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With Printify, anyone can make a living out of doing what they love – a true game-changer for any creative. Turn your passion into profit and connect further with your audience by selling custom merchandise.

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How Easy Is It to Create Merch Online?

Ever had a great idea for custom merchandise but didn’t know where to go from there? If so, welcome! You’ve found the right place.

Whether you’re looking for ways to monetize your following, grow your brand, or simply win over the hearts of your audience, our merch maker allows you to do so without any up-front costs, hassle, or headaches.

With Printify, unlocking a new revenue stream has never been easier – signing up, designing, and creating your custom merchandise is 100% free.

The greatest perk of on-demand manufacturing? Convenience. Without having to worry about investing in merchandise, you’re free to design as many products as you like, test your ideas in the real world, and see what sells the best.

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How to Make Merch With Printify?

With our intuitive print-on-demand platform, anyone can unleash their creativity, design, and create one-of-a-kind products that nobody else has.

Let’s take a brief crash course on how you can use Printify to start selling merchandise without leaving the comfort of your home.

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Step 1: Select Your Next Bestseller

After signing up for a free Printify account, browse through our catalog and pick the products you’d like to sell.

The Printify Catalog has more than 800 high-quality products that you can customize to your heart’s content.

With various categories to choose from – Eco-Friendly Products, Bestsellers, New Arrivals, All-Over-Print Clothing, and many others – anyone can quickly find what they’re looking for.

Step 2: Upload Your Custom Design

With our powerful Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator), you can design and create merchandise with just a few clicks.

Whatever design you have in mind, you can use this tool to add your art, photo, text, adjust alignment, and much more.

When your design is ready, you get realistic mockups of your custom merchandise, which you can use on your digital storefront, social media, or wherever else you like.

Step 3: Order Samples of Your Custom Merch

While ordering samples is not mandatory, we highly recommend that you do so.

With the help of samples, you can check whether you’re happy with your merchandise, allowing you to rest assured that your customers will love it too.

If you subscribe to our Printify Premium plan, you get up to a 20% discount on all products.

Step 4: Add Merch to Your Online Store

With Printify, you can easily integrate with a sales channel of your choice and reach millions of potential customers.

Whether you want to sell on Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Squarespace, or any other major sales channel, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re wondering which eCommerce platform – or marketplace – is right for you, take a look at our in-depth comparison that’ll help you choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Step 5: Sell Merchandise Online

As soon as integration is complete, publish products to your store and start making money.

When the first order comes in, send it to production, and our thoroughly-vetted print providers will print, package, and ship directly to your customers’ doorstep.

With Printify, you call the shots. Apart from creating awesome merch designs, you don’t have to worry about anything – we take care of all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on running your business.

In Words of Our Merchants

Printify has more than two million merchants worldwide, and everyone’s welcome to join our ever-growing community of successful entrepreneurs.

Partner With Printify and Make Your Own Merch Today

Whatever you decide to sell – from evergreen eCommerce goods to seasonal products like Mother’s Day gifts or pride merch for June – our print-on-demand dropshipping platform takes care of everything for you.

Instead of worrying about production, warehousing, and shipping, you’re free to create awesome products and work on increasing your sales.

No Risk, No Hassle

With Printify, signing up is – and always will be – free. Our merch maker enables anyone to create a collection of custom merchandise without investing anything upfront.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Whether you want to make some merchandise for yourself or start selling thousands of products, there’s no minimum order quantity, so you can thrive without any limitations.

Intuitive Design Tools

Our easy-to-use Product Creator makes the process of creating custom merchandise simple, straightforward, and hassle-free.

24/7 Merchant Support

Whatever questions you might have, let us know – we’re always happy to help. Our team of trained professionals is working around the clock, so you’re never on your own.

Choose Your Print Provider

With Printify, you’ve got a network of world-class print providers at your fingertips. Whether you’d like to sell in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Asia, you can remain confident that the orders will reach your customers quickly, wherever they may be.

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Customizable, High-Quality Products

Start Making Your Own Merchandise Today!

Start Earning With Your Brand Today

Whatever content you create, Printify gives you the opportunity to unlock a new revenue stream by selling merchandise you can tailor specifically to the needs of your target audience.

Whether it’s YouTube, Twitch, or Spotify merch, utilize the power of POD and delight your followers with custom-branded goods.

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Merch Maker for Instagram Influencers

As Instagram’s popularity continues to rise, even more people are looking for ways to monetize their following. With the help of on-demand manufacturing, making money on social media has never been easier.

Advance your career as an influencer by selling your own merchandise – clothing, accessories, and other print on demand products for your most engaged followers, supporters, and die-hard fans.

Merch Maker - Instagram Influencers
Merch Maker - TikTokers
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Merch Maker for TikTokers

With TikTok exploding in popularity, it has quickly become the ideal platform for those wanting to build a personal brand and start selling custom merch.

By choosing Printify as your TikToker’s merch maker, you can unlock a new revenue stream and sell one-of-a-kind merch nobody else has. Say goodbye to printing, packaging, and various logistical hurdles, because we’ll take care of it all for you.

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Merch Maker for YouTubers

Whatever the size of your YouTube channel, Printify allows you to further monetize your content and forge a stronger bond with your subscribers.

Try our free merch maker and easily customize a wide variety of high-quality products – t-shirts, hoodies, and various accessories – to suit the needs of your target audience.

Merch Maker - YouTubers
Merch Maker - Bands And Musicians

Merch Maker for Bands and Musicians

If your band is looking to promote their music, grow their fanbase, and make an additional income, we’d be happy to help.

Our rockstar tool – the Product Creator – is free and easy to use, allowing anyone to design, create, and sell custom band merch without any up-front investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know how to make your own merchandise, you’ve come to the right place. With our merch maker, anyone can start selling a wide variety of customizable products.

Simply sign up for a free Printify account, create merch using our Product Creator, publish it to your eCommerce platform or marketplace, and start making money.

Whether you’re a TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube creator, Printify’s print-on-demand platform is an all-in-one solution for creators who want to design, create, and sell their own merch without any up-front investment, inventory, or risks.

Printify is the go-to merch maker for YouTubers looking to earn some additional income, grow their audience, and promote their YouTube channel.

We have a wide array of high-quality products that you can customize to your liking and start selling today.

After you make a sale, our carefully-selected print providers will print, package, and ship directly to your customers.

Absolutely. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re running a TikTok account or promoting a local band, Printify is the perfect platform to design and create one-of-a-kind products without any up-front costs.

Undoubtedly, the idea of setting up a store can seem scary, but it shouldn’t be. With Printify, you pay for a product only after you make a sale. Click here, to see how it all works.

The best thing about our merch maker is that you can create your own merch for free, test a wide variety of products, designs, and make money without having to pay anything upfront.

If you choose Printify, signing up and designing products is 100% free. We use the print-on-demand business model, which means that we make your products only after you make a sale.

The best part? After you sell your merchandise, we take care of printing, packaging, and shipping, allowing you to focus on marketing, getting more sales, and building your brand.

Whether you’re on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, selling custom products is a surefire way to further monetize your following. If you have a loyal follower base and approach it wisely, selling merch with Print on Demand can be very profitable.

As a content creator, selling your own merch is an excellent way to make money, promote yourself, and reach a wider audience.

With the help of Print on Demand, you can turn your followers into loyal fans who’ll wear your merch with pride and grow your influence both online and in the real world.