Custom Curtains

Create custom-printed curtains with a beloved design just for you, or help a customer find the perfect option in your shop. Our single-panel custom curtains offer a timeless and practical addition to any interior decor, matched by your own style.

Full-length interior custom curtain installation with a printed design of warm-tone marble patterns.
Window-length interior custom curtain installation with a printed design of lemon patterns with blue leaves.

Customize Curtains With Printify

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Use our Mockup Generator to easily design products, work with ready-made product templates and apply designs with a single click.

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Create Custom Curtains With Printify

Custom Curtain Printing

Custom-made curtains offer a simple but unique style often absent in modern minimalist designs. Beautifully designed custom curtains can add more privacy, make windows look bigger, regulate outdoor light, and give depth and variety to bedrooms and open spaces.

Bring your vision to life with your very own designs. Create curtains with your favorite customized themes, artistic flourishes, or graphic design elements with our tips, tools, and mockup software.

Custom curtain close-up with a printed design of tropical leaf and bird patterns framing a warm beach resort.
Model photo of a customer receiving a print-on-demand order of their custom curtain package.

Custom Curtains With No Minimum Order

Order custom curtains in any quantity throughout quality US fulfillment centers, and we’ll track the printing, packaging, and shipping for you. Set up, order, or sell your custom curtains with zero order minimums without additional fees or restrictions.

How to Make Your Own Curtains With Printify

Printify manages an ever-growing product Catalog of custom home decor items, provides free design tools and software, offers top-leading eCommerce integrations, and manages the entire order logistics process, from fulfillment to delivery. Focus your time on creating top designs or eCommerce strategies while we care for the rest.

Graphic of a laptop screen showcasing how to add a design to custom curtains using Printify’s mockup design tools.

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for free and navigate the full Printify platform at your convenience. Explore our introductions to print-on-demand, helpful design tips for custom products, and guides for starting eCommerce through our partnered top-selling eCommerce sales channels.

Step 2

Select a Product

Go to the Printify product Catalog and use the search bar to locate curtains. Enable additional tags on the left-hand filter to zone in on your search. Click on a product to view its manufacturing details like rod pocket size, types of fabrics, print colors, and available Print Providers.

Step 3

Upload Your Designs

Click Start Designing on the product screen to move to the Mockup Generator. Use the free software to upload your design, follow print quality instructions, format patterns or text, and preview your work before printing.

Make Your Own Custom Curtains

Our Custom Curtains

Whether you’re looking for a practical item to sell or a unique addition to your own space, Printify’s curtains offer unlimited style potential and high-quality fabric materials. Create personalized curtains and save them to your Printify My Products page for future orders or new store merchandise.

Printify’s Blackout Window Curtains have a room-darkening blackout lining that blocks natural light, reduces noise, and adds privacy. The large wall-to-ceiling white canvas frames your designs in a crisp one-sided print, perfect for dazzling patterns or striking murals.

Key Features:

Our Light Window Curtains provide a touch of elegance with thinner fabrics while still offering the functionality and style needed. Features include a firm rod pocket, durable materials, and hemmed linings. Customize your design and experiment, creating warm living room curtains or personal drapery for bedrooms that capture a warm glow.

Key Features:

Please note: One order contains only a single-panel curtain which works elegantly for smaller windows. However, if you need a set of custom curtains for each side of a large window, make sure to list two together.

Printify Platforms 2+ Million Merchants Worldwide

Every product Printify helps create has a personal style made by independent designers who add originality and value to customers and eCommerce as a whole.

Custom Curtain Design Ideas

Window curtains offer a large print canvas rarely utilized to its full potential. Here are a few ways to personalize a custom curtain and make a unique fashion statement without reinventing the wheel.

Window-length interior custom curtain installation with a printed photo design of a woman lounging in a flowery meadow.

Personalize With a Picture

Pictures provide a window of opportunity. Take advantage of the full print area with design features holding vast landscapes, architectural pieces, and scenic vistas set up close for indoor views. Use a high-resolution file for a quality result.

Use Illustrations or Graphics

Graphics can be as simple as stylized caricatures and shapes or as deep as thought-provoking murals, like a savant’s graffiti piece under a bridge. Complement lively interiors with designs that are not too obstructive but add a flair of originality.

Window-length interior custom curtain installation with a stylized graphic design of tiger heads on a black background.
Custom curtain close-up with a printed design of rainforest leaf patterns framing a warm beach resort.

Set Up Colorful Patterns

Custom-print curtains with patterns offer a color theory and symbol crash course for unique forms of interior design. Create traditional or unconventional full-pattern prints as a statement piece, much like a design element on a flag.

Use a Single Color

The classic option is to pick a color that says more than any image possibly could, pulling in the soft light and adding a faint color glow. Focus on setting the mood with modern color trends for comfort and privacy.

Full-length interior custom curtain installation with a printed glossy monochrome purple color.

Make Your Own Custom Curtains

Why Sell Custom Curtains

The home decor market has seen an upward trend largely attributed to factors like more active remote work standards, easier access to personalized products, and online eCommerce capabilities.

The global custom curtains industry has experienced a consistent increase, is expected to grow annually at a CAGR of 6.28%, and is on track in 2023 to pass a total revenue of over $40 billion.

Full-length interior custom curtain installation with a stylized graphic design of a rainbow and sun.

Start Selling Personalized Curtains With Printify

Model photo of a Printify merchant planning out their print-on-demand business model with a notebook and laptop.

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Order Fulfillment

Once your product listing is created, the job is done. All sales are automatically routed to Printify, printed, and shipped without any worry on your part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider creating personalized curtains through Printify. Explore our Catalog, add your design, and order a sample in just a few steps.

Create shower curtains with the Printify mockup design software. Register for a free account and add your design using our free Mockup Generator. Voilà – your own personalized shower curtains, ready for order.

Absolutely. You can order any product in our Catalog as a sample. We always recommend ordering samples before releasing your product to customers.

Printify offers transparent production and shipping costs for our list of custom curtains. Our print-on-demand blackout window curtains and light window curtains show all associated costs on the product page, including shipping rates for each Print Provider independently.

Generally, once an order is submitted, the average production time is 2-7 business days. Shipping varies depending on the selected product and final order address. Print Providers automatically route order requests to the closest product fulfillment center.

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