Etsy Expert Series with Melissa and Brad MacDonald

Tune in to our webinar and learn how you can supercharge your print-on-demand business, from picking winning products to successfully marketing your listings.

Here's What We'll Cover

Melissa and Brad MacDonald, seasoned Etsy coaches with years of experience in print on demand, have helped hundreds of Etsy sellers boost their stores to new heights.

Melissa and Brad will give you insights on optimizing your Etsy business based on real-life examples. Learn how to determine your store’s visibility score and increase it, get advice on product images and SEO for your listings, and find out how to pick winning products and market your store online.


After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:

  • Improve the visibility score of your store
  • Use product images that will bring in more traffic
  • Pick the right products to sell and follow trends
  • Successfully scale your Etsy business

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