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Sweatshirts are a great addition to any spring, fall, or winter wardrobe, as a substantial addition to your online store. Enjoy the warmth and coziness of our well-made sweatshirts, customized to fit your style.

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Why sell custom sweatshirts?

Sweatshirts make an appearance in just about anyone’s closet. They’re the perfect item for throwing on when it gets a bit chilly, adding a dash of casual flair to your outfit, with a collared shirt underneath, going full business casual for your “casual Friday” at the office. Because sweatshirts are always wearable and versatile for any style, they’re still on demand and make one of the most popular items for print on demand. Their return on investment is great as a hoodie, and they are easy to customize. With sweatshirts in your online store, you will be pulling in yet another bestseller to join your jacket and hoodie collection and complete your catalog of warm apparel.

Custom Sweatshirts AWDIS JH030

AWDIS JH030 Men’s sweatshirt

This is a roomy, modern sweatshirt, providing comfort with style. Soft cotton and high-quality print make it instantly loved by all who wear it. It is made of 80% Ringspun cotton and 20% Polyester to retain some extra warmth when you need it. The fabric is soft and pleasant to touch and has a subtle luxurious feel. This modern sweatshirt is made of specially spun fibers that make very strong and smooth fabric, perfect for printing bright and vibrant colors.

  • Stylish fit
  • 80% Soft cotton; 20% Polyester
  • Medium Heavy fabric (9.9 oz/yd² (280 g/m²))
  • Tear away label
  • Runs true to size

Delta 99100 -Unisex Heavyweight Fleece Crew

This warm and super cozy heavyweight unisex crew keeps away cold, providing superior comfort. A perfect fit for everyone, it will instantly become an irreplaceable statement item. It has side seams for structural support with a ribbed knit collar. The ribbed knit makes the collar highly elastic and helps retain its shape. It also has a twill neck tape to stabilize its comfortable feel and prevent stretching.

  • Classic style
  • 55% Cotton; 45% Polyester
  • Medium fabric (7.5 oz /yd² (254 g/m²))
  • Tear away label
  • Runs bigger than usual for an extra roomy fit
Custom Sweatshirts Lane Seven

Lane Seven - Unisex Premium Crewneck Sweatshirt

One can take the cold seasons in style with this premium crew neck sweatshirt. Available in multiple colors, this sweatshirt is sure to keep you warm and stylish all day long. Featuring a 3-end Fleece fabric, it has a real tight-knit construction giving it better quality and durability. It’s not only beautiful, and it’s comfy and soft to the touch with best in class under 5% shrinkage.

  • Regular fit
  • 80% Soft cotton; 20% Polyester (fiber content may vary for different colors)
  • Medium fabric (8.2 oz /yd² (280 g/m²))
  • Tear away label
  • Runs true to size

B&C WUI23 - Unisex Crew Neck Sweatshirt

What’s better than looking stylish without compromising comfort and warmth? This ribbed crew neck sweatshirt is what everyone needs; it’s made of soft cotton blended with polyester for that toasty warm feeling. It comes in a regular fit that ensures the perfect balance of long-lasting comfort and a contemporary silhouette in a unisex style designed to fit both men and women.

  • 50% Cotton 50% Polyester
  • Medium fabric (7.96 oz/yd² (270 g/m²))
  • Brushed fleece inside
  • Regular fit
  • Runs true to size
Custom Sweatshirts BC
Custom Sweatshirts Stenley Stella

Stanley Stella - Unisex Organic Sweatshirt

This essential unisex crew neck organic sweatshirt will be a guiltfree addition to your wardrobe. Live it green with the organic sweatshirt that not only embraces eco-friendly but is also stylish.

It features a set-in sleeve and bottom hem, a flatlock topstitch on all seams, and an inside herringbone back neck tape, The perfect organic blend sweatshirt.

  • 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester
  • Medium Heavy fabric (8.5 oz /yd² (300 g/m²))
  • Classic fit
  • Sewn-in label

Gildan 18000 - Unisex Heavy Blend™ Crewneck Sweatshirt

This soft sweatshirt has a loose fit for a comfortable feel. With durable print, it will be a walking billboard for years and years. It has side seams for structural support with a ribbed knit collar. The ribbed knit makes the collar highly elastic and helps retain its shape. Includes a twill neck tape to stabilize its comfortable feel and prevent stretching.

  • Loose fit
  • 50% Cotton; 50% Polyester (fiber content may vary for different colors)
  • Medium fabric (8.0 oz/yd² (271.25 g/m²))
  • Sewn-in label
  • Runs true to size
Custom Sweatshirts AOP

All-Over-Print Unisex Sweatshirt

This all-over print crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect example of cool. With quality all-over printing capabilities, you won’t be worried about white lines in the seams. This fleece is custom cut and sewn and features a crew neck, set-in sleeve to keep you warm.

  • 86% Polyester, 14% Cotton
  • Crew neck
  • Classic Fit
  • Custom cut and sewn
  • White seam stitching

Why you should get into the all-over print sweatshirt trend

Custom Sweatshirts Tred

In the last few years, more unique statements in fashion have continued to be in style. Which has made All-Over print designs rise in popularity as people become braver and bolder in their fashion choices. All over print sweatshirts are a great way to get your brand seen, stamp your identity all over your garments, and stand out from your competitor’s stores. More and more customers are looking for stores that can offer personal and unique products. With so many standard products to choose from, all over print sweatshirts can provide a welcome break from the norm and everyday mundane. One of the fastest-growing apparel sections embracing all over print shirts is menswear, and men seek to make bigger and bolder fashion statements

Athleisure, sportswear and womenswear, have also picked up the trends, and all over print items can be seen heavily prominent. Take your chance today and start your very own all-over print sweatshirt brand with our unique and capable All Over Print Unisex Sweatshirts.

Warm and cozy

Specially spun fibers make the sweatshirts soft and pleasant to touch while retaining warmth.


All over print

Print covers the entire sweatshirt

Quality prints

The fabric is able to attain bright and intense colors when printing custom designs.

Bigger profits

All over print products are quickly becoming one of the must-have fashion pieces at the moment.


Design ideas for custom sweatshirts

Finding the right design inspiration for your custom sweatshirts is essential in making the best niche for your brand. Just like t-shirts, the versatility of the sweatshirt is in its design. Using the Printify mockup generator, you can create easy designs for any product on Printify. Custom sweatshirts are a perfect statement piece for one reason; they are outerwear, which means they are defined by needs rather than seasons. Here are some cool niches to consider when designing:

High fashion custom sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are a prominent item in both streetwear designs and high-fashion. With the right designs, you can give your clothing line a professional high-end touch found in many familiar names in the industry and with the best-known designers. All over print sweatshirts can also give you the edge required when making high-fashion items. Use the current trends to take some inspiration from them. Be brave with robust designs, and don’t be afraid to use your logo or brand name to build a reputation.

Custom Sweatshirts Fasion
Custom Sweatshirts Novel

Novelty custom sweatshirts

Every year, seasonal fun events occur, and some call for costuming. Trends also change, and what is currently trending can be the best idea to capitalize on for that period. Other novelty themes such as cat-inspired items, cartoons, and manga characters, as well as holidays, maybe what your business is most known for having. Just remember that once you have picked your novelty niche, it may be hard to deviate from it. There is also a high level of commitment to the novelty niche required to set you apart.

Custom sweatshirts with logo

Logo designs apply mainly for All-Over-Print sweatshirts. Think Gucci, Fendi, or any other prominent but specific logo designs you know of. This niche is all about placement. To set your brand apart, you may want to place your design in specific areas that are not possible with standard POD products. This is where an all-over-print sweatshirt is perfect, providing the freedom to place designs exactly where you want them on the garment.

Custom Sweatshirts Logo
Custom Sweatshirts Minimalist

Minimalist designs on custom sweatshirts

The less-is-more philosophy applies even to custom sweatshirts prints. To design gorgeous custom minimalist sweatshirts, try using a simple background with streamlined or spaced bold text, lines, or elements on your custom sweatshirts. Or vice-versa. Minimalism is all about using minimal design for maximum results. When you use a minimalist design, you can easily control where the attention of your viewers will go.  You may even choose to scale up your designs or use a bold typeface or negative space to draw attention.

Graphic designs on custom sweatshirts

Guide the viewer’s eye by using shapes by using the custom sweatshirt background color as a backdrop for designs full of shapes, or create shapes by using text for a more abstract custom design. Great graphic design is not only eye-catching, but it looks like well-organized chaos. Another way to do graphic design is to l overlay pictures, organic elements such as flowers of bold typefaces to make custom sweatshirt designs that pop.

Custom Sweatshirts Graphic Design
Custom Sweatshirts Band

Band/Musician custom sweatshirts

Band t-shirts have been coming in and out of style for years. This is because great music is timeless, and something special, and great music on a sweatshirt is even better.  Music is already art, so there are very few constraints on what a band sweatshirt design conveys. Bundle them with cool band t-shirts for your store to boost your sales. Band sweatshirts may include album covers, lyric-inspired art, or the themes of the music itself. Custom sweatshirts can be the next bestseller in your store.


9 most frequently asked questions about
selling custom sweatshirts online

We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about custom sweatshirts to help you make your decision today.

Someone once captured this beautifully; Take a t-shirt, extend the sleeves, then make the whole garment a little thicker and softer -that’s a sweatshirt. Add a hood in the back of the neck and no surprises there, you’ve got yourself a hoodie. Add a zipper, buttons, or maybe even velcro to it, and it transforms into a zip-up hoodie. Remove the hood, and we now call that a jacket. Easy peasy.

Our custom sweatshirt costs vary from one print provider to the other. At the moment, prices range from $11 to $35 with shipping costs not included. Remember that with a Printify Premium subscription, you can save up to 20% off every item on the Printify catalog.

It depends on the print provider, but on average, it takes about 3 to 5 days for sweatshirts to be printed by our print providers. However, always keep in mind that shipping can take longer times than production times and include them in your estimation to customers to avoid frustrations.

At Printify, we offer three different techniques for producing your designs: embroidery for items such as varsity jackets direct-to-garment printing for many products such as t-shirts and sublimation printing for socks, and all-over print for sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, and bombers. 

Embroidery is a decorative stitching technique when a needle and a thread are used to create designs on fabric. Embroidery calls for clean, sharp lines, clean uniform colors, and looks elegant and sophisticated. Think letterman jackets.

With all-over-print (AOP), the fabric is first stenciled and then cut, creating a continuous design that goes into seams leaving no inch uncovered, then gets cut and sewn together. The all-over pattern exceeds the outer edge of the garment, allowing enough ink coverage to decorate the clothing fully. 


Direct-to-garment printing (DTG), involves a printer directly applying it to the garment with inkjet technology. The desired design is printed directly onto the clothing, hence direct to garment, with a particular printer using water-based inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

Custom sweatshirts are some of the most popular print on demand items sold, as high up as t-shirts and hoodies. There are millions of sweatshirts sold every year, with thousands being sold on popular print on demand online platforms such as Etsy and Shopify. It is essential to set your own niche and have unique designs to make sales and become a successful print on demand business.

The best part about print on demand with Printify is there are no upfront costs. This means you can start your custom sweatshirts business without having to worry about paying or stocking any products. All our custom sweatshirts are produced after your product sells. After payment is made for your custom printed sweatshirts, production costs are deducted automatically, and your designs sent out for printing. No capital investment, no inventory, and no warehousing needed.

Printify has 230+ products such as t-shirts, mugs, socks, and home accessories sourced, including well-made custom sweatshirts, ready for you to customize and make your own. Start a brand new business with custom sweatshirts at any time of the year as they are versatile and easy to incorporate into your store.

Sign up for an account on the Printify platform to upload your designs and make your custom sweatshirts for your online store. After designing your custom sweatshirts, publish them to your chosen online store platform picked from our portfolio of integrated store platforms. You can sell personalized sweatshirt prints on these sites or on your own website with the Printify API.

You can always rely on the Printify Print Provider Ranking to decide who the best print provider is for you. Our Print Provider ranking is based on the ratios of the individual print provider’s product reprint, delayed production time Ratio, and Printify user reviews to determine the best performing print providers on our platform. The combined score is calculated to rate them on a scale of 1-10, displayed beside each print provider’s name.

Custom sweatshirts with no minimums

Custom Sweatshirts No Minimums

Because you pay for each product individually and only after you make a sale with print on demand, this does not limit you to selling one product per order. It means that you get custom printed sweatshirts with no minimum whenever you need them.

Custom sweatshirts can also be ordered in bulk, no matter how large your custom printed sweatshirts business gets. Print on demand gives you peace of mind because you will never run out of stock regardless of how much you sell. An added advantage of custom sweatshirts with no minimum is you can sell them throughout the year and change your designs to meet the season. You are also free to try selling in bundles. Bundling is a marketing tool used to boost sales by selling multiple items at once as a set. They are a great way to not only meet demand, for instance, in bundles for families but also to boost seasonal gifting sales for your store when you make custom Christmas sweatshirts as “ugly sweaters.”

Custom sweatshirts with no minimums allow you to generously bundle and sell without worrying about inventory or stock keeping.

Start selling custom sweatshirts online with print on demand

If you are new to Print on Demand, it can seem like a foreign concept that is too complicated for you. But this is not the case; it is simply a modern business model for many online stores today. In fact, as of 2020, more than 3 million online entrepreneurs have used print on demand to sell over 60 million unique print-on-demand merchandising items every day. This only proves that with the right idea and quality designs, you too can sell custom sweatshirts online, and as long as you keep the demand high, make a good profit off of it. It would only be right for you to take advantage of such a great opportunity.

How to use the mockup generator to design custom sweatshirts

When you have a Printify account, you get access to a free mockup generator that is made for even the newest designers to navigate easily. Often, when we talk about customizing or designing online, we think of complicated software that costs a lot of money and takes years of experience to use correctly. With the Printify free mockup generator, you can start designing your custom sweatshirts with just a few clicks of a button. 

To start designing, all you need to do is pick the blank custom sweatshirts you would like to design from our available custom sweatshirts. Upload your designs or photos from your computer or select one from your Printify account library. Make sure that your designs fit the requirements for a high-quality print. Every product on the mockup generator has the size requirements indicated at the bottom right of the user panel. Once you’ve made sure you’ve picked the best pixel size for a high-quality print, apply your design on the custom sweatshirts. You can choose to preview your final custom sweatshirts print as you go, to check the placement and sizing of your designs. 

Once you’ve designed your sweatshirts, publish it to your store and wait for a sale to move to the production and fulfillment processes. Printify also goes the extra mile to make sure you have the highest quality, which is why we do quality checks for each of your products, and we will let you know if it does not meet the printing standards. If you would like to check firsthand that your sweatshirts look great, you can always order a sample before publishing it to your store. Here’s a comprehensive guide for you to use the free Printify Mockup Generator.

Ready to start? Design your own custom sweatshirts

Start your first print on demand business today. Custom sweatshirts are a great sales opportunity for anyone looking to increase their online income. We have design-ready products, including All-over print sweatshirts, for you to customize and sell. Follow the steps below to get started today.

choose integration
Choose a custom sweatshirt

Take a look at our catalog and decide what custom sweatshirt is right for you and your store. We have various sizes, fit and fabrics for you to choose from, simply pick the one that works best for you.

design your mouse pad
Put your design on it

Use our Mockup Generator to design your new custom printed sweatshirt. Pay attention to any image quality warnings, and preview your product with your design on it.

order mouse pad sample
Get them printed

Hit publish, and when you make a sale, your custom sweatshirt is sent over to production. Your product will go through quality assurance, made, and shipped to your customers.


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Get started with Printify

Printify is one of the most preferred print-on-demand platforms in the world. Join the more than 300,000 online sellers who choose Printify to produce and sell thousands of products through print on demand. Printify will open your custom sweatshirts business opportunities to a global market. We connect you to our network of 15 print providers with over 90 printing factories with the latest printing technology and machines in the US, Europe, and China. We also have a catalog with over 280 items ready for you to customize, including custom sweatshirts in various finishes, orientations, and sizes.


You also get a direct channel to popular online store platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, where you can confidently use all their resources while your store remains fully integrated to provide ease of use, across these platforms. Choose Printify, and take your custom sweatshirt business to the world.

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