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Create custom long-sleeve shirts for your business or design personal apparel merch. Start for free and access a full selection of wholesale brands for your own personalized long-sleeve shirts and other creative print projects.

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Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts With Print on Demand

No Order Minimum

No need to worry about minimum orders or inventory – make as many shirts as you need when you need them.

Lasting Comfort

We specialize in printing apparel with the finest spun fabrics to ensure every order for your custom long-sleeve tee shirts is smooth, soft, and made to last.

Worldwide Shipping

Thanks to our vast network of Print Providers, you’re free to design and sell long sleeves with guaranteed delivery worldwide.

Create Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts in 3 Steps

Customize long sleeves easily through a fully integrated platform, from choosing products to preparing your shirt template and designing quality long-sleeve mockups. 

Every product template is print-ready through an automated print-on-demand fulfillment process. Whether for yourself or customers, find all the tools and resources needed.

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create an account for free and access our design lab and fulfillment system with zero fees or restrictions. Start designing long sleeves right away, or enter your business details to connect your designs with partnered eCommerce services.

Step 2

Choose a Long Sleeve

Navigate to the Printify Catalog to access our full list of wholesale print products. Pick a long-sleeve style based on your preferred manufacturing features, print options, available Print Providers, and associated production and shipping costs.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Once you’ve selected a long-sleeve, click Start designing to access the Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator). Our extensive design toolkit provides dedicated templates for each product, precise guidelines, and easy-to-use editing and image-uploading tools.

Design Products Effortlessly

Create the perfect long-sleeve shirt design and order with Printify.

Our Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

Explore custom long-sleeve shirts for men, women, and kids in the Printify Catalog, and create perfect designs for eCommerce sales or custom orders.

Custom Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom Men's Long-Sleeve Shirts

Printify’s high-quality men’s custom long-sleeve shirts are designed to complement multiple styles, from classic retail fits to slim modern cuts. Excellent for seasonal layering or a more formal and independent look. Find different styles in a range of colors and sizes with print-friendly fabrics.

Custom Women's Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom Women's Long-Sleeve Shirts

Our women’s long-sleeve shirts are lightweight and perfect for everyday wear, from active polyester to soft cotton living. Find a range of options in any size. Layer designs with a vest or blazer, or make a centerpiece graphic that stands on its own.

Custom 3/4 Sleeve Shirts

Custom 3/4 Sleeve Shirts

Hit a home run wearing our unisex 3/4 sleeve shirts with a relaxed fit, full range of motion, and balanced form and comfort. Add your signature artwork or logo to this iconic team outfit, and the high-quality print will speak for itself.

Custom Toddler Long Sleeve Shirts

Custom Toddler Long-Sleeve Shirts

Create long-sleeve shirt designs for toddlers manufactured from fine and smooth combed ringspun cotton fabrics for comfortable wear. The EasyTear™ labeling is perfect for sensitive and developing skin – no itchiness or irritable sores for the growing youth.

Design Long-Sleeve Shirts With Our Product Creator

The Product Creator is as straightforward as dropping an image on a ready-made shirt, but our online design studio can also precisely match your artistic vision, manipulate designs, and optimize images for expressive and high-quality results.

Our improved mockup interface has everything you need:

  • Full image sizing
  • Pattern creation
  • Background removal
  • Layer positioning
  • Text editing/fonts
  • Free graphics library
  • Image enhancement
Men’s Long Sleeve Crew Tee

Create Your Own Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts

Long-Sleeve Shirts – Design Ideas for Every Occasion

Long-sleeve t-shirt printing can capture intricate details for a unique and versatile fashion statement. Perfect your digital sketch, commission request, or free image asset with our list of key long-sleeve t-shirt design ideas.

Custom Long-Sleeve Tees With Nature Motifs

Nature is a winning idea with endless versatility. Create designs with plants, trees, fruits, and animals to appeal to your shoppers’ love for the natural world. Experiment with all-over-print patterns for a full-body ecosystem.

Custom Long Sleeve Tees With Nature Motifs
Custom Long Sleeve Shirts for Teams or Companies

Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts for Teams or Companies

Shirts are perfect for promoting business, sports, and team-building events. Advertise your brand with custom long-sleeve shirts with logo designs or team names and numbers to showcase a squad, brand, company, or team event.

Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirts With Funny Prints

Everybody loves a good laugh. Create shirts with funny graphics or texts for everyday wear, or take advantage of seasonal promotions with themed holiday gifts for Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, and other celebrations.

Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirts With Funny Prints
Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirts With Photos

Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirts With Photos

Our Print Providers offer expert digital print solutions to achieve photorealistic results no matter the complexity. Customize a long-sleeve t-shirt with print designs using striking photography, perfect for large statement pieces.

Find more themes and photo prompts through our Shutterstock integration.

Why Sell Custom Long-Sleeve Shirts

Personalized long-sleeve t-shirts offer a perfect and profitable opportunity in eCommerce, acting as a practical and often best-selling apparel item for any demographic. Our sweatshirts bring seasonal appeal and work as bold custom fashion statements for merchandising opportunities and independent artwork.

Part of the sweatshirt market, personalized long-sleeve tee shirts reflect a sizable portion of worldwide revenue in 2024, which is expected to reach over

$67.6 billion

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Why Choose Printify for Your Business

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

Lowest Prices

Printify offers competitive pricing, allowing merchants to maximize their profit margins while offering quality products to customers at an affordable price.

Good Quality Printing

Expect high-quality printing results from true-to-life product mockups. Our fulfillment service is trusted by millions of sellers, ensuring repeat business.

Easy Setup

Our user-friendly platform and long-sleeve shirt maker make it easy for merchants to set up their online store and start selling custom sweatshirts effortlessly.

Global Print Providers

Printify partners with a network of Print Providers worldwide. With decades of experience in print fulfillment, you can produce and deliver no matter the location.

Fast Shipping

Our global network and custom order routing feature enables fast shipping, allowing merchants to deliver custom long-sleeve shirts promptly and efficiently.


Check out our Catalog for transparent price estimates from multiple custom long-sleeve shirt manufacturers. Consider joining Printify Premium to guarantee an additional discount (up to 20%) from base production costs.

With Printify, there’s no set minimum quantity – even if you want to order a single shirt for yourself or get sales from an unlimited number of orders. Larger orders may come with eligible bulk discounts for further cost benefits.

We offer two distinct printing techniques for long-sleeve shirts – direct-to-garment (DTG) printing and the all-over-print (AOP) method. Some options also include sleeve prints and custom neck labels. Pick the option that best complements your artwork and brand style.

We have a wide network of Print Providers based in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and China. Select your fulfillment location independently to optimize pricing, speed up delivery, or provide the best deal for customers.

No professional skills are needed. Our easy-to-use Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator) has all the tools you need to prepare your long-sleeve shirts. Read our Design Guide to learn more. 

Search for existing photos from our Shutterstock integration and skip the design process entirely. Work smart, and Printify will make sure it’s perfect.

It depends on the product, but popular sizes that suit most people – S, M, L, and XL – are available on all men’s and women’s custom long-sleeve shirts. Some also offer XS and up to 5XL so everyone can find the right size.

Check Out Other Product Ideas and Start Selling

Explore even more product options to expand your catalog or design possibilities. You have the potential, and we have the tools to make it happen.

Ready to Star?

Create unforgettable long-sleeve shirts, and we’ll handle the rest.