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Use our free Mockup Generator to create print-on-demand products with your designs.

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T-shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, socks, hats, phone cases, mugs, stickers, and more.

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We have fulfillment facilities in Australia and all around the world.

What’s Print-On-Demand for Australia? How Does It Work?

Have you ever wanted to start your own business with little to no investment? Here is everything you need to know about print-on-demand in Australia!

Print-on-demand is a technology that puts designs and artwork on a standardized series of products like T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and posters, and many other things to sell online. Before anything is produced, someone has sold a product to one of their customers in their online store. The product is only produced dropshipped after the sale.

What Is Print On Demand

Why Should You Start a Print-On-Demand Store in Australia?

Free to Start

Print on demand businesses are perfect to start because they require little to no capital at all. Designing products and putting them in your store is free. You can get started right away without any need for expensive overhead like machines warehouses shipping supplies or even people. This is taken care of for you by the printed by platform and our great partners in Australia. 

Location Independent

Your new print on demand store in Australia doesn’t have to be just where you’re at - or even where you have a store! You don’t need a physical location - you can even start multiple stores and sites depending on your ideas and sell! They sky is the limit with print on demand custom products, so why not start a store and see where life takes you?

Inventory? No Way

You don't need to invest in expensive inventory with print on demand.  Print on-demand stores are almost entirely digital, the only physical part is the print providers production and manufacturing, which comes right at the end before your customers receive their products. 

Have you ever wanted to start a huge business with lots of different clothes and other merchandise to sell to the entire world? Well you can do just that with Printify in Australia and print on-demand products. That’s why print on demand is so great - you don’t have to worry about inventory.

Print On Demand Dropshipping

Printify’s Merchandise Bestsellers

These are the categories that you should explore when opening a store. No matter if this is just for extra income, or you’re trying to make a transition to full-time in online business, here are the top genres for consideration.

Start Selling With Print-On-Demand!

Start Your Own Print-On-Demand Business!

Why Should You Use Printify for Print-On-Demand in Australia?

Printify allows you to connect with great print providers in Australia and around the world.

We have over 300,000 shop owners all over the world on our platform selling thousands of pieces of merchandise every day! 

Experienced Providers

We work with partners all over the world including in Australia to deliver the best products and most experienced operators in the industry.

850+ Customizable Products

Whatever you're looking for, we probably have it! Check out our large catalog with over 800 quality products to see what we mean!

Best Value

We have extremely affordable prices that you can see well in advance of purchasing. You can even compare prices between providers, that's the advantage of using Printify’s platform.


At Printify, we're all about working with the best. We work with major platforms and companies like Shopify, eBay, Etsy and more to bring you the absolute best, exactly as you expect.

Help and Support

We offer sales support and educational resources on our blog and YouTube page, and also have fantastic customer service to help you whenever you experience any challenges selling your products.

Free Design Tools

Our mockup generator and other tools are simple and designed to help you succeed in quickly and easily making your designs. You can see variations of your products and also preview the way they would look on our models!

Trusted by over 100,000 Merchants

Hear it from our vast community of happy merchants who run profitable businesses on the Printify platform.

How Does Dropshipping Work for Print-On-Demand Australia?

Dropshipping is a fancy way of saying you’ll never see your product. That’s because it’s shipped directly from the print provider and their facilities to the customer that purchased your product. Your customer orders it on your store, the item is printed packaged and produced and out the door directly from the provider. Nowhere are you required to put your hands on the product. So when you hear drop shipping, think effortless, at least with Printify!

What Print-On-Demand Products Can I Dropship in Australia?

Take a look at our catalog of products. You’ll be able to see exactly which print variety provides them, their production time on average, shipping costs, and the cost of the individual item from the provider. We have over 850 products in our catalog, just waiting for your powerful, creative, inspiring, and world-changing designs to be put on them!

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Print-On-Demand Success With Printify

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A Network You Can Trust

Wherever your organization is located, with our global network of print providers, deliveries are guaranteed to be quick and timely.

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Customizable Products

Start Your Own Print-On-Demand Business!

Sell Print-On-Demand Products on Shopify and Other Platforms

Printify offers smooth integration with many of the most popular e-commerce platforms. That means you can sell custom products in Australia and beyond using Wix, Etsy, Shopify, and more.

Start Selling Print-On-Demand T-Shirts and Merchandise in Australia

Print-on-demand for Australia means that you as a merchant can sell small amounts of product, including just a single unit, to your customers without producing anything before the order. Everything is produced only after it’s sold and that will keep your store profitable without the need for a lot of overhead costs. You can send products from our print provider to your customer without the need for you to be in the middle.

Printify Australia Partnerships

Print On Demand Australia Print Bar

Printify has partnered with The Print Bar in Australia to bring you and your customers the amazing designs you’re craving. Check them out here and you’ll see that they’re everything you’ve been after in a print provider in Australia! 

They’re located in Brisbane, and ship worldwide, especially to Australia (of course) and New Zealand.

Print On Demand Australia Prima Printing

Prima Printing is now the largest manufacturer of consumer imaging products in Australia and New Zealand.

Here Are the Benefits of Using Printify Platform:

🔥 Hot Takes: Here’s Where to Learn How to Sell Print-On-Demand Products

Printify Blog & YouTube channel

Whether you’re looking for marketing tips, product news, want to keep up with designs and trends, or simply get motivated by success stories, the Printify blog is your one-stop-shop for knowledge and inspiration for your business.

Printify also has a YouTube page with lots of great product reviews for items found on the Printify catalog as well as helpful videos.

FAQ for Print-On-Demand in Australia

Get started with Printify today, and we’ll take you through the whole process. Just sign up for a Printify account, and go step by step through creating print-on-demand products for your store.

There are no upfront costs with Printify. You will only be charged once you sell an item. If you use eBay or Etsy, you can even leverage those platforms for traffic, and you don’t have to pay for advertising.

We work with the best print providers all over the world. We quality check them, allow user ratings, and give you stats like average production time. That’s the advantage of working with Printify, you get to choose your fulfillment partners in Australia and other countries.

There’s no minimum. Order quantities as few as one, and we’ll print it, package it, and ship it directly to your customers.

Print on demand allows everyone to make money! Just put your creativity to work, and you won’t be disappointed. Check out these success stories to get you going. 

Use Printify! It’s totally transparent, as sustainable as we can make it – and of course – profitable for you.

Start Your Own Print-On-Demand Business!

This is a great time to start a new adventure! Get started with Printify today, and you and your bank account will hopefully be thanking you for years to come!