Organic Cotton T-Shirt Printing: Select and Design

Organic Cotton T-Shirt Printing: Select and Design

Turning to a sustainable business model is an urgent matter. The fashion industry and textile manufacturing negatively impacts society and the environment. 

Customers and manufacturers are increasingly becoming aware of the issue and have started to act. More people have chosen sustainable products since the 1990s, while manufacturers have adapted their business models. 

Printify is proud to offer eco-friendly products, from apparel to accessories. In this article, you’ll get acquainted with our organic cotton t-shirt printing options, learn more about organic and sustainable cotton, and discover the best t-shirts for an eco-friendly line. 

The Difference Between Common, Sustainable, and Organic Cotton

The Difference Between Common, Sustainable, and Organic Cotton

Cotton t-shirts have many advantages compared to polyester ones. A cotton garment is durable and breathable, increases insulation, and allows the body to stay cool in hot weather. Printing on cotton also ensures long-lasting designs due to the material’s resistance to humidity.

There are three kinds of cotton – common cotton, sustainable, and organic.

Common Cotton

Also known as conventional cotton, is genetically modified and often uses chemically treated seeds to increase crops and improve resistance to pests. The cultivation of common cotton usually contaminates the area with pesticides and makes it devoid of nutrients.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown without chemicals from natural seeds with no genetic alterations. Pest control and fertilization are carried on with beneficial insects and compost, and the cultivation area remains nutrient-rich. 

As the seeds are not genetically engineered, organic cotton takes longer to grow, leading to softer and more comfortable fabrics without needing extra treatments. 

The fewer chemicals used during the cultivation process make organic cotton less prone to cause allergies or skin irritations and is safer for kids. 

Places, where organic cotton is cultivated, have a reduced amount of water and soil pollution. 

Sustainable Cotton

Grown from natural seeds without genetic modification, it is cultivated with some chemicals, although at a lesser level than conventional cotton. 

In addition, certified organic cotton and most sustainable cotton are cultivated according to fair trade and socially responsive practices.

Fabric and Printing Quality

There is no difference in print quality between common and organic custom t-shirts. Quality organic t-shirts offer equally crisp and bright colors. 

However, regarding the fabrics, organic garments are notably softer than common cotton t-shirts without losing durability and insulation.

Did you know?

Ringspinning is a special treatment applied to cotton – whether common, organic, or sustainable. Ringspun cotton is spun, twisted, and thinned repeatedly, resulting in long, soft strands. T-shirts made with ringspun cotton are more durable but softer and far more comfortable to wear than those made with standard processed cotton.

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Selecting an Organic Cotton T-Shirt for Printing

Printify requires no minimum order quantity, and it’s possible to purchase samples before selling organic cotton custom t-shirts. 

Always check our Catalog for new products and updates.  All the shirts are ring-spun combed cotton except for the Continental Clothing EP01, which is 100% organic combed cotton.  

Here is our selection of the best organic cotton t-shirts for Print on Demand.

Stanley Stella STTU755 – Unisex Creator T-Shirt

The Stanley Stella Creator is a quality, best-selling organic t-shirt. Made in light fabric (5.3 oz/yd² (180 g/m²)), this tee is a regular fit with overlock side seams. Stylish and comfortable, it’s suitable for any custom design print and artwork. 

This is one of the best options for organic custom t-shirts to offer your customers as a staple product. Consider personalizing it with your own logo next the original artwork to increase brand visibility. 

Stanley Stella STTU758 – Unisex Rocker T-Shirt

This Stanley Stella tee has a tubular construction and medium fit, making it suitable for various body shapes and styles. Its softness is guaranteed by the light fabric (4.4 oz/yd² (150 g/m²)) and ring-spun combed cotton. 

The Unisex Rocker is among the most affordable organic shirts in the market.

Stanley Stella STTW023 – Women's Evoker V-Neck T-Shirt

The Evoker is a women’s organic cotton tee from Stanley Stella. Made from extra light fabric (3.54 oz/yd² (120 g/m²)) in a medium fit, this t-shirt is an affordable and extremely comfortable option for daily use.

Stanley Stella STTW032 – Women's Expresser T-Shirt

Stanley Stella’s Women’s Expresser is the right choice for a fitted-style t-shirt. Its light fabric (4.57 oz/yd² (155 g/m²)) ensures a comfortable fit for any occasion. 

Typically, this tee is recommended as a staple for your organic t-shirt women’s collection.

Stanley Stella STTW039 – Women's Jazzer T-Shirt

The Jazzer t-shirts are affordable options for your women’s collection. Its light fabric (4.4 oz/yd² (150 g/m²)) balances the medium fit and tubular construction well, making these products the perfect custom organic t-shirts for several niches and sizes.

Stanley Stella STTM562 – Men's Presenter V-Neck T-Shirt

The Stanley Stella STTM562 is a stylish option for your men’s organic collection. The v-neck adds to the design of the light fabric (4.57 oz/yd² (155 g/m²)) t-shirt. In addition, the garments are built in a regular fit with side seams, making them some of the best-looking organic t-shirts for men. 

Econscious EC1000 – Unisex Classic T-Shirt

The EC1000 is made with a medium fabric (5.5 oz/yd² (186 g/m²)) that increases durability. However, the ring-spun combed cotton guarantees the garment remains soft and comfortable. In addition, its regular fit and side seams give the tee a modern look. 

This t-shirt is the right choice for a premium organic collection.

Continental Clothing EP01 – Unisex Jersey T-Shirt

This unisex classic jersey t-shirt from Continental is Fair Wear PETA and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Its light-fabric (4.57 oz/yd² (155 g/m²)) and relaxed fit ensure a well-rounded, all-in-one organic t-shirt that fits all sizes, styles, and occasions. 

In addition to the extended front and back print areas, Rogac offers printing on the Continental EP01 sleeves, making them a perfect option for personalized t-shirts.

Start a Print-On-Demand Business With Printify

Start a custom organic t-shirt printing business with Printify today and have the edge over the competition. Don’t worry about managing inventory and shipping costs – we’ll handle that.

Find More Eco-Friendly Products in Our Catalog

The Printify Catalog offers more than 800 customizable products for every style, many of them eco-friendly. In addition to the organic cotton t-shirts, most of our tees are sustainable, including the popular Bella+Canvas 3001, Gildan 64000, and Gildan 5000.

Did you know?

Bella+Canvas produces sustainable cotton t-shirts in the US and Bangladesh with reduced water waste, zero general waste, renewable energy, and water-based inks. The company is engaged with social climate neutrality, responsible practices, and fair trade and sources products via a sustainable supply chain.

Gildan holds facilities in Central America and the Caribbean, employing socially responsible practices and environmental protection. The company was included in 2022’s and 2023’s Corporate Knights lists of the most sustainable companies worldwide. Gildan offers a variety of products, including ultra cotton and performance tees.

Read more about eco-friendly t-shirt printing on our blog. Also, discover more sustainable and eco-friendly products to customize with your own design and style, complement your brand, and boost sales. 

Our Catalog includes merch from other eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester, FSC® certified paper, and vegan soy wax:

Design and Sell Custom Cotton T-Shirts With Printify

Now that you’re acquainted with our Catalog’s organic and sustainable options, it’s time to create an account with Printify, choose the right product and t-shirt design, and sell it.  Let’s see how to do it in four easy steps.

1. Sign Up

Sign up for Printify. Enter your email, create a password, or use a Google account. It only takes minutes. 

The free plan gives unlimited products and up to five stores.

Escalate your cotton t-shirt business with the Premium plan ($24.99 monthly, billed annually). The plan offers up to ten stores per account plus a 20% discount on all products.

Finally, sellers with over 10,000 orders a day may subscribe to the Enterprise plan, with custom solutions, unlimited stores, and a 20% discount on all products.

2. Select Where to Sell

Choose where to sell your personalized t-shirts. It’s possible to connect with marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Walmart or to create an online store with BigCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or WooCommerce.

Printify also offers a custom API.

Except for PrestaShop and WooCommerce, website builders require subscriptions. Selling on marketplaces may save money with subscriptions, but listing products will require fees.

3. Pick Products and Design Them

Now comes the fun part. Select the best custom shirt for your shop and choose the Print Provider closest to your customers. 

Then, click Start Designing to use the Mockup Generator, upload, and customize your artwork. Put the final touches on your design, adjust fonts, choose the colors, and click Save product.  

Edit the descriptions, apply the profit margin and choose the main mockup picture. Click Publish. The custom t-shirts will be showcased automatically on your storefront. 

Pro tip

Pair a custom t-shirt with embroidery hats. Apply your logo or art and sell them in your shop in sets or bundles.

4. Focus On Selling While We Do the Rest

At this point, market your own t-shirt line through social networks and email marketing, tweak your storefront SEO, and stay cool while our team of product experts takes care of logistics. 

We ship worldwide with no minimum order quantity, only after customers purchase an item on your storefront. 

Learn more about t-shirt marketing on our blog.

Ready to Print?

There’s no plan B when it comes to preserving the environment for the next generations by turning to a sustainable model of business – it’s time to act in every sense. 

Printify and the print-on-demand model allow you to offer genuinely organic products at affordable prices to the final customer and good profit margins. Take the chance, create your own artwork, apply it to the right product, and lead your brand to the future.

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  1. Vipin
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    great informative blog, thanks for sharing

    1. Florence Kingsley
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      Hi! Glad to hear you enjoyed this article!

  2. Bobby
    August 6

    Print Natural is a great option if you’re looking for the most sustainable inks and printing processes

  3. Renee Sugar
    March 11

    Can you print an pattern/design on the entire front/back of t-shirt or is it just limited to a box?

  4. David
    January 6

    Great! Is it allowed to use the eco and fair wear labels on our website for our own brand?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      January 8

      Hi David, yes, if you selling Stanely/Stella! products, you can use fair labels on your website.


  5. Easy
    December 21

    Hi Printify, let’s change the world together for good! Also waiting strongly for a supplier from the USA!!! for further eco-friendly / Vegan / Organic T-Shirts and for eco-friendly custom packaging options. Thank you for considering

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    I am very ready to sign up but need the organic options to be shipped in the US and to be packaged in a more eco-friendly way. Is this happening soon??

  7. Tony
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    I wait strongly for a supplier from USA for further eco friendly / Vegan / Organic T-Shirts etc. The only organic T-shirt supplier at Printify is from UK. This really is not a good ECO balance, because every shirt has to go on the plain , I am also waiting for more organic products and eco-friendly printing and packaging. Printify, the time is ready to think more green, thanks for considering

  8. Michael
    November 3

    This is a fantastic idea! I’m looking for children’s sizes in organic tee shirts for my business.
    I hope you do consider getting some in stock next. Please let me know if you do, thanks!

  9. Nicolas
    October 23


    i search on your catalog oragnic product buy i find only 2 , is it normal ?

    Because if u place an article to inform you have nw organic product, but you have only 2, it’s not very judicious.

    Pls, informe me about that because i m looking foe a parnter with organic product to develop my business.


    1. Elina Stafecka
      October 25

      Hi, Nicolas! Yes, for now, we have only 2 products from Stanley/ Stella. We really worked hard to get this collaboration and still, it’s not the most popular t-shirt choice between merchants, so we are not adding more now, but we are thinking to do it in 2020. I hope you will understand us and we will definitely notify our merchants when other organic products will be live. 🙂

  10. TR
    September 19

    More organic, everything please! I was dismayed to see that the cotton bags use toxic (cancer causing) ink! Ugh. And too much synthetics. (Poly, nylon etc. are not bio friendly).
    Please provide as much green product as you can, and I for one will use more!
    And, as a USA customer, having USA printers to cut down carbon cost is a huge plus. Thanks.

  11. Dee
    August 28

    what about long sleaves?

    1. Elina Stafecka
      August 29

      Dee, not yet. But we will keep you posted when new organic products will be launched. Meanwhile, you can check long sleeve shirts here – 😉


  12. Vo Victor
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    Great news. When is it available shipping to US?

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    “Tell us about the packaging – how will these be sent out to our customers??
    Will it be naturally eci, compostable & vegan too?

    It’s important for me too

  14. Vegan.Army
    August 1

    When will custom organic cotton T-shirts be available in the US?

  15. Aleta
    July 26

    Tell us about the packaging – how will these be sent out to our customers??
    Will it be naturally eci, compostable & vegan too?

  16. Freddy
    July 26

    The bummer is that they are only available from T-Shirt And Sons (UK).

  17. Theresa
    July 25

    When will AOP Organic Tees for adults and kids become available?


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