4 Best Backpacks for School & College From the Printify Catalog (2023)

4 Best Backpacks for School & College From the Printify Catalog (2023)

Everybody knows that a new backpack is a must-have for everyone. Let your student customers turn heads in the halls with epic backpacks for school and college straight from your online store.

Padded shoulder straps and convenient pockets for everything – books, laptops, water bottles, and every little knick-knack. Design school backpacks for every age and add these back-to-school essentials to your virtual stock.

What Makes a Backpack Cool for School?

The first backpacks were invented mainly for hiking. To hold a water bottle at the max. Today’s society has changed and developed so much, a simple school backpack needs to hold more than just a bottle of water to survive the jungle we call school.

An everyday backpack is not just for carrying books. It’s an accessory that accompanies your style and daily schedule all year round, containing everything from chargers, papers, lunch box or laptop, gym clothes, and just about anything else school or college students need.

The Rise of the Backpack

Although the backpack market took a hit with Covid shutting schools, travel, gyms, and other social places, it is growing into new highs every year. In 2021, the global backpack market value reached $14.9 billion and is expected to skyrocket by 2025.

With people getting more active and using backpacks outside of school, the rise of the backpack market is inevitable. Hiking, gym, travel, and commuting to work or a store are just some examples of how a simple school backpack can accompany every one of us in our daily endeavors.

4 Best Backpacks for School and College

All-Over Print Backpack

This all-over-print backpack is just what every student needs for a busy day at school or college. Front pocket, padded straps, water bottle holder, and a spacious main compartment for supplies and other items. The all-over print makes it the perfect canvas for your unique designs.

Unisex Fabric Backpack

A comfortable, stylish, and practical backpack with a durable water repellent finish, adjustable straps, and all-over print for your unique designs. Perfect for storing school supplies, gym clothes, and everything else students might need while running from class to class. The all-over print turns a classic backpack into a chic piece of art that will turn heads.

Unisex Classic Backpack

A classic backpack with one main compartment and all-over print for your creative designs. A perfect bag for students carrying heavier loads of books, school supplies, and other small items on a daily basis. This classic backpack checks all the boxes, being durable, practical, and stylish.

Unisex Shoulder Backpack

This shoulder backpack will add a splash of personality with a stylish flap with clap straps on the front. The ideal bag for carrying anything, from books and a laptop to a water bottle. Display your one-of-a-kind designs and allow students to express themselves with this everyday backpack and its epic key features. 

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Alternative Backpack Ideas

For those students who enjoy a different approach and easy access to their laptops, books, and other items, we’ve compiled a list of alternative backpack ideas to match every taste and style. 

From tote and shoulder bags to drawstring, fitness bags, and a padded laptop sleeve. Let’s look at alternatives to the classic backpack.

A drawstring bag is perfect for students and athletes to carry gym sneakers, a water bottle, or even books and personal items. If a classic bag is a no-go for some students, a drawstring backpack will be the next best thing. Add your designs and offer this practical backpack.

While a tote bag might not come with water bottle pockets, a padded back, or adjustable straps, it provides easy access to books, writing materials, personal items, or a laptop. It’s the most simple bag for storing supplies and carrying them from class to class. Add a personal touch with your designs and offer this multipurpose backpack to your customers.

If all a student needs for classes is a simple laptop, a padded laptop sleeve is perfect . While this might seem a far stretch from the casual backpack, it’s all about practicality and simplicity. A laptop sleeve instead of a backpack will save space and hassle that comes with many pockets and zippers.

From a backpack to a comfortable, convenient bag for school or gym, this fitness bag will accompany every student on the go. The double-sided all-over print serves as the perfect canvas for your unique designs. This bag has a large main pocket, a water bottle pocket on the side, and easy access to all school essentials.

This ladies’ shoulder bag is the perfect alternative to the classic backpack for students who want to have easy access to their essentials and look good doing it. If the casual backpack does not match their style, this PU leather shoulder bag will look good with every outfit and provide plenty of space.

Backpacks for School – Design Ideas

If you’re low on inspiration and need some design tips for your backpacks, we’ve got you covered. We’ve come up with four popular design ideas that will take your backpack designs to the next level.

Girls Backpacks for School

Girls Backpacks for School

Just because we’re designing the perfect backpack for girls, don’t limit yourself to barbies, unicorns, and the pink colors. While this might still be a hit among younger customers, older girls and women will appreciate a little more thought into the design.

Flower patterns are always a good choice. From vintage looks to modern designs, adding flowers to your ideal backpack will be a hit. Another safe and great choice can be animals and related patterns.

Boys Backpacks for School

Boys Backpacks for School

Don’t limit your imagination to race cars and dinosaurs. Those are perfectly good options, but only for a younger audience. Come up with designs perfect for boys of all ages and interests.

From fun animals, astronauts, and trucks, to more mature designs with cool logos, bands, and music-related images, or video game themes. Do some research on popular hobbies and interests and implement them into your designs. Create the best backpack for boys and become the go-to merchant as school approaches.

Abstract and Unique Patterns

Abstract and Unique Patterns

You can never go wrong with abstract and unique patterns when it comes to backpack designs. There are some students who don’t want a specific animal, shape, or color on their backpack. Those are your clients for a more fun and open-minded approach.

From various shapes and colors to fun patterns like fruits, tropical elements, or leaves. Palm trees, geometric shapes, color combinations, or a combination of all. Add a splash of creativity to your designs.

Inspiring Designs

Inspiring Designs

While to some it might seem only a backpack, it’s an accessory students are forced to use every day. A backpack not only carries their goods all day, but it is also part of their daily routine and attire. 

Everyone looks at their backpack multiple times a day, so putting inspiring and motivational designs is your chance to make their day better, from motivational symbols like books and graduation caps to inspirational designs with quotes to get your day going. 

A backpack that encourages you to be productive and strive for your goals will be appreciated by everyone. From a simple “You can do it!” to “Learn and make a difference”, be creative, inspiring, and strive for success with a motivational backpack.

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Sell Custom Backpacks for School With Printify

Printify is your go-to print-on-demand company when it comes to selling custom products. Our beginner-friendly platform will guide you every step of the way, providing help, advice, and useful ideas with all processes involved. Have the best backpacks for high school, middle school, or college, designed and listed online in minutes.

Easy Setup and Transparency

Sign up using your email address or an existing Google account and start customizing backpacks for school. No up-front investments, hidden costs, or transactions. Run your business from one place and have a full overview of all the processes involved in order fulfillment.

Expanding Product Selection

The Printify catalog consists of more than 700 unique products and continues to grow. We cover categories from shoes and apparel to accessories, pet products, home decor, games, toys, and more. Browse our vast product scope and pick a backpack perfect for your store and designs.

Simple Design Process

Create custom backpacks for school with our beginner-friendly Mockup Generator. Upload your designs, create layers, add texts via our text editor, and integrate images from Shutterstock. Preview mockups in 3D and make adjustments if necessary.

Sales Channel Integrations

Have your backpacks listed on any of the top eCommerce platforms and marketplaces with a couple of clicks. Printify offers integrations with Shopify, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce, PrestaShop, and Squarespace. Create, integrate, and profit. It's that simple.

Excellent Customer Support

Our merchant support team has the best agents at your service, providing help, advice, and guidance. Reach out to us 24/7. Don't forget to check out our Blog, YouTube channel, and Help Center for useful articles, product reviews, and various tips on reaching success.

Check Out More Back-To-School Products for Your Online Store

While the perfect backpack with a front pocket, external water bottle pockets, a laptop sleeve, and sternum strap will be the main focus of the upcoming school year, don’t forget to add related back-to-school products that are equally important, fun, and useful.

Pair a unique spiral notebook with your custom backpack. A spiral notebook is easy to use and will fit perfectly into the padded pocket of your custom backpack.

Enlighten the reading enthusiasts by providing them with custom bookmarks. It stores easily in a pocket or a book, has a slot at the top that holds pages, and makes the ideal accessory for avid readers.

No school backpack is imaginable without a lunch box. Add a custom lunch bag to your back-to-school collection and attract those who love to dine in style.

Staying hydrated is key to functioning throughout the day. Since most backpacks already have a mesh pocket or a compartment on the side to store water bottles, it’s the perfect accessory to combine with your backpack designs.

Pair a backpack with a custom pencil case – one of the most important pieces of equipment for students. The all-over print will let your designs intrigue everyone during the back-to-school shopping spree.

Parting Words

A backpack is a must-have for every student. A padded sleeve, water bottle pocket, laptop pocket, and padded shoulder straps are not the only things that make the perfect bag. Nowadays, style and design have a lot to say in the decision-making process. 

Choose Printify as your partner and design backpacks for school quickly, simply, and easily. From a college backpack to a tote bag, or a classic backpack for him and her. Browse your options, add designs, and reach success with Printify.

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