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Easily design, create, and order bulk journals and notebooks for your business, office, school, charity, or organization.

Bulk spiral notebooks with the word "Mood" printed on their covers in large letters.

Design and Order Bulk Journals and Notebooks

Fast Fulfillment

Meet deadlines without any hassle. Our Print Providers will quickly print and ship directly to you or your customers.

Low Price

Printify has some of the most affordable prices in the industry. We have high-quality bulk journals that will fit any budget.

Free Design Tool

Our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator lets you create bulk journals with just a few clicks – for kids, students, artists, or travelers.

Design Personalized Journals

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Order Personalized Journals in Bulk

Save up to 30% on shipping with our bulk discount when ordering 60 or more select products from the same Print Provider.

These can be wholesale journals and notebooks for the purpose of re-selling, or a collection for an event, charity, or organization.

If you frequently need large orders, Printify Premium may be a good choice. For $29/mo, we offer up to 20% discount on all products.

How to Customize Blank Journals in Three Steps

Creating customized journals in bulk is easy. Printify provides a convenient way for businesses, organizations, and nonprofits to design and order high-quality blank journals and notebooks.

Illustration of applying a custom design to a journal mockup in Printify's Mockup Generator.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Sign up for a free account and get access to everything you need for bulk printing: high-quality products, a beginner-friendly design tool, and a network of thoroughly vetted Print Providers.

Step 2

Choose a Journal

Our Catalog has a category full of journals and notebooks with lined and blank pages in various sizes, colors, and styles. Sort them by preference, pick a favorite, and click Start designing.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Upload a logo, text, or image straight onto the journal cover with our easy-to-use Mockup Generator. You can use your same design on multiple types of journals, or add a different design to each.

Variety of Wholesale Custom Journals With Printify

Whether for a conference, charity fundraiser, or selling online, anyone can order bulk journals without any hassle. On the Catalog page, you can sort our paper products by target market, print area, and brand.

Custom notebook with the text "You Can Do It" printed on its cover in colorful letters.

Bulk Spiral Journals and Notebooks

If your eCommerce store or business needs high-quality, spiral-bound, lined, or blank-page notebooks and journals, we have the perfect selection.

Our Print Providers will fulfill any order, no matter how big or small, and swiftly ship directly to your or your customer’s address.

A forest green custom journal with a golden company logo and the words "Home Location" printed on the cover.

Bulk Hardcover Journals and Notebooks

Are you searching for ways to leave a professional impression on your corporate clients, fundraiser supporters, or employees? These high-quality hardcovers are designed for style and durability.

Create a unique design and order in bulk to promote your company or organization.

A purple pastel journal with the text "Give It Time" printed on its cover.

Bulk Lined-Page Notebooks and Journals

While some people only use smartphones, many still put pen to paper, jotting down ideas and keeping track of important tasks.

As practical as they are popular, lined-paper notebooks and journals are perfect for online stores, universities, and nonprofits. With an original design, notebooks can quickly become best sellers or promotional giveaways.

More Than 8 Million People Trust Printify

Join the ranks of the millions of people worldwide who trust the quality of Printify’s Print-on-Demand service and products.

Create Bulk Journals for Sale Today

Design Ideas for Journals and Notebooks

With our intuitive Mockup Generator, you have full creative control and unlimited design options. 

Whether you want to design a journal, notebook, or diary, we’ll make your ideas come to life in exceptional quality and colors.

Personal Diaries

When designing diaries, go for whimsical artwork, unique patterns, or creative illustrations, making them appealing to a wide audience.

A blue spiral notebook with its cover displaying a design of various colorful sticker-shaped images.
Bulk notebook example with a cartoon image of a brain on the cover and the text "Always a good idea to be smart."

Student Notebooks

Incorporate meaningful sayings and inspirational quotes to reflect a student’s aspirations and interests, and further encourage their academic journey.

Travel Journals

A travel journal or diary is a must-have in every adventurer’s backpack. People love telling their stories. Appeal to them with designs of scenic landscapes or famous travel destinations.

Bulk journal example with an image of a misty mountain landscape on the cover.
A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

Why Choose Printify to Print Journals in Bulk?

Discounts for Bulk Orders

Save up to 30% on shipping. Order 60 or more select personalized products from the same Print Provider to qualify for this discount.

Simple Customization

With our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator, you can easily customize journals, notebooks, and diaries by adding artwork, images, or text to create true bestsellers.

24/7 Merchant Support

Our Merchant Support team is made up of experts dedicated to helping with any questions you may have, in the most efficient way.

Streamlined Fulfillment

Our network of carefully vetted Print Providers, with facilities in the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, and China, will quickly print, package, and ship directly to you.

FAQ: Wholesale Notebooks and Journals

Order bulk journals from the Printify Catalog. We offer a selection of journals in various styles, sizes, and colors that you can customize and buy today.

With our intuitive Mockup Generator, you can create bulk journals with a logo from the comfort of your home. Simply upload a logo, adjust the placement, and add text to create original products for your brand, charity, or organization.

Find more detailed instructions in our article on graphic design tips and create a unique design from scratch.

Shipping time varies by Print Provider. It depends on how far away a printing facility is and what shipping methods they offer.

To find information about a specific Print Provider, click the link to visit our Shipping Rates page.

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