The 7 Best Etsy Keyword Tool Solutions of 2024

The 7 Best Etsy Keyword Tool Solutions of 2024

In the world of eCommerce, keywords play a vital role in increasing visibility, reaching more customers, and driving traffic.

With the right Etsy keyword tool, you can optimize your listings, improve your shop’s ranking in search engines, and get more sales.

This article explores the best Etsy keyword tools, their features, pricing, and limitations so you can make the right choice for your Etsy business.

What Is Etsy Keyword Research and Why Is It Important?

A man doing keyword research for Etsy.

Etsy keyword research is the process of identifying specific words and phrases people use when searching for products. They’re a fundamental part of search engine optimization (SEO). 

Why is keyword research important? The keywords you add to your Etsy listings are vital for matching your products to your target customers’ searches.

If you optimize your Etsy shop with the right keywords, you can improve your product visibility on Etsy search and other search engines, reach a wider audience, and drive traffic. This will, ultimately, result in more sales.

Quick Tip

Explore the Etsy Seller Handbook for a crash course on keywords. Learn how to write an Etsy title, description, and add tags to increase your shop’s visibility.

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The Best Etsy Keyword Research Tools for SEO

While there are many great Etsy keyword tools, each comes with a different set of features, so choosing the right one can make a world of difference.

1. Alura

Alura is one of the best Etsy SEO tools, positioning itself as an all-in-one platform that helps with every aspect of running an Etsy shop – from keyword research to marketing.

A few of Alura’s features:

While it’s one of the most comprehensive keyword research tools on the market with a wealth of features, it’s also one of the most expensive.

Alura is great for new, growing, and established Etsy sellers, because they provide pricing plans with specific functionality that’s perfect for entrepreneurs of all levels.

Free plan: $0/mo. Great for new sellers. Gives access to all tools, but with a limited number of searches.

Growth plan: $29.99/mo or $19.99/mo if paid yearly. Useful for growing businesses.

Professional plan: $49.99/mo or $29.99/mo if paid yearly. A plan for established sellers ready to scale.

Explore each plan’s features on their pricing page.

2. EtsyHunt

EtsyHunt is an Etsy SEO tool with the world’s largest database of Etsy products, helping entrepreneurs identify useful keywords, best-selling products, optimize their shop, and gain insight into competition.

A few of EtsyHunt’s features:

Some sellers claim that EtsyHunt provides too much information, which leads to confusion, taking a while to interpret the keyword data provided. New sellers would need more time and effort to fully comprehend the reports.

Most Etsy sellers that need a reliable, affordable, and powerful Etsy SEO keyword tool.

Free plan: $0/mo. A limited set of features.

Basic plan: $3.99/mo. Comprehensive features, good for optimizing Etsy shops.

Pro plan: $19.99/mo or $16/mo if paid yearly (billed annually at $189). Advanced features, perfect for well-established Etsy sellers.

Team plan: $59.99/mo. Extensive range of features, best for Etsy businesses with multiple team members.

Explore each plan’s features on their pricing page.

3. eRank

eRank is a popular tool with a wide set of features, offering powerful analytics, keyword resources, and useful functionality tailored to help sellers thrive in the ever-growing Etsy marketplace.

A few of eRank’s features:

Even the Pro plan has limitations on the amount of searches. For example, 50 lookups per day for the rank checker and 200 lookups per day for the keyword research tool.

An affordable option for all types of entrepreneurs – from beginners to experienced sellers.

Free plan: $0/mo. Good for beginners just starting out.

Basic plan: $5.99/mo. Perfect for active Etsy sellers who require more features.

Pro plan: $9.99/mo. For advanced sellers whose Etsy shop is growing and who want to take their business to the next level.

Expert plan: $29.99/mo. For professional researchers and analysts.

Explore each plan’s features on their pricing page.

4. Sale Samurai

Sale Samurai is an all-in-one solution that provides analytics and insights required to increase Etsy sales. It’s a great Etsy SEO tool with advanced filters that let sellers identify the best low-competition keywords and estimated search volume.

A few of Sale Samurai’s features:

While Sale Samurai offers a 3-day free trial, it has no free plan, so it’s difficult for new sellers to assess whether the solution is right for them.

Existing Etsy sellers who want to find the right keywords for their Etsy shop, monitor their competition’s listings and attract more customers.

Monthly plan: $9.99/mo.

Yearly plan: $99.99 paid yearly.

Explore the plan’s features on their pricing page.

5. EverBee

EverBee is a powerful Etsy tool focusing on product trends, store analytics, and keyword insights. Their Chrome extension gives sales estimations and allows sellers to swiftly conduct product research and monitor competitors’ performance.

A few of EverBee’s features:

A few useful features, like the listing rank tracker, are only available with paid plans.

Most sellers who are looking for an intuitive Etsy keyword tool for finding great product ideas, conducting keyword research, and monitoring their listings.

Hobby plan: $0/mo. Limited product analytics without premium metrics.

Growth plan: $29.99/mo or $239 billed annually. Product research suite, Etsy store analytics, keyword research suite, listing rank tracker, trademark monitor.

Business plan: $99/mo or $828 billed annually. Everything in the Growth plan, plus unlimited Etsy shop connections and priority chat and email support.

6. Marmalead

Marmalead is an easy-to-use Etsy keyword research tool. With more than 260,503 Etsy shops trusting the platform, it’s a popular choice for beginners and experienced sellers alike, helping them optimize their listings.

A few of Marmalead’s features:

Marmalead is a bit more expensive and has fewer features than other tools.

An intuitive Etsy keyword tool that’s also great for beginners, providing various resources, helping them learn Etsy SEO basics and find the right keywords.

Entrepreneur plan: $19/mo or $15.83/mo if paid yearly.

Explore the plan’s features on their pricing page.

7. Crest

Crest is an Etsy SEO tool that helps sellers conduct keyword research, optimize their listings, and analyze their shop’s data. With a variety of helpful features, it’s great for managing and growing an Etsy shop.

A few of Crest’s features:

The tool has no free trial, and it supports only up to three shops on a single subscription.

A great, affordable tool for sellers who run an Etsy Shop and want to improve it further.

Crest offers a single plan, which costs $12.99/mo.

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Where to Use Your Etsy SEO Tool Findings?

After finishing Etsy keyword research, it’s time to incorporate the search terms into each Etsy listing to increase its visibility in search results and attract buyers.

Product Titles

The first thing shoppers see. When writing product titles, keep them short, clear, and descriptive. Add relevant and specific keywords at the beginning because that’s what people see first when browsing.

Listing Descriptions

The Etsy algorithm considers keywords and phrases in the listing descriptions. Add relevant keywords in the first few sentences, but do it naturally, casually incorporating the best ones while providing useful information about your product.

Etsy Tags

Add 13 phrases that describe your item. Use relevant keywords, preferably multi-word phrases (tags can be up to 20 characters long), that describe what’s special about your item.

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Etsy SEO Best Practices

A smartphone displaying the Etsy logo on its screen.

While finding the perfect keywords is vital, it’s also important to consider the best Etsy SEO practices to make your online business stand out and attract shoppers.

Add Specific Categories

While categories are mainly used to help Etsy shoppers browse and narrow their search, they’re vital in SEO, so add more specific categories to increase your listings’ visibility.

Categories act like Etsy tags. You don’t need to add tags that repeat the phrases that appear in your categories and attributes.

For example, if you have a listing in the t-shirts category, your listing could appear in the “T-shirts” search results. Adding t-shirts means your listing appears in the categories above it, including Tops & Tees, and Women’s Clothing.

Add Attributes

Attributes are additional information. The attribute options you’ll see can vary depending on the category.

These also act like tags, helping your items match the shopper’s search term. They describe characteristics of your item, including color, material, height, width, or more specific attributes unique to a specific item and category, like the holiday or occasion it’s for.

Select the option that fits your item the best, even if it’s not an exact match. If a phrase appears in your attributes, there’s no need to add it as a separate tag.

Try Etsy Ads

Advertise your Etsy products with an ads campaign, driving traffic from across Etsy. Starting is simple – set a budget, choose a listing to promote, and launch the campaign. Learn how to set up an Etsy Ads campaign.

Regularly Renew Your Listings

To get a small boost in the search rankings, try renewing your listings, but do so only during your local peak hours, when most people are browsing.

Quick Tips

Increase your visibility in Etsy search by following their 10-step checklist for optimizing an Etsy Shop.

Master Etsy SEO by exploring 16 tips every Etsy seller should follow.

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FAQ: Etsy SEO Tools

  1. Find an Etsy keyword research tool that fits your budget and needs.
  2. Research and choose keywords with high search volume and low competition relevant to your target customers.
  3. Naturally incorporate these trending keywords into your Etsy listings (titles, descriptions, tags).
  4. Add specific categories to increase your listing’s visibility in search results.
  5. Add attributes to describe your product, so shoppers can easily find exactly what they’re searching for.

Learn more about optimization from our easy-to-follow guide on how to get more sales on Etsy.

Finding keywords is easy if you use the right Etsy keyword research tool. Try Alura, Marmalead, EtsyHunt, eRank, or Sale Samurai. With these, anyone can quickly research, find, and generate keyword ideas for their online business.

The best Etsy keyword research tool is the one that fits your needs and budget. Some of the most popular are Alura, Sale Samurai, and EtsyHunt, but carefully explore them to make sure they have the features you need.

The best way to find long-tail keywords is by using a good keyword tool, like Sale Samurai, eRank, or Marmalead.

A Few Closing Thoughts

Each Etsy keyword tool has unique features and pricing, so carefully compare them to find the best one for you. While finding the right tool for Etsy keyword research may seem overwhelming, it’s well worth the effort.

By conducting proper keyword research and naturally incorporating the best ones into your listings, you’ll appear higher in search results.

With this increased visibility, you’ll have a greater chance of attracting potential customers and increasing sales.

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