17 Best Free Shopify Apps That Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

17 Best Free Shopify Apps That Can Help You Grow Your Online Business

If you’re one of the millions of entrepreneurs who use Shopify to power their business, you will already know apps are an integral part of the Shopify platform. 

With thousands of Shopify apps available with a huge range of functionality for your business and website needs, it can be difficult to know which are the best.

This article will break down the necessity of exploiting apps, what to take into consideration after browsing Shopify store examples and before picking an app for your Shopify store, and what the 17 best free apps can offer to help grow your online business.

Why Is It Necessary to Install Apps for Your Shopify Online Store?

Shopify apps are powerful tools that are a crucial part of the platform. 87% of merchants use these apps to run their eCommerce Business. They can offer significant benefits to store owners. 

Every Shopify app offers a specialized service to  add a range of functions and capabilities. Here are some of the key benefits that free Shopify apps include:

Quick Tip: Take a look at the best Shopify store examples and check how they use the apps to supercharge their profits.

17 Best Free Shopify Apps for Your eCommerce Store

The Shopify app store offers a seemingly endless range of added functionality.Whether they’re for Shopify t-shirt stores or a more complex product collection, with over 7000 apps available, there is likely an app for almost any need.

While over half require payment, many of the best Shopify apps are totally free.

Check out this quick breakdown of the best free Shopify apps for your online store:

The free Printify  Shopify app instantly integrates seamlessly with your store. It simplifies and automates the process of sourcing and creating print-on-demand products. 

With over 850 products and an extensive network of Print Providers, it’s a great app for businesses of all calibers, especially Shopify clothing stores. Not only that, artists and entrepreneurs can profit too by selling fan, pride, and Spotify merch.

One of the best free apps, the Printify Shopify app has a range of benefits to save you money and time:

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The Growave app is your all-in-one platform designed to elevate and simplify the e-commerce experience. It ensures that businesses, whether start-ups or established, can foster customer loyalty and enhance user engagement at affordable prices.

Catering to diverse needs, Growave centralizes the features crucial for online businesses, making it an excellent choice for those aiming to maximize customer retention and overall store functionality.

Here’s what Growave offers to supercharge your Shopify store:

The free Oberlo Shopify app allows you to simply import Aliexpress products directly to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers when you make a sale.

Oberlo acts like a virtual warehouse, dropshipping products from thousands of suppliers. Through the Shopify app you can select your items, customize the products and then publish them to your store, ready to sell.

The free plan of this app lets you manage your store with a range of functionalities:

This free Shopify app can boost sales through upselling and cross-selling. 

This app provides a platform to customize order thank you pages and landing pages with a drag and drop builder. Also available are features such as countdown timers, personalized recommendations, reorder buttons and surveys that are designed to increase sales.

More than 40,000 Shopify stores have downloaded this app from the Shopify app store:

Sales Notification is a free Shopify app that can push sales for store owners. This can be achieved by displaying recent sales notifications to store visitors and encouraging purchases through social proof.

The app has a range of features available, including setting cart notifications, creating recent visitor alerts, and hiding items that you don’t want to include in notifications.

Key benefits of Sales Notification include:

Replay Site Recorder & Surveys is an analytics tool that helps store owners optimize and improve their websites. It provides live recordings of visitor sessions so you can track how shoppers interact with the store.

The key feature of this app is the data protection compliant recording of the visitor’s precise mouse movements, typing, page exploring, clicking, and scrolling made by the user during a session to your store. 

There are a range of benefits available from these session insights:

Offer product match quizzes that help your online website visitors find the right products. These custom branded quizzes can be easily created in minutes with no previous design or coding experience required.

Jebbit’s visual builder enables you to build personality quizzes, dynamic surveys, product match quizzes, and lead generation forms for capturing email addresses.

The app features a range of benefits:

Thank you email auto marketing allows you to automatically send a thank you email to your customers after they perform an action on your Shopify store.

This marketing automation tool has four types of Shopify email marketing campaigns available. From new orders, new customers, newsletter subscribers, and fulfilled orders, this app can be an effective way to gain more loyal customers.

The free plan of this app offers a range of benefits to boost your marketing efforts:

Sales Countdown Timer displays a customizable countdown timer on your online store. 

The app offers countdown timers for your Homepage, Collections, or Product pages. Choose between header, bottom bar positions, or announcements bars. All come with fully customizable background patterns and 11 different design templates.

Key benefits of this free app include:

The Privy Shopify app is an exit intent, cart abandonment and email marketing tool designed to increase conversions. WIth customizable, mobile-friendly displays, no coding skills are required.

The free plan offers pop-ups, email sign-ups, coupons and the spin-to-win wheel. It offers unlimited pop-ups and email sign-ups. Extra targeting features are available in the paid plans, such as coupon redemption tracking and cart value banners.

Key benefits of this all-in-one tool include:

Quick Tip: Increase your reach and sales by learning about Shopify email marketing from our easy guide.

The free version of this Shopify app can improve your Shopify store’s search engine optimization. The app ensures it is meeting Google’s best practices for Google images search engine result pages.

Arguably the best free Shopify app on Shopify’s app store for stores where customers search for products through google images. This app constantly monitors your store and optimizes meta tags, alt text, sitemap, JSON-LD, and marks all your images with the correct alt image tags.

There is a range of benefits that set this app apart from other apps:

Quick Tip: Increase profits by optimizing your store – just follow our Shopify SEO guide to get started.

The Free Shipping Bar app allows you to offer free shipping as a slide-out on your product pages. With over 66% of consumers expecting free shipping with every online order, make sure your customers know your shipping rates.

The key feature this app offers is the option to display your free shipping offer in a customizable slide-out bar. It also includes messages as the cart fills, congratulations for reaching free shipping goal amounts, and tracking the performance of each bar.

There is a range of benefits to integrating this app with your store:

Go beyond automated push notifications and use this app to build customer loyalty with trust badges or display user-generated content.

Trust Hero trust badges can improve the customer experience by displaying badges of payment and support for your store. The app also features reviews and testimonials from your loyal customers.

Key benefits of installing this app include:

Product Reviews is a strong tool that does exactly what it says. You can add a product reviews feature to your site’s pages. With reviews playing a critical role in deciding to purchase a product for 89% of consumers, a product review app can have a strong impact on your business.

The app’s key features include a no-code edit and customization. Importantly, SEO-friendly review scores, ability to CSV import and export, bulk action management, and flexible theme-friendly design are also available. 

There are a range of advantages to installing this app:

Yotpo helps you generate, grow, and showcase product reviews. Use this app to build customized loyalty programs and referral programs to drive repeat sales, referrals and social engagement.

The popular Shopify app offers the ability to create a membership program and launch a custom no code loyalty or referral program. You can also send out requests for customer reviews and even select the reviews to showcase. The paid plan’s advanced features include email integration and a no-code rewards page builder.

Key-values of this customer service app range from:

Promo.com allows you to automatically generate promotional videos for your store, products, Instagram, Facebook messenger stories, and any other channel where you can post videos. 

The app creates videos optimized for your marketing goals by pulling existing images and video content from your store. You can then customize the video further with a range of audio and visual styles.

Benefits of using Promo.com include:

Smart SEO automates the potentially challenging prospect of optimizing your store’s SEO to-do list. The overall aim is to increase the quality organic traffic your store receives.

This Shopify app automatically fixes broken links, manages your site map to keep it SEO friendly, and optimizes store images with alt tags. The app can also generate meta tags based on a rules template you create with a simple tool.

There are a range of reasons to check out this marketing automation tool:

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What Should You Consider Before Installing a Shopify App?

What Should You Consider Before Installing a Shopify App
What Should You Consider Before Installing a Shopify App

Take a look at what Shopify apps can offer to simplify managing integral aspects of your growing business. There are, unfortunately, some downsides to running a range of apps at once:

All the apps you have installed are loaded at the same time as your site. If you use a wide range of apps this can slow down your site speed and provide a negative customer experience.  

With 53% of mobile visitors leaving a page if it takes too long to load, try using a free website speed test like Pingdom to see whether you need to cut some apps.

Some apps are not compatible, and sometimes one does not work with another. Without researching compatibility, you can lose the benefits of both. Check whether other users have run into issues before running the combination together. 

Installing a range of apps that offer pop-ups and chat support can negatively impact the user experience by taking focus away from your products. Avoid this and check that none of your apps fulfill the same purpose. Any value gained from an app will be offset if they annoy or distract your customers.

Apps can become outdated when the problem they solve is no longer an issue. You can check your apps through your Shopify admin, making sure they are up to date and not sending out useless push notifications before installing a spicy new app.

Quick Tip: Today, there are plenty of Shopify alternatives that come with great apps – BigCommerce, for example. Explore our BigCommerce vs Shopify comparison to see what kinds of apps they offer.

Start Your Online Business With Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce sales channels available. The platform powered 20% of all eCommerce websites in 2020. Among these, 3.76 million live websites include huge brands like Nestle, Pepsi, Unilever,  Budweiser, Gymshark and celebrities like Kanye West.

Take a look at the most successful Shopify stores to gather inspiration for your storefront.

Connect your Shopify store with the easy Printify integration to start making sales today. Here are four quick reasons why you should choose Shopify as your sales platform of choice:

  1. Build a brand.

 Use Shopify free tools to pick a store name, purchase a domain and launch a brand.

  1. Sell Everywhere.

Make sales from your eCommerce store, in person, online marketplaces and social media channels from one platform.

  1. Shopify App store.

With over 7000 apps available, you can easily find apps that add value to your store.

  1. Shopify experts.

Hire an expert to help you with everything from setup to design and marketing.

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