Etsy Expert Series with Christopher Sattes

Learn how an eCommerce pro with a background in cybersecurity manages several highly profitable Etsy and Shopify stores in his spare time.

April 26, 2022

Martin Darland, Christopher Sattes

30 minutes

Here's What We'll Cover

Sit down with successful POD entrepreneur Christopher Sattes as he shares his secrets on how he operates multiple online stores, all while offering unique and personalized artwork.  Learn how he uses Printify as his preferred solution to manage his online empire to save time and make more money.  See how it all comes together with a hands-on demonstration of the process of creating and publishing personalized products.


After This Webinar You’ll Be Able To:

  • Feel comfortable operating multiple online POD stores
  • Find the right products for your target niche
  • Offer personalized products to your customers 
  • Connect with the resources you need within Printify to achieve your goals

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