Custom Basketball Jerseys

Bring style to pick-up ball games worldwide by selling custom basketball jerseys. 

Your customers will look great while swishing threes and shooting layups in their own custom basketball apparel. Start designing and selling basketball jerseys with Printify today!

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Design and Sell Custom Basketball Jerseys with Printify

Extra Light Fabric

The extra light fabric used on the jersey will let players fly above the rim without anything holding them down.

Made in the US

All jerseys are made in the USA using water-based dyes. You can expect vibrant colors and top-quality results.

No Minimum Order

There are no minimum order requirements, and you don't need to keep stock. When you sell a jersey, we print and ship it.

Our Custom Basketball Jerseys

All jerseys are made in the US out of durable 100% moisture-wicking polyester. The extra light and odor-resistant fabric will keep any player comfortable on and off the court.

The custom basketball jersey will last and keep its original look for many seasons, thanks to its double-stitched side seams. All jerseys have care instructions printed on the inside of the bottom hem. 

The sublimation technology in the printing process lets you create custom design basketball jerseys with visuals taking up the entire surface of the product. The water-based dyes look great on basketball uniforms, and your designs will have vibrant and crisp colors.

The jerseys come in six different sizes, starting at $23.13.

Our Custom Basketball Jerseys For Print On Demand With Printify
Custom Basketball Jerseys Profits

Profit With Personalized Basketball Jerseys

People are shopping for sportswear more than ever, and the market is expected to continue its steady growth in the coming years. This trend has also left its mark on basketball apparel, with demand for custom basketball uniforms, basketball jerseys, basketball shorts, and other basketball products experiencing large growth. The basketball apparel market is expected to grow by $4.58 billion by 2026.

Jerseys are no longer worn only on the court. In addition to team uniforms, there’s an excellent opportunity for you to design athleisure basketball jerseys that ladies and gents can wear in informal everyday settings as well.

Creating a Printify account and designing your own jersey is easy and completely free. You can set any price you want for your products. We’ll charge you for production and shipping, but the margin between these costs and your retail price is the money you take home.

Design Your Custom Basketball Jerseys!

How to Design and Sell Custom Basketball Jerseys With Printify

Custom Basketball Jerseys Designs
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Sign Up to Printify

The first thing you need to do to start designing your first personalized basketball jersey is to sign up to Printify. You can do it for free, and it only takes a few minutes.

Create Your Product

Pick the basketball jersey from our product catalog, and start creating. Drag and drop your design onto the product and position it with your exact specifications. You can also use our Shutterstock integration for a large selection of the highest-quality graphics and images for your custom apparel.

Order a Sample

To ensure that your custom basketball jerseys look and feel the way you want, we advise ordering a sample before offering them in your shop.

Connect Your Store

For you to be able to sell the custom basketball jersey you’ve designed, you need to connect your Printify account to your online shop. Printify integrates with all major sales channels, including Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and many more.

Price and Publish Your Product

Once your custom basketball kit is ready for the masses, it’s time to price and publish it in your store. You can set the retail price of your new uniforms however high or low you want, but we suggest checking out our thorough pricing guide for the best results and largest profits.

Start Selling

All that’s left is for you to start selling your basketball apparel. Spread the word about your shop and awesome products, and we’ll take care of production and shipping.

Create Custom Basketball Uniforms With Printify

Any basketball team, whether professional or amateur, needs a basketball uniform. Pair basketball jerseys with shorts to create custom basketball uniforms that you can sell for men, women, youth players, company employees, and anyone else.

And you don’t have to stop there. You can also design and offer shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, socks, coaches apparel, and any other basketball products that a team shopping for the new season or an upcoming tournament might need. Our catalog has it all.

Custom Basketball Jersey - Printify Products

Our Custom Basketball Jersey

Thanks to the lightweight, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant polyester material used on the product, this is the perfect option for any buyer who wants to wear their own basketball jersey on or off the court.

Your design will be applied with the help of sublimation – you can create whatever visuals you’d like. You can easily add player names and player numbers to the jersey, use team logos, add a visual of a mascot or a team name, and whatever else you think would fit on a basketball uniform.

Our Custom Basketball Shorts

Complete the basketball kit by offering your buyers a pair of comfortable, lightweight basketball shorts. Made out of 100% polyester fabric, these shorts are durable, and your buyers will love the elastic waistband’s fit.

Whatever style you want to go with for the basketball uniforms, all-over printing will make it happen. You can take up the entire shorts with your visuals, and the vibrant colors will make any team happy.

Custom Basketball Shorts - Printify Products

Why Choose Printify to Make Your Own Basketball Jerseys

Wide Variety of Products

In addition to basketball uniforms, you can create an entire line of custom apparel and accessories for players and coaches. Browse our product catalog for shirts, hoodies, socks, bags, hats, and whatever else you might want to design. There are more than 800 products available.

Free Design Tools

Our built-in Mockup Generator is free to use. You can drag and drop your ready-made visuals onto the basketball jersey or create a design from scratch in the editor. When you're done designing, you'll get a free mockup of your jersey or basketball uniform to use in your store.

More Than 100 Print Provider Locations

Take advantage of our huge network of print providers. When you pick a product to customize, you can see the location of each print provider. Our order routing feature makes it easy for sellers like yourself to automatically reroute the ordered products if necessary and get them to buyers as quickly as possible.

24/7 Merchant Support

Our world-class Merchant Support team is available 24/7. You can contact them on our site with any order or payment-related questions you may have. We want to see you win at print on demand, so we'll support you throughout the entire journey.


With Printify, designing a custom basketball jersey is easy. After selecting the product in the catalog, use our free built-in Mockup Generator to apply your design.

If you don’t have a design on hand, try out our Shutterstock integration for the largest selection of quality graphics and images. You can also use our built-in text editor to add player names, team and company names, a logo, or any other text element your customers might want on their new uniform.

Our design guide will help you come up with the best print on demand products for your store, and if you still need help creating your jersey, give our free design templates a go.

All jerseys are made out of the highest quality fabrics that are 100% polyester. The lightweight material is odor-resistant and transfers moisture away from the skin during any sport or physical activity.

The production times may vary from case to case. On average, it takes less than three days, so your customers will be ready for the new basketball season in time.

Designing jerseys and basketball uniforms doesn’t cost anything on our website. Printify will charge the production and shipping costs only when someone purchases the product from your store.

Prices of basketball jerseys start at $23.13 ($17.82 with Printify Premium).

Ready to Start?

Why wait any longer? Designing jerseys, shorts, basketball uniforms, and any other products is entirely free and easy to do with Printify. Pick an item from the catalog, add your visuals, and publish it to your store. We’ll take care of the production and shipping while you spread the word about your products.

Take advantage of the growing sports and basketball apparel demand – start designing and selling your own basketball jerseys with Printify today!