Custom Enamel Mug

Take a warm hot sip of cash with profitable custom enamel mugs!

Custom Enamel Mug

Create and Sell Beautiful Campfire Customized Mugs

Lightweight for Travel

Made of lightweight and durable stainless steel for lengthy camps or hikes.

No Minimum Orders

Design and sell as many custom campfire mugs as you want - with no minimum order.

Versatile All-Stars

From coffee to cereal, the campfire mug can be all things to all people.

Why Create Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs?

Enamel mugs are sure to have a moment, and you can get in on the trend by selling with Printify. Our mugs are strong, rust-resistant stainless steel that doesn’t stain or corrode easily. That’s a huge benefit for your customers and makes things easier for you as well. What else are they? Profitable.

Profitable Custom Campfire Mugs

One of the great things about the internet and getting a little side hustle going is that there are so many opportunities for products, designs, and niches. Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to choose what direction to go in or what niche you might want to carve out for yourself.

The biggest thing that might dictate what you decide to begin selling online is how much your potential profit is on your products. The great news about custom enamel mugs is that they are extremely profitable with Printify – and even more so if you sign up for Printify Premium – our unparalleled subscription service that gives you up to 20% on our products.

But how profitable are custom enamel mugs? Even without Printify Premium, we see custom enamel mugs selling at major online retailers for twice or more what we’re selling them for to you. That’s a mighty profitable product in a sea of low-margin side hustles.

Custom Enamel Mug Popular
Custom Enamel Mug Profitable

Incredibly Popular Moment

Campfire mugs are all the rage for hiking, camping, and of course, the ever-popular and Instagrammable “van life” trend. Young couples are converting old vans and trucks into full-time homes for travel – especially domestic travel.

These couples are roaming national parks and the great outdoors in search of an authentic experience and personal growth. And what is the number one thing you see when you follow van lifers on Instagram? The perfect shot – looking out of the back of the van – usually over some green grassy hills or a deep, crystalline blue lake, with a cup of coffee in their hand. But not just any cup – a custom ceramic mug – the only thing needed to complete the aesthetic.

Super Strong Custom Campfire Mug Companions

Without getting too technical, the enamel mugs have an image transferred onto them at high heat through a process called sublimation. What’s sublimation? It means that the heat actually condenses the ink for the design and then cools it. The cooling process doesn’t involve condensation, so the ink doesn’t run when it cools and is transferred to the enamel of the mug.

The mug itself is a super lightweight stainless steel that is completely encased in the enamel. The mug also has an extremely strong handle in a C shaped, and the whole piece is pressed all at the same time to allow for one strong campfire companion!

Make Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs!

Use Our Free Mockup Generator to Build Your Mugs

Get up and run selling custom enamel mugs in just a few minutes. How? Use Printify’s mock-up generator. If there were an award for mockup generators, surely our mockup generator…would win it. It’s an easy process, just pick your product, then pick your provider, and drag and drop your beautiful designs. 

You’re free to be as creative and inspired on your mugs as you want; they’re all going into your store. If there’s a part of a personal brand, remember they’ll reflect on you. We certainly do, and that’s exactly why you’ll have so many tools and resources behind you from Printify to help you sell our amazing products with your stupendous designs.

Design Inspiration for Custom Campfire Mugs

From hippie campfire drum circles to Instagram hiking models, nearly everyone needs a custom enamel mug in their life. That’s good news for you, and you can take advantage and bring some of your own creativity to the party to help you get that side hustle going online.

Custom Enamel Mug Outdoors Theme
Custom Enamel Mug Outdoors Theme

The Great Outdoors Theme

Lovers of the great outdoors and nature will love custom enamel mugs, and they’ll love adding to their experience by reinforcing their belief that they’re communing and diving deep into all that mother nature has to offer with designs inspired by what they see around them.

This could be a pine tree forest on the mug, the name of a place or national park, or even a summer camp (much like the ever-present Summer Camp Tee that many people sport). Let your custom enamel mug help to enhance their trip through the use of some special nature-themed custom campfire mugs.

Funny and Ironic

People sometimes need a little extra motivation in the morning to get out of bed and get moving, and that means the canvass of the custom enamel mug is ripe for fun. Choose your funny and amusing best designs to put on these mugs, and help to give your customers the boost they need in the morning to get themselves through the day.

Custom Enamel Mug Funny
Custom Enamel Mug Funny
Custom Enamel Mug Animals
Custom Enamel Mug Animals


In what could be a subcategory of the above, animal-themed custom enamel mugs are incredibly popular. If you’re struggling with ideas, just try brainstorming with cats or dogs as a part of your design. They won’t disappoint, and neither will all of the animal lovers of the world that may see and fall in love with your designs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Enamel Mugs

Of course, you can order custom enamel mugs with no minimum. In fact – that’s one of the biggest advantages of working with Printify to fulfill your orders; you don’t have to worry about a minimum order quantity with Printify. That means no more inventory and no wasted items in your store.

Yes, in fact, we recommend that you do. That way, you’re seeing exactly what your customers see when they order your products, and you don’t have to worry about what you’re sending your customers. You can order a sample at the end of the design process, and when you see it, you can know how awesome your designs and our products really are.

Our mugs are enamel over stainless steel – so they’re very strong and ready to be packed away in a back for a long trip. These mugs are durable and reliable, and they have to be because they’re such an important item for many campers and hikers out in the wild.

No, just use soap and water to wash. These are strong and are made to take some abuse on the trail or kicking around in a backpack.

Our print provider for custom enamel mugs is District Photo, located in the United States. Generally, we have print providers on our products located all over the world, and we’re adding more all the time. We have print providers located in the US, Canada, China, Germany, the UK, and other places.

Production time can vary by provider, but we’re seeing these made in slightly less than three days, and of course, you should add the shipping time on top of that. Our providers also ship worldwide, so you are able to order it if you live in another country and also track the shipment. Check out your order and fulfillment status right on the Printify platform for ease and convenience.

How to Get Started Selling Custom Campfire Mugs

We hope we’ve given you some thirst for sales – only to be quenched by our custom enamel mugs – with our introduction above. If you’re wondering how to put it all together, here’s where we show you how to do it. We’re one of the fastest-growing print-on-demand platforms, and that’s because we offer competitive prices to produce them. Here’s how to get started.

Design Them

Choose your custom enamel mug, and then get your design on them. Right now, we only offer one print provider for custom enamel mugs, so that part should be relatively easy. Use our brilliant mockup generator to help bring your products to life and customize them.

Customize Them

This is another easy step; just use the mockup generator we talked about above to put your design onto our product. It just works like an image uploader. Then drag and position into place, and you’re done once you’re happy.

Sell Them

That’s it! You can put your design in your own store if you have a website with WooCommerce. If you’re running a store on a platform like Shopify or Wix - don’t worry. We integrate with you too! Take advantage also of selling on eBay or Etsy - we also integrate and sell products on their sites.

Make Your Own Custom Enamel Mugs!