Best Things to Sell to Start a Business in 2024

Best Things to Sell to Start a Business in 2024

You can make and sell your own products from anywhere in the world. Turning a business idea into an online business has never been easier!

When it comes to things to sell to start a business, the options are seemingly endless. Depending on how you look at it, this can either seem fantastic or overwhelming, but the good news is that we’re here to guide you through the process.

How Do I Find Things to Sell to Start a Small Business?

Finding the right products to sell on your website or online marketplace is the most important and engaging part of starting an eCommerce store.

The thrill of making money from a successful business is your reward.

In addition to our product suggestions, you should also:

  1. Find your niche. Start by thinking about business ideas, your target audience, and what products or services they want to buy. Learn what a niche is and pick one for your own company.
  2. Research competitors. Once you’ve narrowed down on a business niche, check to see what products other businesses are selling to your future customers.
  3. Find trending products. Check Google Trends or Think With Google to get a better understanding of what the current hype is all about.
  4. Use product research tools. We have a handy product research tool comparison prepped just for you.

If you find yourself stuck, consider checking out stock photography websites to help jumpstart your creativity. Once you set your mind to it, getting the right products and listing them on your website will be easy.

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20 Best Things to Sell to Start a Business

There is a growing list of items people buy and sell online. Your task is to find the best products for your customers and the best business model for you. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve created a list of product categories that can turn any casual business venture into a profitable home business.

1. T-Shirts

No other product has had the gall to knock this custom attire king off its throne. T-shirts come in a large variety of sizes and colors. It might seem difficult to decide between the different types of shirts, but choosing the wrong shirt is nearly impossible.

2. Art and Other Digital Products

Art and Other Digital Products

Art is for more than just local craft fairs. You don’t even need to leave your house to buy or sell it. Consider selling digital printables of your art, stock photos, or even music. 

With the help of Print on Demand, you can also sell physical copies of your digital art as posters, canvases, mugs, and more.

3. Stickers and Magnets

Every fridge needs at least one – but preferably dozens – of magnets, and every laptop is a canvas for stickers. The main point here is that people love these items, and they buy them a lot, in large quantities. Stickers and magnets can be a solid way to get extra money at local markets or through your online store.

4. Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics and beauty products sell well because many people use them and run out of them fast. Natural cosmetics are the keyword of the century, so you best keep that in mind when working on your line of products. 

Note that cosmetics need storage space, so you can include makeup bags in this product category.

5. Wall Art

It keeps up with the times and is always fresh since it’s practically just a white canvas for you to make and sell your ideas. Popular products in this category are framed and unframed posters and canvases that you can hang on every wall of your house. Some are even made to be placed outside.

6. Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets

In this fast-paced world, no one really has time to assemble a thoughtful gift basket for their friends and family, but everyone wants to both give and receive a gift basket. Gift baskets can include any set of products, from perishables to collectible items.

7. Selling Online Courses

Watching DIY tutorials and learning new crafts online has picked up recently. Figure out what you’re good at, take additional classes to refine your skills, and then sell online – it’s about as easy as it sounds.

Even if you don’t choose it as your main source of income, sell online courses to earn some extra cash on the side.

8. Phone Cases and Accessories

Most people always have a phone on them, which makes phone cases a good product category to make and sell, along with other phone accessories. Phone cases come in various types – clear, tough, biodegradable, soft, flip cases, and more.

9. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box

Some of the hottest new products in the eCommerce industry are masterfully assorted boxes of goods. It can be a box of gourmet cheeses, a box of dog treats and toys, or even a box of books. All of your customer interests can be turned into subscription boxes.

10. Pet Supplies

Pet owners always look for pet supplies for their furry friends and lizards. In your own craft business, you can make and sell homemade dog treats or bags of felt balls – the best toys and treats really depend on your target pets and pet owners.

11. Bath Bombs

A classic that never goes out of style is the bath bomb. Of course, this is only true if you have a bathtub for bath bombs to go in. They come in all sorts of fun shapes, colors, scents, and types of foam, and they’re great for kids, adults, and – yes, even pets.

12. Ceramics


Ceramic items come with an air of quality and are almost a necessity for any crafts business. You can make and sell ceramic dishes, mugs, vases, bracelets, or earrings. Take part in bringing back ceramic figurines to the common consciousness to spice up any home interior.

13. Jewelry

Handmade items sell, but you can also make and sell jewelry with the help of POD services – jewelry options range from colorful prints to classy engravings. Jewelry comes in various style options and materials.

14. Socks

Maybe a sock business doesn’t immediately strike you as a solid business idea, but it’s definitely a viable business opportunity. Socks are the first comfy fabric layer for your feet. Socks also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

15. Blankets

Blankets are a great product to make and sell online throughout the year – they’re as great for chilly summer afternoons as they are necessary on cold winter nights. They’re soft, cuddly, and offer absolutely stunning all-over prints.

16. Enamel Pins

People love enamel pins just about as much as they love stickers. It’s a truly unique product to make and sell because your options are limitless – you’ll be creating tiny wearable designs for people to put on their clothing and bags.

17. Candles and Essential Oils

Candles and Essential Oils

You can make and sell candles along with t-shirts and bath bombs at local fairs or from your couch through online marketplaces. Essential oils are still a niche craft idea perfect for craft fairs and your DIY craft business.

18. Kitchen Accessories

Just like any perishable items, kitchen accessories are always in high demand because they’re always used. Make and sell your handmade products or turn to POD – there are aprons, mittens, bento boxes, and more.

19. Handcrafted Products

Handcrafted Products

There’s a niche market for everything, so you can create and sell your artsy goods through your store or seller account. Your shop could be the go-to place to find unusual gifts and other handmade products.

20. Tote Bags

Totes are wearable works of art. Some would argue that they top digital printables in usability and are better than bags since they can fold up to go inside your pocket and be spacious enough to hold all your groceries on your way home. They also function as a great surface for enamel pins.

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How to Start a Business by Selling Custom Products

The convenience of print-on-demand services is used by big and small businesses worldwide, making time-consuming business management a sign of the past.

With Printify, create custom products and run a profitable business from home on your own working hours and terms.

On top of that, you can set it up in just a few easy steps.

Step 1: Sign Up

Register a free Printify account. It only takes a few minutes and will give you access to all our products and services.

Step 2: Find Your Products

Explore the growing collection of products on the Printify Catalog, where you’ll find everything from pajama pants to party balloons.

Step 3: Connect Your Store

Connect to one or many eCommerce sales channels through Printify’s automated integrations.

Sell your merch on Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, eBay, Squarespace, Wix, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, or use the Printify API to connect to your business website.

Things to Sell to Start Your Own Business: FAQ

The easiest products to sell from home are POD products. You can be your own boss, set up a store, and start selling products within minutes.

Your products will only get printed after an order is placed, which results in minimal upfront investment as you won’t be spending any money on keeping inventory. You also won’t need to manage the fulfillment or shipping process – we’ll do all of that for you.

All you’ll need to keep an eye on is the sales tax and other related payments.

Our current top three bestsellers between multiple product categories are the following:

  1. Unisex Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt
  2. Canvas Gallery Wraps
  3. Velveteen Plush Blanket

According to a survey among small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon, Home and Kitchen was the leading product category, followed closely by Beauty and Personal Care.

We recommend checking Google Trends, Pinterest Trends, and sales channels like Amazon Homemade and Etsy to see what items you could make and sell from home.

Statistics are a great source of information, but they won’t guarantee sales for your store. You’ll be the one to make and sell these products by adding your skill and imagination to every product listing. Once you find your target market, you’ll know what sells best.

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