Personalized Lunch Bags

From practical daily necessities to conversation starters at school, the office, or a construction site – personalized lunch bags are a fun and sustainable way to store a meal in style.

A personalized lunch bag with colorful abstract lettering, placed on a wooden table.

Make Custom Lunch Bags

Vibrant Colors

The latest printing technologies guarantee bright and crisp designs with vibrant colors for your custom-made designs.

Spacious Storage Space

Store items, snacks, drinks, and full meals in a cool, unique, and spacious lunch bag for hot and cold goods.

Product Variety

From polyester and paper to neoprene-insulated lunch bags – our Catalog has a scope that fits every taste and need.

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Personalized Lunch Bags With No Minimum Order

With custom lunch bags – no minimum applies. Order as many or as few as you want – or need. From a single custom-printed lunch bag for yourself or a loved one to a whole bunch for employees, colleagues, or events. 

Get personalized lunch bags in bulk or single orders and improve the eating experience with fun and creative designs.

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How to Create Custom Lunch Bags in a Few Minutes

Designing a personalized lunch bag with our free and user-friendly Mockup Generator is easy, peasy – hot meal squeezy. All you need to do is sign up, pick a lunch bag, and get creative.

How to Create Custom Lunch Bags in a Few Minutes

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create a Printify account using an email address and a strong password to keep your designs safe. Fill in the necessary information and get free access to all the fantastic benefits our platform has in store for you.

Step 2

Choose a Lunch Bag

Head over to our Catalog and find lunch bags under Accessories – Bags. You can filter the products by the printing method, print area, printing location, and other criteria important to you.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Click Start designing and customize the perfect design for kids, friends, adults, or yourself. Upload pictures, create patterns, or add text in different fonts and colors – the Mockup Generator has all the features you need.

Design Personalized Lunch Bags With Printify

Let’s talk lunch bags. The Printify Catalog stores a vast selection of options for you to personalize, from neoprene and paper bags to lunch totes and more. They’ll make great gifts or companions for a school trip, lunch, or a family picnic.

This incredibly spacious lunch bag fits every age, style, and occasion. And a full front design will help you separate your bag from the dull, generic lunch boxes. Practical, stylish, and sustainable – these insulated lunch bags will be a great gift, purchase, or addition to your online store.

Key Features:

This personalized lunch bag is perfect for those who want to mask the generic lunch boxes and instead opt for something cool and fun. Looking just like a regular bag with a huge pocket for storage, this item will serve well while out and about. Keep your phone, keys, and snacks at hand in a one-of-a-kind lunch bag.

Key Features:

This stylish little pouch is the best replacement for plastic bags and containers. Take it with you while walking, working, or being active at school – lunch will be warm, drinks will be cold, and Mother Earth will be glad you changed to a fun, sustainable solution instead of a plastic one.

Key Features:

This lunch bag gives a natural feeling combined with style and convenience. Something to offer for the environmentally-conscious shopper or user with their mind set on change. People love natural designs and eco-friendly choices, so provide them the chance to bring one along on their daily outings and lunch breaks.

Key Features:

Upgrade the generic lunch paper bag to a reusable, sustainable, and custom-designed model that every child and adult will love. Simple, elegant, and cute as a button, the perfect lunch accessory for a moment of peace, quiet, and munchies. Save time from stacking layers or closing zippers. Bring your lunch to school or work and share with others with ease.

Key Features:

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Make Your Own Custom Lunch Bags

Custom Lunch Bag Design Ideas

With the right design, a personalized lunch bag is a universal item ideal for different occasions. It can be an excellent gift for or from kids, it’s a low-cost product for an online shop – and an eco-friendly item to have at every home. So don’t search any further, we’ve got some ideas for you.

A personalized lunch bag with lettuce illustrations and text, placed on a wooden table.

Personalized Lunch Bags for Adults

Custom lunch bags for adults can have the biggest range in design. “Food for thought”, “Nacho ordinary lunch” and other puns will be a great idea for those who love dad humor. But really, the opportunities are endless!

Personalized Toddler Lunch Bags

Toddlers, of course, love every color of the rainbow, every fairytale creature, and every cute little thing in the world. From Dinosaurs and puppies to ponies, dolls, hearts, and stars. You can’t go wrong with cuteness overload.

A custom lunch bag with abstract dinosaur print on top.
A personalized lunch bag with printed abstract illustrations.

Custom Lunch Bags for Kids

Kids, on the other hand, start to have their own hobbies and likings. Chime in on specific TV shows or areas kids are interested in – from different sports to drawing, dancing, singing, and more. Implement those activities in your designs, and we bet the kids will love them.

Personalized Lunch Bags With Patterns

If you don’t have a design idea in mind, try different patterns. They can be food-related or abstract – the choice is yours. A low-cost lunch bag with a cute pattern will be the go-to choice for someone not looking for anything specific.

A mockup image of a woman holding a custom lunch bag with carrying handles.
A personalized lunch bag with carrying handles with a printed photo on the front.

Custom Lunch Bags With Pictures

From beautiful scenery or snaps of food to family pictures and special moments – anything can be put on a lunch bag. Share special moments, or select a generic image and create cute photo designs to bring with you while out and about.

Custom Lunch Bag With a Text

A text can come in different shapes, fonts, and meanings. From inspirational messages to bring with you on your daily outings to funny puns, jokes, and even some teasing. This will be a cool conversation starter at lunch and a great gift for kids and adults.

A mockup image of a personalized lunch bag with a curvy text print.
A mockup image of a personalized lunch bag with “Sarah” printed on top.

Personalized Lunch Bags With Names

What’s better than a monogrammed lunch box? An epic bag with your name on it. This is the perfect way to make sure Susan no longer steals your yogurt. Or a fun way for you to share your name with others as a newcomer.

Custom Lunch Bags With Logo Design

Insulated lunch bags are the next best thing after promotional company lunch boxes. They provide additional space for promotions and make excellent gifts for new employees, business partners, or potential customers.

A mockup image of a personalized lunch bag with a company logo printed on it.

Why Sell Personalized Lunch Bags

First, it’s an eco-friendly item. It reduces the need to carry lunch in a plastic bag, it’s reusable, and with a custom design – quite cute.

Second, it’s a fast-growing market worth getting into.

By 2029, the global Lunch Bags Market is expected to reach

$1.96 billion.

And third, why not? With 86% often packing their own lunch to work and school, people search for new and fun designs to replace the boring old bags. So start designing and selling!

Why Sell Personalized Lunch Bags

Why Choose Printify?

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Signing up and using the Printify platform with all its features, built-in tools, automated processes, and other benefits is 100% free of charge.

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Our ever-expanding Catalog covers all the categories, from clothing and accessories to eco-friendly items, pet products, home decor, and more.

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Printify integrates with numerous leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces. Create your store and integrate it with just a few clicks.

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Our global Print Provider network has fulfillment facilities around the world – promising fast and cheap order fulfillment.


Register to Printify and create an account. Then, search our Catalog and select the perfect lunch bag you want to customize. Click Start designing and personalize the design on our Mockup Generator. Add images, texts, or patterns, and click Save product. Voila! Order the lunch bag for yourself or share it on your online store.

You can, and you definitely should. If you plan to share your insulated lunch bags on your online store, better test the product before offering it to customers and receiving bad feedback. Evaluate the print, color, delivery, and overall fulfillment process to provide only the best for your shoppers.

Each item has specific care instructions listed on the product page. Some are machine-wash friendly, some need to be protected from direct sunlight, and some can be cleaned with a damp cloth only.

A lunch box is a container with one or multiple compartments for storing food. A lunch bag often comes with handles and a pocket or two – convenient for carrying meals, beverages, and other items. Lunch bags are often insulated and perfect for both kids and adults.

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