Bulk Tea Towel Printing

Don’t throw in the towel – explore bulk tea towel printing, transforming ordinary fabrics into bespoke art pieces for homes and businesses alike.

Bulk tea towels with the words “Pasta La Vista” printed on them.
White tea towel with the words “Betty's Kitchen. Just Cook” printed on it.

Tea Towels in Bulk Made Easy

Multiple Products

In our Catalog of over 900 amazing products, find three versatile kitchen towels that suit every need and preference and customize them with your designs.

Design With Ease

Upload ready designs or create ones from scratch in our Mockup Generator – add texts, images, and graphics for sublimation and direct-to-garment printing.

No Upfront Costs

Embrace the power of print-on-demand and start designing with no upfront costs. You'll only pay when you order for yourself or when a customer purchases from your shop.

Design Custom Tea Towels With Printify

To enhance your kitchen experience, explore our bulk quantities of tea towels that blend elegance with functionality.

Kitchen towel with a placeholder sign for a custom design.

Made with a blend of micro-polyester and polyamide, these soft dish towels offer fast-drying softness that enhances both cleaning tasks and aesthetics. Perfect for drying dishes and adding a personal touch with stunning, crisp prints.

Key Features:

Sizes: 16″ × 25″

Custom kitchen towel with a placeholder sign for a custom design.

Our 100% cotton towels add an elegant touch to any kitchen. These blank tea towels embody softness and serve as decorative accessories and functional essentials. Enhance plain towels, used for centuries, by adding your precious photos, cool graphics, or inspirational words, and turn them into a wholesale business opportunity

Key Features:

Sizes: 28″ × 28″ 

White custom tea towel with a placeholder sign for a custom design.

Improve your food preparation and elevate the fine dining experience with our organic cotton tea towel, ideal for both large-order restaurant settings and intimate home dinners. These dish towels promise quality without compromising style. Personalize for online purchasing or order in bulk.

Key Features:

Sizes: 19.6″ × 27.5″

Explore All Towels From Our Catalog

Discover our extensive range, from wholesale tea towels to beach and bath towels. Maximize savings without compromising on quality.

Why Sell Custom Tea Towels in Bulk?

$2.55 billion

– that’s the staggering global market value for kitchen towels in 2023.

Ordering wholesale tea towels for printing means not only meeting growing demand but also optimizing profitability. 

In an era where personalized home goods are in high demand, curating unique, tailored products can create a distinct niche for your business, securing a share of that vast market potential.

A woman opening a package of her custom tea towel order.

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Join Printify and start your business – print-on-demand is a great way to profit without any upfront financial investment.

5 Easy Steps to Order Custom Wholesale Tea Towels

Our premium materials offer unmatched convenience. Let your logo and artwork shine on our blank canvases, serving as a testament to your brand’s quality. Many can benefit from your personalized creations, from restaurants to the hospitality sector. Make money with every towel that carries your signature touch. How? Easy!

Illustration of the product creation process for tea towels within Printify's Mockup Generator.

Step 1

Sign Up For Printify

The first step towards ordering tea towels is signing up for a free Printify account. You only need to provide a valid email address and a strong password. Registering and designing products is free for all.

Step 2

Choose a Tea Towel

Select the towel you want to design from our large selection of products. Soft all-over-print dish towels or organic cotton kitchen towels, perfect for DTG printing, are available at a fantastic price for you to customize with your artwork.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

After you’ve selected the blank product, take advantage of our Mockup Generator. It’s the perfect way to design products without software knowledge – rely on its simple interface to transform plain kitchen towels into beautiful creations your customers will love.

Step 4

Order Samples

Before offering your kitchen towels to shoppers, we recommend ordering samples. Check the materials and print quality (especially after machine washing), and make sure all the details align with your vision. Once satisfied, don’t wait any longer and order.

Step 5

Publish and Start Selling

It’s time to let the world know about your towels, so set prices and publish them in your eCommerce shop. With POD and our wholesale options, holding stock isn’t a concern. Launch your exclusive collection and witness your sales take flight.

Design Ideas for Wholesale Dish Towels

Jump on board with digital craft projects by turning blank kitchen towels into beautiful products to elevate your business or give as gifts to friends. Need more inspiration? Check these ideas that you can bring to life with your own twist.

Bulk tea towels with a company logo and the text ‘'Paradise Holiday Homes” printed on.

Branded Tea Towels

Perfect for businesses or promotional events, integrate your logo or tagline seamlessly into the design. Enhance brand visibility while offering a functional, reusable kitchen accessory that buyers will treasure.

Personalized Tea Towels

​​Gift loved ones with towels adorned with special dates, messages, or personal photos. A personalized kitchen towel is a thoughtful touch for weddings, anniversaries, or housewarmings, creating lasting memories with each use.

Custom kitchen towel with a design of family photos arranged in the shape of a snowflake.
Custom tea towel with a print of a photo of a mountain landscape.

Photo Tea Towels

Capture cherished moments or scenic landscapes on these plain canvases. Reminisce about holidays, family gatherings, or picturesque trips every time someone’s cooking food or cleaning glassware stains after guests with your custom kitchen towels.

Abstract Tea Towels

Dabble in patterns, shapes, and colors without bounds. Abstract art kitchen towels are ideal for art enthusiasts or those seeking to add a splash of creativity to their kitchens, making mundane tasks a visual delight.

Black bulk tea towels with a design of colorful abstract shapes.

Why Choose Printify

A woman designing bulk tea towels for her business.

Buying in Bulk Means Saving Money

​​Buying wholesale lets you save up to 30% on shipping, and for ordering larger quantities of kitchen towels, subscribe to Printify Premium and save up to 20% off the Catalog price.

High-Quality Kitchen Towels

Whether you want to order cotton kitchen towels or absorbent poly blends for all-over printing, our Catalog houses hundreds of quality products ready for printing and buying in bulk.

Multiple Choices

Find three different types of versatile towels that are reusable for years to come – for serving food, polishing glassware, cleaning countertops, and simply crafting practical works of art.

Easy-to-Use Design Tool

​​Printify's Mockup Generator allows uploading pre-made designs or creating new pieces from scratch. You can upload up to ten layers, utilize the text edit tool, or create mesmerizing AOP patterns in minutes.

Competitive Margins

With Printify, you set your own prices. Strategic pricing guarantees higher margins for your shoppers and maximized profits for your business, striking the perfect balance in the market.


Our blank kitchen towels are sourced in China and Pakistan and fulfilled in Germany and the US. We carefully vet our Print Providers to provide you with the best wholesale products at a great price.

The ideal fabric depends on specific requirements. While cotton towels are super absorbent, making them perfect for food handling, poly-blend towels shine in sublimation printing, giving vivid results and easily tackling cleaning and removing stubborn stains.

While cotton and blend material tea towels are popular, they may not always be the best choice for certain tasks. Their continuous use without regular washing can harbor bacteria, potentially contaminating clean dishes or surfaces. Thus, frequent cleaning and rotation are crucial for hygienic purposes.

Tea towels are cloth products primarily used for drying dishes and hands, whereas a cheesecloth is a loose-woven gauze-like cotton cloth mainly used in cheese making and cooking to strain liquids. However, it’s also used for baking, storing food, and even printing. The distinct weave and purpose set them apart in the kitchen.

In America, tea towels are often referred to as dish towels or kitchen towels. While the terminology may vary, their primary function of drying dishes and hands in the kitchen remains consistent across regions, and the materials used are also the same: cotton and various polyester blends.

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