The Best Shopify Clothing Stores: Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Best Shopify Clothing Stores: Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

In our age of technology, the looks of a digital storefront influence whether a digital passerby becomes a customer.

When it comes to Shopify clothing stores, first impressions are vital. Typically, it takes about 0.05 seconds for people to decide whether a site is worth their time.

A successful Shopify store welcomes visitors with an excellent user interface, provides outstanding customer service, and builds trust with powerful yet subtle marketing.

This article will look at successful Shopify stores that are visually pleasing, functional, and profitable.

Amazing Shopify Fashion Stores

With the revenue of the global apparel market predicted to reach almost two trillion U.S. dollars worldwide by 2026, the fashion industry is thriving. This growth is happening online, with Shopify playing a key role.

A bunch of factors can influence whether a Shopify clothing store is successful. However, what works for one online store may not work for another – it’s essential to understand the target audience, determine their preferences, and tailor the store to their liking.

These Shopify clothing stores should only serve as a source of inspiration, not a color-by-numbers template.

After exploring the following examples of Shopify stores, you’ll gain insight into how the visual appearance, features, and marketing contributes to their success. You can build or improve your digital store to gain more customers and drive sales.

Proozy, a Minnesota-based wholesaler, is an online outlet store that specializes in clothing, footwear, and accessories. With their clever email marketing, informational pop-ups, and high-quality product photography, they’ve been able to drive sales while ensuring their customers are satisfied.

Their Shopify store sells a wide variety of fitness apparel and various accessories and recently expanded its offering to include bedroom, kitchen, and electronic products.

What makes this a great example?

Although Proozy has a very simple web design, based on the store’s success – it works. In short, it’s one of the best Shopify stores catering to a wide audience and awakening the interest of young and old alike.

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Jimmy Jazz is a retail chain inspired by hip-hop.

The store offers streetwear, sportswear, shoes, and designer clothes. They’re an authorized retailer for over 80 brands, including Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Their homepage features a minimalist design, prioritizing only the essential – their products. Their product pages don’t fall short either. They combine a simple yet well-thought-out layout with all the information needed.

The Frankie Shop is one of the best Shopify fashion stores – a go-to place for on-trend and wallet-conscious styles.

They offer various clothing items, beauty products, and accessories without breaking the bank.

What makes this a great Shopify store?

With its uncluttered interface, slide-down menus, easy checkout, and a full-width banner image leading to its Instagram feed, the Frankie Shop has done everything to provide a great customer experience.

Of all the Shopify clothing store examples, the Frankie Shop is worth checking out.

Faherty is a family-run clothing and lifestyle brand. Their business is driven by purpose and optimism to create a new American legacy.

This Shopify store offers a wide variety of high-quality products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, outerwear, and much more, for men, women, and children.

With its professional design, easy navigation, and natural product photography, enticing customers to explore more, Faherty is one of the best Shopify fashion stores.

If these Shopify clothing store examples have inspired you, with a few clicks of a mouse and taps on the keyboard, you can start your print on demand Shopify business today.

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Marine Layer is one of the best examples of Shopify apparel stores. They make their own fabric that’s sustainable, soft, and ethical.

They sell casual apparel for men, women, and children that’s perfect for a 7-day weekend style. Moreover, many of their products are made from sustainable materials created to last a lifetime.

Marine Layer is an excellent example of one of the top Shopify stores.

To further improve customer experience, Marine Layer offers free delivery and returns, gaining social proof by standing by their products.

Natural Life is a Shopify store with a bohemian vibe. Initially planned as a photography business, it grew into a store offering free-spirited, bright, and uplifting products.

This online store sells unique and colorful clothing, accessories, home décor, and various gifts.

The Natural Life’s website showcases its playful nature with eye-catching product images taking center stage. The rest of the homepage features various collections, specific items, and an invitation to check out their shoppable Instagram feed.

In short, it’s a great Shopify clothing store example, and its design is perfect for showcasing colorful products and the latest collections.

I SAW IT FIRST is a one-stop-shop for all fashion lovers. Their online store uplifts and inspires their customers, encouraging body confidence and positivity, providing them with all the latest looks, seasonal colors, and fashion styles.

This Shopify store sells everything from t-shirts to knitwear to swimwear. They offer a wide variety of accessories, footwear, and beauty products.

I SAW IT FIRST is one of the most popular Shopify stores on the internet.

I SAW IT FIRST is a good Shopify store example for entrepreneurs who want to offer a wide array of products in a flashy way.

Big Bud Press is a relatively small but fast-growing clothing label specializing in everyday goods. The brand, based in Los Angeles, produces high-quality clothing for all body types. They pride themselves on their local and ethical manufacturing practices.

The store sells size-inclusive clothing – colorful t-shirts, form-fitting jumpsuits, comfortable underwear, and much more.

Big Bud Press has built a simple, beautiful, and colorful website – just like their physical stores in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Chicago. With its clear navigation, unique style, and consistent theme in photography, it’s impossible to confuse Big Bud Press with any other store.

If you’re looking for the best Shopify store examples that promote body positivity, inclusivity, and diversity, Big Bud Press does it well, and it’s worth a closer look.

With millions of followers, Fashion Nova is a lifestyle brand renowned for delivering the season’s most-wanted styles. This brand has a bit of everything.

This Shopify store offers collections for men, women, and children. They forecast trends before anyone else and introduce new products regularly.

As one of the best Shopify clothing store examples, its website’s design is a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fashion Nova is an inspiration for entrepreneurs with larger budgets, creating a wonderful example of how to offer a wide range of products and drive sales.

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Fitness Shopify Clothing Store Examples

As awareness of the importance of health and fitness grows, gyms, sportswear, and fitness gear continue to gain popularity. In 2021, about four in five survey respondents in the United States had at least one home fitness product.

Let’s look at some examples of Shopify stores that excel in sales and help people stay fit, strong, and healthy.

Gymshark is one of the best examples of an eye-catching Shopify clothing store. It’s a fitness apparel brand founded in 2012 by a teenager Ben Francis and has grown into a multimillion-dollar business since then.

This Shopify store sells a wide array of fitness gear and apparel that emphasizes performance, quality, and comfort. Gymshark expertly uses social media platforms, including its Instagram feed, which is filled with people wearing their gear.

Their clothing store’s website is easy to navigate via various categories. Its well-thought-out design makes the store highly responsive, allowing seamless browsing on a mobile device. Gymshark provides detailed product descriptions for all products displayed on their website.

With a mission to bring yoga to the world, Alo Yoga inspires, encourages, and supports people’s wellness journey. Alo Yoga is an excellent example worth your attention as one of the top Shopify stores.

They sell yoga clothes, leggings, and accessories for the studio, street, and everywhere in-between.

With physical stores in New York and California, Alo Yoga’s online store mirrors its simple yet elegant design, capturing potential customers’ attention at first glance. Their stunning website is easy to navigate, providing a smooth browsing experience.

YoungLA is one of the best Shopify clothing stores headquartered in Los Angeles. They pride themselves on creating unique products with quality and fitness in mind.

They offer a vast selection of men’s latest bodybuilding workout clothes, including t-shirts, joggers, and outerwear. The brand has identified its target audience and caters to their specific needs.

Their website features a minimalist vibe with high-quality images showcasing their products. YoungLA’s online store is beautifully designed and works well on desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

With an individual section specifically designed for customer reviews and user-generated content, it’s clear that social proof is hardly a problem for YoungLA.

In short, it’s one of the best Shopify stores for fitness enthusiasts looking to update their gym gear and keep it looking fresh.

Beyond Yoga was started by yoga teacher Jodi Guber Brufsky, who couldn’t find activewear that complimented her body, yoga practice, and life beyond the studio.

This online store sells yoga apparel, workout clothes, and activewear, including leggings, joggers, tops, and bras.

Their Shopify store’s website reinforces the brand’s inclusive nature, displaying their latest collections with beautiful imagery as soon as the page loads. The site is easy to navigate – as you scroll down, the menu remains fixed and neatly shows all of their collections.

Beyond Yoga is one of the most striking online stores for yoga clothing, showcasing its natural aesthetic and promoting body positivity.

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The Best Shopify Clothing Stores for Babies

As we all know, parents want what’s best for their children. When it comes to the well-being of their children, they want to do whatever they can to provide the very best. 

After all, the revenue in the baby clothes segment says it all – in 2021, it amounted to about 37.32 billion.

Whether you’re after practicality or fashion, Posh Peanut has it all. The brand’s committed to providing adorable and high-quality products while emphasizing customer experience.

They offer a variety of fashionable children’s clothing, practical accessories, and lovely matching outfits for the whole family.

Posh Peanut is a good Shopify store example due to its simple, elegant, and modern design. With beautiful real-life images, parents can see how the clothes would look on their baby. Their website is easy to navigate, allowing customers to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Of all the Shopify clothing stores for babies and children, Posh Peanut is a wonderful example worth taking a look at.

Sleeping Baby is a Shopify clothing store with the motto: “Inspiring dreams one night at a time.”

They offer baby swaddles, pajamas, and the Zipadee-Zip – a wearable blanket for babies of various ages.

Their homepage is persuasive, immediately showcasing customer stories from happy and well-rested parents gladly sharing their experiences, reinforcing the brand’s tagline: “Better sleep for baby, better sleep for you.”

Of all the Shopify clothing stores for babies, Sleeping Baby deserves its place among one the best. Their homepage features trust badges provided by magazines and shows they were on – Forbes, Shark Tank, Parents, and Good Morning America – emphasizing their reputation for excellence.

Gerber Childrenswear positions itself as a trusted partner in the parenting journey. Their brand offers collections infused with of-the-moment trends without sacrificing quality, comfort, or functionality.

They sell a huge selection of baby clothes for newborns and toddlers, including bodysuits, sleepwear, swimwear, and outfits.

Their website is simple, clean, and fully responsive. Although the layout is pretty standard, it has everything a Shopify clothing store needs – a clean design, easy navigation, and professional product photos.

In case you don’t find what you’re looking for here, with Printify, you can create your own baby clothing or anything else with just a few clicks.

Take a look at some of our customizable baby clothing:

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A Few Closing Thoughts About Shopify Clothing Stores

Whether you already have a clothing store or plan on setting one up, we hope these Shopify store examples have shown the wide array of options you can borrow some ideas from to start your Shopify apparel store. 

Just like a physical store, a successful online store:

A little inspiration goes a long way – these Shopify clothing stores deliver a bit of insight into how professionals do it, allowing you to learn and reach new sales heights.

If our article inspired you, with a few keyboard taps and clicks of a mouse, you can start your own print on demand Shopify business today.

With the right approach, preparation, and attitude, anyone can create an engaging shopping experience that will entice customers to browse, explore, and purchase your products.

What’s your favorite Shopify clothing store? Did we miss an inspirational store that should be on our list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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