Order a bundle of custom tote bags for your store, event, charity, or family. Order a single custom tote for yourself or as a gift. When it comes to custom tote bags – no minimum order quantity applies.

Yes, you can, and we highly recommend that you do. Ordering samples for your personalized totes will let you test the quality of the product and design and the fulfillment and delivery process.

In the Printify catalog, you can find single print, front and back print, and all-over-print tote bags with multiple color variations. Upload your design and customize the print location with our free Mockup Generator.

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Create unique custom totes and add them to your brand or existing products. Custom totes are great for events, gifts, and intricate designs – a staple for product marketing efforts.

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