Custom Paper Products

From personalized paper gifts to environmentally friendly items for eco-conscious consumers – custom paper products are the perfect combination of personalization and sustainability.

Various custom paper products, including a notebook with a stylized, pink and orange sun on the cover.
Framed poster with an abstract design of geometric shapes in earth tones.

Personalized Paper Products

Free Design Tool

Our Mockup Generator has all the features you need to easily design epic custom paper products.

No Minimum Order

Design print-on-demand paper products and order them in any quantity necessary. Single and bulk orders are possible.

Extensive Catalog

With our product vault of over 850 items, we cater to every niche, taste, and occasion, offering the best prices in the market.

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Design personalized paper goods and delight customers worldwide.

How to Make Custom Paper Products in Just Three Steps

With Printify, you can have your paper products designed in no time – all it takes is three simple steps. Sign up, pick a product, and get creative.

Custom greeting card with a text design that says, “Love You” surrounded by heart-shaped plants.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create a Printify account with a working email address. You only need to fill in the necessary details and add a payment method. Once that’s done, you can explore our user-friendly platform and all its convenient features.

Step 2

Pick a Paper Product

Browse our Catalog for paper products and pick your favorites, from home goods like calendars and posters to greeting cards, notebooks, puzzles, and more. Pick a product that catches your eye and click Start designing.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

From intricate details and unique patterns to fun quotes, imagery, and heartwarming messages – add your custom design using our free and beginner-friendly Mockup Generator. It has all the features for personalization.

Design Custom Paper Products With Printify

Unleash your creativity with different paper products appropriate for every taste, occasion, and use. Order for yourself or list them online. Clients worldwide will gladly spend their money on customized paper goods for themselves, colleagues, and loved ones – for a wallet-friendly price.

Various custom paper products, including a notebook with a black woman's hand with bracelets reaching for the Moon.

Custom Notepads and Notebooks

From middle-school doodles and student notes to grown-up journals and memoirs – custom notebooks are therapeutic outlets that help keep things organized in style. They also make great gifts for employees, new clients, or those who love to put their thoughts on paper.

Custom wrapping paper with a design of a young man's photo, the number 27, and a text saying “Happy Birthday

Custom-Printed Wrapping Paper

Nothing makes a gift more special than personalized paper to wrap it in. From unique imagery for year-round holidays to custom text, patterns, and more – match the wrapping paper design with the intent and spruce up gift-giving with original ideas.

Greeting card with a snow globe that has a little house in it and the text “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year” underneath it.

Personalized Greeting Cards and Postcards

With smartphone chats and emails taking over our daily communication, it’s important to keep things more personal when it comes to greetings and celebrations. Holidays, achievements, and other occasions will feel extra special with customized greeting cards – from the heart.

Wall decal with a drawing of a flying bird and the words “Follow Your Heart” next to it.

Personalized Posters

There’s nothing like personalized posters as the perfect gift or home decor for those who love self-expression. They’re a great way to showcase your interests, world views, and individuality. From photographs and creative art to inspirational quotes or funny memes – custom paper posters will be a unique addition to any personal, social, or promotional space.

Box with an item that is wrapped in paper and sealed with a round monogrammed sticker with the initials “R. S.”

Other Paper Products

Unleash your creativity with various paper products – perfect for different tastes and occasions. Our Catalog offers interesting items for your home, office, or Etsy store, from custom paper bags for lunch to business cards, stickers, calendars, puzzles, and more. These items combine fun and entertainment with practicality for a wallet-friendly price.

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Design Ideas for Personalized Paper Products

Bedazzle your paper goods with epic designs in all the colors of the rainbow – something for everyone on every occasion. Below are three ideas to use for inspiration that are guaranteed to work.

Black notebook with an abstract white line art design.

Branding Brilliance

Paper products like calendars, business cards, greeting cards, or even notebooks are excellent items for branding. By placing your business logo on them, they can make wonderful gifts for potential customers or business partners.

Laughs and Giggles Galore

Nothing beats humor. From hilarious imagery, cute animals, and one-of-a-kind squiggles to quotes that will leave the reader in stitches – humor heals, sparks conversations, and brings people together.

Person holding a pink greeting card with two cartoon cats and the text “Love you furr-ever.”
Box wrapped in light blue wrapping paper with a pattern of yellow buttons and bananas.

Pattern Paradise

Nothing sells or captures attention quite like patterns for people who don’t want anything specific. Whether it’s flowers, animal prints, food, colors, lines, or whatever comes to mind – there’s a pattern to suit every taste.

Why Sell Custom Paper Goods

Because they’re versatile, profitable, and sustainable – leaving you with a clear conscience, knowing you combine art with products good for the environment.

Not only that, they sell well.

In 2022, the global
Greeting Cards Market

$19.25 billion

And it’s not just cards. Puzzles, posters, notebooks, and other paper goods increase in numbers sold – with people looking for more personal and eco-friendly ways to express themselves.

Framed poster of a gloomy black and white mountain cabin scenery.

Why Choose Printify to Sell Unique Paper Products

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

850+ Product Catalog

From apparel and accessories to home decor and more – our product vault has everything you need for every niche, taste, and occasion.

No Upfront Costs

Sign up for free and unleash your creativity by designing custom paper products without any upfront investments or risks.

Seamless Integrations

Create a store on leading eCommerce sales channels like Etsy, Shopify, eBay, and more – we integrate seamlessly with them all.

No Minimum or Maximum Orders

Print-on-demand Print Providers fulfill orders of all sizes. From single to bulk, there are no limitations on product quantities.

Best Price on the Market

Printify is the leading print-on-demand company with the best prices for our white-label products.

FAQ: Custom Paper Products

  1. Sign up to Printify and create your account.
  2. Browse our Catalog for paper products and pick your favorites to customize.
  3. Click Start designing and personalize the design on our Mockup Generator.
  4. Click Save product and list them online or order for yourself.

Each product you select from our Catalog has a thorough description on its product page. It lists all the best features, materials, care instructions, sizing, and other important details.

Absolutely. Etsy is one of the best marketplaces for paper goods. Greeting cards, posters, puzzles, and calendars all sell well on Etsy. Create your Etsy store, integrate it with Printify under My stores – Add new store, and list your custom paper goods in minutes.

Our paper products can be divided into such categories:

  • Stationary. This includes notebooks, journals, and sticky notes.
  • Office Supplies. Like business cards and calendars.
  • Packaging. Things like paper bags and wrapping paper.
  • Specialty Products. Such as stickers and puzzles.
  • Visual Communication. These products include greeting cards and posters.

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