Custom Sweatshirts

Create custom sweatshirts with your designs. Personalized sweatshirts are sure to complement any outfit and occasion.

Order for yourself, design custom gifts, or dropship sweatshirts online.

Custom Sweatshirts Printify
Custom Sweatshirts Print On Demand With Printify

Make Your Own Sweatshirt

Vast Product Scope

Pick the style, fabric, color, or print type. Our Catalog offers a wide range of print-on-demand sweatshirts for every taste and occasion.

Worldwide Shipping

Ship your customized sweatshirts worldwide with our global printing partners. We have fulfillment locations in the US, Canada, China, Europe, and Australia.

No Minimum Order

Create and order a printed sweatshirt for yourself or as a gift, or a whole bundle for your business, charity, or event. Single and bulk orders are possible.

Make Your Own Sweatshirt

Create Your Own Sweatshirt with Printify in 3 Simple Steps

Create wholesale custom sweatshirts in three simple steps with Printify. Sign up on our platform, browse the Catalog, and pick your favorites from various sweatshirt styles. Upload your unique custom apparel.

Custom Sweatshirts - Creating Products

Step 1

Create a Printify Account

To start your print-on-demand journey, first sign up on Printify. Create an account using an email address for the benefits of our beginner-friendly platform.

All processes and fulfillment steps are displayed on your Printify account. Get a complete overview and transparency by partnering with Printifys.

Be sure to check Printify Premium. Subscribe and receive a 20% discount on all the products in our catalog.

Step 2

Choose a Sweatshirt

Go to the apparel section and browse our selection of print-on-demand sweatshirts to find the perfect fit for your brand and business. Pick a sweatshirt and Print Provider based on your criteria –  price, size, colors, styles, and more.

Step 3

Upload Your Design

Click the Start designing button and create free design templates for your personalized sweatshirt collection using our Product Creator. Upload a photo or logo, or add layers with texts in different fonts. Use the new feature to create a custom pattern and apply it for all-over print.

Design your perfect custom sweatshirt. Preview the product in 3D images and make any adjustments needed. From direct-to-garment to all-over print, customizable sweatshirts are a great addition to your wardrobe and online store.

Custom Sweatshirts for Everyone

A custom sweatshirt is an evergreen product – friendly for all ages, shapes, and sizes. A unique sweatshirt design fits perfectly in every closet and shop. From great gifts to fashion statements, join the top brands with your sweatshirt collection.

Custom Unisex Sweatshirts - Your Design

Custom Unisex Sweatshirts

Match a product with designs for every customer – big, small, girly, manly, old, or young. Design your sweatshirt for a unisex collection.

Sweatshirts for Men - Your Design

A sweatshirt can be the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, and more. Design using unique patterns, sayings, or dad jokes in silly fonts.

Sweatshirts Women - Your Design

From bridal showers and bachelorettes parties to Valentine’s and more. Create cute, lovely, or stylish sweatshirts for women.

Sweatshirts for Children - Your Design

When creating personalized sweaters, think about your younger customers as well. Inspire the younger generation with your designs.

Start Custom Sweatshirt Dropshipping

Choose and Design Print-On-Demand Sweatshirts

Our product vault stores different types of sweatshirts, among other products. Search our Catalog and pick your favorite to customize from direct-to-garment, crew, cotton, and other sweatshirt types. We have them all.

Custom Crewneck Sweatshirts

From USD 14.75 · From USD 11.36 with Printify Premium

Cotton and polyester blended crewnecks are perfect for custom printed sweatshirts. As part of our bestseller list, crewnecks practically sell themselves. All you need is an epic design. Cozy, warm, and stylish, you can wear them anywhere.

Custom Cropped Sweatshirts

From USD 38.37 · From USD 29.55 with Printify Premium

From a regular cropped sweatshirt to a cropped hoodie and pullover, our product vault covers a variety of styles, brands, sizes, and colors. And what better way to express oneself and a sense of style than with a cropped sweatshirt? Turn heads with a custom design on a soft and firm fabric. From a company outing to a casual night with friends – a cropped sweatshirt fits it all.

Why You Should Get Into the Sweatshirt Printing Trend

Because sweatshirts are always wearable and versatile for any occasion and style, they are one of the most popular items for Print on Demand. A custom sweatshirt is easy to personalize and a great way to gather a return on investment.

$25.81 bilion

market revenue in 2022, sweatshirts are a must-have for your company.

With print-on-demand sweatshirts in all-over prints on your digital shelves, you will be pulling in yet another bestseller to join the jacket and hoodie collection and complete your catalog of warm apparel.

Team up with Printify to start your sweatshirt dropshipping business. No minimum order, no up-front investments, just creativity and profits.

Custom Sweatshirts Printing Trend

Design Ideas for Custom Sweatshirts

Below are some design ideas that rank high on search engines and are trending from brand to brand.

Custom Logo Sweatshirts

Custom Logo Sweatshirts

Printing a company logo on a sweatshirt is a great way to tell the world about your brand and business. Logo designs apply mainly to all-over-print sweatshirts. Think Gucci, Fendi, or any other prominent but specific examples. 

This niche is all about placement. To set your brand apart, you may want to place your logo in specific areas that are not possible with standard POD products. The all-over print provides the freedom to place designs exactly where you want them.

Custom Keep Calm Sweatshirts

The Keep Calm trend has still not left the building. With different versions of the classic ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ available, your brand can jump on the trend wagon with your own ideas. Be creative, stay relevant to your brand and vision, and come up with slogans for your own custom sweatshirts.

Custom Keep Calm Sweatshirts
Custom Sorority Sweatshirts

Custom Sorority Sweatshirts

Create sorority-friendly designs with custom greek letters. Sweatshirts are one of the top categories of sorority apparel, next to t-shirts and hoodies. Add a personal twist to the casual greek letter designs and create custom sorority sweatshirts for every sister and brother out there.

Custom Sweatshirts with Photo Design

Turn your favorite photographs into art by printing them on custom sweatshirts. From personal photos to landscapes and abstract masterpieces. Upload them on a selected sweatshirt, add a text, and you’ve got the perfect gift for yourself or someone special – with a personal touch.

Custom Sweatshirts with Photo Design
Custom Sweatshirts with Picture or Pattern Design

Custom sweatshirts with Picture or Pattern Design

Digitize your own art, create various patterns, outsource artists, or borrow stock images from places like Shutterstock. Design custom sweatshirts with unique patterns, From abstract shapes to cat pictures and more.

Personalized Sweatshirts for Every Occasion

When designing your custom sweatshirts, keep in mind the wide range of occasions throughout the year to specify their purpose. From funny Christmas sweaters to Valentine’s, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Join those seasonal trends and adjust your designs accordingly.

Personalized Sweatshirts for Every Occasion

Start Selling Custom Sweatshirts

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Benefits of Printify - Custom Sweatshirts


Team up with Printify and gain a full and transparent overview of all orders, processes, and actions. No hidden payments, no risks, no up-front costs.

Beginner-Friendly Platform

Easy to sign up and use. Printify is a platform for beginners and tech-savvy enthusiasts.

Product Scope

Don't limit yourself to print-on-demand sweatshirts. Our Catalog has more than 900 products for you to customize.

Global Printing Network

Our printing partners ensure the best shipping times, prices, and options, worldwide.

Great Customer Support

Team up with Printify and get help, guidance, advice, and support 24/7 via chat and email.

Free Design Tool

Our easy-to-use Product Creator provides many useful features for creating patterns and unique designs.

FAQ about Custom Sweatshirt Printing

The final custom sweatshirt cost depends on many factors, including Print Provider and location, material, brand, and type of print. The production costs start from $15.64 for a child’s sweatshirt or $15.60 for a unisex adult sweatshirt. Shipping rates differ for each printing partner and destination.

  • Pick a sweatshirt from our Catalog
  • Open it via the Product Creator (by clicking ‘Start designing’)
  • Upload an image and move it around to make adjustments
  • Add text directly on the product (switch fonts, colors, or size)

Create a pattern and apply it to different or all areas of the AOP sweatshirt

Some of the best-selling options to choose from are the Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt, Unisex Hooded Sweatshirt, and Women’s Cropped Sweatshirt. However, all options from our Catalog are ideal for custom printing. The cotton-polyester blend makes a strong and smooth fabric, perfect for direct-to-garment and all-over-print techniques.

While designing can only take you a couple of minutes, keep in mind that the production and delivery time will take a couple of days. Our Print Providers ensure 1-5 day production time – on average – for custom sweatshirts, while the shipping time differs for local and international orders.

That’s the beauty of POD – starting an eCommerce business to dropship sweatshirts costs nothing. Set up an online store, design your custom sweatshirts, and list them online – for free. When someone makes an order, you pay fulfillment costs from the final sales price, leaving nothing but profits for yourself.

  • Create every design, color, and size sweatshirt down to perfection
  • Set up an online store in any of the top eCommerce marketplaces or platforms (such as Etsy, Shopify, Wix, PrestaShop, and more)
  • Integrate your store with Printify in just one click (Integrations found under your Printify account)
  • Use stock images and descriptions to create click-worthy listings on your eCommerce site
  • Set prices and shipping
  • Wait for orders to come in

Our Print Providers have fulfillment locations around the world – from the US and Canada to Europe, China, and Australia.

To ensure faster and cheaper shipping for your sweatshirt dropshipping business, choose local printing partners to fulfill local orders.

You can also filter Print Providers by rating, feedback, prices, times, and other important criteria.

As many as you want. For custom sweatshirts – bulk and single orders are possible. Keep in mind that bulk orders come with benefits. Order your print-on-demand sweatshirts in bulk and receive a shipping discount of up to 30%.

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