Print on Demand in Canada

Sell custom clothing and apparel products to Canadian customers. Choose local print on demand providers in Canada.

Print On Demand Business With Printify

Print on Demand in Canada

Sell custom clothing and apparel products to Canadian customers. Choose local print on demand providers in Canada.

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100% Free

Take advantage of zero subscription fees – add your designs with our free Mockup Generator and set your product price and profit margins.

800+ Unique Products

Create branded designs for t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, socks, hats, phone cases, mugs, stickers, and more with unique customization features.

Fulfillment Centers in Canada

Use t-shirt printing and fulfillment services printed in Canada or sell globally – profit from over 90 worldwide print on demand suppliers for fast shipping services.

What Is Print-On-Demand for Canada?

Print on demand (POD) companies work through a dropshipping order fulfillment model for eCommerce stores and online marketplaces. When using a POD business model, print on demand suppliers fulfill and deliver orders only when a customer makes a purchase – leaving no unsold inventory.

Your eCommerce store can create and offer unlimited product design mockups – the order goes directly to the print provider and eliminates the need for shipping and handling. Supply management is automatic with zero warehousing and upkeep, providing a low-risk eCommerce environment.

How Does Print on Demand Work?

Start a business with little or no investment and risk. Use print on demand services to create and ship products and produce orders in five steps.

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1. Pick a product

Choose a product from the catalog, select custom design features, and take note of design measurements.

2. Add your design

Upload and move your design to the preferred print area. Follow quality and measurement instructions for stellar prints.

3. Connect your store

Integrate your eCommerce platform with the POD service to connect your new products automatically.

4. Start selling

Set your price and margins, order samples for product photos and descriptions, and sell through your eCommerce platform of choice.

5. Relax

Once there’s an order, our print providers will fulfill and ship your products directly to the customer.

Start Your Print on Demand Business in Canada with Printify

Free Merch Maker

Create custom print t-shirts and other products with Printify’s free browser software – use our Mockup Generator for design variations, sizing, and color options. Follow placement instructions throughout the process. You can start without any graphic design experience, learning along the way.

800+ Customizable Products

With our vast selection of custom products, any apparel or accessory is right at your fingertips. From everyday items like mugs and posters to clothing garments for multiple sizes and demographics.

Easy Integrations

Printify partners with world-renowned eCommerce platforms – Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Wix, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Squarespace for the freedom to choose your platform and target niche. Sell from various online venues and manage your products all in one place.

Low Prices

We maintain low prices for popular brands of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and accessories. Select a print provider based on our in-house merchant ratings and keep shipping times and costs low by ordering straight from fulfillment centers in Canada.

24/7 Merchant Support

Use our integrated site merchant support at any time of the day. Our live merchant support network has professionals with archives of valuable guides, quick fixes, and advice during any step of the design, integration, and order delivery process.

No Risk

Create an eCommerce store at your own pace with no upfront investment costs or hidden fees. Choose based on quality and production price, and take time experimenting with the user interface without worrying about sunken costs.

No Order Minimums

We ship every order your customers place. Sell unlimited brand merchandise or order a select amount for events and product showcases. Your online store will earn dividends whether you sell one t-shirt or a thousand.

Faster Shipping

Place orders with print fulfillment services in Canada to develop a locally produced and affordable Canadian print on demand store. Ensure faster delivery times to encourage return purchases, and minimize the carbon footprint of your orders.

Choose Your Canadian Print Provider

Join Printify and get instant access to automated technology that brings you print on demand drop-shipping fulfillment. Printify allows you to connect with trusted print providers in Canada and around the world.

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Duplium has gathered over 20 years of manufacturing, printing, and logistics experience, offering a complete range of turnkey services from media replication, screen printing, digital printing, packaging, design, advanced e-commerce fulfillment solutions, and merchandising.

Print on Demand Canada 2

Big Oven Tees – Canada

Big Oven Tees has a long history of innovation in the custom apparel industry and a passion for producing high-quality products that customers love.

Print on Demand Canada 3

Print Geek

Print Geek is Canada’s most trusted e-fulfiller specializing in made-to-order fulfillment and has done so from the beginning.

Canadian Print on Demand Products

Explore a variety of print on demand items fulfilled in Canada. In our catalog, you can choose between a series of tags in multiple product categories based on type, print technique, and print provider location.

Select t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, hats, tote bags, mugs, water bottles, magnets, greeting cards, baby clothing, and more – all fulfilled in Canada.

Whether you want to sell full-time or as an online side business, take advantage of our updated list of top genres and bestselling items in any category.

Connect Your Store and Start Selling Print on Demand Products Online

With our list of top eCommerce integrations, you can print in Canada and sell through any number of globally trusted online platforms and marketplaces. Printify’s straightforward eCommerce integrations work without any back-end management.

Simply add your store website to your Printify account, find your eCommerce hosting provider through the built-in integration feature – Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc. – and start dropshipping custom-made products.

Start Your Print on Demand Business!

Questions About Print on Demand Fulfillment in Canada?

Sign up for Printify and get started with an account today. Select a product you’d like to design, use the Mockup Generator and transfer it to your store. Start with our how to start a print on demand business article and learn how to:

  • Pick a niche and audience
  • Choose which products to sell
  • Create or order custom designs
  • Select your eCommerce hosting platform
  • Pick a quality print provider
  • Decide and set your product price
  • Promote and market your store

You can sell almost anywhere, including in Canada. With Printify, you can select a Canadian print provider that produces your t-shirt prints locally.

Go to the Printify product catalog, click the Print providers section, and tick Canada in the tag filter to choose available printing and shipping options based on location.

Select among our bestselling Canadian supplier t-shirt options, or choose items specific to your design requirements.

Print on demand companies in Canada and worldwide continue to cultivate successful eCommerce stores that increase their profits year-over-year.

Our success stories consistently showcase interviews with full-time merchants making anywhere from an average profit of $5.8k a month with consumer-driven requests to making $700k in their first year in profit with the right brand idea.

Printify currently has three active Canadian print providers, each with unique selections of products and updates for new releases.

Print Geek – offers consistent bestsellers like the Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee and Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, including other high-quality full cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, and onesies for toddlers.

Big Oven Tees – Canada – offers t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and water-wicking jackets with extensive color and design features for any dropshipping store.

Duplium – offers our most comprehensive range of Canadian printed products – bestselling t-shirts, hats, magnets, ornaments, cups, bottles, and clothes for kids and youth.

By clicking here, you can find shipping costs and shipping provider-related information on the Shipping Rates page.

Get Educated: Resources for Print on Demand Success

Printify Blog:

Check out the Printify blog and follow updates on new marketing trends, eCommerce guides, and insights from merchant interviews:

  • Marketing Tips – learn how to promote and advertise your store and optimize necessary store functions.
  • Design and Trends – prepare for seasonal trends, advance your graphic design skills, and develop a niche.
  • Product News – look at new releases, product brand spotlights, and deep dives into clothing and apparel production.
  • Success Stories – aspire to one day find yourself in the success hall of fame with valuable insights from other POD merchants.

Printify Guides and Help Center:

Go to Printify guides for a more hands-on experience in all things print on demand. 

Check out the Printify Help Center for technical advice – terminology, step-by-step instructions, and FAQs.

Printify YouTube channel:

Printify has its own YouTube page. Watch product reviews, design tutorials, guides on eCommerce platforms, and best print on demand practices for new store owners.

Start Your Print on Demand Business in Canada!

Use print on demand company services to focus on bringing more value to your eCommerce store. Profit without excessive management and logistics and let your creative side develop unique branding and product promotion strategies.

A centralized network of print providers and partnered eCommerce platforms will take care of all integrations and supply management.