Best Blank T-Shirts: How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Brand

Best Blank T-Shirts: How to Choose the Right Ones for Your Brand

The wide range of options may seem overwhelming as you search for the best t-shirt to print with your logo, design, or message. 

How do you know which ones are high-quality, comfortable, and durable? The lightweight shirt, soft style pure cotton, or cotton-poly blend? How do you find the right fit, style, and color? 

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and show you how to choose the best tees – whether you’re about to start a clothing line, launch a merch store, or simply look for some custom t-shirts for yourself or your team. 

Let’s get started and find out how to pick the best blank t-shirts for your brand.

Best Premium T-Shirts for Direct-to-Garment Printing

AS Colour 5001 Men's Staple Tee

This cotton t-shirt is the perfect blend of style and durability. Its unique features, like a ribbed neckline, reinforced seams, and pre-shrunk fabric, ensure long-lasting wear and a consistent fit. This t-shirt effortlessly combines comfort, durability, and style.

Champion T425 T-Shirt

Champion’s reputation for quality shines through in this versatile unisex, short-sleeve classic t-shirt. Featuring the recognizable “C” logo on the left sleeve, it guarantees a comfortable and soft feel and makes this lightweight tee a valuable and stylish addition to any collection.

Hanes 5180 Beefy-T® Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

This blank t-shirt is perfect for personal designs and offers superior comfort with 100% pre-shrunk, ring-spun cotton. The shoulder-to-shoulder taping, double-needle stitching, lay-flat collars, sleeves, and bottom hem guarantee the tee’s durability and longevity.

AS Colour 5001G Organic Staple T-Shirt

The Organic Staple T-Shirt offers an eco-friendly option in a regular fit. Crafted from 100% combed organic cotton fibers, it’s free of pesticides and herbicides. Features a ribbed neck for durability, shoulder tape for a better fit, and double-needle hems make this pre-shrunk tee a sustainable choice without compromising style or comfort.

Stanley Stella STTU759 Unisex Fuser T-Shirt

Endorsed by Mother Nature, the Unisex Fuser T-Shirt is crafted from 100% organic cotton, promoting environmental sustainability. The relaxed fit and set-in sleeves offer a stylish yet comfortable experience. This vegan t-shirt is ready for your design with double-needle topstitching for enhanced durability.

Stanley Stella STTM559 Men's Organic Sparker T-Shirt

This quality t-shirt, crafted from chemical-free organic cotton, is a perfect wardrobe upgrade. With set-in sleeves and a medium fit, this cotton t-shirt offers excellent comfort for daily wear. Make sure to check the size chart, as European sizes apply for EU-based Print Providers.

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Best Blank T-Shirts for Heat Transfer Sublimation Printing

Unisex Cut - Sew Tee (AOP)

This classic t-shirt is a stylish and versatile addition to any casual ensemble. Made from a thick, textured microfiber knit fabric, this t-shirt offers a premium, soft, and lightweight feel. It’s perfect for a hot day or layering. Side seams, a ribbed knit collar, and shoulder tape contribute to the t-shirt’s durability and shape retention.

Men's Hawaiian Shirt (AOP)

This one embodies the spirit of summer, with a chance to enhance this iconic garment with your designs. It has a boxy fit and notch lapel collar, perfect for relaxed scenarios. Its fabric blend offers silky comfort, complemented by a convenient chest pocket and a choice of black or white buttons.

Women's Cut - Sew Tee (AOP)

These tees are classic, comfortable choices that showcase high-quality and creative design. The shirt provides structural support with side seams and a ribbed knit collar, resulting in a perfect fit. The 100% polyester fabric guarantees durability and shape retention even after several washes.

Crop Tee (AOP)

Our cropped short-sleeve t-shirt is the epitome of effortless style and comfort. With its lightweight and breathable fabric, this customizable tee provides superior comfort for everyday wear. The all-over-print technique is the perfect canvas to showcase your unique design flair.

Immerse yourself in the collection of our favorite t-shirts – a perfect blend of quality, comfort, and style. These chosen few have won the hearts of our merchants, time and time again, proving themselves as the cornerstone of any print-on-demand venture. 

Our popular picks are not just shirts. They’re a medium for creativity, a statement of personal style, and a testament to the craft of POD design.

Bella+Canvas 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

A soft and comfortable t-shirt made of 100% combed and ring-spun cotton that’s ideal for printing and available in many color variants.

Gildan 5000 Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

Timeless comfort and style, meticulously crafted from 100% pure cotton or high-quality cotton blends and available in a spectrum of colors and sizes.

Comfort Colors® 1717 Unisex Garment-Dyed T-shirt

A cozy and casual t-shirt made of 100% ring-spun cotton that has been pre-shrunk and garment-dyed for a unique look and feel.

Gildan 64000 Unisex Softstyle T-Shirt

Lightweight and stylish, made of 100% ring-spun cotton or cotton blends with a soft touch and a fitted silhouette.

Gildan 2000 Unisex Ultra Cotton Tee

100% cotton, heavy-duty and versatile, offering a wide range of colors and sizes and a tear-away label.

Gildan 5000B Kids Heavy Cotton™ Tee

A kid-friendly and fun t-shirt made of 100% cotton that’s perfect for school, play, and everyday wear.

Generic Brand Unisex Cut - Sew Tee (AOP)

Individuality at its finest with innovative all-over print designs on premium polyester fabric, cut and meticulously sewn to perfection for a truly unique fashion statement.

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What to Look For in Good Quality T-Shirts?

A smiling woman wearing a white blank t-shirt and holding up a laptop.

When looking for good quality tees for entering the t-shirt industry with your custom designs, there are several key factors you need to consider.

Fabric Composition and Blends

The fabric material is the foundation of any blank t-shirt. Different materials have different qualities, affecting the shirt’s breathability, durability, and comfort. 

For instance, 100% cotton is soft, breathable, and great for casual wear, but it may shrink in the wash. A cotton-poly blend is durable and less likely to wrinkle or shrink.

Fabric Weight

Fabric weight, usually measured in square yards per ounce, directly influences the shirt’s thickness, durability, and breathability. 

Heavier fabrics are generally more robust and wrinkle-resistant but may offer less breathability. On the flip side, lighter fabrics provide more comfort and breathability, making them especially suitable for warmer climates.

Cut and Fit

The cut and fit of shirts greatly impact their overall look and comfort. For instance, a slim-fit shirt will hug the body and accentuate your physique, whereas a classic fit provides more room for movement. 

Some other popular cuts include the boxy fit, with a square body and shorter sleeves, and the tailored fit, which is slightly looser than a slim fit but more fitted than a classic cut.

Stitch Quality

Good quality tees often have consistent, tight stitching, meaning the garment will last longer. Pay attention to the stitches per inch (SPI), a higher SPI often means a better quality t-shirt. For superior durability and a refined finish, consider tees with double-needle stitching, which enhances your custom designs’ look and longevity.

Top Blank T-Shirt Brands

Woman in a white, blank shirt standing and looking thoughtful.

You might be wondering which brands offer the best quality and variety. Luckily, our Catalog is home to a wide selection of high-quality blank tee options, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. 

If you want a classic cotton tee, lightweight tees, heavyweight tees, a premium organic option, black t-shirts, white t-shirts, or a trendy cropped style, our different brands have them all.

Here are some of the best quality blank t-shirts that we offer and our merchants love:

  • Champion: A legendary sportswear company that offers durable and comfortable blank tee options with a vintage look and vibe for your streetwear brand. 
  • AS Colour: A premium brand that focuses on quality, fit, and simplicity. Their t-shirts are made from high-quality fabrics and come in a range of colors and styles. 
  • Hanes: A reliable and affordable brand that has been making t-shirts for over a century. Their quality t-shirt range includes models that are soft, breathable, and easy to print on. 
  • Stanley Stella: A sustainable and ethical brand that makes t-shirts from organic cotton and recycled materials. They’re stylish, eco-friendly, and certified by various organizations. 
  • Bella + Canvas: A trendy and forward-thinking company that sells t-shirts with a modern fit and feel. Their t-shirts are made from soft, lightweight fabrics and feature unique colors and designs. Bella + Canvas 3001 is one of the most popular ringspun cotton Crew Neck tees on the market.
  • Gildan: A well-known and versatile brand that offers t-shirts for every occasion and price range. They’re long-lasting, vibrant, and suitable for any type of printing. 
  • Comfort Colors: A cozy and casual t-shirt brand with a vintage wash and a soft touch. Their t-shirts are 100% ring-spun cotton with a relaxed fit.
  • Fruit of the Loom: A classic and trusted brand that offers high-quality tees at a reasonable price. Their t-shirts are 100% cotton or cotton blends with a standard fit. 

What Are the Differences Between T-Shirt Printing Methods?

Person using a heat press to print a design that says, “Make It happen” on a white t-shirt.

Regarding tee shirt printing, various methods are available, each with unique advantages and suited to specific designs and materials. Check out the methods available at Printify and find the right tee printing technique for your design ideas.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

This method uses a special printer to apply ink directly to the t-shirt, much like a regular printer applies ink to paper. The ink soaks into the shirt’s fibers, resulting in a high-quality, detailed print that’s durable and soft to the touch. DTG works best with 100% cotton tees, as cotton absorbs the ink better than synthetic materials.

Best for: Highly detailed, multi-color designs. Ideal for small batches or one-off prints.

Direct to Film (DTF)

In this method, the design is printed onto a film, which is heat-pressed on the t-shirt. The colors are vibrant, and the method works well with various fabrics, including ring-spun cotton, polyester, and cotton-poly blends.

Best for: Versatile printing on various fabric types. It’s suitable for complex designs with vibrant colors.

Sublimation or All-Over-Print (AOP)

This method involves printing a design onto a special paper, then heat pressing this paper onto the t-shirt. The heat transforms the ink into gas, permeating the fabric and solidifying into its fibers. 

The result is a completely washable, permanent color print. Sublimation works best with light-colored, 100% polyester tees, as the dye can’t penetrate darker, cotton-based materials.

Best for: Full-color, all-over print shirts.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing methods. Each color in the design is applied using a separate screen, making it ideal for simple designs with one or two colors. Screen printing offers durable, vibrant colors but isn’t cost-effective for small batches due to the setup process.

Best for: Large quantities of shirts and simple designs with limited colors. Works well on virtually any fabric – cotton, rayon, poly-cotton blend, and 100% polyester.


This printing process involves stitching the design directly into the fabric, resulting in a three-dimensional, tactile graphic. Embroidery is highly durable and gives a high-end look, but it isn’t suitable for designs with fine details or lots of colors.

Best for: A simple design or logo, gives a cool, high-end look. Works best on thicker, sturdy fabrics that can handle the weight of the embroidery.

Pick Your Favorite High-Quality T-Shirt Blanks and Start Selling

Now that you know how to choose the best quality shirts, you might be wondering how to start selling them. 

With Printify, it’s easier than you think. Choose from dozens of Print Providers worldwide who will print and ship your orders directly to your customers. You don’t have to worry about inventory, production, or fulfillment. All you have to do is design, publish, and promote your products.

Select a Shirt from Printify's Catalog

Browse through the different categories, brands, styles, colors, and sizes of our shirts. Once you find a shirt you like, click on it to see more details, such as the product description, features, printing areas, and Print Providers.

Apply Your Design

Use our easy-to-use Mockup Generator to upload your artwork or create one from scratch – use the text editor, the free graphics library, or our Shutterstock integration. Adjust the size, position, and orientation of your design on the virtual shirt, preview, and save when happy.

Connect a Sales Channel

Printify offers easy integrations for selling your shirts online. Choose from various eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, WooCommerce, eBay, Wix, and others.

Publish and Start Selling

The last step is setting your prices and editing product details (title, description, tags). Once you publish your shirt, it will be available for purchase. Whenever someone orders your shirt, we’ll automatically print and ship it to them – you won’t have to lift a finger.

Final Thoughts

T-shirts are more than just clothing – they’re a canvas for self-expression, a style must-have, and a profitable eCommerce niche. Quality is crucial to outshine the competition, and it’s all about understanding the fabric, weight, cut, and fit.

Printify equips you with top-notch t-shirts, ranging from classic cotton to premium organic and modern cropped styles. Our worldwide network simplifies design, production, and fulfillment, so you can focus on creativity.

Eager to launch your custom t-shirt venture? Pick the ideal tee, unleash your imagination, and discover the ease and satisfaction of selling your own designed t-shirts online.

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