Custom Coasters

From its everyday practicality to being a great blank canvas for all your designs and logos, the coaster is a simple, effective product that everyone loves. Make your own custom coasters today, and start selling!

Custom Coaster

Make Your Own Custom Coasters

It’s 100% Free

Dive right in with no huge inventory costs upfront and no complicated shipping or printing tasks to handle in the back-end. You don’t even need any previous selling experience- you focus on creating your first custom coaster while Printify handles all the rest.

Easy to Design

Designing your first custom photo coaster is really easy, almost like making a small poster. There are no rules, limits, or product peculiarities to keep in mind. Let your mind run free on this 3.75″ X 3.75” canvas with logos, pictures & more.

No Minimums

Whether you want to equip your bar from top to bottom, or you just need a single custom coaster – it’s all the same. Enjoy no minimums on your purchase as everything is made-to-order.

Cheap Custom Coasters Under $5

Whether you need just the one or a whole lot, the product costs are almost negligible. This means that custom printed coasters are cheap to buy for yourself or as a gift, and it is highly profitable if you want to sell it online with your custom prints on them.

Its low production cost makes our custom-print coasters an easy-going addition to any store. From the fact that virtually anyone can use it to the fact it’s made for high-profit margins, it is a simple choice that makes sense no matter what your store theme is.

Adding to their value, these custom coasters are made in the USA with genuine cork bottom and a high-gloss, polyester-coated hardboard top; in short, it lasts long & looks gorgeous on any table.

Cheap Custom Coasters
Glossy Finish

The top part of our custom drink coasters is made with high-gloss polyester-coated hardboard. This special top adds a classy looking touch to any table, and it also lends itself brilliantly to all your designs, with full-color decoration capability.

Genuine Cork Bottom

The genuine cork bottom construction of our custom coasters protects your tables from being scratched. When serving beverages on top of the coasters, the cork bottom also ensures no slippage or spilling accidents.

Vibrant Colors

Let your imagination run wild and create your unique designs. From exotic patterns to logos and slogans or photos, the latest printing techniques used for custom printing coasters allow for crisp detail preservation even for the most exotic of designs.

How to Make Custom Coasters With Our Mockup Generator

Creating your first custom cork coaster design might sound a bit scary, but thanks to our Mockup Generator, you’ll find that it’s super easy.

The Mockup Generator is a really-easy-to-use and intuitive design tool that enables you to place an existing design on your coaster or create one from scratch. Within only a couple of clicks, you can place, create, preview, and order a sample – all within the same, straightforward interface.

Custom Coaster Mockup GeneratorCustom Coaster Mockup Generator