Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024

The time has come to make a name for yourself on the Etsy Marketplace by joining the ranks of other successful Etsy sellers, who currently receive as many as 49,000 orders in a single month.

While many think that success rests entirely on stunning product photos and low product prices and shipping fees, like finding the right customer niche and accounting for numerous seller fees.

As a leading print-on-demand platform, Printify is here to provide you with the latest Etsy tips to drive your new or established business to success in 2024.

Start With Your Products

Etsy is where people go to find a quality product for any occasion.

It goes beyond arts and crafts supplies – there’s also jewelry, attire, home decor, toys, pet accessories, and just about anything else you could think of.

It’s important to ensure the products you add to Etsy’s marketplace are high-quality, unique, and, most of all, align with your brand values and creative Etsy-seller vision.

Take a look at our Product Catalog, which has more than 900 customizable products spanning a variety of product categories. Find something unique for your customers!

Is Etsy a Fit for Your Products?

Before joining other Etsy sellers on this vibrant marketplace, check in with Etsy’s Seller Policy to confirm that this platform suits your business needs.

Keep in mind that all items on Etsy must be custom, handmade, vintage, or craft supplies.

Be Aware of Etsy Fees

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 1

Even though Etsy’s fees might seem small at first when you collect all of these little charges over time, they can end up eating your profits.

This is why understanding Etsy seller fees is the key to a profitable Etsy business.

Your journey starts with $0.20 listing fees that automatically renew even when your shop is on vacation unless you manually disable them and the 6.5% transaction fee that will take a chunk of your profits from every sale.

Beyond that, there are other mandatory, region-specific, and optional fees, like offsite ads, to consider before you set prices on your product listings.

Quick Tip

All of these fees will affect the way you set your profit margins, which is why we’ve prepared a blog on Etsy fees to help you navigate through them with ease.

Select a Profitable Niche

Find the sweet spot where your creative talents align with market demand to create a winning formula for ultimate Etsy success – choose a niche of Etsy shoppers that offers substantial profit potential.

A niche is a specific segment of the market, and offering products to a particular group of buyers is a tried and tested way to ensure steady business growth and a loyal customer base.

How to know if your chosen niche is profitable?

  • Use Online Tools

Go to Google Trends or Google Ads Keyword Planner to gather information about product demand and store competition.

Check the Meta Ad Library – if companies are spending money on ads, it’s generally a sign that the niche is profitable.

  • Look at Online Marketplaces

Explore popular sales channels like Etsy, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay to see if similar products are selling well.

Keep an eye on bestsellers and positive customer reviews to get a good read of the situation.

  • Understand Your Niche

Research the individual interests and needs of your potential customers and try to find out how much they’re willing to spend on products.

Engage in social media, join relevant groups, and take a look at thematically related forums to learn what people like and want to buy.

Research Your Future Competition

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 2

In order to get a head start in this competitive marketplace, you need to set some time aside to carefully evaluate other Etsy store owners.

Understand the extent of their offers and try to pinpoint what makes each of these Etsy stores stand out from the rest.

  1. Gain Inspiration
  • Find the right competitors. Look for other sellers, from small businesses to big brands, with similar items and ideas to those you plan to sell on Etsy.
  • Review competitor Etsy stores. Look at the shop name, icon, banner, and description to understand each store’s brand image.
  • Understand competitor brand identity. Note the way in which each Etsy business speaks to customers and the language they use in their marketing efforts.
  1. Review Products
  • Look at the quality. Go through their product listings to check variations in style, material, color, and size.
    Note whether these stores offer any product personalization.
  • Check the presentation. Review the quality and type of product descriptions, photos, and keywords added to each of their Etsy listings.
  • Read customer reviews. Get a glimpse of what customers think of your competitor and their products.
    Read product reviews on Etsy and other platforms they sell on, keeping an eye out for any gaps in the market you can fill.
  1. Review Pricing
  • Check the price range. Browse through the product categories to note the full product price range these Etsy sellers offer.
    Pay attention to shipping fees, as well as fees for any customization options.
  • Note great deals and discounts. Sign up for competitor newsletters to see what deals and coupon codes they offer to their customers.
    Keep note of site-wide sales during special events and their pricing during the holiday season.
  • Draw conclusions. Identify patterns and market opportunities that you can capitalize on to stay ahead of your competition.
  1. Be Different
  • Pinpoint market gaps. Note increased demand for a product or service that your competitors aren’t recognizing but you can easily meet.
    It ranges from offering products in different categories, sizes, colors and themes all the way to product personalization options.
  • Keep an eye on the competition. Your competitors serve as valuable examples of what works and, maybe more importantly – what doesn’t work.
    Make sure to follow and react to what they’re doing so you can stay ahead of the game.
  • Use insights to innovate. instead of copying what other sellers do, offer something new and exciting to become a business customers are sure to remember.

Brand Correctly

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 3

Authenticity is the undeniable key to success, which is why you need to focus on creating a strong brand identity – it’s what will set you apart from other Etsy sellers in this crowded marketplace.

Your brand identity is the overall vibe, colors, fonts, and tone that define your Etsy shop.

Craft your brand identity through a memorable shop name, shop icon, and core values that resonate with your target audience.

Make It Happen Today!

Prepare Your Etsy Shop

From the best shop name to a warm welcome message, it’s important to sort out the details of your shop as you get ready to sell items to other people.

Go through our tips and ensure you have everything in place before launch.

Start your Etsy print on demand business today!

Set Specific and Reachable Goals

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 4

Track your progress and keep yourself motivated by figuring out what you want to achieve. Break down big-picture goals into achievable small milestones.

  • Set targets in Etsy traffic and sales. Think of the amount of traffic you want to generate and the number of orders you want to receive in your Etsy shop each month.
    Monitor these metrics in your Etsy “Shop Manager” → “Stats” and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Set targets in product and design. Set out reachable goals for yourself. For example, plan to introduce 30 new designs and add 15 new products every week.
    Focus on what you can control, and increased traffic and sales will follow.

Clear goals give you a sense of direction and purpose, while reachable milestones will keep you on track to lead any small handmade business to success.

Tell the World About Yourself

Introduce your Etsy shop and create a genuine connection with customers. Your store’s “About” page is your virtual handshake, giving your site visitors a glimpse into your creative mind.

Set some time aside to create a compelling brand story. Clarify your brand mission and values. Include relevant links and professional-looking photos, or maybe even a shop video.

When customers connect with you on a personal level, they’re more than likely to become loyal fans and returning customers.

Make Sure Everything Is Optimized

Sort out shop policies, FAQs, and announcements to guarantee a smooth online shopping experience for all of your customers.

Ensure that all the information you share is concise, helpful, and easy to understand.

When you’re ready to add a shop policy, go to your Etsy shop’s “Settings” → “Policy Settings”.

From here, you can use Etsy’s “simple policy” or create your own.

Quick Tip

Check out our blog on how to make the best Etsy shop policies to get ahead of the game.

Add a FAQ by opening up your store page and clicking on “Edit shop” in the top left.

Scroll down to “Frequently asked questions” and start answering the most pressing ones.

As far as store announcements go – keep them up-to-date with the latest and greatest in new product launches, sales, and special promotions.

More Payment Options, More Happy Customers

Roughly 11% of shoppers abandon their carts, when they discover that their preferred payment option isn’t available during checkout.

The message is clear – the easier the checkout process, the more likely a customer is to buy.

The most straightforward way to pay and get paid on Etsy is through Etsy Payments. This feature lets your customers use multiple payment options and pay for orders in their local currency.

In addition to traditional credit and debit card options, it accepts digital wallets like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Have a Pricing Strategy

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 5

Having a worked-out strategy is one of the most important aspects of running successful shops.

From figuring out how to price your products to the best time to set up email marketing campaigns, there are many factors to consider.

It’s important to:

  • Define your strategy. Set clear objectives like maximizing profit or growing a loyal customer base.
  • Compare competitor prices. Refer to insights you gathered on pricing from other Etsy sellers to better align with customer expectations.
  • Analyze your business expenses. Sum up all your costs and consider how to offer better deals than your competitors without losing profit.
    Use our Etsy Calculator to sum up expenses and calculate your profit.
  • Plan for promotions. Plan how and when you’ll offer discounts, coupon codes, or sales to attract and retain customers.
    Make sure to participate in Etsy’s sales events to gain necessary exposure.
  • Review and adapt. Adjust your pricing strategy in response to market changes, customer feedback, and the business objectives you’ve set out for your shop.

Free Domestic and International Shipping

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 6

According to Statista, approximately 68.2% of global consumers were more likely to buy a product online if it offered free delivery.

This provides you with an excellent opportunity to capitalize on expected buyer behavior by offering free shipping to your customers.

Don’t lose any profit by including the shipping fee in the item’s listing price.

If you enable free shipping on domestic orders, you will both attract more customers to your shop and boost product ranking in Etsy’s US search.

Consider offering international shipping to grow your buyer base and tap into the vast potential of the 89.9 million active buyers who shop on this marketplace.

Etsy offers three different features to set up free order delivery: 

  • Free Shipping Guarantee. Regardless of whether you’re a domestic or international seller, you can automatically apply free shipping to your US-based customer orders.
    To qualify, the order needs to include individual items priced at $35 or above or total at $35 and up.
    This guarantee covers new listings created at or above $35, regardless of your shop’s currency, and doesn’t apply to shipping prices for buyers in other countries.
    To enable this feature, go to your Etsy shop’s “Settings → “Shipping settings” → Free Shipping Guarantee tab → “Get started” → “Next” → “Set free shipping”.
  • Smart Pricing Tool. Easily adjust item prices in bulk to make up for the cost of offering free shipping via the Free Shipping Guarantee.
    This tool is available if your store is located in the US, you don’t already have free shipping on items priced at $35 or more, and you’ve set up a free shipping guarantee.
    Once you’ve set up the Free Shipping Guarantee, go to “Edit item prices to use the Smart Pricing tool.
  • Shipping Profiles. Offer free shipping for international orders or all orders placed in your shop.
    To set up free shipping profiles, go to your Etsy shop’s “Settings → “Shipping settings” → Shipping profiles → “Add a shipping profile” → Fill out the required details → Save.

Don’t Chase Perfection

Perfectionism can become a creative roadblock that keeps you from launching your Etsy shop and stops you from bringing new products to your offer.

Highlight the fact you offer custom and handmade items, which makes them unique and quite literally one-of-a-kind.

All you need to do is give an accurate description of the products you offer and make sure to place sample orders to verify the quality of your products and prints.

Quick Tip

Take a look at our merchant success stories and take advice from other successful Etsy sellers who chose to work with Printify.

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Work on Product Listings

Back to the main reason why Etsy shoppers end up at your store in the first place – custom and handmade products.

Prepare your product listings in a way that clearly shows how these products can add value to the lives of your customers.

Make Outstanding Product Photos

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 7

It’s clear that high-quality photos are the stars of the shop, working their magic to entice customers and boost sales.

If you’re taking your own product photos – use natural or soft studio lighting to highlight their features – capture your products from different angles, clearly showing the size, color, material, and texture.

If you don’t have the right setting or your products on hand – take advantage of the free product mockups in our Mockup Generator or get your product photos from Placeit.

Don’t overlook the benefits of lifestyle images and videos to show your products in use in a real-world setting.

Quick Tip

Check out our blog on how to take product photos and go through some excellent product photography ideas to boost your sales.

Organize Your Store Like a Pro

Make your store easy to navigate by sorting your items into clear product categories.

Etsy enables you to group products into shop sections based on factors like type, theme, size, or price point.

A sorted and well-organized shop makes shopping more enjoyable and encourages visitors to stay longer and discover even more of your unique product offers.

Assign Categories and Attributes

Great photos and detailed product descriptions are not the only way for potential buyers to get a clear idea of what you’re selling – you can also match customers up with products they’re trying to find.

Etsy has consulted both buyers and sellers about ways to improve product search and published a comprehensive list of categories and subcategories to use when creating products.

Assign the right category, so people, who search for a product like yours, can easily find it.

On top of that, use attributes to give a detailed description of the items you’re selling and improve search visibility.

Titles, Descriptions, and Tags

Another way to ensure your products show up in relevant search results, leading to increased exposure and more sales, is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Create accurate, engaging, and informative product descriptions and tags. You’re able to add up to 13 descriptive keywords like “yellow sneakers” or “custom jewelry” to your listings.

Take advantage of keyword research tools like eRank and Alura to find relevant keywords and improve your SEO game in a flash.

Quick Tip

Take a look at our blog on how to get noticed on Etsy with SEO to find the latest advice on establishing a solid presence on Etsy.

Market Your Store Right

Expert Tips for Selling on Etsy in 2024 8

From SEO to email campaigns, through social media, and Etsy Ads, there are countless ways to spread the word about your amazing shop by implementing smart marketing techniques.

Go through our list and make sure to have everything in check.

Build an Email Database

Boost sales by inviting customers to join your inner circle and stay updated on the latest – product launches, exclusive discounts, and fun behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Create an email subscription link through services like MilerLite or AWeber, and share it on your store page with a sidebar widget or post it on social media.

Give Social Media a Go

From Instagram‘s visual storytelling to X‘s memorable posts, each platform offers a unique way to connect with your audience.

Share snapshots of your creative process, unveil new designs, and interact with your followers across many social channels.

Social media is an extension of your virtual storefront window – make it inviting, exciting, and impossible to pass by.

Try Etsy Ads

Use Etsy’s built-in advertising features to amplify your presence on this sales channel through search results.

Showcase your products through Etsy Search, as well as the Category and Market pages, on both and the Etsy app.

From your Etsy “Shop Manager” → “Marketing” → “Etsy Ads” → Set a daily spending budget – with a daily minimum as low as $1.00 → “Start advertising”.

By strategically allocating your budget and adjusting your ad settings, you can reach the right audience at the right time, turning curious clicks into enthusiastic buyers.

Consider Paid Search Engine Marketing

Look into the option to advertise your products on search engines through Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, or use Etsy’s built-in Offsite Ads feature.

You’ll mostly be looking at pay-per-click or pay-per-sale ads that direct potential customers straight to your shop.

This type of marketing expands your reach and taps into the vast pool of online shoppers searching for products on popular internet browsers.

Start a Print-on-Demand Etsy Store With Printify

From a little gift and thank you card to custom apparel and home decor, Printify enables you to add your designs to a wide range of customizable goods.

There are no order minimums, no startup costs and there is no need to keep inventory.

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Create Custom Products

Go through our Product Catalog with over 900 customizable products to find goods to sell on Etsy.

Upload or create new designs with our Mockup Generator. Use free graphics and design tools and pick the best product photo for each Etsy listing.

Connect Your Store

Link your Etsy up with Printify for automated order fulfillment. Easily publish the products you created to your store and start selling!

Don’t stop there – connect to other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces with ease through our automated integrations.

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From the best Etsy store name to the lowest shipping fee, there are many small but significant details to keep in mind when selling items on this bustling marketplace.

Go through our Etsy tips and ensure that your store is all ready to start selling and prepared to increase sales in a flash.

Remember that if you want to get custom and creative, try print-on-demand with Printify!

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