Custom Baby Clothes: What’s Trending?

Custom Baby Clothes: What’s Trending?

With the rise of custom kid’s clothes, baby clothing has gone from one of life’s simple necessities to becoming a global phenomenon. 

Personalized baby clothing is one of the fastest expanding and most important clothing sectors, with an extensive and varied range of products being produced for newborns and toddlers. In 2022, The United States alone has so far generated $7,400m of revenue.

From affordable, low-cost, discounted products to top luxury items, more brands are entering the market to cater to consumers’ insatiable demands.

In this post, we look at: 

Popular Types of Personalized Baby Outfits

Baby clothing has come a long way since it consisted of little more than hand-me-down clothes and items of necessity. Today, with ever-greater consumer choice, there’s a whole new range of personalized baby clothing products, catering to every imaginable taste. Simply put, when it comes to customized baby clothes, the sky’s the limit.

Personalized Baby Clothes Bodysuits

Perhaps the most essential item parents need when it comes to custom newborn baby clothes. Bodysuits are available in short-sleeves and long-sleeves for comfort and adaptability. Bodysuits allow for flexibility and comfort as babies grow and gain mobility, plus they’re designed to help change diapers with a snap closure at the bottom. They also double as baby sleepwear, so there’s no need to buy additional items.

This could be considered more an accessory than a piece of clothing, but with custom baby bibs available in trendy designs, they’re also part of a baby’s outfit. Cute bibs keep babies looking adorable while they enjoy discovering new flavors as they learn how to eat. Parents can complete their baby looks by matching their customized baby clothes with custom bibs for a cozy look and protection.

Another rising trend in the custom toddler clothes world is pullover fleece hoodies. As babies grow into toddlers, parents look for new clothes that can still offer the same level of comfort and snuggling. But these offer more flexibility for kids to move and explore the world around them. Customized pullover fleece hoodies combine all of these elements, while also adding an extra layer of style and trendiness that’s impossible to resist.

When babies are first born, most nurses put a hat on newborns to keep them warm and cozy. But, when you bring babies home, you still want to protect their delicate heads and keep them comfortable, especially if it’s chilly. Custom baby hats are the latest trend in the customized baby clothing market, as new designs are coming out that match baby outfits and styles.

Babies don’t always want to be wrapped in bodysuits and Onesies®. With custom newborn baby clothes becoming more versatile, now you have products like toddler long-sleeve tees or infant tees to create adorable custom baby clothing options. Parents love to mix and match with other items as they play with their baby styles and personalities.

We simply could not resist adding custom baby swaddle blankets to our list as they are as cute as they are necessary. Warmth and coziness are of the highest importance when it comes to the cute newcomers to life. And this baby blanket has everything in spades – including a fully customizable side that can take on your cutest design ideas.

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While some people don’t pay too much attention to clothing styles and patterns, we all want our babies to look great. If the baby is happy, then we are happy. Style, colors, and patterns are a reflection of our personalities and a way to brighten the parenting experience from day one. 

From the weird to the wonderful, there is a whole universe out there for baby clothing designs. Interestingly, custom clothes for babies are starting to generally follow the latest trends in the fashion market. Creators are looking at popular social movements, the latest movies, and other trends that continue to drive masses when creating custom baby clothing.

Punk Rock Baby Clothing

Punk Rock Baby Clothing 1
Source: Etsy/MWbaby
Punk Rock Baby Clothing 2
Source: Etsy/NippazWithAttitude

While babies can’t skateboard (yet), they can at least wear the style. Punk-inspired fashion is the latest rave in the baby apparel market. Baby skull t-shirts, tattoo-inspired designs, and punk styles contrast clothes that perfectly match adorable babies for some reason, and parents love it.

Funny Baby Clothing

Funny Baby Clothing 1
Source: Etsy/JournoTravelGoods
Funny Baby Clothing 2
Source: Etsy/whiterosegiftsyorksh

Perhaps the one customized baby clothing item that will always prevail is comedy. Catchy phrases with adorable designs will always bring customers. The same goes for creating genuinely personalized baby outfits that break traditional molds of what baby clothes are expected to look like. When you’re creating custom newborn clothing, let your creativity run wild.

Animal Themed Baby Clothing

Animal Themed Baby Clothing 1
Source: Etsy/ClothingNationStore
Animal Themed Baby Clothing 2
Source: Etsy/SimpleandSweetbyAly

Majestically cute creatures and babies go hand in hand. Kids simply can’t get enough of those whimsical beings as these designs speak to their contagious joyfulness. Adding cute animal cartoon characters to your personalized baby shirts can be a great way to attract attention to your store. The key is to keep it creative, fun, and highly colorful.

Cute Baby Clothing

Cute Baby Clothing 1
Source: Etsy/IdealGiftsDecorNMore
Cute Baby Clothing 2
Source: Etsy/GilliansGiftShop

Parents love to show off their kids. It’s one of the, if not *the*, most important achievements in their life. Custom baby bodysuits with phrases that highlight the baby’s cuteness, their character, and their adorable quirks will always be a parent’s favorite. Adopting a “proudest parent ever” mindset will help you come up with the right baby catchphrases and designs.

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Personalized Baby Clothes Trends
Personalized Baby Clothes Trends

The personalized baby clothes market seems to be a win-win for everyone involved. Modern parents are finally finding the stylish and trendy clothing items they wish for their children. 

At the same time, family members and friends find thoughtful gift ideas and designs that align with their styles. Let’s take a look at some of the current trends to help brainstorm ideas for print-on-demand baby clothes.

Mini-Me Outfits

Trends in the Baby Clothing Market - Mini-Me Outfits
Trends in the Baby Clothing Market - Mini-Me Outfits

While this trend is more for Instagram moms and celebrities, there is nothing wrong with wanting to match with your baby in everyday life. As the current world is dominated by social media, matching outfits can be seen all over the place.

Matching styles between parents and kids creates a sense of belonging. They form unity and show a sign of strength – together we are strong. That’s one of the most important messages you can give a child.

From matching shirts and dresses to accessories like hats, headbands, and bags, matching outfits with your miniature self is a great way to bond with children and showcase fun pieces of clothing.

Gender-Neutral Baby Clothing

When it comes to selling print-on-demand baby products, offering the new trend of unisex outfits might get your online store the needed attention. It’s no longer just pink unicorns for girls and blue cars or dinosaurs for boys.

In 2018, Clarks announced a unisex approach to their designs, while John Lewis was the first store to drop the boy and girl labels from their collections. Times are changing, and trends are changing with them. 

Embrace the idea and offer gender-neutral designs on your online store. When selling unisex baby clothing, print on demand is the perfect way to test the waters within this niche.

Sustainable Kids Clothing

The demand for organic and sustainable customized baby clothes is growing strong. Parents want only the best for their newborns, which is no surprise, so high quality and sustainability are the top characteristics parents look for in baby clothing. 

People look for brands that are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards, ensuring the company meets social and ecological criteria when it comes to manufacturing its textiles. Since cotton is used in clothing for children, it’s important to know whether organic cotton is produced without any chemicals, flame retardants, or pesticides. 

When listing print-on-demand organic baby clothes on your online store,  as a merchant you not only ensure quality eco-friendly options, but also healthy and safe outfits that will ensure prevention against skin irritation. Parents will appreciate these products and advertise them to others. It’s a win-win.

Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing?

Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing
Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why adding baby clothing to your online shop is a great idea.

It’s a Rapidly Growing Market

North America is by far the biggest market. In 2021 it held 17% of all global revenue generated in the Baby Apparel market. With the total global baby apparel revenue at 41 Billion USD, this is a giant industry in the making. It’s a great time to join while it’s not over-saturated. 

The global baby apparel market is expected to reach $207.1 billion by 2026. This market includes baby clothing items like outerwear, sleepwear, socks, tights, Onesies®, and clothes designed for babies. 

With the increasing demand for new styles, product innovation for personalized baby clothing styles has become a key success for sellers. The baby apparel market is becoming so hot that companies like Nike, Ralph Lauren, Carter’s, and even Burberry are jumping on the baby wagon. This is an opportunity to profit from the increasing demand for custom baby clothing.

The Future Is Online as eCommerce Is Thriving

Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing - eCommerce Is Thriving
Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing - eCommerce Is Thriving

In 2019 alone, U.S. online retail sales amounted to $365.2 billion, and sales are projected to reach $600 billion in 2024. eCommerce transactions are expected to make up 36% of total fashion retail by the end of 2022. The sooner you start selling online, the more of this trend you’ll be able to capitalize on.

Outgrowing Baby Clothes Is Driving Product Demand

Every parent knows the struggle of keeping up with the fast pace of their growing baby. Before they know it, their newborn has outgrown baby clothes and now demands something bigger and different.

Infants up to 24 months tend to outgrow their clothes much quicker than teenagers do. In the first 2 years of their lives, babies outgrow seven clothing sizes. This leads parents to frequent purchases of new clothes  and a fast-growing demand for custom baby outfits.

Greater Access to Fashion Reports

An interesting trend happening in the custom baby apparel market Social media has changed the children’s clothing industry. With the possibility to show the whole world your cute, personalized, and matching outfits, the demand is rising.

There are over 3.9 million mommy blogs in the world. While many provide advice, helpful tips, and scenes from everyday life, mom influencer bloggers often create trends and challenges with matching clothes, or costumes. These blogs are creating an increased demand for personalized baby and kid apparel.

Families Starting Later in Life

Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing - Families Starting Later in Life
Why Sell Personalized Baby Clothing - Families Starting Later in Life

Increasingly, couples choose to start families later and have fewer children than their parents and grandparents did. The average age for first-time mothers in the U.S. rose from 21 to 26. And not only in the United States; women in other developed countries are waiting too, with the average age for first-time mothers ranging to 29 years old. 

This might sound like it would lead to less expenditure on things like customized baby clothing but quite the opposite. Various studies point out that between 60 to 51 percent of women delay childbearing due to not having enough money or earning a higher salary first. 

The fact that couples choose to wait until they are older and more financially stable until they have children means that their budget for children’s clothes is significantly larger than it was in the past.

How to Create Personalized Baby Clothes

How to Create Personalized Baby Clothes
How to Create Personalized Baby Clothes

If you are thinking of selling custom children’s clothes, here are some basic steps to guide you in the right direction:

1. Conduct Research

A way to keep your finger on the pulse is by researching the current market and competition. Go to popular storefronts like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, or any other eCommerce platforms and search the best-selling options. You can filter by reviews, and check the number of units sold – in most platforms you’ll be able to see what is selling and get some starting ideas. 

Another important research to conduct is keywords. Data-driven decisions are always the best. Utilizing free tools like Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner, or paid Tools like Semrush can get you valuable insights as to what people are searching for when shopping online.

2. Choose the Right Material for Custom Baby Clothing

As you probably know, babies have extremely sensitive skin that requires special attention. For parents, it means synthetic materials are out of the question. As you’re starting to customize baby clothes on your own, opt for organic materials like cotton, jersey knit, bamboo rayon, and fleece.

Cotton Baby Clothes

Cotton is one of the most comfortable fabrics around. Its hypoallergenic characteristics make it the perfect choice for personalized baby clothes. It’s ultra-soft so that it won’t irritate the baby’s skin. 

Cotton absorbs moisture to keep babies feeling cool and comfortable. It’s also durable and doesn’t lose its shape or color easily, a bonus for clothes parents will likely wash often. Check our Printify Catalog to find top-of-the-line printable baby bodysuits and tees, all made with luxuriously soft cotton.

Jersey Knit

Cotton jersey knit is another popular fabric for custom newborn baby clothes. Jersey is soft and breathable, making it great for tees and bodysuits. Another selling point of using jersey knit for baby’s clothing is that it is very stretchy, making your custom garments very comfortable for constantly moving and growing babies.


Fleece is known for its warmth, making it the go-to fabric for custom baby outerwear and blankets. Fleece is also exceptionally soft and dries super fast, making it the ultimate material for babies. 

Beyond blankets, you can offer fleece baby bibs because fleece is so easy to wash and is stain-resistant. It is super soft, so you can gently wipe food off a baby’s face without irritating their skin. 

Printify’s range of custom baby infant clothing is made with 100% ringspun cotton and cotton jersey, with spun fibers that create a smooth fabric ideal for printing in full color. Your design will look as sharp and vibrant as possible–even after many washes.

3. Create the Design

While this step might sound scary to those who aren’t designers at heart, there are plenty of modern tools and possibilities that let even beginners and non-designers create merchandise with a unique design.

Sites like Fiverr offer the chance to request or submit work. Merchants can either ask existing designers to come up with unique designs, or browse through listed works of art and purchase patterns that appeal to them.

Another option is to integrate designs from Shutterstock. Printify has gone the extra mile to help the non-designers explore and use their vast collection of images for free. Create a design with free pics from Shutterstock and pay for them only after making a sale.

4. Create Custom Products

How to Create Personalized Baby Clothes - Create Custom Products
How to Create Personalized Baby Clothes - Create Custom Products

It’s as easy as ABC thanks to Printify’s Mockup Generator; a user-friendly design tool for creating your very own custom baby outfits, and it’s 100% free. Pick a baby product to customize based on criteria such as fulfillment location, print provider, or price, and start customizing.

Our Mockup Generator is created to make the designing process simple and easy. Drag and drop or upload your design, adjust it to your liking, switch between colors, and preview the final result.

Create layers and add text directly onto the product without uploading it as a separate image. Switch between fonts, sizes, colors, and more. Create the perfect print-on-demand baby products to boost your sales and attract new customers worldwide.

5. Start Selling Online

Set the right price, choose any of the biggest eCommerce platforms, and link your products directly to them using Printify integrations. Sell baby clothing on platforms such as Etsy, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, or Squarespace

Take advantage of their popularity and gain free traffic from the biggest platforms worldwide. While hosting your own website is convenient, let customers find you when coming to the most popular eCommerce sites.

6. Market Your Products

To boost your traffic and reach your target audience on a wider scale, it’s important to tell the world about your wonderful baby products. This is where social media comes in handy.

Another tip, don’t forget to monitor the performance of your online store. Check what sells and what doesn’t, keep up with the competition, and make adjustments if necessary.

Ready to Create Personalized Baby Clothes?

We’ve looked at all the baby clothing market analysis and trends so you can better understand how the baby clothing market operates. With a massive global market value, the world is your oyster when selling custom baby clothes. 

Printify’s print-on-demand services make selling custom baby clothes easier than ever. With an all-in-one solution that helps you find high-quality baby clothing products ready to customize you can pick an item, customize it, and start selling today. Interested to learn more? Read our guide: How to start a clothing line.

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