Custom Tank Tops

Whether it’s for the beach, gym, park, sporting event, etc., custom made tank tops have become a staple in modern wardrobes since the ‘70s. Make a few custom made tank tops for your online store with our simple step-by-step instructions below. 

Custom Tank Tops

Create and Sell Custom Tank Tops Online

Wide Variety

With a wide variety of sizes and colors to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect base for just about any design. 

No Minimum Orders

Create and sell as many tank tops as you want. Want one? Sure thing. Want 200? Yeah, baby!

Worldwide Shipping

Choose the best print provider based on production time and lowest price. We manage printing and shipping.

Custom Tank Tops for Men

There are a ton of reasons why males love these garments. Anyone who’s ever experienced a hot or humid climate has undoubtedly realized that freeing the arm from the restriction of the sleeve immediately grants an increased degree of flexibility (especially when sweaty) while helping disperse uncomfortable underarm heat. 

With such massive popularity, sales are almost assured for POD vendors featuring a few custom tank tops. We’ve connected with a wide range of custom tank top brands – including, but not limited to, Sport-Tek, Gildan, Stanley Stella, and Bella+Canvas. This spectrum of distributors means that our merchants will always have the pick of their choice between various styles, colors, and sizes. In addition to simple printing, we also have options for next-level embroidery

Any selected men’s tank top will immediately be available for beginning the printing process. Just slap an applicable (and legal) design onto the designated printing area and you’re good to go. 

Custom Tank Tops for Men
Custom Tank Tops for Women

Custom Tank Tops for Women

Printify’s catalog includes an impressive array of custom women’s tank tops in feminine styles. These inclusions are a solid, comfortable way for females to enjoy a relaxed-dress environment while maintaining their own personal style. Additionally, these items make for great gifting choices – after all, who doesn’t like their own custom tank top?

It’s worth it for merchants to put some thought into including a few custom women’s tank tops in their inventories – these sometimes overlooked items have seriously profitable trends. 

The Printify catalog offers several of these great options for inclusion in your store. We’ve connected with stellar brands like Bella+Canvas, Next Level, District, and Anvil. This spread means that there are lots of options readily available. And as we all well know, options are super important when it comes to fulfilling the wishes and desires of the modern consumer. 

Custom Tank Tops With No Minimum Order Size

A large number of individuals begin POD online stores in order to boost their income. The great news here is that this process has become easy, streamlined, and cheaper than ever. 

The lack of a minimum order number means that merchants no longer have to conduct business the old-fashioned way; purchase inventory, display those items, and hope that customers will purchase. 

We’ve done away with that whole gamble, moving instead to the print-on-demand model. Here, once you’ve displayed one of these custom tank tops in your store, that item will only be physically created after it is purchased by a customer. The fantastic thing here is that you’ll never be hassled with production or shipping fees – those costs are taken from the overall selling price. Everything remaining beyond that is pure profit. 

Custom tank tops are a brilliant inclusion for any online shop owner wishing to increase their profits. These easy-to-sell items appeal to virtually all demographics and have obviously predictable sales spikes in the spring and summer months. 

With our large (and growing) network of print providers, we can offer a wealth of options for both men and women – including a spectrum of styles, colors, and sizes. Furthermore, with so many fulfillment centers around the world, there is a good chance that shipping rates and times can be kept to a minimum regardless of where a customer happens to be located. 

Custom Tank Tops with no Minimum Order

Unisex Jersy Tank

Genderless and applicable to anyone, this unisex tank is perfect for anything from sporting events, outdoor wear, relaxing at home, and just about any occurrence working with a casual dress code. With five different print providers (The Dream Junction, MyLocker, T shirt and Sons, and Monster Digital) covering this product, it’s no hassle to source nearby and find providers close to shipping destinations. Appropriate for all ages, genders, and occupations, the unisex tank is a modern fashion staple. 

Unisex Jersy Tank
Women's Relaxed Jersey Tank Top

Women's Relaxed Jersey Tank Top

Supporting a slightly bigger cleavage area and tighter tailoring toward the waist, this model produces a slightly more pronounced feminine effect than standard-issue tank tops. Seamlessly combining the casual look with a boosted attractive element results in a truly relaxed atmosphere undercut with a hint of excitement. 

Men’s Sleeveless Performance Tee

With a polyester build relative to the cotton that many other Printify models use, this men’s tank top has an incredible sweat-wicking capacity. As such, this is truly a performance model – helping athletes execute as they work toward their various goals. No sleeves mean unparalleled freedom when it comes to the range of motion. Furthermore, the dual printing areas of this model means that team affiliation, messages, and inspirational designs can all be a major part of the garment’s overall dynamic. 

Men’s Sleeveless Performance Tee
Women’s Ideal Racerback Tank

Women’s Ideal Racerback Tank

Start your engines. This custom women’s tank top announces itself gracefully with a casual-style fronting… then, busts out a racerback on the flip side. This inclusion makes for a closer fit, providing a bit of security while proudly displaying the muscles of the upper to mid-back; latissimus dorsi, deltoids, trapezius, and possibly even rhomboids. People put it on for comfort but stick with it for the show.

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Tank Tops!

Men’s Softstyle Tank Top

The title gives it away for this men’s tank top style. The 100% cotton build means that the softstyle truly lives up to its name – comfortable, sleek, and very soft. Losing the sleeves adds an immediate sporty feel to the garment, as well as framing any included artwork nicely with an arrowed taper down from the shoulders. These popular men’s tank tops appear frequently throughout just about any environment save the winter months – except maybe for the occasional sleeveless macho man in the snow. 

Men’s Softstyle Tank Top
Women’s Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank

Women’s Flowy Scoop Muscle Tank

A stunning display of femininity in a testosterone-rich genre, this retaking of the “vest” or “football” men’s tank top tightens the sleeve area without removing too much from the space. Furthermore, the waist is brought in a bit – adding to the universally valued hourglass-curve structure. Comprised of 65% polyester and 35% viscose, this custom women’s tank top is particularly comfortable to wear – especially if there’s any wind blowing.

Men’s Ultra Cotton Sleeveless Tank

This model takes everything good about a quality 100% cotton t-shirt and makes it better – by losing the sleeves. Roomy, breathable, and immensely comfortable, the ultra cotton sleeveless tank is a relaxed-fit garment capable of maintaining common decency while expressing a bit of personality. Easing some of these custom men’s tank tops into a store’s inventory is a solid idea for capturing the attention of those customers seeking a garment capable of doing it all; from unwinding at home to crushing it in the gym. 

Men’s Ultra Cotton Sleeveless Tank

6 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Custom Tank Tops Online

This is the real beauty of Printify: There’s no upfront cost. You can make your own designs quickly, efficiently, and without undue expense. However, if you’d like to further increase your profit margins, you can shave a solid 20% off of all production costs by upgrading to Printify Premium.

100% yes. It’s very normal for Printify merchants to sell one item per order. Therefore, we feel no need to restrict or compel our merchants as they go about their business. 

While custom tank tops are known for being comfortable, fitting is a primary merchant concern. In order to make sure that the right sizes, colors, and models are available, we’ve reached out to a large number of print providers – covering the bases for a large variety of popular brands like Bella+Canvas, Next Level, District, Anvil, Sport-Tek, Gildan, and Stanley Stella.

No. Most models are preshrunk cotton. This means that conventional machine washing is totally fine. However, it’s always best to be careful when drying for the first time, as there is a possibility that shrinkage could occur. 

This part is entirely up to you, the merchant. Whenever you select a product for inclusion in your store’s online inventory, you’re prompted with a choice between various print providers. Each of these providers is based in different locations around the world. 

It’s worth considering these locations, as a customer ordering a product from a distant provider will incur both a larger shipping cost as well as a longer shipping time.

This is difficult to say because of the many demographics being targeted by our vendors. However, simple block colors are always popular – as well as those including popular slogans, phrases, or quotations. Having said that, the primary appeal of the custom tank top itself is its own design – simple, comfortable, and showing off the musculature of the arms. 

Custom Tank Top Printing Step-By-Step Guide

Print On Demand Dropshipping

1. Create a Printify Account

If you’ve ever wondered how to make custom tank tops, the great news there is it’s an easy process. First, you’ll need an account. Fortunately, creating a Printify account is quick, easy, and entirely free. Then, all you need to do is navigate to the mock-up generator page to start creating products. 

2. Select the Custom Tank Top You Want to Start Selling

This part is easy. Just go into the Printify catalog and choose the garment model you’d like to include in your inventory. After selecting one, you’ll be prompted with a further choice of all the print providers that supply that custom tank top.

3. Making a Mock-up

After the print provider is chosen, you’ll proceed to the mock-up generator. Here you can apply your designs onto any selected product with our user-friendly engine. Any artwork, picture, ect., can be uploaded and drag and dropped onto each product’s designated printing area. These printing areas can vary, so it’s important to differentiate. 

Please be aware, we have three different methods of making designs for a custom tank tops:

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: Here, your design is printed directly on the custom tank top print areas via sublimation printing.

All-over print t-shirts (AOP): This choice takes your design and implements it all over the entire surface of the custom tank top. 

4. Check Image Quality

This is a super important step for making sure the image, design, or artwork you’ve chosen to include on your products comes out looking as good on the custom tank top as it does on your screen. We have a quality control feature supplied by our merchant support team, but it’s always best for the originator to see it for themselves. We recommend having a dpi of 300 - the perfect quality for garment printing. Please keep in mind that the quality can change if you stretch the image to cover a larger area. 

5. Print a Custom Tank Top

The best way to know for sure if everything went perfectly is to order a sample. This way, you can literally hold the custom tank top and see if the print, fit, and feel are exactly what you want. After this last check, it’s time to publish the product to your store and let customers start generating profits. 

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Get Started With Custom Tank Top Printing

Now you are full of design inspiration you must be eager to get started. This is good news, but there’s more – your new designs are just a few clicks away! Our mockup generator is the perfect tool to help your designs become reality. 

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Selling custom tank tops is a terrific way to generate revenue and monetize your brand. 

No Up-Front Costs

It’s true, there’s no money down when it comes to using Printify. Instead of our merchants fronting any money to generate products, everything is only created after it’s purchased by an excited customer. 

Get Them Printed

All items are only printed and shipped after they’ve been purchased, it speeds up the delivery process exponentially. With this hybrid model, it’s never been easier to profit from an online POD store. 

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