Top Etsy Searches: How to Find Them and What’s Trending in 2024

Top Etsy Searches: How to Find Them and What’s Trending in 2024

Discover top Etsy searches and find out which items people love right now so you can boost your store’s popularity. 

Etsy is one of the largest online marketplaces packed with beautiful items, from home decor and clothing to vintage goods, so keeping up to date with what’s on trend might seem overwhelming. 

With millions of products available, how can you determine the most popular ones?

We’ll take a closer look and explore how to discover the top Etsy searches and what categories are trending in 2024. You’ll also find out the best tools and resources to use so you can confidently maneuver Etsy’s dynamic marketplace and adapt your product listings.

When selling on Etsy or other marketplaces, keeping up with trends empowers you to align your niche and products with shifting consumer demands, ensuring your items are relevant and competitive. If data shows that your chosen categories are hot searches among Etsy users, attracting customers will be a breeze.

With some research using the following resources, you’ll find Etsy trends to help guide your product selection and marketing strategies.

Quick Tip

Once you discover a promising trend, type it into the Etsy search bar and check its suggestions. Etsy’s search engine provides keywords based on previous shoppers’ searches.

Trending Now

Etsy's “Trending Now” product page screenshot.

Trending Now is a section showing products that people are obsessed with right now. All Etsy sellers should know about these. 

In addition to naming Etsy’s color of the year – Berry – and highlighting top-selling products, the section gives trend predictions for 2024, helping you curate your product offerings ahead of your competitors.

A few trend predictions include:

  • Denim decor
  • Romancecore
  • Barrel bags

Trending Now is your go-to reference and a great source of insights. Use it to your full advantage to stay on top of the market demand.

Editors’ Picks

The Editors’ Picks section offers a curated selection of handpicked items chosen by experts, providing personalized insight based on craftsmanship and innovation. Unlike Trending Now, which reflects current popularity, Editors’ Picks highlights unique products for their exceptional qualities.

If your products are chosen for this section, it’ll be an excellent opportunity to showcase your store to a broader audience, gain credibility, and boost sales in a competitive marketplace.

Here are some categories that appear in Etsy Editors’ Picks:

  • Wall art and decor
  • Home decor roundup
  • Everyday finds

Whether you’re looking to sell unique gifts or personalized products, this page provides a wealth of information and inspiration.

Third-Party Keyword Tools

A keyword is a specific word or phrase that summarizes the features of a product, helping search engines understand and categorize it for shoppers. To find the right keywords relevant to Etsy searches, try using a keyword tool. 

You’ll discover what products people are interested in by identifying top keywords and their search frequency.

Keyword tools monitor searches from popular platforms like Etsy and Google, helping you gauge the popularity of a certain niche, product, or category.

These tools can help you identify the best keywords shoppers use: 

Quick Tips

  • Look for trending keywords with high search volumes. Then, naturally incorporate them into your listings and descriptions. Learn more about Etsy SEO, short and long-tail keywords from our article on how to get noticed on Etsy.
  • Explore the best Etsy keyword tools of 2024 to find keywords and identify popular trends among Etsy shoppers.

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Top Etsy Searches of 2024: Categories

If you’re looking for the top Etsy searches and more insights into what’s trending, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s explore the product categories shaping the marketplace in 2024, bringing joy to shoppers and profit to many Etsy sellers.

Personalized Items

People love this product category because it caters to individuals and allows for self-expression through everyday products.

Print on Demand (POD) is the go-to business model for creating custom and personalized products – perfect for creatives and entrepreneurs wanting to sell on Etsy. 

With its growing market, POD is set to reach a massive $38.21 billion by 2030.

Etsy is great for both buying and selling various customized goods. They don’t even have to be physical products – custom digital prints and various digital downloads are also popular.

Popular personalized products include:

  • Apparel and accessories with initials
  • Personalized gifts with names or photos
  • Phone cases with a custom design
  • Anniversary gifts

Eco-Friendly Products and Sustainable Fashion

More people are searching for eco-friendly products these days, showing a growing interest in sustainability, with 27% of consumers changing how they shop to support greener options.

Sustainable and eco-friendly are some of the most popular keywords on Etsy, showing the great potential of this category.

A few popular products include:

  • Apparel made from organic and earth-friendly materials
  • Reusable water bottles and tote bags
  • Biodegradable phone cases and plates

Quick Tip

Explore our selection of eco-friendly products, including t-shirts, wall art, and candles. Customize and add these to your Etsy store in just a few clicks.

Home Decor

In 2024, the home decor market reached $128.70 billion, showing that people spare no expense when it comes to decorating their living space.

Type in home decor, and you’ll receive an abundance of Etsy search results that showcase a wide variety of beautiful home products. Look out for emerging pattern trends that span from timeless motifs to cutting-edge designs, providing inspiration to curate your own unique collection.

A few popular products in this category include:

  • Wall art and decor
  • Rugs, curtains, and pillows
  • Candles, tableware, and kitchen accessories

Pet Products

In the United States, 65.1 million households own at least one dog, and 46.5 million have cats, driving the demand for a wide variety of pet products, which Etsy sellers gladly provide.

As the number of pet parents continues to grow, pet products remain one of the top Etsy searches and a popular category from which many Etsy shops profit.

A few popular products in this category include:

  • Pet food, supplements, and vitamins
  • Name tags, collars, and bowls
  • Grooming supplies, hygiene products, toys, and beds

Quick Tip

Pet owners always look for ways to improve the well-being of their pets. Explore this category further with our article on the most popular POD niches.

Baby and Kid's Products

This market is set to reach $88.72 billion by 2026, and the market for toddler and kid’s toys will reach $9.13 billion in 2024. In addition, in 2024, the baby clothes market generated $44.02 billion worldwide.

It’s no wonder these are some of the top Etsy searches – parents are always searching for the best products for their little ones, striving to provide everything they need for their development.

A few popular products in this category include:

  • Baby clothing and accessories
  • Strollers, car seats, and baby carriers
  • Toys, games, and dolls

Wedding and Bridal Products

The worldwide bridal wear market is expected to reach $69.9 billion by 2026, highlighting a strong market appetite for wedding and bridal products.

Items in this category vary from clothing and jewelry to decorations and stationery. After all, potential buyers include brides, grooms, wedding planners, plus every single guest searching for gifts or attire for the special occasion.

A few popular products in this category include:

  • Bridal wear, veils, gowns, and tiaras
  • Wedding gifts, bridesmaid dresses, and groom cufflinks
  • Invitations, save-the-date letters, and thank-you cards

Health and Wellness Products

In the realm of Etsy trending searches, health and wellness products remain consistently sought-after keywords, capturing the attention of enthusiastic Etsy shoppers.

Who doesn’t want to feel great? These Etsy searches show that many do. After all, in the US, the beauty and personal care market is set to reach $100.3 billion in 2024.

A few popular products in this category include:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Skin, hair, and oral care products
  • Fitness equipment such as yoga mats, resistance bands, and dumbbells
  • Digital products, like eBooks, weight loss, and fitness trackers

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While finding the top Etsy searches is important, choosing the right POD company is equally vital for ensuring seamless business operations and unlocking maximum profit potential.

Printify is easy to use, allowing eCommerce sellers to design, create, and start selling personalized products with just a few clicks.

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Learn how to sell on Etsy from our in-depth guide. It contains all the information Etsy sellers need to attract shoppers and increase the likelihood of sales.

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Top Etsy Searches: FAQ

Whether you’re a shopper or a seller, you can find the top Etsy searches in several ways:

  • Etsy’s Trending Now section. It shows what products are in fashion and provides predictions.
  • The Editor’s Picks page on Etsy. The section provides advice on what products are popular and recommended by Etsy’s team of experts.
  • Third-party tools. Keyword research tools like Marmalead, eRank, and EverBee can help identify the top keyword searches and trends. Aligning your offerings to match what’s popular can boost your chances of getting noticed and making sales.

In 2024, the top Etsy searches so far are these:

  • Bracelet
  • Gift
  • Wall art
  • Necklace
  • Stickers
  • 2024 calendar
  • Jewelry and personalized jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Handmade gift
  • Rings

Just search for any of these words, and the Etsy search engine will provide additional suggestions for exploring. It’ll help you find the perfect products to sell in your own store.

The most popular items tend to be handmade crafts, jewelry, clothing, accessories, home decor, and various personalized products.

However, the specific most popular item can vary over time depending on trends and buyers’ preferences.

Etsy has a wide range of categories with numerous products, each with several of the most popular items. An Etsy seller should always pick items that align with their customer preferences to stand out among the competition.

Make your listing rank in the top Etsy searches by creating original products with beautiful designs, pricing them reasonably, and working on search engine optimization (SEO).

Optimizing an Etsy shop involves:

  • Using relevant short and long-tail keywords in product titles and descriptions so your store and items rank higher when people search for a particular keyword.
  • Creating eye-catching product images.
  • Adding appropriate Etsy tags.
  • Promoting your shop via social media channels.

Learn more about optimization from our article Etsy SEO: How to Get Noticed on Etsy.

Closing Thoughts

As we conclude our journey through the top Etsy searches, remember to leverage these insights to maintain a competitive edge in eCommerce and offer shoppers the freshest items.

Let’s do a quick recap of the top Etsy searches by category and a few popular products in each:

  • Personalized items. Custom gifts, phone cases, and t-shirts.
  • Eco-friendly products and sustainable fashion. Water bottles, tote bags, and clothing.
  • Home decor. Wall art and candles.
  • Pet products. Pet food, name tags, and grooming supplies.
  • Baby and children’s products. Clothing, accessories, and toys.
  • Wedding and bridal products. Bridal wear, personalized gifts, and jewelry.
  • Health and wellness products. Nutritional supplements, yoga mats, and digital downloads like progress trackers.

You can use either Etsy’s Trending Now or Editors’ Picks pages to check what’s trending. Or, try third-party keyword-tracking tools to see what people search for the most.

These tools and resources will provide you with valuable tips and data so you’ll quickly find the best items for your business to thrive.

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