Custom Swimsuits

Make a splash with custom swimsuits. Explore our print-on-demand swimwear, ideal for beach getaways and daily fashion statements.

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A woman in a custom one-piece swimsuit adjusting sunglasses on a beach

Make Custom Swimsuits With Printify

Vibrant Colors

Your designs will surround you or your customers with top-notch all-over prints and bright colors.

Quality Assured

Our printing partners ensure the best quality for your custom swimsuits, from print designs to delivery.

No Minimum Order

From one bikini to tens and hundreds of bathing suits, there are no order limits with Printify.

Design Your Swimsuit in Three Easy Steps

Printify ensures simplicity and quick results. Design your bathing suit in minutes by following three simple steps – create an account, pick the right custom swimwear, and add your design.

An illustration showing a simple product customization process in Printify's Mockup Generator

Step 1

Create a Printify Account

The first and easiest step is to sign up. Use an existing email address and create an account in seconds – for free. Fill in all necessary fields, and your Printify account is ready. To save money and get even better prices, subscribe to Printify Premium – up to 20% off all products guaranteed.

Step 2

Choose a Swimsuit

The next step is to pick your favorite custom bathing suits from the bunch. Head to our product catalog and click the Swimwear section to browse all our options. Pick the perfect ones for your brand or design ideas and click Start designing.

Step 3

Add Your Custom Design

Our free and user-friendly Product Creator (previously known as Mockup Generator) will take it from there. Upload pictures, add text, create patterns, and play with the design tool to create the best-personalized bathing suits for yourself or your online shop. Look at the preview, make adjustments, and customize your swimwear to perfection.

Choose the Best Swimsuit From Our Catalog

The Printify vault has a wide selection of personalized bathing suits, from one-pieces to bikinis. Browse the options, choose a type, color, price, and other criteria important to you, and get the creative juices flowing.

Personalize swimwear for yourself or women who appreciate the vintage touch with these vintage custom swimsuits. Stand out from the crowd with a different style and custom design. The light fabric and deep u-neck cut in the back will ensure comfort and fashion options. The vintage swimsuit stands on its own and pairs well with a comfy pair of bottoms.

Create custom-printed bikinis with summer-friendly designs for yourself, or become the go-to online shop for women of all tastes, styles, and body shapes. A personalized swimsuit is an excellent addition to any wardrobe or online store. It’s bright, unique, and easy to pair with outfits and accessories.

One-pieces are perfect for women who feel more comfortable in single-piece swimwear or prefer them for style and practical purposes. And it’s easier to get your unique designs across one-piece custom-made bathing suits. Functional, stylish, and comfortable. Available in every color of the rainbow, perfect for a day in the sun. Join the one-piece club with your custom swimsuits.

Everybody loves a good old classic one-piece swimsuit, perfect for playing sports on the beach, enjoying a family outing, or sunbathing by yourself. The sublimation printing ensures bright and lasting colors even with the effects of chlorine and weather. Design classic custom-made swimsuits and look stunning running down the beach like Pamela Anderson.

Why Sell Custom Swimsuits

Why not? A bathing suit is an evergreen product bought all year round by people worldwide. Some need them for hot summer fun, some live by the beach, and some love to travel to exotic places. Whatever the reason, if there’s access to water, there’s a demand for custom swimwear.

In 2022, the revenue for sports and swimwear has reached $23.12 billion.

That’s a lot of money and opportunities to grab a piece of. Join the eCommerce club with custom swimsuits, including various sizes, color options, and designs, and become the go-to seller for shoppers worldwide.

A woman in a custom one-piece swimsuit holding a bottle of champagne at a bachelorette party

Sell Custom Swimsuits With Printify

Simplicity, transparency, and quality. Those are some of the main traits Printify offers to new and existing merchants on our platform. With a catalog of over 800 products, print providers worldwide, and excellent customer service, your business will thrive in no time.

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Create Your Products

Use the Product Creator to create your custom swimsuits. Make your designs, use stock images from Shutterstock, or outsource professionals on sites like Fiverr. The Product Creator will tell you exactly what to do and what file requirements you need.

Order Samples

Before you join the merchants club, order samples of your custom swimsuits to ensure the best quality and overall fulfillment process. Test the print, product, and packaging. Make adjustments or changes, and list nothing but the best online.

Select a Sales Channel

Printify has integrations with the top players of eCommerce – from marketplaces to platforms. Browse our guide on the best sites to sell and pick the one that suits you well based on your tech skills, brand vision, and overall needs.

Grow Your Business While Printify Works

Our automated processes will make your life easier. Each product is custom-made, packaged, and shipped by the print provider directly to the customer – without your involvement. So, while we handle the rest, you can focus on marketing your print-on-demand swimwear and expanding your brand.

Start Selling Custom Swimsuits

More Swimming Accessories From Printify

From swim trunks to towels, bottles, and even the perfect beach bag to store it all in – Printify has it all. Check out some useful accessories for the perfect beach day and join the Printify club with your own customizations.

Custom Swimsuits 1
A water bottle with a custom design

Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Handle Lid


You definitely can, and you should. Try your product to test all the quirks and processes before listing it online. Order samples and check the print, product, shipping, and packaging, to ensure your customers the best experience.

No. Printify doesn’t restrict you to minimum or maximum order quantities. Want to order one bathing suit for yourself or someone else? Go ahead. Want to order a whole bundle for a swim team, group of friends, family, charity, or other reasons? No problem. Single and bulk orders are a go.

Log in to Printify or create an account using your email address. Browse our catalog for swimwear and choose the product you want to customize. Click Start designing and create a design with pictures, patterns, texts, and more. Preview, adjust, and your custom swimsuit is done.

Once you create your custom swimsuits, you need to list them online for sale. Create an online store on your preferred eCommerce platform or marketplace, and integrate it with Printify. You can do so under My Account – My Stores – Add new store.

Create product listings using our descriptions and images or add your ideas and wait for orders to come in. Once a customer buys something for you, the order fulfillment costs will be covered with the final sales price, leaving you with the profits.

Prices differ for each product and printing partner. Currently, our catalog offers the women’s one-piece swimsuit for $15.75. Subscribe to Printify Premium and reduce the costs to $12.13. And remember the shipping costs. The rates will differ depending on the destination.

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