Hot Off The Press: The Most Popular Shirt Colors in POD

Hot Off The Press: The Most Popular Shirt Colors in POD

Individual preferences play a significant role in fashion and clothing color choices, so choosing the best t-shirt colors for your online or physical store can feel like a big task. 

Luckily, we did the market research on this year’s color trends and styles, so you don’t have to. From classic neutrals to trendy pink and pepper grey shades, we’ll reveal the most popular shirt colors in Print on Demand (POD) in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • The most popular t-shirt colors are black, white, and dark gray heather.
  • The trending colors in 2024 are shades like light blue, ivory, and dark chocolate.
  • Follow our Design Guide to ensure excellent printing results on all t-shirt colors.
  • Printify makes it easy to create and sell high-quality, trendy shirts with zero upfront costs.

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Top T-Shirt Colors

A row of hanging t-shirts representing some of the most popular shirt colors.

We’ve collected data from our merchants’ top-selling shirts over the past year to help you choose t-shirt colors to sell online. Following style trends when choosing shades for your store will increase sales and help you appeal to a broader audience.

Quick Tip

Check out our blogs on 2024 color trends and 28 exclusive Printify statistics for more insights and expert tips.


Plain black t-shirt.

The black tee is a classic color choice for any wardrobe and eCommerce store. This popular shade works perfectly with bright colors like red, teal, or yellow.

If you use the Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing method, remove all black elements from your designs, as black ink won’t be printed on black garments.

Avoid using gradients and transparencies unless you want your t-shirt to have a low-opacity vintage look.


Plain white t-shirt hung on a chair.

The classic white tee is a wardrobe essential that matches any style.

This popular t-shirt color is like a blank page for printing, letting your designs make an eye-catching statement in vibrant colors, from lighter shades of green and red to darker shades like black and navy.

In DTG printing, white ink is initially applied as an underbase to enhance the design’s vibrancy and opacity. However, like with black ink on black shirts, white ink won’t be printed on white fabric.

Dark Gray Heather

Blank dark gray heather shirt.

Dark gray heather is the go-to choice for a comfy look.

Heather t-shirts are made by mixing different solid-colored yarns into one fabric, usually a blend of cotton and polyester.

It looks great with designs in many different colors, such as light blue, pink, orange, and white.

DTG prints on a heather shirt will be less opaque than prints on a 100% ring-spun cotton shirt.

Navy Blue

Navy blue shirt mockup.

Navy blue is a versatile color that never goes out of style. 

It’s a great option if you’re looking for a darker backdrop for designs with intense colors. Certain lighter shades, like white or yellow, will pop on these t-shirts. 

Remember that a white underbase will be applied before printing your DTG design on a shirt, making the white ink visible in transparent areas.


Blank natural shirt on a coat hanger.

Many people love neutral colors, and a natural-colored t-shirt provides a soft, organic background for your designs. Use muted tones and colors like brown, green, and dark orange in your graphics to achieve an earthy look.


Blank folded pepper-colored t-shirt.

This color is a must-have for those looking for something between black and grey. Create unique designs using white, green, or mustard yellow to stay on par with fashion trends.

Experiment with lighter colors, muted tones, and subtle patterns for a stylish finish.

Sport Gray

Plain sport gray t-shirt.

Sport grey is another classic t-shirt color that almost everyone has in their wardrobe.

It’s made from a cotton and polyester blend and has a heathered texture. Use bold graphics and bright colors like blue, orange, and white for maximum impact. 

Quick Tip

Read our Design Guide to ensure your designs print flawlessly on any t-shirt, and check out our suggestions on the best t-shirt and ink color combinations.

We analyzed the latest trends from our sellers to find out which t-shirt colors are currently selling like hotcakes.

Based on the weighted average of the past six months of month-over-month (MoM) growth, here are the most popular t-shirt colors for 2024.

Solid Black

Solid black t-shirt.

As mentioned, black is a timeless classic that never goes out of style.

Solid colors in 100% ring-spun cotton offer the best DTG print results, ensuring your designs have a crisp, polished look.


Plain ivory cropped tee.

This beautiful off-white t-shirt color has hints of yellow, making it an excellent canvas for designs with both bold and muted colors.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate-colored t-shirt.

This rich, dark shade of brown is really in fashion at the moment. It’s an excellent backdrop for contrasting and complementary colors, adding depth to your designs.

Dark Heather

Neckline of a dark heather shirt.

Dark heather t-shirts, no matter their color, have a textured, vintage look. Designs on dark heather garments print with a soft, muted finish perfect for casual yet stylish outfits.

Military Green

Military green t-shirt.

Dark green tees have a nice earthy vibe and pair well with ivory, brown, and yellow designs.

Heather Navy

Folded heather navy t-shirt.

These t-shirts offer a fresh twist on the traditional navy blue by adding texture and depth to the color. They print with a rich, saturated finish, perfect for making a bold fashion statement.

Heather Mauve

Blank heather mauve t-shirt.

This heather blend of soft pink and muted purple gives any outfit or wardrobe a stylish touch. White, black, and green graphics look fantastic when printed on this t-shirt color.

Light Blue

Light blue kids' tee.

This fresh color brings a gentle vibe to any outfit and style. It’s an excellent canvas for all your favorite colors, highlighting both bold graphics and subtle pastel tones.


Sand-colored t-shirt.

A sand-colored t-shirt is perfect for creating relaxed and effortless outfits. This earthy tone adds a soft backdrop to vibrant designs, letting graphics pop.

Athletic Heather

Collar of an athletic heather tee.

These light grey t-shirts feature a blend of fibers, giving off a casual and sporty vibe that’s perfect for everyday wear.


Blank pink t-shirt.

These soft, rosy shirts add a cheerful vibe to any design, from bold colors to muted floral prints.

Royal Blue

Royal blue t-shirt.

This shirt color lets vibrant shades pop while earthy shades like ivory blend nicely.


Charcoal v-neck tee.

The smokey charcoal t-shirt is a perfect canvas for both vibrant and neutral tones.


Ash-colored t-shirt.

Ash-colored t-shirts provide a lovely backdrop for designs in any color.

Quick Tip

Use platforms like Canva and Creative Fabrica to create one-of-a-kind designs for all these popular t-shirt colors.

Trendy T-Shirts to Sell

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FAQ: The Most Popular T-Shirt Colors in POD

These are the best-selling t-shirt colors based on data gathered from other businesses using Printify:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Dark gray heather
  4. Navy blue
  5. Natural
  6. Pepper
  7. Sport gray

These t-shirt colors work well with diverse designs and various ink colors.

The most popular colors in fashion for this year are solid black, ivory, dark chocolate, dark heather, military green, heather navy, heather mauve, light blue, sand, athletic heather, pink, royal blue, charcoal, and ash.

These trending shades reflect the current demand and customer preferences. They’re ideal for displaying your t-shirt designs and complimenting different skin tones.

Although this shirt color remains a staple in fashion and color trends, achieving the best quality prints can be a bit tricky.

Black ink will not be printed on a black t-shirt, and gradients and transparencies should be avoided unless you want a vintage look.

For more tips, follow our Design Guide.


Understanding the most popular t-shirt colors and current color trends helps you create shirts that attract attention and drive sales.

Partner with Printify to access excellent tools and resources for creating shirts and starting your t-shirt business!

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