How to make custom all over print shirts?

How to make custom all over print shirts?

Trying to make a fresh and fantastic graphic tee, but you’re feeling limited by standard print sizes? Consider custom all over print shirts, but do your research first. Let’s start!

Custom all-over prints aren’t just a fashion statement, they’re a great way to expand your portfolio of designs and bring out your true creative self. They also open up design possibilities for a different type of design, such as patterns or large artwork, and even landscapes.

Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee

all over print shirt
custom all over print shirt

Women’s AOP Cut & Sew Tee

all over print shirt
custom all over print shirt

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Custom all over print shirts by the numbers

Let’s look at some data. When we analyzed the Top 30 Youtubers and their merch store products, we found that 20% of them sold custom all-over print shirts, and in several cases, it was their number one product.

Another thing we noticed when we did this analysis – the most popular element was the “quote”, or catchphrase they printed on their shirt. This is great for direct to garment printing and sales, but all over print shirts give you the opportunity to make a splash, so don’t waste it!

all over print shirt
Credit: Superdry
all over print tee
Credit: Superdry

Custom all over prints make up about 5% of our total t-shirt sales from our best selling vendors, but this is a growing category and there’s definitely room for you to make this one of your staple products.

Let your imagination guide you with custom all over print shirts

Luckily for you, you’ve got some great ideas that the expanded canvas of custom all over print shirts offers you, right? That’s what we thought! You might be considering a custom all-over print shirt simply because you want to use the whole shirt in your design. Expand your ideas with the canvas of design and you’ll be pleased with the results – and the sales.

all over print tee
Credit: Asos
all over print
Credit: Asos

An AOP shirt design allows you to express yourself more creatively, and those are the types of eye-catching designs that can set your store apart – and allow the fashionistas that wear your garments to do the same!

Your designs should express some kind of continuity in the idea, like a vast expanse of ocean or outer space. These types of ideas brought to life on an all-over print really pop out of the “canvas” – or in this case shirt – and into the minds of those that are seeing them. 

how to make custom all over print shirts
Credit: Asos
all over shirt printing
Credit: Obey

From maps to masterpieces, custom all over print allows a different type of shirt to be worn and the wearer gets a different type of reaction from those that see them. Our advice – go big and bold with your all-over shirt printing.

Eye-catching designs that turn heads are the way to drive sales with all-over prints. Avoid using the larger canvas in the same way as you already do with your DTG printing. Quotes, logos, and other elements just expanded or “scaled up” – as we mentioned earlier – don’t give us the type of splash custom all-over prints are perfect for making.

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Custom all over print shirt printing – types of design

Having trouble thinking of some themes for a design? Here are some ideas you might try for custom, all over prints:

  • A painting or drawing you’ve made
  • A city or country flag
  • Something ironic or spiritual
  • Outer space or science fiction themes

These themes are best suited for AOP prints because they can bring about that “wow” or awe-inspiring factor that is best suited for an AOP design. 

all over print shirts

1. Is there room in your store for more custom all-over print shirts?

In most cases, the answer is definitely yes! Creating your first all-over print design can be challenging. Here’s how to avoid all of the missteps and challenges that come with making a stunning all-over design for your store or channel. 

2. Choose your shirt type 

There are two major types of custom all over print shirts, cut and sewn and sublimated. Cut and sewn print shirts are exactly what they sound like – shirts that are cut and sewn after the design is printed on the garment material. Sublimated shirts use prefabricated shirts that are then printed on. The difference is a design requiring a high degree of accuracy in its placement should use cut and sewn fabric, whereas sublimated print shirts are less precise but are less costly and faster to produce.

3. Learn about materials

Ink will absorb into the material differently, depending on the type of material used in the garment. Take a look at this guide that explains the differences in materials. Printify’s Unisex AOP Cut & Sew Tee is 100% polyester available to ship quickly!

4. Order a sample

Ok, you have your shirt picked out, your design is applied in the product generator, now all that’s left is to sell – right? Wrong. You need to get your hands on this masterpiece you’ve created first. Don’t worry – you can generally order a sample at a reduced price point in order to see the product first hand. Also, consider ordering multiple sizes, especially if your vendor’s style guide says that larger sizes feature stretched or extrapolated images. This way you can guarantee that your all-over print is going to look great on all of your customers – no matter what size they are!

5. Make any adjustments and get opinions on your custom print shirts

all over custom shirt printing

Make any adjustments to the garment that’s required after you order the sample. You can think of this as your own personal quality check, and if you’ve passed, you can skip this step. It’s also a good idea to get a second opinion or two on your products – just in case you’re falling victim to the dreaded “author’s bias” – meaning you can’t critically evaluate your own work. Just make sure the people you’re asking are the same type of people you’re hoping are going to buy your design, otherwise, you’re going to get advice that’s not consistent with your brand’s development. 

6. Decide where to sell your all over print shirts

Where are you planning on selling your merchandise, through your own store or through an online marketplace like Etsy or Shopify? This is an important decision, and generally, beginners will struggle with trying to set up their own site, so a marketplace like Shopify might be the best place for you if you’re just starting out. If you’re more advanced, you’ll need to use the WooCommerce Printify plugin on your WordPress site – or even more advanced – you can get access to our custom API in order to use our platform without a plugin.

7. Decide on price

What are you hoping to make on this product? Is it for a charity, for your own income, or for an organization? These are all the questions that go into deciding the price – check out aop Etsy, Amazon all over print best-sellers. Once you’ve decided what your goals are around your garment sales, you’ll be able to set the price accordingly.

8. Market your custom all over print shirts in 2020

Is this just a single offering for your channel, or do you have an idea for a new store or some more sustained endeavor? If so, you’ll need to market not only this but your store in general. Take a look at what you’re able to do on social media as well, this is often the cheapest and most effective way to get the word out about your products. 

to sum up…

How to make custom all over print shirts? 

Here are the steps you should follow for creating your own custom all over print shirts:

  1. Create your design
  2. Choose your shirt type
  3. Learn about materials
  4. Order a Sample
  5. Make any adjustments and get opinions
  6. Decide where to sell your product
  7. Decide on price
  8. Market your product

Make it happen right now.

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    Please let me know when you get cotton. Thanks

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    Will you ever have AOP pillow cases?

  3. Marcus
    July 23

    Will you ever have cotton AOP?

  4. Chris
    July 10

    Any update on 100% cotton AOP T-shirts?
    Tbh we should all be avoiding polyester/plastic/petroleum products! 🙂

  5. Wayne Senior
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    Yeah like a cotton poly mix ,would be great. How before you let us know for allover prints.That kind of mix will give a soft silky feel,more comfortable.

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    1. Elina Stafecka
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      YES, we will have it very soon! Stay tuned! 🙂

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    1. Elina Stafecka
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      Hi, Dan! Actually yes – we are planning to do that very soon. We will keep you updated.

      – Elina


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