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Etsy Fee Calculator

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Our Etsy Calculator will provide a breakdown of expenses and fees related to selling on Etsy.

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Save precious time and brainpower by automating the Etsy fee calculation process.

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After accounting for all associated Etsy costs, gain a precise understanding of your future earnings.

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The listed fees are for US-based orders only. The Etsy Calculator provides approximates for the total cost and profit associated with an order.

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Long-term eCommerce success and building a lasting revenue stream requires in-depth knowledge of all the Etsy seller fees you’ll encounter. To make this easier – use the Etsy pricing calculator.

Etsy Fees Explained

Etsy users have to take into account multiple different fees, starting with payment processing and going all the way to marketing.

Understanding Etsy fees will help you accurately calculate profits and set your store up for success. We’ve included a clear overview of the fees you’ll receive from Etsy.

Listing and Transaction Fees

Etsy’s mandatory fees are the core of all Etsy payments associated with selling on the platform. 

They’ll affect the sale price and total revenue from each sale you make, therefore an essential factor to consider when pricing your products.

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Listing Fees

You'll receive listing fees for each product you add to your store, regardless of whether they sell.

Transaction Fees

You'll need to pay a transaction fee on every sale you make. It's calculated from your total costs, including the retail price, shipping, and gift wrapping.

Region-Specific Fees

Etsy fees go beyond the listing and transaction fees. Region-specific fees are associated with your customers’ location and are converted to your payment account currency.

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Payment Processing Fees

You're charged payment processing fees on every sale you make. They’re calculated from the item’s total sale price, including shipping fees and any applicable sales or value-added tax.

Currency Conversion Fees

These Etsy fees depend on whether you're selling to customers outside of the country where your bank account is registered. Etsy Payments automatically converts prices to your customer's local currency.

VAT and Sales Tax

Depending on the location of your store and your customer, an Etsy VAT fee or sales tax may also be applied to the order.

Regulatory Operating Fees

Sellers in countries outside of the United States can see a small regulatory fee. This is charged on the total cost of the item price, including product personalization, shipping, and gift wrapping.

Optional Fees

Etsy fees also include costs for using specific services, which help you market and sell your goods to customers.

Etsy ads fees

In addition to Etsy search engine optimization and offering free shipping, you can also sell using ads. The fee depends on your daily budget in your store settings.

Offsite ads fees

The Etsy offsite ads fee is for advertising your listings on Etsy publishing partners and Google display network sites. You'll be charged an Etsy offsite ads fee for orders attributed to this service.

Subscription fees

Etsy offers a subscription package called Etsy Plus that comes with a wide range of perks like listing credits, custom packaging, and advanced store customization options.

Shipping label fees

Etsy offers the option to charge the shipping price and print shipping labels. These are based on the package weight, dimensions, distance, and chosen shipping carrier.

In-person selling fees

Download the Square app to process in-person payments at local markets and art fairs, and use the Square integration to link up your Etsy and Square accounts.

Pattern fees

Pattern is Etsy’s own website builder that gives you a standalone website separate from the Etsy Marketplace.

Pro tip: Check out our blog for a more in-depth review of the fees Etsy charges, examples, and expert advice.

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Step 5

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When considering a listing price, be sure to account for listing fees and the possible transaction fee you’ll need to pay each time you make a sale. Make sure you’ve accounted for any Etsy offsite ads fees, as well as Etsy Payments, depending on your setup.

Once you have a clear estimate, add it to your base product, shipping costs, and your set profit margin.

It can vary based on the product, but selling prices with a 40% profit margin should cover all associated Etsy charges and leave some money for your business.

It’s also the default total profit margin we set for all products on the Etsy sales channel from Printify.

Go one step further by carrying out market research on the specific product you’re selling to make sure that you’ve set competitive prices.

Add all costs associated with your Etsy product listing – retail and wholesale product price, shipping expenses, payment processing fees, and all other applicable Etsy fees.

The calculator will work out the total of all Etsy’s fees, offering a selling price recommendation.

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