How to Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

How to Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts

Have you ever thought of a design that was just too good to be limited by standard print areas? If so, an all-over-print t-shirt is the perfect canvas to bring your most vibrant ideas to life. 

All-over-print shirts are made using a unique print sublimation method, which allows you to customize the entire product. Say goodbye to small print areas and hello to maximum customization. 

Use the all-over t-shirt template in our free Product Creator to design large, unbroken scenes and fun patterns.

Key Takeaways

  • All-over-print products have an unlimited print area, so your designs can cover the entire product.
  • All-over printing uses dye-sublimation on synthetic fabrics like polyester, making vibrant and durable prints.
  • Print-on-demand services like Printify make it easy to start custom t-shirt printing.
  • Use Printify’s free online design tools and start selling in minutes.

What Is All Over Print?

A man wearing a custom all-over-print shirt with a floral print while talking to a woman.

All Over Print (AOP) is a fabric printing technique that lets you cover an entire garment in vivid designs with no print area limitations. It opens up a new world of design opportunities since the more common direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method is limited to specific print areas.

While DTG prints work best with 100% cotton, AOP works with all fabrics by using the sublimation method or screen printing.

Screen printing uses a large screen for each color in your design to apply ink over the shirt.

In dye-sublimation printing, your design is first printed on paper and then heat-pressed onto synthetic fabrics, like 100% polyester, with zero risk of peeling.

Sublimation prints work well with ready-made products and the cut-and-sew method, where designs are printed on large fabric pieces, cut into panels, and sewn together.

These methods ensure your designs align perfectly and create seamless wrap-around prints that traditional printing methods can’t achieve.

A photo where one model represents direct-to-garment printing by wearing a t-shirt with a flower print in the center. The other has an all-over-print t-shirt featuring a jungle print.

Custom All-Over Print T-Shirts



Want to know more? Check out our all-over-print webinar with Hicham Amrani, Founder of Subliminator, to learn the ins and outs of all-over t-shirt printing.

Make Custom All-Over-Print Shirts in 7 Steps

Using a print-on-demand (POD) service like Printify is the easiest way to design custom all-over-print t-shirts. 

Select your next bestsellers from our huge Catalog of t-shirts, design custom all-over-print shirts, and start selling with no minimum order quantity, no shipping responsibilities, and no hassle.

1. Sign up for Printify

Create a free Printify account:

  • Enter your email address and create a password, or log in with your Gmail account
  • Add your personal info 
  • Name your store

2. Choose Your Products

Browse categories like Men’s T-shirts and AOP Clothing, or use the search bar in our Product Catalog to find the perfect product for your design.

You’ll find many all-over-print clothes made from high-quality polyester, like t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, and dresses.

Once you’ve chosen a product, click Start Designing.

3. Make Your All-Over-Print Design

Upload your logos, photos, and artwork, or make a custom design using our free graphics, fonts, and editing tools available in our Product Creator.

Not feeling super creative? No worries! Our AI Image Generator and Shutterstock integration make creating eye-catching all-over-print shirt designs easy.

Quick Tip

Avoid using negative space in your designs. Apply a background color and navigate between different views to add designs to each side of your all-over-print tee.

In the mockup preview, the grayed-out bleed area near the edges marks where seams and other elements will be added during production. Cover the bleed with your design, but don’t place any important design elements there.

Check out our Design Guide for more tips on creating the perfect custom tee shirts.

4. Preview Mockups and Order Samples

Open the Preview tab at the top of the page to see high-quality images of your custom all-over-print shirt from different angles.

Once you’re happy with how it looks, click Save product.

There are no minimum order quantities, so we recommend ordering a sample to test product quality and delivery times. Check how the shirt looks after a wash cycle (tumble dry on low heat) to give it the final approval before listing it on your online store.

5. Decide Where to Sell

There are many sales channels available for your all-over-print t-shirt brand.

Printify integrates with the most popular eCommerce platforms, like Shopify and WooCommerce, and marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. If you’d like to build your own website, we have a custom API to connect your store with Printify. 

Don’t feel like setting up a storefront? Create a Printify Pop-Up Store in seconds to sell your all-over-print shirts.

Connect up to five online stores with the Printify free plan, or upgrade to Printify Premium to connect up to ten.

6. Market Your All-Over-Print Shirts

A laptop with hands on the keyboard.

Once your artwork, tee shirts, and store are ready, the final step is attracting buyers who want to wear the all-over-print shirts you created. There are a few strategies for driving traffic to your online store.

Social Media

Sell on social media through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Share high-quality images and videos of your products, interact with your audience in comments and messages, use hashtags to increase visibility, and collaborate with influencers to reach a wider audience.

Email Marketing

Create a mailing list and send regular newsletters to your subscribers.

Highlight new product launches, designs, exclusive offers, and timed discounts. Personalize your emails to build a loyal customer base and encourage repeat purchases.

SEO and Content Marketing

Use search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s visibility in popular search engines like Google and increase organic traffic.

Include relevant keywords in your blog posts, how-to guides, and other content that provides value to your audience to attract potential customers.

Quick Tip

Watch our SEO Masterclass to become an expert in no time.

Paid Advertising

Invest in paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Target specific demographics and interests to reach your ideal customers. Monitor and adjust your campaigns as needed to maximize their impact.

If your marketing skills are a bit rusty or you want some guidance, use the Printify Experts program. Meet professional website designers, graphic artists, media marketers, and SEO specialists ready to help your business grow.

7. Kick Back and Relax

While you create new custom designs and market your brand, we’ll take care of the rest. As soon as a customer orders an all-over-print shirt, we automatically forward the order to our Print Providers, who will print and ship it directly to the customer. It’s that easy!

Quick Tip

Visit our blog to learn how to start a print-on-demand business.

Important Things to Keep In Mind About All-Over Printing

Use High-Resolution Graphics

Increase the resolution of your image using graphic design tools or software to get the best prints possible.

Generate high-quality mockups that display the whole shirt to give an accurate example of the fully printed product. This will help avoid negative customer reviews.

Know When to Avoid All-Over-Print

All-over-print clothing has limitations. Not every design is suitable for full-print shirts, so you’ll want to steer clear of some common design mistakes that will produce inconsistent results.

Important Things to Keep In Mind About All-Over Printing

When creating designs that target a specific area of the shirt – like printing on cuffs and collars – an all-over-print shirt is probably not the best choice. The manual cut-and-sew process can result in slight shifts in print placement. 

Sublimation only works on white fabric, so any white in your designs won’t be printed. Since the fabric is white, darker designs may result in some white streaks. To avoid this, choose cut-and-sew-style AOP shirts if your design has darker colors.

Order samples to test your all-over-print t-shirt designs to ensure they look the way you want.


It’s a printing method that lets you cover the entire surface of a garment with your designs.

All-over-print t-shirts offer a canvas for vibrant colors and immersive designs that span from the hem to the collar and across the sleeves without being restricted to a specific print area.

There are two ways to do all-over printing: large-scale screen printing or dye-sublimation.

Large-scale screen printing involves creating a large screen for each color in the design to apply ink over the entire shirt.

Dye-sublimation is done by printing the design onto special transfer paper and then applying it to synthetic fabric like polyester. This works on ready-made garments and products prepared with the cut-and-sew method.

Absolutely! We have many high-quality all-over-print shirts in our Product Catalog.

All our products can be customized and ordered on-demand with no minimum order quantity.

It’s easy to start custom t-shirt printing with Print on Demand.

  1. Create a Printify account.
  2. Choose an all-over-print shirt from our Product Catalog.
  3. Design custom artwork with our Product Creator.
  4. Preview your designs on mockups and place a sample order.


All-over-print shirts offer a unique opportunity to unleash your creativity in the design process with no print area limitations.

The convenience of Print on Demand makes it easier than ever to start custom t-shirt printing and sell online from the comfort of your home.

Bring your all-over-print shirt designs to life and elevate your business with Printify!

Make It Happen Today!

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    1. Martha Simmons
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      Hi Erin,
      You can see the prices for each product in the catalog, when choosing the print provider who will fulfill your order. If you use more than one print area for DTG products, then you can see price differences in the Mockup Generator, when clicking on Variants.
      If you need further assistance, please reach out to our merchant support team via the live chat on our website.

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      You can go to this section – and use products there. They all are AOP. – Best wishes, Elina!

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      Hi Tracey, not yet, but we are working on that. Meanwhile, you can use Printify API or one of our other integrations – eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more.

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