How to Create an Instagram Business Account (2024)

How to Create an Instagram Business Account (2024)

Instagram brings together more than 28% of the world’s internet users. Among those people are your future customers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an Instagram business account to access features like post scheduling, paid ads, and analytics.

These tools will help you drive sales and increase your store’s revenue.

Create an Instagram Business Account in 7 Easy Steps

Setting up an Instagram professional account only takes a few minutes, and you’ll gain access to features that will help you run ads and promote posts for years.

Switch to a professional account from your Instagram personal profile to analyze and increase the number of people who see your posts.

Read our step-by-step guide on enabling this feature via your Instagram app:

1. Create an Instagram Account

Use your existing profile or create a new account just for this purpose. It’s available on web browsers, but we recommend the Instagram app, as some features are only available there.

It’s free for iOS and Android devices.

2. Switch to a Professional Account

Switch to a Professional Account

New users have personal accounts by default. The switch to a professional account isn’t permanent – you can switch between personal, business, and creator accounts at any time.

Navigate to your Instagram Settings by tapping on the hamburger menu at the top right corner of your Instagram profile.

3. Tap Account and Switch

Scroll down and click Account → Switch to professional account. Later, you’ll be asked to select a creator account or business account.

A creator account is for public figures, content creators, artists, and influencers working on their brands, while Instagram business accounts are for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers.

Remember that all business accounts are public, so you won’t have the option to have a private business account.

Switching back to a personal account will erase data from your business account. The system will turn off all in-app insights and permanently delete your content and ad insights.

4. Choose Your Category

Instagram will ask which field or profession best describes your business. If you don’t know how to define it, browse the suggested options to find the closest match.

Categories help the Instagram algorithm show your page to other Instagram users. You can change it anytime.

5. Add Contact Details

Your business page needs to include contact details in case shoppers have questions about your services or have encountered a problem.

Openness to communication cultivates customer trust and helps secure loyal shoppers in the long run.

Add your website address, business email address, phone number, and working hours. There’s also an option to link Instagram with WhatsApp Business for faster communication.

6. Connect a Facebook Page

Link your Instagram business account with your business Facebook Page to increase your brand’s exposure and access different audiences.

These two social media platforms go hand in hand, offering organic post-scheduling and content sharing with your customers.

Remember that your Instagram business account can only connect to one Facebook Page.

7. Finish Setup

That’s it! You’ve completed the Instagram business profile setup. Now go and try out all the features in your brand-new account.

The professional dashboard provides a complete overview of your account and post performance. It offers other account management tools like hiding your business category and adding contact information.

You’ll also see Instagram’s carefully curated content – from how to make Reels to working with brands.

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Benefits of Having an Instagram Business Account

The Instagram business profile has several features that will help grow your business but are unavailable on a personal profile.

If you already have a presence on Instagram through a personal account, a business profile could be your way to gain more followers and reach new audiences.

Access to Analytics

Access to Analytics

See your business profile analytics through Account insights. You’ll find detailed information on how many profiles you’ve reached and engaged with through the Instagram feed or Explore.

Content interactions display the number of likes, saves, comments, and shares your posts have generated.

Profile activity shows profile visits, follows, and direct messages you’ve received in your inbox.

Audience insights break down demographics like gender, age, and approximate location of the people interacting with your posts. These insights will help you create more successful content.

Create Instagram Ads

Advertising is an effective way to reach people and have them Buy Now or Learn More about your product or service. The idea behind Instagram ads is fairly simple – paid ads help you easily target specific audiences with little investment.

Learn how to use Instagram ads and track Instagram app insights to ensure the success of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Be Trustworthy

Use Instagram for business to gain the trust of your audience and translate it into sales.

Create content that resonates with your followers and engages them with your promoted posts.

Become a verified Instagram business profile – it’s the fastest and most secure way to build trust.

Request verification by tapping Settings → Account → Request verification. This is how your business profile gets the verified badge – a blue checkmark next to your business account name.

Tag and Sell Products

Tag and Sell Products

Instagram provides the necessary advertising tools for your products and makes buying them easy. Instagram business accounts and other qualified public accounts in select countries can add shopping tags to their Instagram posts.

Read our article on how to sell on Instagram to learn the technicalities of Instagram Shopping.

Add up to five products within a post and up to 20 in a carousel post. A carousel post lets you share ten photos or videos in one go.

Check out these tips and tools to learn more about selling on Instagram.

Schedule Posts and Use Links

Head over to the Creator Studio of the Facebook/Meta Business Suite and log in with your Instagram credentials to access various services for busy business owners.

Here, the most useful feature is post-scheduling, which is not something you’re currently able to use through your Instagram business account.

The Creator Studio dashboard gives you a clear timeline view for creating and scheduling posts and reviewing your current, past, and future scheduled posts. Don’t forget to add photos, videos, and any relevant links.

Run A/B testing with different text versions, photos, and videos to find the best-performing content for your audience.

Bring Success to Your Instagram Business Profile

Keep an eye on growing trends, but always stay authentic to your business niche.

Your goal is to reach customers with eye-catching Instagram Stories and posts and invite them to place an order. How can you achieve this? Let’s take a look!

Find Your Target Audience

Find Your Target Audience

Start by defining your customer niche, creating buyer personas, and checking out our list of the top Instagram niches for 2024.

Remember that your audiences might vary across different platforms. For example, if you’ve linked your Instagram account with a business Facebook page, the message you share on Instagram might not work for your Facebook audience and vice versa.

Create and Follow a Strategy

Instagram marketing strategies are constantly evolving, so think of your business in the long term. Set relevant and achievable goals and objectives, and track your performance through Instagram insights.

Carry out A/B testing to see which marketing strategy works best for your Instagram business account, follow a marketing calendar with important eCommerce sales dates, and create a reliable posting schedule.

Prepare Your Instagram

Make sure your Instagram business profile is ready to receive customers. In addition to a profile photo, you should have a bio, relevant website links, and your store’s contact information.

Group several Instagram Stories into highlights to feature them on your business profile for as long as you want.

Instagram archives standard Stories after 24 hours. Go to the Archive to view, repost, and highlight them. This is a great feature for reusing seasonal and holiday content.

Focus on Visuals

Focus on Visuals

Instagram is a visual platform, so you’ll want to create Instagram business account images that catch and keep the attention of your target customers.

Create an engaging visual identity with high-quality Instagram content. A dazzling profile picture and complimentary visuals in your Instagram feed will do the trick.

Explore the benefits of creating Instagram Reels, which are 15-second multi-clip videos you can edit with creative tools.

Learn how to take product photos before making content to ensure your unique images turn into sales.

Excel at Copywriting

Whether it’s your business Facebook account or Instagram profile, good copywriting draws people to your store. We can’t overstate its importance, so we won’t even try.

Consider every aspect of your customer journey, starting with viewing your small business from a personal profile and ending with placing an order.

Answer these questions:

  • How do you want your customer to perceive you?
  • Will you use casual or formal language?
  • Are you going to sound neutral, serious, funny, or a mix of all three?

Check out our free copywriting course and learn how to write copy for your target audience, use relevant keywords in your descriptions, and write an Instagram business profile bio that stands out.

It will give you the necessary structure and confidence to generate memorable, SEO-friendly text that leads business accounts to more sales.

Engage With Your Audience

People appreciate businesses that make an effort to connect with them. This is why you should consider replying to comments on your posts, Stories, and direct messages. Engage your customers by asking for feedback and work on creating a community.

Of course, that’s easier said than done – you can’t spend an entire day talking to customers. Thankfully, these useful tools will help you efficiently connect with your customers on another level.

Advertise Your Business

Run Instagram ads, use relevant hashtags, reach out to Instagram influencers to form collaborations, and use your Facebook Business Page and other social media channels to advertise your Instagram page.

Working out a solid Instagram marketing strategy will help you monetize your business. Keep in mind that sponsored content regulations may vary between countries.


Create an Instagram business account by switching from your personal account to a professional one. Tap Settings. Scroll down and click Account → Switch account type.

Switch to a business or creator account based on your preferences at any time. Do it for free on the Instagram app.

An Instagram business account offers various analytics and advertising tools to find new customers and grow your business. You’ll be able to promote products on a schedule with different ad formats and use content analytics to work out a winning advertising strategy.

If you’re a business owner with only a personal account on Instagram, you are missing out on features that will help you grow your business.

Definitely! Switch back to a personal account in just a few steps – go to your Instagram Settings → Account → Switch account type and select the personal account.

Remember, switching back to a personal account will delete most of the data associated with your business account.

Instagram business profiles are best for retailers, local businesses, brands, organizations, and service providers, while creator accounts are for people with a personal brand – public figures, content producers, artists, and influencers.

You can add a shop through either of these Instagram profiles.

To Summarize

If you plan on using Instagram for business, boost your brand, and create noteworthy social media content, getting a business account just makes sense. It will help you connect with your audience, build a following, and run a successful business with growing sales.

Instagram for business gives access to useful features, allowing you to monitor account performance, manage ads, engage in influencer marketing, and work out a solid Instagram strategy.

Switch between a personal Instagram account and a professional Instagram account anytime. It’s free and easy when you follow the steps mentioned in this article.

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