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Free t-shirt maker with Printify’s mockup generator


The entire process can be completed in a matter of moments. No lengthy procedures here.

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Designing new products has never been a simpler, more user-friendly process. Anyone can do it.

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No money down. No logistical costs. No storage or production concerns. 

How easy is the t-shirt maker with Printify?

There’s nothing to it. It’s a risk-free chance to try out the entire personalization process. All that’s necessary is looking through the catalog, selecting an item, choosing a provider, then incorporating some free t-shirt designs to appropriate printing areas. 

The new-and-improved Printify mockup generator is tailor-made for providing an ideal sandbox environment for neophyte businesspersons for starting their eCommerce conquests. 

If you’re just here to browse, that’s cool. There are no requirements for taking this engine for a test run and seeing how she handles. It’s capable of a lot more cool stuff than just making t-shirts, but that’s the main topic here so we’ll stay focused.

Use our free t-shirt maker and make some profit today!

In short, that’s everything. Anyone can have a lineup of ready-to-sell goods in just a few minutes. Now, while there’s nothing wrong with just making some stuff, the ultimate goal of a free t-shirt maker is making a profit. 

This means that those digital garments need to be moved out into the web where people can discover and buy them. The great news there is that the process to move a virtual inventory onto an eCommerce platform (and into their consumer traffic streams), is also a breeze. We’ll dive into this a bit later, though.


Free t-shirts maker - Make your own t-shirt

It’s a brilliant hybrid business model that transforms anyone with a bit of eCommerce enthusiasm into an owner. See, all a free t-shirt maker has to do is sign up, create a few custom t-shirts, and post those products online where customers can buy them en masse. 

It works out because the products that are sold are only created AFTER a sale goes through. In other words, when a customer successfully makes a purchase, they experience a short delay while their order is created and sent to them. 

The funds coming from the customer are split into three parts – each clearly labeled along the way:

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The Print Provider

The first step is quite simple, choose your product and the print provider you want to use to produce it. You can see the production time, shipping availability and the price of each unit. 



Adding your design to the product could not be easier. Our design tool allows you to add your patterns direct to the garment, check out the mock-up tool to see what your design will look like in real life. 


With your design uploaded it’s time to start them selling. When you get your first order, simply send your product for production.

All in all, no matter how big a free t-shirt maker gets, they will never have to worry about the logistical side of their business. There’s no need to pay for inventory that might sell. Instead, they’ll have a sure bet because there’s no bet at all – the costs are taken out of sales.

How does our t-shirt maker work?

As mentioned above, the best way to become a successful free t-shirt maker is with a trip through the Printify mockup generator. This engine allows any free t-shirt maker to play around with base models, designs, placements, etc., free of charge. However, if an owner wants to take things further and make money from a creation, that’s when the fun begins. 

There’s a difference between simple and easy. This process is absolutely simple, but, like any successful business, some effort is required along the way. Here’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide through the entirety of product creation:

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1. Sign Up with Printify

This one’s a given. Fortunately, it’s fast, easy, and entirely free. Just some basic facts and you’re good to go with the system.

2. Browse through our Catalog

With over 300 (and growing) products to choose from, this part can be a little overwhelming at first. Don’t get lost. For merchants seeking to work with a specific product, there are easy filters available; both general category selection options and a search bar are provided for more tailored approaches. 

3. Choose the Product

Even within a single genre (like t-shirts), there are quite a few choices to make. It’s up to you, the free t-shirt maker, to decide the model, fabric, color, size, design, printing area(s), etc., for each of the items you’ll be moving through an eCommerce store. It’s power and responsibility in equal measure.

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4. Select a Print Provider

But what if multiple print providers make the product you’re chosen to work with? This overlap is common, and actually quite a good thing. This way, free t-shirt makers can choose between relevant various print providers relative to their own preferences. This can mean choosing a preferred provider based on location (shipping costs), using one with lower production times (faster provision), going with whoever can supply more colors or sizes, etc.

Having multiple print providers cover a single product means that, if one provider shuts down for some reason, others can compensate for that shortage. This way, even if something unfortunate happens, our merchants can still run their businesses.

5. Upload your Design

Press “Add your Design” or use the drag-and-drop function to upload any of your designs, or feel free to use one of ours, to the desired printing area of the shirt.

There are lots of functionalities to make sure that your design will look as good in print as it does on your screen. To touch things up, use the Design panel to ensure that dimensions and resolution are both up to par. If there is an issue, an alert notification will pop up – preventing mistakes.

6. Finalize Products

Now, you’re ready to go start fine-tuning things. Here are a few of the tailoring components to work through:

This part is where your design will be applied. You can use the positioner to rotate, align, rotate, or delete given layers.

As the default color used is white, please click on the “All Colors” segment. Then, you can see every color that a particular model is offered in. Desired colors can be applied and saved to your panel.

This is a component for seeing your product in a realistic application. This is a phenomenal tool for making adjustments, variations, and final touches to mostly finished products.

This feature involves various specifications for a given design, like the size, print areas, and price changes relative to a variation. This way, you can make price adjustments, if necessary.

7. Get a Sample

With your product’s digital manifestation finalized, it’s time to order a sample. This way, you’ll be able to hold the finished product in your own hands. Seeing how a design ends up and being able to feel the fitting and fabric of a t-shirt is a stellar way to make sure customers will be satisfied with your product. This also has the benefit of showing you a real-time example of how long it takes for production and shipping to complete relative to the estimations provided online.

8. Publish Online

After you’re satisfied with how a product turns out, it’s time to publish that product online. This step varies relative to which entity you hook up to, but Printify supports mainstream connections with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, eBay, and Etsy. We also have an integration API, for the more tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

9. Spread the Word

Now, you’re all ready to go. The products are prepared – primed to be sold to anyone seeking a little more of whatever they happen to represent, say, or resonate with. However, the more people that know about a store – the more traffic that entity will draw. Fortunately, getting the message out isn’t a hard, grueling operation.

This one’s a bit obvious. It’s a series of free vehicles that immediately broadcasts your intentions across whichever medium is chosen. Creating a channel pertaining to a given theme (t-shirt sales here) is a fun process that allows a free t-shirt maker to invent themselves and their store as whatever they’d like.

People like buying from entities they know or can connect with. Letting people into the process behind the creation of a store – showing a human face – is a great way to build a loyal fan base.

Older than recorded history, this is the original method of getting a message across. Let the people know that you’ve got some sweet deals on t-shirts in person. Let that passion flow.

Don’t be limited – spread your creative wings and make your store the success everyone talks about.

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T-shirt maker business in 2020

Well, t-shirts are one of the most lucrative items to sell in today’s eCommerce ecosystem. Back in 2016, the custom t-shirt printing market size was roughly $1.1 billion, 2020 circled around $1.9 billion, and esteemed estimates point toward over $3 billion in 2025. This boils down to, even if the estimations are wildly wrong, the market will still increase significantly. 

Look around, personalized t-shirts are everywhere. Regardless of whether an onlooker is in an athletic field, mechanical garage, office cubicle, or aeronautical training facility, there are likely people nearby wearing t-shirts with interesting custom designs. The concept is so accessible, so wide-spread, that any free t-shirt maker can make a nice profit.

Demand is there for these products. All you need is a vehicle to access those waiting sales. Fortunately, all you need is some enthusiasm toward using a free t-shirt maker – create custom products like t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and more. Then we can help take it from there.

Printify is the best t-shirt maker partner for you. Why?

We’re a print-on-demand platform connecting print providers and eCommerce merchants. In other words, we tie a system together between people who make/print items (print providers) and those that sell those items (POD merchants). 

Our mission is to help all merchants using our services to succeed. The biggest advantage we have in this effort is the business plan; a print-on-demand dropshipping combination that takes the best features from both and passes it on to partners.

Vendors can start their very own, entirely autonomous businesses with just three steps:

Various Print on Demand products by Printify

Choose a t-shirt blank from the Printify catalog to act as a base for a printed design. Lots of details are easily viewable from this page – such as production times, shipping availability, prices, and print providers.


Adding a design, artwork, some words, or any other artistic idea to a t-shirt is super easy thanks to the user-friendly application of the mockup generator.


After a design has been uploaded and finalized, it’s time to get printing. Once you get your first order in, send it along to production. Then, profits can start flowing into your account.

Print-on-demand pricing

Well, t-shirts are one of the most lucrative items to sell in today’s eCommerce ecosystem. Back in 2016, the custom t-shirt printing market size was roughly $1.1 billion, 2020 circled around $1.9 billion, and esteemed estimates point toward over $3 billion in 2025. This boils down to, even if the estimations are wildly wrong, the market will still increase significantly. 

Look around, personalized t-shirts are everywhere. Regardless of whether an onlooker is in an athletic field, mechanical garage, office cubicle, or aeronautical training facility, there are likely people nearby wearing t-shirts with interesting custom designs. The concept is so accessible, so wide-spread, that any free t-shirt maker can make a nice profit.

Demand is there for these products. All you need is a vehicle to access those waiting sales. Fortunately, all you need is some enthusiasm toward using a free t-shirt maker – create custom products like t-shirts, hoodies, face masks, and more. Then we can help take it from there.

One of the best things here is that, after the initial time investment, this process becomes almost entirely passive. So, an item can simply float out in the ethersphere, being sold to lots of customers and generating tons of profit for the merchant that created it – all without needing any attention. Of course, merchants can check-in, make changes, etc., but this isn’t super necessary.

Print-on-demand eliminates
problems of t-shirt making.

Most of the time, when a business goes under, it’s because of financial troubles. This is why Printify doesn’t ever force merchants to use upfront payments, investments, or other costs. Furthermore, by only relying on income for the funds to create products, there will never be any debt there.

But it’s more than just money trouble that Printify helps with. In addition to keeping the bank safe, we handle the entire logistical back end of the business. All your needs regarding sourcing, production, provision, printing, shipping, storage, handling, etc., all are covered in entirety. Print-on-demand merchants running with Printify are never forced to maintain physical locations, hire staff, or manage physical inventory. 

Furthermore, we provide an unprecedentedly strong network of support for all our merchants. This fully-staffed support team is available 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. This blanket coverage means that we almost always have cooperative, helpful individuals standing by to help with any questions. Naturally, this support is 100% free for Printify merchants.

Print-on-demand viability creating your own t-shirt designs

As soon as the reasons not to do something are taken away, the only thing left to do is move forward. It’s a simple truth that the era of customized clothing is now. All it takes is a glance around to see who’s wearing personalized gear. After all, why wear something that is almost perfect when you can design or buy the ideal?

Odds are, if you’ve ever thought that a few improvements, additions, or customizations could be made to make a garment better – you’re a perfect fit for a free t-shirt maker. The timing is perfect; it’s never been easier to make a personalized clothing line.

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Seriously Trending

There’s a huge demand for customized items. People love shopping for pieces that fit their ideology, world view, political leanings, etc. 

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Simple Process

Simple Process: The Printify business model and mockup generator make it so easy (and cheap) to start a business.

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Cash In

A little bit of time put in can result in huge passive-income flows.

News from Printify

The rise of

Before the print-on-demand revolution, a business owner had to buy their inventory upfront, pay for a safe place to store things, then hire staff to manage, distribute, etc. And even if everything else goes perfectly, the whole operation depended on customers deciding to come in and buy whatever was being sold. The whole thing is a gamble.

However, when success is a sure thing. That’s a bit different. Without the worry of having to put together a proposal, apply for a business loan, then pay back that impending hurricane, things become a lot less stressful. That’s the beauty of print-on-demand; the business plan doesn’t require big initial investments because the rewards sustain all logistical concerns – like production, sourcing, and shipping.

Is using a free
t-shirt maker a good idea?

100% yes. While there is a fundamental bias here, it’s true that there’s rarely been a better time to get involved in print-on-demand eCommerce. The past few years have seen incredible spikes in popularity for customized, personalized, and otherwise distinguishable clothing items. 

Simply put, people don’t want to look like other people. Everyone wants their own unique apparatus to present to the world around them. These wearable signals are used to broadcast just about any and all messages, from demonstrating transcendence from the standardized conformity confining the uninitiated to indicating solidarity with a radicalized uprising. This development is clear; so many groups, messages, social movements, warnings, and even calls to arms adorn the printing areas of the masses – each an opportunity for you (the free t-shirt maker) to profit.

Tools of free t-shirt maker success

With all the user-friendly instruments laid out before them, it’s simply a matter of time until a free t-shirt maker hits the big time. They’re free from traditional business obligations like financing, negotiation, and sourcing. Instead, all that energy can be focused on sales, product creation, making designs, marketing, or anything else.

Printify mockup generator icon

Let’s take a look at some of the tools available to you. They’re all phenomenal assets that can turn a free t-shirt maker into a rich t-shirt maker.

Printify Catalog

This is a continually evolving array of over 300 products. We say that because we’re always working to onboard new products, print providers, options, colors, etc. Whenever we do make a change, we’ll be sure to let you know. However, it’s also worth the time to spend some time familiarizing yourself with more of the catalog than just t-shirts. Even if you’re not selling other products, they just might spark an idea.

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24/7 Support

We’ve got your back 24 hours a day, 364 days a year. Yes, we do take Christmas Eve off because Ebenezer Scrooge doesn’t own us. However, this superior coverage means that we have trained staff standing by to assist with every question, comment, or concern that may arise in the course of business. Please be aware, we take queries in the order they arrive.

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Print Provider Network

With global coverage, multiple redundancies, and a fine-tuned quality control system, this is a crucial asset to any free t-shirt maker. In addition to delivering a variety of blank models, colors, sizes, etc., there’s an additional security blanket: order routing.

This feature ensures that, even if the preferred provider making your selected garment goes down, we’ll send your order to another producing that model. We’re extremely proud of this development, as it means that business can continue for POD merchants even when supply chains have been temporarily disrupted.

Mockup Generator
Mockup Generator

The power to create a brand-new product in minutes is a big deal. Anytime inspiration strikes, the muse speaks, or a new topic starts trending, you can have an appropriately themed t-shirt available for the people to purchase.

Start your eCommerce adventure today!

If you’ve ever considered starting a business as a free t-shirt maker, the time to act is now. We’ve done our best to remove every roadblock, hurdle, and obstacle in your way. With such a clear route to online success, it’s an easy move to join our network and start a passive income stream.

Our mission is helping you succeed!