Custom Tapestry

What’s in every home and is always in desperate need of decoration? The answer is, of course, walls, and one of the best ways to uplift one’s surroundings is a wall tapestry. Design your own custom tapestry and start selling today.

Custom Tapestry Printing - Printify
Custom Tapestry Print On Demand - Printify

Make Your Own Tapestry With Printify

Free Tapestry Maker

Making tapestries with our Mockup Generator is quick, easy, and fun. Design, upload, adjust, and enjoy your artwork. For free.

Printed on Demand

Order and sell custom tapestries online with no need for upfront investment. Each order is made on demand and printed in the US, with an average production of three days and worldwide shipping.

Sell Them Online

Order a custom tapestry for yourself, or sell unique and durable wall art in an online shop. The order size doesn't matter – we require no minimum amounts and accept bulk orders.

Design Your Custom Tapestry

From USD 11.19 · From USD 8.62 with Printify Premium

Print unique designs from edge to edge over small or large areas. The sublimation in a polyester microfiber fabric guarantees vibrant colors and fine details.

From USD 14.10 · From USD 10.86 with Printify Premium

Especially suited for indoor decoration, these tapestries are available from small to large sizes. Its polyester medium is water and mildew resistant and allows fine printing with vivid colors. 

Incredibly Detailed Wall Tapestry, 
No Matter How Big or Small

Custom Tapestry - Durable Polyester

Durable Polyester

Any tapestry in our catalog features polyester blends sewn around all the edges. That isn’t any cheap custom tapestry but quality merchandise.  

This fabric is remarkably durable and withstands washing cycles without issues. 

The polyester material adds resistance to water and mildew, so hang the wall art without concerns regarding room humidity. Avoid bleaching or dry cleaning – that will extend the fabric’s lifetime.

Custom Tapestry - Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

Our tapestries are available in eight sizes, from 26 x 36 inches to 88 x 104 inches. Check the tapestry size chart for all detailed measurements.  

Bring character to any space in the room with customized tapestries. Sizes won’t be a problem.

Custom Tapestry - Quality Printing

Quality Printing

The coloring and details of your custom-made tapestry should remain crystal clear, even when printed over a large space.

That is all possible thanks to our partners’ latest printing technologies, ensuring crisp detail and vibrant colors for all your compositions – even when things get too exotic.

Want to learn more about our printing techniques?

Design Your Custom Tapestry

How to Design Your Tapestry With Our Mockup Generator

Thanks to our intuitive custom tapestry maker – the Mockup Generator –  you can make tapestry designs come to life, creating unique pieces that will be faithfully printed. 

The tool is user-friendly and gratis, and all you need to do is follow the next instructions.

Custom Tapestry - Mockup Generator

Step 1

Design or Personalize the Tapestry

Design a tapestry on the Mockup Generator by clicking Start Designing. Once there, you’ll be able to upload your designs or create a tapestry from scratch with the Shutterstock integration.  

If your designs are ready to go, drag and drop them straight into the Mockup Generator from the desktop. Alternatively, you can upload it via Dropbox or Google Drive. All tapestry designs are stored in your Mockup Generator library, where you can always revisit and edit them further.

Step 2

Preview and Adjust

Once your design is on the Mockup Generator, resume editing it by adding extra layers of custom text or new photos.

When you settle on the final idea, enter Preview mode on the top right of your screen.  In preview mode, you can check how the personalized tapestry will look in real life and make any necessary edits.

Step 3

Order or Publish

Everything finalized? Perfect, all you have to do now is to order for yourself or publish your product in your shop and start selling. With just one click, you can have your product live – it really is that simple. 

Printify seamlessly integrates with all major e-commerce platforms: Etsy, Shopify, Wix, eBay, or any sales channel of your choice. We’ll handle fulfillment and shipment.

Integrate Your Store and Sell With Printify

Create custom tapestries and sell them on any sales channel you prefer – Printify integrates with all the top players. Choose the best site to sell on, integrate it with Printify, and set up high-ranking listings with ease.

Start Selling Custom Tapestries

Custom Tapestry Design Ideas

Landscape Tapestries

For good reasons, photo tapestries, nature scenes, and landscapes are staples in decor. Landscape custom tapestries create relaxing scenes in any environment, adding beauty in a neutral manner. Create tapestries with forests, beachfronts, fields, or orchards for timeless wall art. 

Custom Tapestry Landscape Tapestries
Custom Tapestry Art Print Tapestries

Custom Art Print Tapestries

Wall tapestries are a terrific choice for any artist or enthusiast looking for ways to showcase and monetize their art. Print your tapestry with unique artwork, bring your inspiration to real life and stand out among competitors. 

Custom Tapestries With Quotes or Statements

Perhaps you’re not an artist but are engaged in social causes or sports. 

Make tapestries with statements or quotes, suitable not only to decorate and hang on indoor walls but for external use as banners in parades, sports games, or events. Cover a medium with meaningful or supportive statements and make your point public.

Custom Tapestry With Quote
Custom Tapestry Bundle

Multiple Piece Sets

Create matching artwork design sets with tapestry printing, sell them in bundles in an online shop, and multiply the profits. Landscapes, planets, fauna and flora, letters or symbols – the possibilities are endless.

Flag Tapestries

Flags are like a badge of honor, and they still resonate with many people due to that symbolism. From expatriates who miss home to people identifying with noble causes and movements, it’s simply empowering.

Custom Tapestry - Flag
Custom Tapestry - Mandala

Custom Mandala Tapestries

Folks who love life and are deeply connected with spiritual well-being practices are one of the most expressive audiences. From yoga to meditation, they dive deep into their beliefs and ensure that their surroundings follow suit. Create your tapestry featuring a mandala with its sacred geometry. That makes both a mesmerizing sight to gaze in and a huge selling point for your business.

FAQ – Custom Tapestry

  • Create an account with Printify and log in.
  • Pick a suitable wall tapestry for your artwork in our catalog.
  • Customize tapestry designs by uploading, adjusting, and resizing them with the Mockup Generator.
  • Preview how the custom tapestry will look in real life and make adjustments if necessary.
  • Order a custom tapestry for yourself or sell it online.

No. The printed design will cover only one side (the front-facing space) of the custom tapestry.

Printing dyes are specially formulated to bond with the polyester fibers at the molecular level. This means that your design should maintain its quality throughout the product’s lifecycle.

We offer eight tapestry sizes, ranging from 26 x 36 inches to 88 x 104 inches.

These products are made from a polyester material and printed by sublimation. Although primarily meant for wall hanging, they’re more than capable of surviving a cold wash. For best washing results, please do not bleach or dry clean.

No. As all our items are printed only after they’re ordered, you can cater to single and bulk custom tapestry orders according to your shop’s size and needs and ship them worldwide.

Our custom tapestries are fulfilled and shipped from print providers from several locations in the US. 

That will depend on the print providers and final shipping destinations. 

The average production time is 2-3 business days. Shipping to the US takes 2-5 business days, while international shipping may take 3-15 business days.

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