Bulk Tank Top Printing

Design custom prints on bulk tote bags with your own designs and order with discounted shipping for your business, shop, or event.

A man doing yoga and wearing a white tank top with a design of a taco and the text “Let's taco bout it.”
Two female tennis players wearing blue bulk tank tops with their team logo and the text “Keep calm and play tennis.”

Bulk Tank Top Printing for Your Business

Save on Shipping

Minimize your expenses with our cost-effective shipping solutions, crafted to cater to all your tank top bulk order needs.

Variety of Styles

Explore a range of women's and men's tank tops, each designed to meet every preference and quality expectation.

24/7 Support

Experience stress-free ordering with our 24/7 Merchant Support, ensuring your wholesale purchasing journey is smooth.

Design Personalized Tank Tops

A man with a small child opening a delivery box.

Why Order Custom Tank Tops in Bulk?

Benefit from shipping discounts when ordering over 60 products. For businesses making frequent large orders, consider the Printify Premium subscription, which secures up to 20% off each item. It offers reduced production costs and promises substantial savings over time, optimizing your bulk purchases.

Order Tank Tops in Bulk With Printify

Dive into Printify’s vast selection of tank top styles for every individual and occasion. Whether you’re customizing for a company event, rally, or building a brand, our collection meets all quality, style, and bulk order needs.

A woman stretching while wearing a blue tank top with the text saying “Run, run, run.”

Racerback Tank Tops

Our women’s racerback tank top collection is designed with freedom of movement in mind. These tanks seamlessly blend function with fashion, from the women’s ideal racerback tank to the vibrant tie-dye shirt.

A man wearing a purple tank top with the text “Surf. Nice Days” and a design of a smiley face showing “peace” signs.

Wholesale Men's Tank Tops

Our range of men’s tank tops combines durability with comfort. From the classic heavy cotton unisex sleeveless shirt to the athletic baseball jersey for all-over printing. Find the perfect fit for every torso, style, and purpose.

A woman wearing a teal tank top with the text “Body. Mind. Spirit.”

Wholesale Women's Tank Tops

Printify’s curated collection of women’s tank tops offers a blend of elegance and versatility. From relaxed fits in flowy women’s scoop muscle shirt options to chic cropped variants, our collection provides both casual and athletic aesthetics.

Create Custom Bulk Tank Tops in 3 Steps

Bringing your custom tank top design ideas to life has never been easier. With Printify, you can start designing tanks and other clothing items in just minutes.

An illustration of the design process in Printify's Mockup Generator, applying a surfing logo that says, “Ride into the sun” to a white tank top.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

The first step towards creating unique wholesale tank tops is signing up for a free Printify account with just an email address and password.

Step 2

Choose a Blank Tank Top

From our vast Catalog of over 900 products, select the blank shirt you wish to design. Filter products by location, color, print area, and bulk discount eligibility.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

After selecting your tank style, select Start designing, and you’ll land in our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator. Upload ready designs or create new ones from scratch. Preview, adjust, save, and you’re good to go!

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Order Personalized Tank Tops in Bulk

Design Ideas for Wholesale Men's and Women's Tank Tops

Want to design tanks, the iconic shirts that let people keep their arms and shoulders wild and free, but your muse is sleeping? We’ve got you. The material composition of our shirts allows unlimited creative freedom.

Tank Tops for Sports Teams

Opt for tank top designs with jersey numbers, mascot graphics, and bold stripes to radiate team spirit and amplify on-field presence.

A muscular man wearing a red tank top with his team logo and the text “National Football Club.”
A man in sunglasses, holding a guitar, and wearing a black tank top that says “Rebel Rock. Rock Tour.”

Cool Concert Tank

Cherish every beat and melody with music festival and concert-inspired tank t-shirt designs. Infuse comfort with memories of unforgettable nights of dancing and singalongs.

Colorful Muscle Tank Tops

Add vibrant hues from purple to yellow to green or all mixed together. Create muscle tank designs that not only accentuate the physique but also make a fashion statement.

A woman doing yoga in a tank top with a gradient pastel color design.
A man wearing a light blue tank with the text “Ride into the sunset.”

Casual Summer Tank

Embrace the warmth with laid-back clothing designs, embodying sun-soaked afternoons and beachside tranquility. Think surfing, cocktails, and everything summer.

Lightweight Gym Tank

Infuse the tank t-shirt with motivational quotes, dynamic patterns, or silhouette outlines for a blend of inspiration and style during workouts.

A woman wearing a yellow tank top with the text saying, “I am my motivation.”

Wholesale Tank Tops for Printing With Printify

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

Best Price for Bulk Orders

Save up to 30% on shipping. If you regularly order tank top styles in larger quantities, consider the Printify Premium subscription to save up to 20% off the Catalog price.

Quality Blank Tank Tops

Whether you want to order cotton tank tops or breathable poly blends – our Catalog is home to carefully selected quality items ready for your unique designs.

Different Types of Styles

Our tank top models cover all the popular types that can be worn separately or layered during cooler months. Women's flowy racerback tank or premium jersey tank models, we got them all.

Versatile Design Tool

Printify's Mockup Generator lets you upload ready designs or create new ones from scratch. Use the text editor, or create all-over-print patterns in a matter of minutes.

Custom Branding Options

Enhance your tank personalization with unique packaging inserts and custom neck labels. This will elevate your brand's unboxing experience and customer connection.

FAQ: Wholesale Tank Tops

While both are sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops have thinner straps and a more relaxed fit. Muscle shirts have wider straps and a tighter fit to accentuate muscles. You can find both styles in our stock.

Yes, we provide a variety of tank tops, including cotton tank models. They ensure comfort, breathability, and quality for all your custom tank top printing needs. Apply filters in our Catalog to select the desired material.

Bulk tank top ordering applies to select products when you purchase over 60 similar items from the same Print Provider. Check out our help center article about ordering in bulk.

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