Bulk Custom T-Shirt Printing

Whether they’re for a business or event, anyone can design, create, and order bulk custom t-shirts with ease today.

A woman wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt with a black podcast logo of a microphone and the text “Podchat.”
A stack of blue bulk t-shirts with the text “Fundraising Event” printed on them.

Hassle-Free Process

Order Any Amount

Purchase bulk custom t-shirts without any limits. A hundred for an event? Sure thing. A thousand for your business? No problem.

Wide Selection

We offer a wide range of high-quality custom shirts from sought-after brands like Gildan, Bella+Canvas, and Stanley Stella.

Quick and Easy Creation Process

Add a design using our beginner-friendly tool, the Mockup Generator, and we’ll quickly produce and ship directly to you or your customers.

Create Custom Printed T-Shirts With Printify

Take your branding to the next level, create an original design, and place a bulk t-shirt order today.

Why Sell Custom T-Shirts in Bulk?

If you want to start selling online, personalized t-shirts provide a profitable business opportunity. With an original design, they could be the next big thing.

According to industry experts, by 2025, the worldwide custom t-shirt printing market will reach

$3.1 billion

T-shirts are practical and appeal to people from all walks of life. Their demand shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Yellow t-shirts in bulk with a logo of two smiling hands around a heart and the word “Love” printed on them.

Bulk T-Shirts for Printing With Printify

Whether promoting your company, brand, event, or simply selling online, ordering bulk custom t-shirts from our Printify Catalog is a breeze. We offer various customizable, high-quality t-shirts that’ll fit any style and budget.

With our bulk-order savings, you can get shipping for a discounted price when ordering 60 or more select products from the same Print Provider.

A woman wearing a white t-shirt with a design of a skateboarding cartoon cat.

Best-Selling T-Shirts

We have some of the best-selling bulk t-shirts on the market, so you’ll quickly find the right match for your needs while setting yourself ahead of your competition.

These t-shirts are popular with a wide audience due to their fusion of quality, comfort, and durability. With a fitting design, they’re a perfect addition to any eCommerce store.

A man and a woman wearing matching t-shirts designed for a New York marathon.

All-Over-Print T-Shirts

These are a big hit in the print-on-demand industry. Unlike digital and screen printing, you’re not limited to specific areas. These work well with repetitive patterns and intricate details, creating a visually stunning effect.

We provide wholesale t-shirt printing services using the latest technology, so you’ll get high-quality results that cover the entire garment.

A woman wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt with the text “Fundraising Event” printed on it.

Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

These are a practical and fashionable option for businesses of all sizes, especially in the colder months. They’re easy to customize and perfect for every occasion and taste.

Promote your company with an eye-catching design or make money by selling them online.

Two kids wearing matching purple t-shirts with the text “Happy Birthday” printed on them.

Children’s T-Shirts

Parents always want the best options for their children, and clothing is no exception. Consider designing bulk custom t-shirts for youngsters.

In our free design tool, the Mockup Generator, create fun and adorable designs that appeal to both children and parents.

Two men wearing matching shirts with the text “There is no Planet B” and an image of a green globe on them.

Eco-Friendly T-Shirts

With more people searching for sustainable products, eco-friendly t-shirts are a better choice for the planet and great for marketing and profitability.

Support environmentally-conscious fashion with t-shirts made from organic materials like cotton, grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

A woman wearing a beige crop top shirt with the text “Wild Babes Club” printed on in white letters.

Unique and Fashionable T-Shirts

Searching for bulk custom t-shirts unlike any other? Look no further. In our collection, you’ll find shirts that will make your company stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Add a well-designed logo or artwork to any of these and create a one-of-a-kind product that reflects your brand’s unique personality.

Design Your Own Wholesale Custom T-Shirts Today

Join the Millions of People Who Trust Printify

With our merchants at the center of everything we do, we ensure satisfaction by providing the best quality wholesale t-shirt printing services and products. But don’t just take our word for it – check out these inspiring success stories.

5 Easy Steps to Bulk T-Shirt Printing With Printify

Printify allows anyone to easily design and order bulk custom t-shirts in various styles, sizes, and colors.

Step 1

Sign Up

Create an account for our platform, which is 100% free and beginner-friendly. You’ll gain access to over 900 high-quality products and a reliable Print Provider network that’ll take care of production and shipping.

Step 2

Pick a Product

In addition to bulk t-shirts for people of all ages, our Catalog has other apparel, like hoodies and jackets, at some of the most competitive prices. Choose a print method, your favorite custom shirt, and click Start designing.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

With our easy-to-use Mockup Generator, simply upload a logo, graphics, or images straight onto the t-shirt. When your design is complete, you’ll have a realistic example of your t-shirt – which is great to use for marketing.

Step 4

Order Samples

While not mandatory, we recommend ordering samples to check the design quality, ink colors, and final product before placing a bulk t-shirt order. Additionally, they help to avoid negative feedback from your target audience.

Step 5

Publish and Start Selling

When your wholesale t-shirts are ready, choose an integration, publish the product to your store, and start making money. After you make a sale, we’ll do all the heavy lifting – producing, packaging, and shipping.

An image of a woman happily unboxing a light-brown cardboard package that has just been delivered.

No Design Limits for Bulk-Printed T-Shirts

With our bulk t-shirt printing service, there are no limits to your creativity. Our design tool is completely free of charge, allowing anyone to experiment as much as they’d like. Take your time to draft new designs and create original products. 

You’re welcome to use the same design on multiple types of shirts or apply unique graphics to one style that best fits your audience.

Why Choose Printify?

Photo of a happy Printify merchant using his laptop to create custom playing card merchandise with print-on-demand.

100% Free

Anyone can sign up for free to design and sell bulk custom t-shirts with no upfront costs or inventory.

Worldwide Printing Network

Start selling worldwide with our network of more than 80 Print Providers, who’ll take care of production, packaging, and shipping.

Free Design Tool

With our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator, anyone can design bulk-order custom t-shirts today with just a few clicks.

Easy Integrations

We integrate with all major eCommerce players. Connect your Shopify, Walmart, eBay, or Etsy store with ease.

Popular Products

In addition to bulk custom t-shirts, we have a large selection of other popular products, from clothing to home decor to accessories.

Make Your Own Wholesale Custom T-Shirts Today

Frequently Asked Questions

The Printify Catalog is the best place to buy t-shirts in bulk, but you’ll need to customize them yourself. With our free design tool, the Mockup Generator, you can easily add a logo, text, or artwork and create a unique shirt with your own design.

The price of a t-shirt varies depending on the style, material, and brand. Typically, they cost between $10-$40, with an average price closer to $10-$20 per shirt.

Yes, if you carefully market your eCommerce store and set the right profit margins. Take a look at our blog on how to price a product for ultimate success.

Yes, but only if you create designs that don’t infringe on copyrights. Before you start selling bulk custom t-shirts, learn how to avoid copyright infringement in Print on Demand.

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Whether for yourself or to sell, Printify has a wide selection of products you can personalize however you like.

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