The Best 25 Custom Products to Sell From Home in 2024

The Best 25 Custom Products to Sell From Home in 2024

Today, running a business from home is the holy grail for many entrepreneurs. With so many custom products to sell virtually, making money online has never been easier.

As one of the best ways to start selling online, Print on Demand lets anyone start a business without any upfront start-up costs, inventory, or logistical worries.

While it’s easy to get bogged down trying to find the right products, don’t worry – we’ve done the research for you, creating a collection of the best custom products to sell from home in 2024.

How to Sell Products Online From Home?

When it comes to making money from home, Print on Demand is a surefire way to success. 

With the print-on-demand business model, which essentially is an order fulfillment method, people can create, design, and sell one-of-a-kind products. The supplier handles the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping.

The beauty of print-on-demand is that there is no financial commitment. You only pay after a sale goes through, so there are no upfront costs, making this online business model the perfect way to sell custom products from home.

There’s no need for extensive entrepreneurial experience because Printify does most of the work for you. Simply choose custom products to sell, design the next bestseller, and start marketing.

Industry’s data: The global retail eCommerce sales will reach $8.1 trillion by 2026, providing opportunities for anyone wanting to launch a print-on-demand store.

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The Top 25 Print-On-Demand Products to Sell From Home

In the Printify Catalog, we have over 850 products that anyone can customize to their heart’s content. Here are the top 25 for your new online store.

Industry experts forecast the global custom t-shirt printing market value will reach $3.1 billion by 2025, making the humble t-shirt one of the best custom products to sell from home.

What’s more, an original design adds to their perceived value, increasing customer loyalty and profit.

With various styles, anyone can easily create custom t-shirts for every occasion. After all, they’re an all-time favorite for people from all walks of life.

A time-tested classic that never goes out of style – selling hoodies online is a great way to make money. Whatever the season, they’re a practical necessity for everyone’s wardrobe.

A beautiful hoodie with great graphics or a meaningful message makes a great addition to any online store. With different sizes, colors, and styles, they’re easy to personalize to fit any customer’s taste.

Up there with t-shirts and hoodies, sweatshirts are a big seller – the market revenue in the jerseys, sweatshirts, and pullovers segment reached $28.69 billion in 2023, testifying to their undying popularity.

Add your own designs in our beginner-friendly Product Creator (formerly known as Mockup Generator), publish them in your eCommerce store, and you’re on your way to success.

Just like t-shirts, mugs are one of the most popular print-on-demand products – nobody can have too many, and everyone has at least several.

A beautifully-designed mug is the perfect morning companion, bringing joy and energy, sip by refreshing sip.

Whether you want to design enamel, color-changing, or heart-shaped mugs, the Printify Catalog has something for everyone.

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When it comes to custom things to sell from home, there’s nothing better than one-of-a-kind socks. Not only are they essential in everyone’s wardrobe, they’re also fun and fashionable.

As beautiful, bold, and bright socks replace mundane versions, they offer a great sales opportunity to anyone wanting to sell customized products. They’re one of the most fun products to sell from home.

As an easy way to add personality to one’s belongings or share a meaningful message with others, custom stickers are the way to go. While subtle, they’re highly influential and appealing to a wide audience.

As one of the most popular custom items, they won’t gather dust on your virtual shelves for long. After all, industry experts predict that the global die-cut sticker market will reach $191.1 million by 2028.

Quick Tip

To make money quickly, selling stickers on Etsy is a great option, providing access to a large audience. With over 96.34 million active buyers on the marketplace, Etsy is great for selling stickers.

Whether for fall, spring, or summer, shoes are a trusty companion in all seasons.

If you have dreams of becoming a shoe designer, here’s the kick you need to sell custom merchandise people rarely see –  stylish and comfortable custom shoes.

8. Custom Bags

As practical as they’re stylish, bags are the perfect accessory for any occasion – wherever we go, they’re always by our side.

Whatever your design skills are, creating a custom bag is easy. In our Product Creator, anyone can design their next bestseller with just a few clicks.

When ready, our thoroughly-vetted Print Providers will do the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping directly to your customer’s doorstep.

Quick Tip

Whether for a hiker, camper, traveler, or anyone else who requires a hands-free approach and enjoys the great outdoors, custom fanny packs are a great choice – practical to their core.

9. Custom Phone Accessories

Whatever you’d like to design, phone cases, wireless chargers, or display stands, the Printify Catalog has something for everyone.

As all-time bestsellers, these accessories are a surefire way to appeal to customers from all walks of life. With low shipping costs, they offer great profit margins for your eCommerce store.

Quick Tip

Your next big business is just a read away. Learn how to make phone cases to sell from our easy-to-follow guide.

10. Custom Accessories

A little individuality goes a long way, from entrepreneurs to artists, everyone loves to show off their personal style. With custom accessories, online store owners can create one-of-a-kind products that will stand out as much as the person wearing them.

While people tend to overlook the little details, they create the big picture. Design and sell zipper wallets, belts, wristbands, or scarves to make your customers’ outfits complete.

With custom stationery, store owners can help their customers improve their productivity, add personality to their workspace, and make their daily tasks more enjoyable.

Whether for a quick reminder or a personalized message, customer stationery adds a bit of life to otherwise boring tasks.

As everyday essentials, custom sticky notes, notebooks, bookmarks, and calendars, will bring you as much profit as they’ll bring joy to your customers.

12. Custom Hats

Ideal for various activities, sporting events, camping trips, or casually running errands in town, hats are no strangers to eCommerce stores worldwide. A simple yet great product to sell online.

With a great design, a beautiful graphic, a catchy slogan, or a stylish logo, they’ll attract more customers to your business and leave a lasting impression.

While we all have different lifestyles, we all require hydration. With custom water bottles, a store owner can easily appeal to a wide audience. After all, industry analysts predict that the reusable water bottle market will reach $11.70 billion by 2028.

Whether on the go, at the beach, or in the office, they’re an easy way to stay hydrated, happy, and healthy.

14. Custom Children’s Clothing

When it comes to the happiness of their children, parents want the very best, sparing no expense. Children’s clothing is a potential goldmine for anyone willing to spend a little time on designs.

With Print on Demand, anyone can create their own branded merchandise for children without effort. Explore what’s trending in the custom baby clothes market to create a true bestseller.

Increase your sales by improving your customers’ physical and emotional well-being – design top-selling custom items for sports. Industry experts predict that the global sportswear market will reach $450 billion by 2028.

Whichever sport your customers are into, be it running, baseball, soccer, weightlifting, yoga, or boxing, one-of-a-kind sportswear will help them excel, and your profits will soar.

16. Custom Computer Accessories

Whether for work or gaming, custom computer accessories enhance the experience by adding a personal touch to the entire setup.

As aesthetically pleasing as they are practical, mouse pads, desk mats, and laptop sleeves are one of the best custom items to sell from home.

17. Custom Pet Products

In the United States, 65.1 million households own at least one dog, and 46.5 million own cats. All of these people care dearly about the well-being of their furry friends and will gladly spend money on them.

As an easy way to boost sales, pet accessories, collars, hoodies, tags, and bowls, are the way to go.

18. Custom Travel Accessories

As the summer and vacation time roll in, savvy eCommerce business owners add travel accessories to their store’s collection, creating products that make their customers’ holidays much more enjoyable.

With Printify’s print-on-demand service, anyone can create and sell custom products online, making the most of the pent-up, after-winter demand.

Quick Tip

Start your eCommerce journey right by designing the best custom travel accessories for your online store.

Make Your Own Print-On-Demand Products Today!

19. Canvas and Posters for Wall Art

When selling products from home, custom-printed posters and canvases are a great choice – they’re the perfect way to make money. In creative hands, these products become stylish and affordable wall art.

With multiple sizes and styles, you can create a product line of custom-print wall art that’ll bring life to any home.

20. Custom Kitchen Accessories

As Google Trends show, kitchen accessories, while continuously fluctuating, enjoy high demand. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

With one-of-a-kind designs, these products bring aesthetic appeal and practical benefits to a place where nutritional magic takes place.

21. Custom Toys: Stuffed Animals

Adorable stuffed animals wearing t-shirts are an easy way to bring smiles and make sales. While whether they’ll sell depends on your target market, if it’s your niche, go ahead. Profit will follow.

Stuffed animals make great gifts for special occasions – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and children’s birthdays. After all, the global stuffed animal market continues to grow, providing as much reassurance to store owners as these toys provide joy to the lucky recipients.

22. Custom Jewelry

Jewelry products are always a big hit, but with a personal touch, they become truly priceless. Whatever the occasion, custom jewelry doesn’t go unnoticed – perfect for generating profit and bringing joy to your customers.

After all, industry experts predict the global jewelry market will reach $418.9 billion by 2026.

While not everyone can craft jewelry, print-on-demand services are a simple solution anyone can use to make their own.

23. Custom Home Decor

Take your customer’s home decor to the next level – everyone loves a space that reflects their true self. 

With a few clicks, anyone can design a beautiful collection of customized products for home, transforming any room into a personalized oasis.

24. Custom Seasonal Decorations

Whimsical, trendy, or traditional, seasonal decorations are perfect for adding a festive touch and bringing holiday magic to any home.

With Printify, product customization is easy – anyone can create beautiful decorations their customers won’t want to miss out on.

25. Custom Tech Accessories

If you cater to a target audience that loves tech, custom accessories are a must – from custom Apple Watch straps to phone cases to LED gaming mouse pads.

While competition is high, with effective marketing strategies, whether email, social media, or content marketing, appealing to customers worldwide won’t be hard.

How to Sell Custom Products With Printify?

The Best 25 Custom Products to Sell From Home in 2024 1

Say goodbye to investing in inventory, worrying about logistics, and the old way of starting a business. Welcome Printify – an easy and effective way to sell personalized products online without any money upfront.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Free Printify Account

After signing up, you gain access to our Catalog of more than 850 high-quality products, our beginner-friendly Product Creator, and our network of carefully-vetted Print Providers.

Step 2: Pick a Product

Whether you want to sell apparel like t-shirts and hoodies or accessories like phone cases, coffee mugs, and throw pillows, the Printify Catalog has everything a business needs.

Step 3: Apply Your Design

In our Product Creator, product customization is easy – add an image, logo, or text and create a product line of unique items. Afterward, it generates realistic mockups for your social media pages.

Step 4: Order Samples

While not mandatory, we highly recommend ordering a sample. This way, you can check the quality and see if you’re happy with the final result.

Step 5: Publish and Start Selling

When your branded merch is ready, publish it to an eCommerce platform or marketplace and start marketing. After a sale, the print-on-demand printing company does all the heavy lifting – printing, packaging, and shipping.

Design Your Own Custom Products Today!

Where to Find Inspiration and Design Ideas?

The Best 25 Custom Products to Sell From Home in 2024 2

To build a profitable business, you need to sell custom products nobody else has. As always, a little research goes a long way.

As a place to draw inspiration, the internet remains unmatched, so start by exploring the following websites.

  • Dribbble. A social networking platform for designers, serving as a design portfolio platform.
  • Behance. An online platform focusing on the artwork of creatives. If you enjoy a specific piece, reach out and get a quote for a custom design.
  • Pinterest. A visual discovery engine. With billions of ideas on the site, it’ll help you find a creative spark within you.

Quick Tip

Whether you want to find design inspiration for t-shirts, coffee mugs, or tote bags, kick off the research by checking what’s trending on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
After you’ve found a few great ideas, take a look at our blog post about graphic design tips to bring your vision to life.

Which Is the Best Website to Sell Custom Products?

When starting an eCommerce business, finding the right sales channel is key. You can sell on either an eCommerce platform or marketplace. While each has its own pros and cons, it’s important to choose one that’s right for your target audience.

eCommerce Platforms

With an eCommerce platform, entrepreneurs can build their own online store from scratch. They provide pre-built templates, making a complex process like website building easier than ever.



A few examples:

eCommerce Marketplaces

In these, all virtual stores are located on a single website – people list their products for sale. While the setup is easy, building a brand may be difficult, as they don’t give much creative control.



A few examples:

Quick Tip

Start right – weigh the pros and cons of the best sites to sell online to find a good fit for your business.

A Few Closing Thoughts

With the rise of technology, anyone can achieve the goal of working from home, selling one-of-a-kind products nobody else has. While it takes some time, the benefits are well worth the effort.

Whether you’re an already established business or starting from scratch, Printify’s here to help with whatever you need – high-quality products, handy design tools, and 24/7 support.

With our help, you can begin your pursuit of happiness and join our ever-increasing ranks of successful entrepreneurs.

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      Once you will have your Printify account connected to your website and a customer will place an order on your store, it will automatically come through to Printify. We will take care of the production and shipping for you. If you need assistance with setting everything up, please feel free to contact our merchant support via [email protected] or the live green chat box in your Printify account.


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