How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers

In eCommerce, eBay remains one of the most popular marketplaces for online shopping – there are around 135 million eBay users worldwide. If you could reach even a fraction of these eBay buyers, your business and profit could skyrocket.

To get more views, traffic, and sales, potential buyers need to find you first – getting your listing to appear at the top of eBay’s search results is vital. The key to this puzzle lies in the unique way eBay’s search engine – Cassini – works.

With Printify’s help, you’ll be able to build a profitable eBay store that stands out and is loved by both the Cassini search engine and eBay buyers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get more views on eBay with tried-and-tested methods: utilizing search engine optimization (SEO), perfecting listings, adding high-quality images, writing accurate product descriptions, and more.

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Cassini and eBay Listings:
What Every eBay Seller Should Know

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 1

Similar to other search engines, Cassini is interested in helping users quickly find what they’re looking for.

While eBay hasn’t released documentation on how search results are calculated, they’ve given a few fundamental principles.

  • Data-driven. eBay uses the mountains of data it has – seller performance, listing data, return policy, buyer preferences, and various other parameters.
  • Value-driven. The core values of the Cassini search engine are relevance, value, trust, and convenience.
  • Buyer-oriented. Cassini puts emphasis on the customer – eBay is interested in providing search results that are most likely to result in sales. Happy buyers, happy sellers.

With this in mind, when optimizing for Cassini, here are a few things that can harm your ranking:

  • Incomplete listings. Cassini uses the data in the listing – item description, condition, and specifics – to rank results.
  • Low-quality images. High-quality images are essential. They need to be large, clear, and appealing, lowering the chance of being ignored.
  • Poor customer service. Trust and performance matter – sellers consistently providing excellent customer service will be more visible. If other sellers offer the same product, customer service can set you apart.
  • Irrelevant categories. When listing your products, don’t use the wrong category when listing your products just because it’s more popular. You’ll get a lower conversion rate and fewer sales because the buyers will have difficulty getting relevant results.
  • Keyword stuffing. Avoid putting varied, unrelated keywords to get listed on as many searches as possible. eBay doesn’t like it if buyers don’t benefit from it or find it relevant. In short, keyword stuffing is a big no-no.

Now that we know what Cassini doesn’t like, later we’ll look at what it does like and explore several ways to get more views on eBay, helping you rank higher in search results.

Where to Find eBay Page Views

You get a page view when a potential buyer lands on your listing. To learn how to get more views on eBay, you first need to learn how to keep track of the performance of your listings.

With this information, you can see what works and what doesn’t, incrementally making improvements to get better results.

Here are a few places you can find the page views of your eBay listing:

  • My eBay, Seller Hub, and Active and Unsold pages in the eBay app.
  • On the Listings page in both the eBay app and website.
  • Review your traffic page on the Seller Hub Performance tab.
  • In Promoted listings campaigns in your Advertising dashboard under Marketing. Here, it’s called “Clicks,” not page views.

In the majority of places where you can see the page view number, clicking on it allows you to see a listing traffic history report. It will show the page views of your listing over time, enabling you to see trends that you can analyze and use to your advantage.

How to Boost Visibility With eBay SEO?

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 4

If your products get lost in the sea of search results, you’re losing potential buyers. Increasing the visibility of your products is one of the most important factors in making sales on eBay.

If you’re wondering how to increase page views on eBay, try optimizing your listings for better visibility by using eBay SEO.

With these 14 practical tips, you’ll be able to satisfy eBay’s search algorithm, increase your visibility, and ultimately, get more sales as a result.

Optimize Your eBay Listings for Keywords

eBay’s mission is to provide the best online shopping experience, allowing buyers to find what they’re looking for quickly. When it comes to selling on eBay, keywords play a crucial role.

Start by doing keyword research. An easy way to begin is to pretend you’re a buyer and search on eBay for what’s in your inventory.

When you get the search results, you’ll see a number of top-rated sellers on the first page. Take note of the essential keywords they use and try to incorporate some of them in these key areas: 

  • Page titles
  • Product descriptions
  • Categories
  • Meta tags
  • Image alt tags

As an alternative, you can use tools such as Google Trends, Ahrefs, or Semrush to find what relevant keywords are trending.

A good rule of thumb is to use the most searched-for keywords first, naturally embedding them into all your listings without overusing them.

As per eBay’s guidelines on keywords in descriptions, you should describe your product in about 200 words, with important keyword phrases making up 5–7%. In 200 words of text, you should use your keywords around 10–14 times.

Write a Good Title and Description

The best listings are short, clear, and precise. Get good examples by researching your competition – explore other listings, especially those that rank on the first page.

In addition, familiarize yourself with eBay’s guide on writing a good title and description to increase the chances that buyers will find your products.

Select Fitting Categories

While categories are not the first means of navigation, they’re often used as a secondary filter, making the search result more relevant.

Try to choose the most accurate category so that buyers who filter the results will still find your product.

Failing to do so risks falling out of favor with Cassini: eBay gives weight to the appropriateness of the category in which the listing is placed.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

As more buyers turn to digital shopping, it’s important to optimize your eBay listings for mobile devices. More than half of all eBay transactions were viewed on a mobile device prior to purchase.

When your listing is ready, check whether it’s mobile-friendly. To help you, eBay offers best practices for creating mobile-friendly listings.

Fill in Item Specifics

In a marketplace as vast as eBay, people use filters to quickly find what they’re looking for.

If you want your products to appear when people use filters, you need to provide them with item specifics – brand, size, type, color, and other relevant information. In doing so, your eBay listing will gain more visibility, helping you to get more sales.

For more details, eBay has prepared an informational guide on item specifics, explaining their benefits, features for finding missing item specifics, and more.

Take Beautiful Product Images

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 6

In eCommerce, images matter.  dismiss their importance If you’re wondering how to get more traffic on eBay. Your listing may appear on eBay search results, but if it’s ignored by buyers, you’re leaving money on the table.

Images that are clear, big, and eye-catching make it easier to get more eBay views and entice people to make a purchase.

Learn how to take product photos for your online store. This article describes how to set up a product and professional lighting, choose the right settings, edit images, and everything else you need to know to take a photo that’s just right.

If you can’t afford professional lighting or don’t want to spend the money, don’t worry – Printify has collaborated with Placeit, enabling you to create realistic mockups without investing a fortune.

Price Your Products With Precision

Always try to be competitive on price; eBay is well-known for its bargains – listing products at the right price will help them sell. With its product-based shopping model, pricing is of utmost importance.

If eBay considers your pricing competitive, your listings will rank higher in “Best Match” searches.

When setting a price, consider:

  • Analyzing the competition. How many sellers offer similar products? See what most eBay sellers are charging, and set your price accordingly. Try to avoid a price war; it can result in paper-thin profit margins.
  • Using psychologically appealing prices. For example, try to keep the numbers to the left of the decimal point low – $2.99 instead of $3.17. To increase eBay sales, explore the most common pricing strategies.

In case you do price your products lower than the competition, use professional images to showcase the quality and reinforce value. If your prices are higher, make sure your descriptions are written to sell.

Maintain Good Seller Rating and Reputation

If you receive negative feedback, Cassini will lower your listing’s rating – your performance as a seller, in all its aspects, is taken into account when placing your listings in the search results.

To make sure that your listings gain as much visibility as possible, you should:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your ratings. Pay attention to performance metrics in Seller Hub. Once they start to slip, take note and make adjustments.
  • Regularly check buyer messages. Everyone – you, me, Cassini – values a prompt and polite reply to their queries. On eBay, quality communication is critical to your seller account performance. 
  • Accurately convey dispatch time and fees.  clearly communicate all the relevant information to keep Cassini and buyers happy.
  • Remove negative reviews. While it’s not always possible to remove these, you can always find a way to fix the situation that will encourage your customer to take it down themselves and leave positive feedback.

With excellent customer service handled professionally, you can win customers for life. Not only that – it also greatly contributes to your ranking on eBay, helping you to keep your eBay listings ranking high.

Try eBay Promoted Listings Campaign

In a few words, a promoted listing pushes your product to the top of eBay search results. If your listings often show up on page three or four, these can help you gain more visibility.

There are three different ways to promote listings:

  • Promoted Listings Standard. With this option, you’re only charged when an eBay visitor clicks on your promoted listing and buys from you.
  • Promoted Listings Express. If you’d like to boost the visibility of your auction-style listings, this one’s for you.
  • Promoted Listings Advanced. A cost-per-click type of campaign. Preferred access to the top slots of search results drives traffic to your listings.

To increase the likelihood of sales and boost your visibility, you can learn more about promoted listings from eBay.

Boost Visibility of Your eBay Store Through Social Media

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 8

If you’re wondering how to get more views on eBay, social media offers a solution that needs no in-depth explanation.

Whether it’s on Facebook, Reddit, or anywhere else where people of various passions gather, sharing your eBay listings is an easy way to get more quality views and increase the chance of making a sale.

Get More Views on eBay by Keeping It Fresh

Cassini favors stores that are active – by continually adding new products and updating old ones, you gain its favor.

If you can’t add products on a certain day, you can use eBay’s scheduling feature to schedule them to start selling.

Offer Free Shipping and a Fair Return Policy

It is much easier to entice people to make a purchase with free shipping. Since most sellers offer returns, creating a fair return policy is important, too.

Try to evaluate your costs and see whether they can be lowered. Accommodating free shipping and returns can help to sway undecided buyers. 

Consider how to sell multiple items in one order – this can help you save money on shipping.

Offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery

If you offer guaranteed delivery, free shipping, and a fair return policy, you’ve got a great combination of three of the things customers love the most.

In a few words, eBay guaranteed delivery is a promise to their buyers – items will arrive by a specific date. If not, eBay makes it right.

By offering guaranteed delivery and free shipping, you’re going to get a lot more views and sales. Learn everything you need to know about the guaranteed delivery option at the eBay website.

Qualify for Top-Rated Seller Status on eBay

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 9

To make sure that you stand out among other eBay stores, become one of the very best sellers by meeting eBay’s Top-Rated Seller benchmarks: low defect rate, low late shipment rate, few cases closed without a seller resolution, and other benchmarks.

While it takes time, patience, and persistence, earning this status is a worthwhile endeavor that’ll undoubtedly result in more eBay sales.

Time to Give it a Go – Start Selling on eBay with Printify

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, Printify has everything you need to easily start selling on eBay.

With our seamless integration for eBay, you can be up and running in no time. If you like eCommerce marketplaces, Etsy is a great option, too – learning how to get more sales on Etsy can be a game-changer.

Quick Tip

If you prefer eCommerce platforms instead of marketplaces, Shopify is a great choice as well. Take a look at our Shopify vs eBay comparison to see which suits your business needs the best.

Step 1: Create a Printify Account

Start by signing up for a free Printify account. You get access to our catalog of more than 900 high-quality products, our easy-to-use Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator), and our extensive network of carefully selected print providers.

Step 2: Integrate With Printify

Now that you have a Printify account, just follow these instructions to connect your eBay store with our platform. Once ready, you can move on to the next step – designing your next bestseller.

Step 3: Choose, Design, and Publish Your First Product

With our wide variety of products, finding things to sell on eBay is easy. You can use our Product Creator to design and create one-of-a-kind products that you can effortlessly publish to your store.

Step 4: Start Promoting and Selling Your Products on eBay

Now that all is set up, all that’s left is promoting your products and watching the sales come in. When you sell a product, we’ll swiftly print, package, and ship directly to your customer’s doorstep.

How to Get More Views on eBay:
A Few Closing Thoughts

How to Get More Views on eBay in 2024: 14 Practical Tips for eBay Sellers 10

If you want to increase eBay sales, getting more views is vital. While it may take some trial and error, implementing these strategies is well worth the effort.

In a few words, here’s a quick recap on how to boost your eBay listings:

  • Optimize for keywords
  • Write a good title and description
  • Select the right categories
  • Make your listings mobile-friendly
  • Fill in item specifics
  • Take beautiful product photos
  • Price your products right
  • Maintain good seller rating and reputation
  • Try eBay Promoted Listings
  • Boost visibility through social media
  • Offer free shipping and a fair return policy
  • Strive to become a top seller

Implement these strategies, tweak them here and there, and continue improving your eBay store. You’ll be well on your way to success and greater profits in the future.

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