Custom Slides

Personalized slides, are they even a thing? This isn’t doodling on white sneakers or gluing glitter on stilettos. We’re talking about custom slides that stand out, are fully functional, attractive to customers, and have a solid profit margin. 

Enduring Support

Audiences won’t wear your custom slides if they’re painful. Fortunately, embossed insoles provide stellar comfort all the way around.

Stunning Appearance

A fully printable strap surface provides a toes-up billboard. Quality printing means your design will stand the test of time.

Built to Last

These custom slides are made from firm PVC foam – perfect for daily use. Navigate the beach and beyond without worry.

Why Sell Custom Slides Online?

This year’s top Summer shoes are slide sandals – an open-toed shoe that, until recently, was worn only before swimming lessons. Today, not only do swimmers wear this type of shoe around the pool, but they are one of the trendiest shoes of 2022. Loved by everyone, slide sandals have reached new horizons – from the beach to the office and sometimes even nightclubs. 

People love unique items that resonate with their soul and personal style. Besides, this year’s sandal market looks especially good, since we’re allowed to be outside more than in the previous two years. 

If we’re talking numbers, we must mention that the whole custom shoe market is growing (and, for that matter, the whole custom apparel market), which means you can design personalized sandals, sneakers, and even boots. 

So, roll up your sleeves and start selling custom slides. Maybe even throw in a matching t-shirt and beach towel for that wow effect.

4 Steps to Design Your Slides and Sell Online

If you want to start selling custom slide shoes online, print on demand is one of the most convenient and effective ways. The best part is that POD dropshipping is available to everyone. It’s easy to set up, costs nearly nothing, and you can customize the products you sell, letting your creativity shine and leaving your competition in the dust.

Although POD can seem complicated at first, anyone can achieve success as long as they are driven to put in the time to figure everything out. If you want to learn how to start a print on demand business, follow these four simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way in no time.

Custom Slides Online

1. Choose Your Niche

A niche is a focused, highly targetable part of a broader market in which merchants can sell specialized products. Establishing a niche will help your businesses gain advantages over the competition. Defining a niche will offer merchants many benefits: less money spent on ads, higher profits, and – we can't stress this enough – reduced competition.

How to pick a niche? Begin with what makes your heart jump with joy. Whether memes, comic books, fitness, or fishing, there's a market for everything. If you want to read more about niches, click here.

2. Pick a Product

Think about your target audience and who will wear these custom slide sandals. Decide whether to target surfers, fitness fanatics, teens, or anything else. You can create fun matching sandals for couples, families, or even co-workers to wear at a Summer office party. In our catalog, you’ll find custom slides for both women and men – think of the colors and patterns that could be universal for both or create his and her designs.

3. Upload Your Designs

When you team up with Printify, you get access to the world's most straightforward design studio, with which you can design over 600 various products from our catalog. Drag and drop or upload, and you're ready to start creating products to sell online. "But wait, what if I don't know how to create designs myself," one might ask. No problem! You have countless options on how to get your hands on cool and unforgettable designs.

  • Text editor. In our Mockup Generator, we’ve integrated the text editing tool, which lets you play around with various fonts and layers.
  • Shutterstock x Printify. Oh yes, we have teamed up with the largest stock image database in the world, with which you can choose amazing images to use on your custom products.
  • Hire a designer. Find a designer online who will create unique custom designs starting from just $5. One of the platforms that hosts incredible talent is Fiverr.
  • Do free-hand doodling that you can scan and upload to the Mockup Generator for a unique outcome. When your products are ready, connect to an eCommerce platform or marketplace – we offer smooth integrations with the biggest players: WooCommerce, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Wix, and Shopify. Choose what suits you best. Upon publishing your creations to your online store, don't forget to price your products right. Price them too high, and it will result in a low purchase rate. Price too low, and you rob yourself of earnings. We have come up with a fabulous piece on pricing the products for ultimate success.

4. Start Selling Online

Once you've decided which eCommerce platform or marketplace (or Printify API if you’re more savvy) you'll use, it's time to start selling. Create a Printify account, connect to the marketplace or platform of your choice, and that's it. After that, you don't have to do anything else but think of designs to add to your store and how to market them. Use your social media channels, and spare some change for advertising. Printify will handle the rest – production, packaging, and shipping.

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Create Your Own Custom Slides

Design Ideas for Custom Slides

If you’re having a hard time thinking of cool designs to add to the beach sandal, we’re here to help. The materials used in our beach slides allow for bold and bright prints, so whatever design you choose, it’ll be vibrant.

Life's a Beach

Old but gold, the beach-themed sandal is a classic. Think palm trees, fun words, surfing, waves, and other classics that inspire you and add your unique twist.

Custom Slides Design Ideas - Beach
Custom Slides Design Ideas - Nature


This classic theme encompasses various natural occurrences – flowers, trees, mountains, forests, waterfalls, and more. Go photo-realistic or abstract; add floral patterns or stylized trees – there’s no limit.

In Vino Veritas

Appeal to the wine-loving crowd by designing a line of wine-themed custom slide shoes. Let your customers show their love for this drink of gods by adding funny artwork or words like  “Cheers!” on one sandal and a wine glass on the other. This style will go well with Summer bachelorette parties. The ladies, powered by wine and champagne, can have their fun in the sun and take amazing photos together to commemorate the occasion.

Custom Slides Design Ideas - In Vino Veritas
Custom Slides Design Ideas - Science


Another wonderful design niche is everything science that all the self-proclaimed nerds and geeks will appreciate. Chemistry, physics, astronomy, mathematics… think formulae, test tubes, telescopes, and clever words.


This Summer, appeal to all the festival-goers by creating a line of music-themed custom slides. Think of relatable words to print or come up with designs that include musical notes, microphones, speakers, or keyboards – anything that melomaniacs would appreciate and wear with pride at the hottest music events.

Custom Slides Design Ideas - Music

Frequently Asked Questions

This is explained in more detail above. However, the short answer is that you sign up with Printify and connect your account to your store on an eCommerce platform or marketplace. Then visit our catalog and click the custom slides you wish to design. This will take you to our Mockup Generator, where you can use the text edit tool, upload your designs and finalize the product. Create descriptions, set prices, and publish to your online store once you’re happy.

You’re just minutes away from nice and shiny product mockups to list in your eCommerce storefront after landing in our Mockup Generator. If you have your design files ready, uploading and adjusting the image on the virtual sandal won’t take more than a few minutes.

The best time to start selling is now! Opening a store and publishing products is free, so don’t hesitate. If you want to know about specific dates, it depends on the product and marketing. Custom slides will certainly sell better during the warmer months.

The printable area is the strap surface which means it’s not subject to heavy wear as opposed to the sole of the shoe – it’s made of comfortable, durable PVC foam, and the only piece of art will be your customer’s feet. Jokes aside, the design from the printed area will not peel or fade, as it’s also made of PVC foam material, which is reliable and easy to maintain.

No. Here at Printify, we won’t tell you what to do and how to handle your business. Even if it’s just one stylish pair, you want for yourself to stride around the streets this Summer. Buy for yourself and your family or start designing to sell them online – it’s up to you. We, of course, encourage the latter because making money with custom merch is incredible and worthwhile!

Absolutely! You don’t need monetary investment when starting a print on demand dropshipping business. Join Printify, connect a store and start designing amazing merchandise – our catalog offers over 600 products for you to cover with your art and sell online for profit. With us, you can set the prices as high as you want – you only pay us the price you see in the catalog. The rest is yours. Even better, you don’t pay anything – your customers do. Once you make a sale and the customer pays, you get your cut, and we get ours. Fair, square, and easy!

Ready to Start?

In a market where everyone is launching a collection of t-shirts, stand out from the crowd by designing and selling custom slide shoes. Modern customers love personalized items. The custom apparel and accessory market is growing faster than ever, so jump on that train. This Summer, offer your customers fun and trendy sandals to wear on the streets, on the beach, at festivals, and at home.

Working with Printify is profitable, easy, and fun because our mission is to help you earn more. We’ve done everything to minimize your effort – you only need to think about designs and marketing. We handle the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping to your customer’s address.

Creating Personalized Slides Online is Fun and Profitable