How to Make the Best Etsy Shop Policies

How to Make the Best Etsy Shop Policies

Even with high competition, Etsy maintains a massive share of the online marketplace, attracting 94.1 million users and hosting 7.3 million sellers in Q3 2022. 

Every detail matters when it comes to making your store stand out from competitors, from marketing strategies to tweaking your Etsy shop policies.

Let’s take a look at what’s changed in Etsy’s policies and how to adjust them.

Why Write Etsy Shop Policies?

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Etsy shop policies are optional, at least officially. 

If you’re an EU-based seller or sell to EU buyers, it’s important to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have a privacy policy. While Etsy doesn’t demand it, they do recommend that all sellers create a privacy policy, as many other countries have similar data protection laws.

Users with a registered business benefit by having written policies. By establishing shop policies, you can address potential issues like returns and cancellations in advance. These policies ensure that you and your customers are protected and on the same page.  

From a marketing perspective, shops with clear policies have an advantage over sellers without them, improving trust and underscoring the business’s credibility and professionalism. If important information is missing in a product listing or there’s unclear information about privacy or customs, it can affect buyers purchasing decisions.

Business requirements vary according to country and state. After your Etsy shop returns a consistent profit, your regulatory authorities may require a license. Also, depending on your business plan, policies on privacy may be necessary. 

The IRS gives nine questions to help you identify an activity as a hobby or a business. 

Do you need a business license to sell on Etsy? Learn more about that in our blog article.

Why Write Etsy Shop Policies?

First, it’s necessary to differentiate between Etsy policies for sellers and stores.

The Etsy Seller Policy is a set of rules that every seller, whether an individual or a business, must agree to and abide by when opening a shop.

The updated seller policy from December 2022 states what can and can’t be sold, service level standards, forbidden content (such as hateful or derogatory language), privacy, communication standards, and Etsy’s Purchase Protection program for sellers.

Sellers’ policies evidently can’t be changed – customers and sellers comply with them or can be banned from the platform.

Etsy Store policies are rules sellers create to run their businesses and handle potential issues with buyers (more on buyers’ rights in the FAQ section). 

That includes, for instance, informing beforehand if the shop accepts returns for certain goods, cancellations, and other elements like privacy protection, estimated delivery dates, and customs taxes. 

Sellers can customize these policies and should write them in detail before setting up their shop. However, Etsy automates many of these policies, offering pre-set options to sellers. 

This helps prevent, for instance, buyers from questioning the existence of a policy or its specific terms, as the platform provides a set of predetermined options. 

Disclaimer Note

Etsy constantly updates its terms and services, including policies. Check the Printify blog and Etsy Seller Handbook to stay in the loop.

How to Edit Shop Policies on Etsy

To edit Etsy shop policies, use a web browser on a laptop or mobile. Adding or editing them using the Etsy Seller app is not possible. 

To edit them, go to Etsy and open the Shop Manager at the top right-hand menu. 

Select Settings at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Click Policy Settings and choose the tabs with the policies you want to edit – Returns & Exchanges, Cancellations, Privacy, or Fixed.

Check out how setting up an Etsy store compares to other eCommerce platforms in our Shopify vs Etsy article. 

Etsy Shop Policies

You can easily set up and modify these four tabs with the Etsy shop policies anytime. Let’s explore how to do it and what factors to consider. 

Returns & Exchanges

Etsy has notably simplified the process of creating return and exchange policies. Instead of writing a lengthy text, sellers can simply tick some boxes and choose options from drop lists. 

Visit the Returns & Exchanges tab to indicate if your store accepts returns and exchanges. On the same page, choose return deadlines, ranging from seven to 90 days of delivery. 

Etsy messages or Etsy’s case system are the preferred channels for solving return issues. 

In any case, the default Etsy return policy for sellers determines that when stores offer returns, buyers are responsible for postage costs and loss in value of returned goods.  

The platform also requires that sellers issue refunds for returned items and provide Etsy with proof of the replacement product’s shipping. 

Transactions involving sellers or buyers in the EU must comply with the EU Directive on Consumer Rights. Disputes between buyers and sellers can be resolved through Etsy’s case system or the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform, but Etsy recommends using its own system, highlighting its speed and effectiveness. 

Consumers from the EU and the UK have the right of withdrawal, meaning a minimum 14-day cancellation, except if the buyer was informed about an exception to the rule before purchasing a product. A receipt email or additional communication proof may be required.

Professional sellers on Etsy based in the EU and the UK must comply with these requirements and take them into account when defining their return policies.


Sellers can define a general shop policy on cancellations in the Cancellations tab. You only need to click the checkbox informing whether your shop accepts them. If your store allows cancellations, the drop list provides pre-set timelines from before the item was dispatched to seven days. 

The section has an area for sellers to insert a withdrawal form and a checkbox for displaying the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform. Etsy has a cancellation form template available in English, French, and German

In addition to the right of withdrawal for EU and UK customers, Etsy defines a general Cancellation Policy that applies to every seller and buyer. 

Only sellers can cancel orders. A customer has to contact the seller via Etsy messages to do it.

Orders can be canceled under certain circumstances after mutual agreement between the seller and buyer before the product is dispatched.

Sellers can cancel orders if the customer hasn’t paid or received the product even after the seller shows proof of dispatch. In these cases, the seller should issue a refund.


The Privacy tab should contain the most detailed information. As stated before, sellers in the EU or dealing with EU customers must comply with GDPR

In reality, you’ll never know where your customers come from. There’s no reason to reject European buyers, and other countries have been applying similar local laws to protect personal data and private information. Therefore, any Etsy seller should have a GDPR-compliant policy.

A GDPR-compliant policy should be thorough and specify how and why buyer information is received and stored. Use the Etsy template for writing a privacy policy available in the Seller Handbook. 

After explaining privacy legislation, the page contains a text under the “Creating a Privacy Policy for Your Shop” section that can be copy-pasted, with due alterations – your personal and business address and any other information you may want to change. 

In addition, Etsy forbids using personal information and sending unrequested messages via the Etsy message system or elsewhere.

Marketing communication should only happen with buyer consent. It’s fine to implement, for instance, an email marketing campaign, however, sellers must have written authorization from customers to add them to an email list. 

Fixed Policies

This section can’t be edited. It states general Etsy policies related to shipping and customs in different destinations and helps protect sellers from delays and complications beyond their control. 

You can alter estimated delivery times directly in the listings. 

Regarding customs and import taxes, as per Etsy policies, buyers are only responsible for paying customs fees. Also, sellers are not responsible for delays due to customs inspections and procedures.  

Check out our master guide on how to sell on Etsy for more information on editing and optimizing listings. You can also check out our article about best-selling items on Etsy and take your listings to the next level.

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How Printify Policies Can Help Etsy Sellers

Printify has terms and services that can help Etsy sellers add additional policies to their shops. It’s possible to add some details to the shop information and description or directly in specific listing descriptions when appropriate. 

Also, these terms may help sellers when communicating directly with buyers. 

Finally, many of Printify’s policies may be described or adapted when a shop owns an external website or a Pattern subscription with Etsy.

Start your Etsy print on demand business today!

Printify and Cancellations

An order can be canceled before it’s sent to production. If the product is in production, data and money have already been transferred to the Print Provider. 

Our Merchant Support team may attempt to cancel the order (for a refund). However, there are no guarantees once an item has entered the production process. For more information on canceling an order, check our Help Center.

Increase the performance of your listings, customer satisfaction, and business profitability – learn more about Etsy advertising and how to make money on Etsy in our blog.

Printify and Refunds

If a product has arrived damaged or flawed due to a manufacturing error, Printify offers a refund (or free replacement, including shipping) of the damaged item. 

Contact Merchant Support within 30 days (domestic orders) or 45 days (international orders) of the damaged product delivery. There is no need to send the product back to us at Printify.

Printify and Returns

As mentioned, we don’t require sending back faulty or damaged items. If one of these unfortunate issues does pop up, all we need is photo proof. Our Merchant Support team will assist with any questions, comments, feedback, or concerns.

Printify and Shipping

All sales channels have a standard shipping option. This flat rate is the most common method. Check for exact shipping rates and additional details, like delivery and processing times for each Print Provider. 

Upgraded shipping options largely depend on the Print Provider. Here’s a list of the Print Providers that offer priority shipping. We do our best to get all the tracking information to our merchants as quickly as possible. This information can be forwarded to customers to keep track of shipping times. 

Specifying every Print Provider you use (and their respective addresses) can be difficult. Instead, it’s possible to provide Printifys address – 108 West 13th Street, Wilmington, Delaware 19801.

As buyers sometimes use incorrect or incomplete information when purchasing, it’s important to outline how such errors will be handled in your Etsy shop policies. This helps prevent misunderstandings and minimizes posting and shipping errors.

Printify and Buyer's Remorse

If the order arrives at a buyer’s specified address in a reasonable time, in good condition, in the correct size, and has no production errors, we don’t see a reason to accept returns and exchanges.

24/7 Merchant Support

We’ve got your back regarding anything related to print on demand. Our assistance teams are on standby to help with any relevant questions about your store, customers, Etsy shop policies, and more.


Sellers can find and edit Etsy shop policies in the Shop Manager, Settings, and Policy Settings.

What should I include in my Etsy shop policies?

  • Returns & Exchanges 
  • Cancellations
  • Privacy
  • Fixed Policies

Except for Privacy (for which Etsy gives a template), the other topics are automatized and require only clicking checkboxes and drop lists.

Sellers must comply with Etsy’s terms of service for sellers. These terms specify which items can be sold, forbidden products, and prohibition of hateful and derogatory language. Seller policies also establish communication and service level standards and how to solve customer disputes.

Buyers can receive a full refund for purchases that didn’t arrive, are damaged, or differ from the product description.

Customers from the EU and the UK can withdraw for 14 days after purchase. They may appeal using Etsy’s case system or the EU Online Dispute Resolution platform or contact Etsy support. 

Also, buyers in the EU have their privacy rights ensured by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Wrapping Up

Clear Etsy shop policies increase credibility and make communication with customers easier. With the last updates, Etsy has made creating policies simple and straightforward. 

Make sure your Etsy shop keeps the highest standards with up-to-date policies. And count on Printify to take your shop to the next level!

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  1. Jenny
    March 14

    What happens if a customer cancels and order on Etsy, and you don’t cancel the Printify order (manually) in time. It is too late and they have processed the order?

    1. Ariel Summers
      May 17

      Hi Jenny,

      If order isn’t cancelled on Printify, then it’ll be sent to your customer, even if it was cancelled on Etsy.

  2. Edward Chimwemwe Chiphwanya
    June 25

    Here too I need more information how to be doing things because am one of the people started my Etsy store recently

    1. Martha Simmons
      June 26

      Hi Edward,
      Please reach out to our merchant support team via the live chat on our website, or email them to [email protected]. They will assist you with setting things up and answer all your questions. You can also check out the Help Center on our website, where you will find guides and tutorials on setting up a store, creating products and much more.

  3. ConjureMama
    June 5

    Im guessing this article is a little outdated? There is no option called “Sales Channels” and when you do go into the policy settings you can not add *any* text. You can only select the preset options that etsy gives you.
    Shop Manager > Settings > Policy Settings
    All of the options only have preset settings that you can click. There is no where to paste anything from the templates above.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      June 7

      Hi there!
      Please reach out to our Merchant Support team and they will guide you through it, and answer any additional questions you might have.
      You can either use the 24/7 live chat on your Printify account or fill out this form here.

  4. Hiruy
    May 24

    Am from africa.. and ETSY and other website not available to post and payment from africa is there any option to post my product which I make it in printify to go in the market..

    1. Florence Kingsley
      May 25

      Hi there Hiruy,
      Yes, there are other sales channels we integrate with. Please see more information here. Hope this helps!

  5. Kat
    January 26

    as the owner of the etsy shop do you handle cancellations/refunds on behalf of the buyer/Customer?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      January 27

      Hi there!
      Currently we do not offer such service, however, in case of a damaged product or a manufacturing error, we do offer a free replacement or a refund if you contact us within 30 days of product delivery. Please see more information here.
      If the order hasn’t been sent to production yet, the order can be canceled, as well as edited by yourself in your Printify account. You can also add or remove products, as well as edit the shipping details. More information and a step-by-step guide can be found here.

  6. KMT
    January 1

    Etsy doesn’t let you write in your own policy’s though …so how can this be applied?

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 2

      Hi there,
      You can edit and set up your own Etsy store policies, however, you must do it via the mobile web or desktop versions of Etsy.

      To set up your shop policies:

      – On, open Shop Manager.
      – Select Settings.
      – Choose Policy Settings.

      Your policies have several sections and are separated into different tabs: Returns & exchanges; Cancellations; Privacy, and Fixed.

  7. Kelsey Johnson
    December 30

    I don’t see anywhere to actually write any of these? I just see sections with selectable options. Where can I use these nicely-worded policies??

    1. Martha Simmons
      January 2

      Hi Kelsey,
      This is something that you need to do on Etsy’s side. To set up your shop policies:

      – On, open Shop Manager.
      – Select Settings.
      – Choose Policy Settings.

      Your policies have several sections and are separated into different tabs: Returns & exchanges; Cancellations; Privacy, and Fixed.

  8. g
    October 25

    Where is “sales channel” located in the shop manager? I’m in my shop and not seeing it anywhere…

    1. Florence Kingsley
      October 26

      Hi there!
      It is right next to the Account button. Please see this article about how to connect a store. In case any other questions arise, feel free to get in touch with our Merchant Support team here or via 24/7 live chat on your Printify account.

  9. Abby
    October 20

    I appreciate this article. I will like to know if I can copy these policies to my store or is it a violation?
    Second question: the printify policies is referring to the seller only or can I copy both Printify and Esty policies to my store ( in case it’s legal to do so)?
    Thank you

    1. Florence Kingsley
      October 23

      Hi there!
      Yes, you can use these templates. Our Terms of Service are referring to sellers, however if anything can be useful, feel free to adjust it and add it to your store.

  10. Nilesh
    September 30

    I can use these templates on my Etsy seller’s account, right? Just want to make sure there is no violation. Thanks

    1. Martha Simmons
      October 3

      Hi Nilesh,
      Yes, you can!

  11. Sei
    September 6

    Do you have a “How to Make the Best Shopify Shop Policies + Free Templates You Can Copy” article?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      September 7

      Hi there!
      Thank you for your suggestion, perhaps we will have to make one in the future.:) However, there are some other articles about Shopify, please see here.

  12. Mavis
    August 10

    Am I allowed to use these templates on my Shopify store as well?

    1. Florence Kingsley
      August 10

      Hi Mavis,
      Shopify might have different policies, so we would advise to double-check if any of those templates cover all the necessary information.

  13. Abinayasree Prabhakaran
    July 16

    If in case a customer cancels my order on Etsy, then should I cancel the order with printify manually or will it be automatically cancelled by printify???

    1. Martha Simmons
      July 18

      Hi there,
      You should immediately cancel it on Printify manually, as the orders do not get cancelled automatically.

  14. Rob
    June 27

    I can see the policies under “Policy Settings”, but there is no apparent way to change or add policies, other then the privacy policy.

    1. Martha Simmons
      June 27

      Hi Rob,
      To set up your shop policies, go on and open Shop Manager. Select Settings. Choose Policy Settings.

      Your shop policies should have several sections. Each section is a template, and you can select the options that you want for your shop. However, please note that you can’t add your shop policies from the Sell on Etsy app. You can only edit your policies on the app once you set them up.

      If you still can’t locate them, please reach out to Etsy support.

  15. Kat Downie
    April 28

    This was very helpful! And sparked ideas for what to write. I went into it not knowing what to say or do.

    1. Florence Kingsley
      April 28

      Hi Kat,
      Happy to hear you liked the article!

  16. Tara
    April 13

    Thank you so much for this! Just updated my policies!

    1. Martha Simmons
      April 14

      Hi Tara,
      Glad you enjoyed our article.

  17. Brandy
    April 8

    Thank you, this article was very helpful, as I am new to this and wouldn’t have thought of it until something happened and then I would have been out of luck! Also, the advice on the delivery of the policies were spot on!

    1. Martha Simmons
      April 11

      Hi Brandy,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed this article and found it helpful! We appreciate your feedback.


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