Personalised Cushions

Create personalised cushions with your own designs and have them printed within the United Kingdom. Add a personal touch to any living space, offer them as gifts, or design a collection for your store.

A personalised cushion in black with a Golden Retriever named “Lucy” print.
A couple of personalised cushions with a Star Wars themed print and an illustrated Corgi print.

Custom Cushions a Few Clicks Away

Local Production

Rely on local UK Print Providers for top quality, fast shipping, and low costs. Create printed cushions and have them delivered to yourself or customers in less than two business days.

Easy to Design

Use our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator to create products easily. All our cushions have ready-made templates – simply apply your designs and adjust them to your liking.

Various Styles

Make personalised cushions for any niche, setting, or event. Pick a material composition, style, and colour that will best suit your needs or brand.

3 Easy Steps to Create Custom Cushions

Printify has sourced a collection of personalised cushions and collaborates with a network of Print Providers in the UK, Europe, and worldwide to streamline the production process. 

In three simple steps, match your ideas for amazing personalised photo cushions with ready-made products.

Personalised Cushions 1

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create an account for free. Whether you want to make a perfect gift for a special occasion or set up a store with Print on Demand – our resources include guides, courses, and everything you need for top-quality product creation and eCommerce success.

Step 2

Choose a Custom Cushion

Navigate to the Home and Living section in our Printify Catalog. Explore manufacturing details and available Print Providers – for local production and cheaper delivery costs, ensure that you choose one nearby.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Click Start designing on your chosen cushion’s product page, which will bring you to our Mockup Generator design tool. Upload an image from your device or use one from our free library. Apply your design to the print template, and click Save.

Design Personalised Cushions in the UK With Printify

Printify features cushions for a range of unique tastes. Discover a collection of sofa cushions, bed cushions, and pillowcases. Add your custom designs printed with a high-quality finish.

A mockup of a personalised cushion on a gray couch.

Let’s begin with versatile spun polyester cushions with a full wrap-around print. This is a go-to throw pillow option, perfect for household accessories, and comes ready-made with filling and a pillowcase.

Key Features:

Five sizes: 40cm x 40cm-66cm x 66cm.

A mockup of a custom cushion on a gray couch.

Create a unique home decor item with printed cushions made from cruelty-free faux suede fabrics. The soft material has a plush feel with a neat zipper closure for an uninterrupted print. Match your designs for a personalised cuddle cushion for the bed or sofa.

Key Features:

Three sizes: 30cm x 30cm-56cm x 56cm.

Two personalised cushion mockups on a dark background.

For a feature look, try our square pillow variation with a soothing pink back cover. This option works great as a personalised cushion gift, adding a personal touch for loved ones with an enchanting pastel colour – a much-needed household accessory.

Key Features:

Three sizes: 30cm x 30cm-56cm x 56cm.

A mockup of a personalised cushion on a gray couch.

Just need the pillowcase? We’ve got you covered. Create personalised cushion covers with photos from high-resolution prints to add more colour and detail to the bedroom. Our spun polyester pillowcases can be machine-washed on a gentle, low-heat cycle.

Key Features:

Five sizes: 40cm x 40cm-66cm x 66cm.

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Personalised Cushion Design Ideas

Looking for ideas on what to print? Or do you want to find a specific niche? Consider our list of photo cushion design ideas to get started right away. Make the perfect gift, discover what sells, or find popular avenues to create trendy merchandise.

A personalised cushion with a family photo print.

Personalised Photo Cushion

Make designs for a personalised picture cushion with our high-resolution printing to capture small and intricate details. Decorative living room sofa cushions work great as gifts for family or friends.

Personalised Pet Cushion

Even if they can’t fully appreciate the effort, pets are grateful recipients for a brand-new cushion to tear up in their bed basket. Best of all, pet owners comprise a large segment of the personalised product market.

A personalised cushion in black with a Golden Retriever named “Lucy” print.
“Best Mom Ever” text (in white) personalised cushion print in orange.

Personalised Family Cushion

The banter between family members can inspire a range of design choices. You can stick to homely patterns that everyone will enjoy or make a personalised cushion for mum or dad with a cheeky or loving message printed on top.

Personalised Text Cushion

Speaking of personalised messages, cushions are an ideal canvas for witty proverbs or sentimental greetings. You can easily add text in the design process using a range of fonts, sizes, and colours.

A personalised cushion with “Home is Where Our Story Begins” text print and floral background.
“Keep Calm and Come On England” personalised cushion.

Personalised Football Cushion

Getting benched is much easier when the seat is softened with a personalised cushion. Take your designs a step further and create football-inspired merchandise for fans at home on the sofa watching UK league play-offs.

Why Sell Custom Cushions?

Custom cushions and covers align with a growing market demand for bedding and home decor products.

In 2023, the worldwide pillow market size is estimated at a revenue of over

$17.6 billion

With the access and availability of new eCommerce fulfilment methods like POD, launching your own storefront with custom products requires minimal costs and upkeep. Rely on dedicated Print Partners to manage manufacturing and shipping.

“Tea and Messy Bed” custom printed cushion.

Why Choose Printify to Sell in the UK?

Personalised Cushions 2

Large Product Variety

With over 900 products, find various personalised cushion options and other home decor items from UK distributors in the Printify Catalog.

Easy Design Tools

Apply photos to ready-made product templates in just a few clicks using Printify’s free and beginner-friendly Mockup Generator.

Top eCommerce Integrations

Connect your store and all personalised cushions to popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and eBay.

Local UK Print Providers

Rely on fast delivery estimates from Print Providers throughout the UK or ship to an international audience through our global fulfilment partners.

24/7 Merchant Support

Access a dedicated team of POD professionals for guidance throughout your store setup and order management process.


Our custom cushions are made in the US, the UK, and Europe. Check under every product in our Catalog for available Print Providers and shipping locations.

Choose a product from our Catalog. Then, select a size, upload your designs or photos to our Mockup Generator, adjust it to your liking, and you’ve made yourself a lovely cushion.

Yes. When you create a product, whether it’s a single order, a bulk purchase, or merch for an online catalog, you should check that it meets your expectations.

Sample orders cost the same as regular products, but if you want to save up to 20% on every item, become a Printify Premium subscriber.

No. Suppose you want to order a single personalised cat cushion for your loving pet, you can do so at no extra cost. Buy just one or sell in bulk – it’s up to you.

Our unique throw pillows and personalised cushion cover selections are easy to maintain. Check under each pillow and pillow case for detailed care instructions.

Other Product Ideas

From our brilliant list of cushions and free available resources – all that’s left is to expand your collection. Check out our entire Catalog of POD products and find further inspiration.

Ready to Create Custom Cushions?