Custom School Apparel

Excited students are lining up to reinvent their school outfits for the next academic year. Now’s the perfect time for a new wardrobe of back-to-school apparel. Create custom designs for your favorite student or curate merchandise for your online store with Printify.

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Custom School Apparel

Large Product Variety

Hundreds of high-quality white-label products.

Easy to Design

Design custom apparel using Printify’s Product Creator.

No Minimum

Stock up or just grab one – no minimum order required.

Custom School Apparel With No Minimum Order

With hundreds of products, enable orders for various school apparel designs without restrictions. Create merchandise for groups to enhance the school spirit or sell individual items on demand. Integrate your school store with Printify to sell with zero order minimums.

Design School Merch With Printify

We’ve compiled a list of bestselling apparel and accessories for everyone in the academic world, from teachers and students to anyone else involved. Take your best school graphics and experiment with design placement.

T-Shirts and Long Sleeves

T-shirts are hot-selling items that offer versatility and design freedom, resulting in long-lasting and high-quality prints.

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts can create a casual school spirit, perfect for custom school team apparel with high-margin potential year-round.

Backpacks and Bags

Customize all-over-print designs on school backpacks, custom tote bags, and duffel bags, from small and minimalist to adjustable and pocket-full options.

Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes

Lunch bags and boxes are essential school gear, perfect for custom designs with trending content, popular cartoons, witty slogans, and more.

Water Bottles and Tumblers

Stay hydrated with a focus on customizable water bottles and tumblers, perfect for school branding, pattern designs, custom logos, and more.

Notebooks and Journals

Customize notebooks and journals for personalized school supplies students can curate and label for different subjects and enjoy using.

Sportswear and Activewear

Explore and offer custom school sports apparel: jerseys, shorts, and more for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and other activities.

Design Ideas for The New Academic Year

Design Your Own Custom School Apparel

Make Custom School Apparel in 3 Easy Steps

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Step 1

Sign Up for Printify

Create a free account with Printify. Explore product offers, design tools, and eCommerce partners. Check out our print-on-demand guides whenever you need more help or resources.

Step 2

Choose School Merch

Select from over 900 products in our Catalog, including varsity jackets, long-sleeve shirts for classrooms, and custom high school sports apparel, anything from volleyball to softball.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

Open a product page to view all the manufacturing details and available Print Providers. Then click Start Designing and use our Product Creator to apply designs to the product template.

Over 10 Million Merchants Trust Printify

Define a new school apparel and accessories season with your own shop using Printify’s long-standing product-sourcing network.

Why It’s Worth Making Custom School Apparel

Back-to-school sales represent one of the most high-value seasons in the eCommerce industry, providing an excellent opportunity to offer dedicated custom designs.

Catch the eye of the surge of parents and students looking to revamp their style for the new semester. The season typically starts in mid-summer and lasts up until early fall.

$41.5 billion

in back-to-school spending leading to the 2023 school year, which equals roughly $890 paid in each American household for supplies and all things school fashion.

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Why Choose Printify

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Extensive Product Variety

Clothing and accessories for every demographic, including accessories and home decor items, with detailed manufacturing features and production costs.

Worldwide Fulfillment and Delivery

Global Print Providers that streamline the order process at low shipping costs and offer local delivery.

Top eCommerce Channel Integrations

Integrate a school store with the most popular online eCommerce platforms, including eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, and more.

Intuitive Mockup Software

Design custom high school apparel easily by picking a product, uploading a design, and following print instructions.

24/7 Merchant Support

Rely on Printify’s Merchant Support Team and detailed guides to set up a store, design products, and track orders.


Use Printify to purchase school apparel with your custom design. Choose from our list of high-quality products and upload your image for printing.

Multiple Printify products, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc., are eligible for bulk orders with potential discounts. Design and order custom school apparel – no minimum order required, and bulk discounts available with Printify.

Creating a product only takes a few minutes. Once you order, the estimated delivery time is between 2-5 business days. See more on the Printify Shipping Rates page.

Yes. Printify encourages sample orders so you can check whether the quality of the product matches your standards before ordering in bulk or selling.

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