Custom Enamel Mugs

Take a hot sip of cash with profitable custom enamel mugs. Perfect for a camping trip, outdoor party, or an online shop. Order for yourself or sell worldwide for a wallet-friendly price.

Blueberry-filled custom enamel mug with an image of a bicycle and the text “Ride Freedom Machine.”
Enamel mug placed on a rock with the text “Hiking when it was not mainstream” around an image of a hiking dinosaur.

Custom Enamel Mug Printing

Made in the US

Serve beverages hot with top-quality USA-made custom enamelware – fast delivery and low shipping costs throughout local fulfillment centers.

No Minimum Order

Publish as many custom enamel mugs as you wish without additional production costs. Order in bulk
or just one for yourself.

The Perfect Gift

Personalized enamel mugs make the perfect gift that enhance a beverage with your design, bringing comfort
to the outdoors.

Design Custom Enamel Mugs With Printify

Our Custom Campfire Mugs

Printify’s custom enamel mugs hold 12 oz of liquid, held by a durable steel outer shell with rounded corners. The mugs have a glossy enamel finish made for outdoor use. Designs can fit the wrap-around exterior as logos, images, or personalized photos.

Custom enamel mug with a “Your Design here” sign on it.

Key Features:

Custom enamel mug with a “Your Design here” sign on it.

Key Features:

Other Custom Enamelware Products

From cups and tumblers to bespoke enamelware bowls, Printify boasts a vast selection of enamel products fulfilled around the world, with frequent releases throughout the year. Learn about our other options in the Printify Catalog, ready to sport your message or logo.

Custom enamel bowl with a “Your Design here” sign wrapped around its side.

Key Features:

Stainless steel travel mug with a “Your Design here” sign on its side.

Key Features:

Create Your Own Camping Mugs

Personalized enamel mugs are an exceptional outdoor camping tool for hot beverages, and we’re happy to announce – Printify is the hottest place to create them.

Custom Enamel Mug 1

Step 1

Pick One of Our Enamel Mugs

Browse from the Printify Catalog

Search by category or type and select one of our top-selling personalized enamel mugs from our ever-growing selection of blank white labels. Click on any of our helpful product pages to overview manufacturing details, available Print Providers, production costs, and design features.

Step 2

Add Your Design

Upload via our Mockup Generator

Printify’s Mockup Generator will help you throughout the design process with a comprehensive user interface. Simply drag and drop an image from your device, style your print area, monitor resolution requirements, and preview your finished product all on one screen.

Step 3

Publish and Start Selling

Integrate with your own store

Printify provides integrations with top-selling eCommerce sales channels like eBay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Create a product in a few hours, add your store, and sell print-on-demand products without running out of stock.

White enamel mug with a print of white text on a forest green background saying “Camping is my favorite sport.”

Create Custom Enamel Cups With Our Merch Maker

The Mockup Generator is an excellent tool to help you achieve artsy designs for your custom enamel mugs. The many features are just what beginning or skilled designers need for creative masterpieces on custom enamelware and other products.

Our merch maker is equipped with

  • A free graphics library for your convenience
  • AI image generator
  • Pattern creation tool
  • Emoji and multi-language support
  • Extensive selection of fonts
  • Shutterstock integration
  • Background removal tool
  • Fit and fill option and many more.

Why Design and Sell Camp Mugs With Printify?


Exceptionally lightweight campfire mugs, easy to pack and carry with a wide c-shaped handle and smooth upper lip.


Made with a stainless steel material for exceptional durability and a long-lasting gloss coating that resists the elements.

Vibrant Colors

Produce with the latest printing techniques that provide a wide range of vibrant color options with full wrap-around design possibilities.

Make Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs

Why Sell Print-on-Demand Enamel Mugs?

Custom enamel mugs are strong and rust-resistant – perfect for hot tea, coffee, or soup on a chilly camping trip. It’s a huge value proposition for your outdoorsy customer base and just what your online business needs.

In 2022, the global camp cookware and dinnerware market was valued at

$2.9 billion

The outdoors industry is a goldmine. Custom enamel mugs are an excellent addition to eco-friendly line-ups and hold well with many colors for unique designs.

White enamel mug with the text “California Hume Lake 36°N 118 W.”

Personalized Enamel Mug Design Ideas

Enamel products are excellent gifts for outdoor enthusiasts, employees, friends and family, and customers eager to get their hands on your camping mugs. Here are some design examples for you to try.

Custom camping mug placed in front of a lake with a scenic imagery design and the text “Life is better outside. Keep nature wild.”

The Great Outdoors Theme

Lovers of the great outdoors or travelers in campers will love personalized enamel mugs. And they’ll love adding to their experience by reinforcing their belief that mother nature has everything to offer with designs inspired by what they see around them. Pine tree forests, national parks, or even a summer camp sported by the seasoned vacationer.

Funny and Ironic

People sometimes need extra motivation in the morning to get out of bed and move, which means the custom enamel mug canvas is ripe for fun. Choose your hilarity-inducing bangers, and help a person get the boost they need to get through the day.

Man holding a camp mug with a design of a tiny van and the text “Home is where we park it.”
Enamel mug placed on a piece of wood with a stylized design of a bear filled with the night sky, mountains, and trees.


In what could be a subcategory of the above, animal-themed custom enamel mugs are a brand favorite. If you’re struggling with ideas, try brainstorming with cats or dogs as a part of your design. They won’t disappoint, and neither will all of the animal lovers of the world who send their thanks for falling in love with your dream designs.

FAQ: Personalized Enamel Mugs

Yes, and we recommend that you do. That way, you’re seeing exactly what your customers see, and you don’t have to worry about discrepancies in quality. You can order a sample at the end of the design process.

You should not put custom enamel mugs in the microwave under any circumstances. Metal materials used in enamel mugs are heat resistant but hazardous in domestic microwave ovens. Steel creates violent arcs of electricity that can harm you and damage the equipment.

No, just use soap and water to wash any signs of soot or dirt. Custom enamel mugs are strong and made to take some abuse on the trail before showing dents or a scratch in the backpack.

Enamel mugs conduct temperature well, yet the enamel shell can be placed over open flames without becoming too hot to touch. The steel material is better at insulating any coffee beverage, while the enamel will stop it from immediately scalding the holder.

Selling custom mugs and any other retail item through a print-on-demand fulfillment model is a tried-and-true way to earn money. Custom mugs, expressly, can be set at a relatively high profit margin and are an excellent support revenue for your store.

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Make Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs!