Bulk Long-Sleeve Shirt Printing

Order bulk long-sleeve shirts with high-quality prints. Printify’s automated fulfillment system will produce and deliver in bulk straight to you or your customers.

Two people in patterned long sleeve shirts.
A long sleeve shirt with a pattern on.

Bulk Long-Sleeve Shirts With Print on Demand

Bulk Discounts

Stock up on store inventory or designs for events – request an order of 60 or more shirts to save up to 30% on shipping costs.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Order as many long-sleeve shirts as needed with no order minimum – great for individuals, small businesses, and large enterprises alike.

Vast Product Scope

Explore a variety of long-sleeves in over 20 available styles for any niche and demographic – sized for men, women, and kids.

Create Long-Sleeve Shirts for Bulk Printing in Three Steps

Create unique products and save money by ordering in bulk at wholesale prices. Customize long-sleeve shirts with unique prints and find the best fit for your brand or organization, from staff wardrobes, to seasonal offers, sports uniforms, and other personalized merchandise.

A laptop with a custom long sleeve shirt mockup on, the design of a shirt zoomed in in front of a laptop.

Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create an account with Printify for free and access custom product design tools and integrated eCommerce features all in one platform. Printify’s fulfillment system will automatically route and process your account’s orders.

Step 2

Choose a Long Sleeve Shirt

Open the Printify Catalog and navigate with filters or search for long-sleeve shirts manually. Click on a specific product to see all production features, weight, and pricing. Pick from Print Providers that have bulk discounts eligible.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Click Start designing to open the Mockup Generator. Upload your design from your device and apply it to your chosen product template. Use editing tools to size, crop, fill patterns, or add layers to the print area. Finally, save your result.

Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts From the Printify Catalog

The Printify Catalog holds an ever-increasing vault of ready-made long-sleeve shirts with styles for any occasion and an inclusive size chart for all demographics.

Our platform has partnered with multiple bestselling brands with unbeatable prices and professional Print Providers working with both single purchases and larger orders.

A man sitting with a laptop in a long sleeve shirt.

Find bulk long-sleeve bestsellers and create high-quality prints on various styles with our range of long-sleeve shirts for men. Perfect for cold weather or putting on layers, Printify men’s shirts come in up to eight sizes from XS to 4XL. From basic lightweight tees to classic crewnecks and sports jerseys, match your designs with our fashionable picks.

A woman in a white long sleeve shirt.

Cultivate a crisp fall wardrobe with bulk long-sleeve shirts for women. Tailored for multiple sizes from XS to 4XL, introduce beautiful graphic designs from over 100 cotton or polyester garment colors, or try all-over prints with matching seams. Embrace the comfort of oversized long-sleeves, the style points of custom v-neck shirts, or the versatility of a baseball tee.

A kid in a long sleeve shirt playing with toys.

With sizes for infants, toddlers, and kids, the Printify Catalog offers long sleeves with a taped neck and ribbed hem to limit stretching, accommodating growing children at any point in life. Order custom long-sleeves in bulk for school events, sports teams, and non-profits – a fun and budget-friendly option for events and social communities.

Design Ideas for Bulk Long Sleeve Shirt Printing

Take your shirts to the next level and find the design ideas that best suit your needs or brand identity. 

From graphics and photos to slogans and logos in multiple print styles, material fabrics, and comfort colors.

Promotional Long Sleeve Shirts

Whether it’s a set of uniforms or a brand-new collection of beautiful graphic art merchandise, promotional shirts are a great way to grow your business. Use bulk order long-sleeves for events and companies to cultivate loyal relationships.

A man in a long sleeve shirt cutting fruit.
A woman in a long sleeve shirt with headphones on.

Long Sleeve Shirts With Brand Logo

A simple logo on the shoulder could be all you need to highlight a brand and develop a sleek style. Ordering unisex long-sleeve clothes in bulk with logos, slogans, or mascots can advertise a professional and distinct brand for years to come.

Gift Long Sleeve Shirts for Holidays

Embrace holiday designs to make valuable gifts for teams and events or increase product discovery. Retail holiday sales are some of the most popular eCommerce seasons.

A woman in a long sleeve shirt putting a christmas tree on.
An image of a woman happily unboxing a light-brown cardboard package that has just been delivered.

Order Long Sleeve Shirts in Bulk

Purchase bulk shirt orders for multiple uses at a discounted price. Whether it’s for non-profit fundraising, event staff, sports teams, or you’re looking for corporate gifts and brand merchandise – bulk long-sleeve shirts are easy to design and have universal appeal.

Why Sell Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts

The global custom t-shirt printing market has grown rapidly over the years and reached a 2023 market size of

$3.8 billion

The market is expected to almost triple by 2033 at a sharp compound annual growth rate of 9.7%.

Thanks to the advantages of integrated eCommerce services like Printify and the improved quality of on-demand production, selling wholesale printed shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies can result in significant savings on bulk orders and generate high-margin profits.

Two people in a long sleeve shirts and shorts.

Why Choose Printify for Your Business

A good-quality image of a smiling woman sitting at a desk with an open laptop and writing notes in her notebook.

Low Prices

Pick from all-time Printify bestsellers to find the lowest product prices and select Print Providers with local fulfillment centers to drastically reduce bulk order shipping costs.

High-Quality Prints

Choose from modern print techniques and produce lasting designs on long sleeves made of a smooth, durable polyester blend or soft, vibrant cotton materials.

Easy Setup Tools

Select merchandise and apply designs in just a few clicks. Order in bulk with detailed print instructions and high-quality previews on the Printify Mockup Generator.

Global Print Providers

Deliver anywhere in the world through a vast network of Print Providers. Rely on accurate delivery estimates and production quality based on merchant rankings.

Fast Shipping

On-demand printing is designed to produce and deliver any amount of goods as quickly and conveniently as possible. Track all estimates and costs on the Shipping rates page.

FAQ: Bulk Long Sleeve Shirts

Buy long-sleeve shirts with Printify for the cheapest prices for custom products available. Personalize with your own photos or designs and order from local fulfillment centers. Order in bulk and receive an up to 30% shipping discount for even lower overall costs.

Buy plain long-sleeve shirts with Printify. Choose from multiple ready-made blanks from some of the top bestselling wholesale brands. Order and design yourself or customize a plain shirt with Printify’s easy-to-use Mockup Generator and print fulfillment process.

Printify offers long-sleeve shirts with up to 30% off on shipping for large bulk orders of 60 items or more. All our Catalog products have competitive wholesale prices with zero minimum or maximum order fees and an up to 20% discount on all products with Printify Premium.

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