How to Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

How to Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

If you’ve ever made a design too awesome to be limited by standard print areas, create unique wrap-around designs using our all-over-print t-shirt template. 

This technique isn’t just a new fashion statement – it’s an extensive print sublimation method that offers more design potential for high-concept projects. Use our free Mockup Generator with a built-in all-over t-shirt template for larger, unbroken scenes, patterns, and landscapes.

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What Is an All-Over-Print Shirt?

How to make custom all over print shirts - All-over-print shirts – get inspired

All-over-print is a relatively new fabric printing technique made through a sublimated inking process. It is widely used on popular full-print shirts, socks, leggings, and more. The all-over-print method is perfect for repetitive patterns and large, uninterrupted designs.

The design is initially printed onto a stretched fabric canvas. Then, with a cut-and-sew method, the shirt is sized to the appropriate shape. Once sewn, all-over-print designs exhibit a consistent cut, flawlessly covering hems and seams and giving the entire shirt a uniform look.

How Do All-Over-Print Shirts Differ From Regular Printed Shirts?

A photo where one model represents direct-to-garment printing by wearing a t-shirt with a flower print in the center. The other has an all-over-print t-shirt featuring a jungle print.

The more conventional direct-to-garment printing method is limited to a square area that usually leaves a few inches off the collar and hem of the outfit. With DTG printing, the inks are sprayed on ready-made garments, usually on a cotton surface material, and suffused into a designated print area.

All-over-print ink is printed on paper and then heat-pressed through a mesh screen into a more receptive synthetic canvas, such as polyester. Polyester is extremely durable to heat and wash, retaining its vibrant color palette throughout use. The ink fully integrates into the fabric without any risk of peeling.

Custom All-Over T-Shirt Printing Pros and Cons​



Want to know even more? Check out our All-Over-Print webinar with Hicham Amrani, Founder of Subliminator, to learn the ins and outs of all-over t-shirt printing.

How You Can Easily Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

Design custom all-over-print shirts with print on demand. Printify’s dropshipping model integrates all of the necessary order and design tools in one place. Select from our bestselling on-demand shirts, upload stunning all-over-print designs, and sell with no minimum order quantity. We manage all shipping and handling to arrange your customers’ fastest possible delivery times.

1. Set Up Your Print-On-Demand Account With Printify

The following steps outline how to make all-over-print shirts with print on demand. Start by creating a free Printify account:

  • Register an account
  • Add your personal details
  • Add a store name

2. Choose Your Products

There are two ways to find applicable all-over-print shirts on the Printify platform:

First, locate the top menu bar on the Printify home page. Click on Catalog and hover over the selection to open a drop-down menu. From there, select AOP clothing. Browse the available shirt options and choose based on your preferences or business needs.

Alternatively, go straight to the t-shirt category in the catalog. You can personalize your search for, let’s say, Men’s t-shirts. Then, head to the Print areas section in the left-hand filter bar and click All-over-print. This will narrow the search for specific custom all-over-print t-shirts. Click on a listing to open the product page.

When you have selected your product, you can start creating your design by clicking Start designing. We chose our Unisex All-Over-Print Cut & Sew Tee as an example.

Note that some products have a significant variety of available Print Providers. Pay close attention to the product manufacturing details:

  • Order and shipping price
  • Fulfillment location
  • Estimated shipping time
  • Print provider merchant rating
  • Additional design features

3. Create Your All-Over-Print Design

After you click Start designing, you will be forwarded to our Mockup Generator. Use the graphic interface to upload and place a custom design for your all-over-print shirt template. You can navigate views and add designs to each side of the garment (front side, back side, sleeves) to cover the entire shirt. Choose the color of the collar, hems, cuffs, or all t-shirt areas at once.

When uploading an image file, note the optimal file type, resolution, and dimensions in the Print file requirements section. Drag and drop any photos right into the mockup generator, or add an image file from your device, cloud storage, or existing Printify library.

Take into account the print area and bleed. In the mockup preview screen, the bleed area is grayed out. These are the functional locations on the fabric where seams and other sewn elements will be added. Your design will still need to cover the bleed, but do not place any important graphic elements – ones you wish to be fully visible – in the bleed location.

Then, rotate if needed, and adjust the fill of the background color. Use the quick custom text feature for captions or slogans. Use the zoom-in feature to make quick pattern fixes, so the wrap-around design cuts off at the correct sections. For more detailed instructions, check out our full mockup design guide.

4. Preview Your T-Shirt

Once you’ve applied your design, preview your t-shirt in the Mockup Generator. Switch to view the all-over-print template by clicking Preview at the top of the interface. 

Here, you’ll access high-quality images with your new design, including model photos wearing the product and crucial angles showcasing your work.

Feel free to download and use the generated product templates for catalog photos and marketing visuals.

If you decide to order samples and create custom photos instead, check out our product photos master guide for affordable studio photography tips.

Save the product and proceed as you wish. Order the item as a sample if it’s a personal design for your own use.

If you want to sell your all-over-print shirts as eCommerce products, we’re about to cover everything you need to know. Including an overview of sampling orders, setting up a sales channel, and marketing your products.

5. Order Samples

Once you have designed and saved your products, you can order a t-shirt for yourself or compare samples. This is especially crucial to make sure that the final product, design, and quality of the whole shirt match your expectations before offering it to your customers. 

Ordering a sample will also allow you to test whether expected delivery times match reality, how the full print shirt looks after a wash cycle, and whether your all-over-print patterns are sewn properly.

When satisfied and ready to add your new product to a store, there are a few more steps you need to follow:

6. Decide Where to Sell

If you want to sell your all-over-print shirts online, you will have to connect to a sales channel. There are two eCommerce options:

  • Create a store website using an eCommerce platform like Shopify
  • List your products through an online marketplace like Etsy.

Printify offers multiple options for listing your products. Create your all-over-print shirts and list them on your website or connect your store with one of Printify’s partnered and integrated eCommerce sales channels.

For eCommerce platform integrations, Printify’s custom products are all API accessible – If you’re considering creating an interface without a dedicated plugin.

7. Market Your All-Over-Print Shirts

Once your idea and store are fully developed, it’s time to attract customers. Spread the word via marketing. Social media is one of the most useful marketing methods. It is often the cheapest (and most effective) way to attract attention to your business and get the results you desire.

To develop an effective marketing campaign, consider outsourcing to dedicated professionals through the Printify Experts program. Browse our database to connect to professional website designers, graphic artists, media marketers, and SEO specialists.

8. Kick Back and Relax

Printify helps merchants grow their businesses with less effort. Once your all-over-print shirt collection is designed and listed, your job is done.

Perfect your future design process and help new customers find your merchandise while Printify takes care of the rest. Orders are handled and shipped directly to your buyers.

Important Things to Keep In Mind About All-Over Printing

Prioritize High-Resolution

Maximize image quality as much as possible. Use graphic design software or built-in image-editing apps to increase your image’s resolution and file size. All print designs should be created as vector graphics to limit print fuzz and pixel drift.

Start with high-quality mockups so you can all-over-print shirt graphics without spending too much time on the artwork, losing your budget, or receiving less-than-stellar customer reviews.

Know When to Avoid All-Over-Print

All-over-print apparel has its limitations. Not every design is fit for full print shirts, and you may want to end a project before spending time on a design that will have inconsistent results.

Important Things to Keep In Mind About All-Over Printing

When creating designs with a specific area of the shirt in mind – such as printing on cuffs and collars – all-over-print t-shirts may have slightly inconsistent graphics. The manual cut-and-sew process can result in slight shifts in print placement. As a result, creative uses of print placements aren’t always predictable. In this case, a more conventional mesh screen printing method is recommended.

Where to Get Designs for All-Over-Print Shirts

Where to Get Designs for All-Over-Print Shirts

Stock Image Libraries

Shutterstock, Adobe Stock Photos, and  iStock are just a few of the many stock image libraries where you can look for ideas. Create original designs, or consider paying for a subscription. iStock offers ten free images for a one-month trial before a subscription takes effect. That’s ten free shirt designs.

Printify has partnered with Shutterstock to easily create eye-catching designs using its vast selection of high-quality photographs, illustrations, and more via our direct in-platform integration.

Hire a Designer

If you have creative ideas in your mind but don’t know how to bring them to life, you can always hire a designer who will do all the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a great article on how to find and hire the best t-shirt designer.

If you’re still struggling to come up with what to put on your all-over-print shirts, check out these ideas on conceptual design inspiration.

Fashion Trends

History tends to repeat itself, and this definitely stands true in the fashion world. For example, check out these vintage prints that are coming back strong. 

Patterns can have a variety of different applications. You may want stark, geometric prints with a level of sophistication or a more floral design that soothes the eyes.

Style’s the limit – pick a base shape, it could even be a silhouette or caricature, and create a patchwork of different motifs until you find one that’ll get noticed.

Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and Others

Look at marketplaces, see what already sells well and what people love to wear – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just type in “all-over-print shirts”, and the results will give you ideas for your own designs.

Our Best T-Shirt Blanks for All-Over-Printing

This unisex all-over-print cut & sew tee is also incredibly comfortable. Constructed from high-quality polyester, these custom tees are reinforced with a supportive twill taping across the shoulders. Add a design that builds on itself to capture the attention of your niche.

With a stellar fitting due to a slight tapering in the torso, the women’s all-over-print cut & sew tee is perfect. Built to be both comfortable and durable, these polyester shirts help take designs to the next level.

Made with 100% recycled materials and reinforced cotton ribbon stitching, the unisex all-over-print tank top is a reliable comfort clothing item. Skip the white tank look and go for an all-over shirt design that exceeds expectations.

The boxy and forever-summer Hawaiian shirt is a quintessential look with forever-ranging design possibilities. Use our All-Over-Print Men’s Hawaiian shirt for artwork from bowling stripes, floral scenes, and polka dots, to graphic patterns of any make and style.

On the lighter side, take in the breathy look of our all-over-print crop tee. Create a bold fashion statement for a one-of-a-kind outfit changer, and switch between white or black stitching to cement a quality look.

Football, Basketball & Baseball Jerseys

Your standard stylish all-over-print t-shirt ideas aren’t the only design option. If you’re looking to market for a more active demographic, consider creating your own custom sports jerseys. Pick out a theme or regional look – create a line-up for the next winning team.

Explore More All-Over-Print Products

If you’ve had luck with all-over-print shirts, you’ve got all the skills necessary for a full custom shop of other All-Over-Print apparel items. Explore the Printify catalog for other bold choices and use your patterns to their fullest potential.


Printify has the largest collection of print-on-demand t-shirts available all over the world. Printify consistently maintains competitive manufacturing prices, allowing for high sales margins. With a 24/7 live customer support team, your orders are tracked and processed on the clock and managed for small and large businesses alike.

For a full wrap-around t-shirt design, our partnered manufacturers utilize an all-over-print or sublimation method. The full picture is transferred to a fabric canvas, then cut and sewn on-demand to create a full print shirt.

All-over-print shirts are specially printed apparel items that have full wrap-around designs. There is no limit to the design area for all-over-print. All-over-print shirts are known for their vibrant colors, full print area, and unique pattern designs.

All-over-print is a sublimation printing technique. For more information about how all-over-print works, check out our glossary guide.

An all-over-print shirt is made with a specific sublimation inking method. Initially, the print is applied on a stretched fabric canvas. The synthetic material is then cut, sewn, and sized accordingly.

Yes, all-over-print shirts can be made via large-scale screen printing. Traditional screen printing is a common method, however other manufacturers use dye sublimation techniques, creating interchangeable full-print shirts.

Use Printify’s free graphic design tool – the Mockup Generator – to immediately upload, place, and preview your all-over-print design. Use the print-on-demand software to route any created designs straight to your eCommerce store.

Sublimation shirts have to be made from synthetic fabrics to resist the heat-press application process. Mixed blends are possible, but they run the risk of desaturation, ending up in less vivid colors.


Printify aims to introduce the most lucrative and state-of-the-art printing techniques to any merchant with a vision for creative designs – All-over-print shirts stand on the pedestal of that list.

Take the opportunity to develop a brand for all-over-print shirts in one place, through a tried and tested approach that will drastically limit any back-end management and manufacturing constraints.

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  1. Erin PEterson
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    1. Martha Simmons
      August 21

      Hi Erin,
      You can see the prices for each product in the catalog, when choosing the print provider who will fulfill your order. If you use more than one print area for DTG products, then you can see price differences in the Mockup Generator, when clicking on Variants.
      If you need further assistance, please reach out to our merchant support team via the live chat on our website.

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    1. Martha Simmons
      November 11

      Hi Imren,
      There is an option already to apply the pattern to all sections. You can learn more about it here.

  4. Eca
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    Will you guys ever implement a “pattern” option in the designing section? Many other print on demand platforms have it as well.. I just think it’s a bit of a hassle having to duplicate the same photo multiple times and then having to manually arrange them so that they match seamlessly.. It would be great if this feature was introduced o the website, it would make my life a lot easier. Thank you!

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 25

      Hi there,
      Thank you for your suggestion! Our team is currently not planning on adding such a feature to our platform, however, it has been discussed, so perhaps we might add it in the near future.

  5. K K
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    I would pay more for 100% cotton.

    1. Martha Simmons
      July 20

      Hi there,
      We are continuously working on adding more product options. We have quite a few 100% cotton options in our catalog, however, those won’t be for all over print, as this printing technique can’t really be done on cotton materials.

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    I don’t have experience with InDesign. Do you recommend any software for newbie POD designers for creating or finding design samples?

    1. Naomi
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      Yes! This great article covers all the basics to keep in mind when creating a design as well as free software programs you can use.

      Hope this helps!

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    1. Elina Stafecka
      October 20

      Hi Daniel!

      You can go to this section – and use products there. They all are AOP. – Best wishes, Elina!

  11. Tracey
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    Are you integrated with Amazon?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      October 8

      Hi Tracey, not yet, but we are working on that. Meanwhile, you can use Printify API or one of our other integrations – eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more.

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    1. Naomi
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      Hi there! Our current pillow cases can be printed all over, however they are first made and then printed unlike AOP products that are first printed and then sewn together.

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    Tbh we should all be avoiding polyester/plastic/petroleum products! 🙂

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    1. Naomi
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      Yes we do! You can check them out in this link .

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