Don’t Miss: Top 10 Back-To-School Bestsellers + Free Designs

Don’t Miss: Top 10 Back-To-School Bestsellers + Free Designs

Wakey wakey, eggs and baccy! 

It’s almost back-to-school season soon and there are about to be a lot of grumpy kids. Parents would like for them to have a smooth transition, so Back-to-School shopping is in full swing. 

That’s why Printify launched its Back to School sale and that means that you can now get some of our bestselling back-to-school products, for less!

In this article, we’ll give you a small preview of what you can find on discount from AUG 12 until SEP 12, 2021.

Plus, we have 10+ Free designs that cater to the youngest & brightest so you can hit the ground running. 

Clothing Is Set to Dominate
Back-To-School Shopping

Research shows that 2021 will bring back-to-school shopping into record-breaking heights with parents spending a whole lot more than last year. To help you, help them make great purchases, Printify lists the top 10 best-selling products and 10 free designs so that you hit the ground running.

Back-to-School/College shopping ranks among the topmost seasonal sales for summer. Yes, higher than mother’s day. Historically, 86% of sales are made in July & August, however, this year we’re seeing the needle move later on to also include early September in the active buying season. 

So all things considered, August is still an ideal month to set up your back-to-school success.

71 Billion Reasons to Participate

Back-to-School shopping - 71 Billion reasons to participate

It’s quite astounding. The total expected spending forecast for this year’s back-to-school period is projected to reach 37.1 Billion USD, while back-to-college shopping expectations break out at a staggering 71 Billion USD.

Top categories among parents of schoolchildren include Electronics, Clothing, and Shoes while parents of college students prioritize Electronics, with Dorm Furnishings in second place, and Clothing coming at a close third.

Back to School Spending

New record heights : with in-person courses coming back post-Covid, back-to-school shopping is projected to reach record levels.

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is the total expected spending in the US

Top 10 Bestsellers For
Back-To-School Season, 2021

To help you get set up for this back-to-school frenzy as fast as possible, here’s Printify’s top 10 products that you can launch in your store right now.

Back to School 2021 - Kid’s Heavy Cotton(™) Tee

The Gildan 5000B comes with a classic fit that runs true to size and it was designed to be a comfy daily choice. With 20 colors to choose from, customization avenues are endless and give you plenty of room to get creative. 

Plus, with Print Providers in the US, Canada, and Australia, you are able to ensure fast shipping times and – why not – go international!

Back to School 2021 - Kid’s Softstyle Tee

The runner up in our kid-favorite choices is the Gildan 64000B – a classic, all-around that feels comfy both in and out of the classroom. Solid colors are made with 100% ringspun cotton for that signature coziness while heather colors feature a 90% cotton, 10% Poly fabric blend.

Add your design today and make this best-seller part of your online roster.

Back to School 2021 - Unisex Heavy Cotton Tee

Moving to our collegiate focus group, we have the Gildan 5000, the blueprint of what a great t-shirt should look and feel like. With a classic fit that runs true to size, 8 available colors for you to choose, and top-tier fabric blends, it’s the perfect canvas for creating College-themed designs.

Back to School 2021 -Unisex Crewneck Sweatshirt

The unisex Heavy Blend(™) crewneck sweatshirt is the epitome of coziness and custom style. The 50% cotton, 50% Poly blend sits perfectly between soft and stretchy, making it the perfect choice for lounging, studying, daily wear, or hitting the gym. 

Add your designs and sell anywhere in the US, Canada, or Australia.

Back to School 2021 - Spiral Notebook - Ruled Line

From taking notes to writing down poetry or jotting down to-do lists – the spiral notebook is a must for both highschool and college students. Inside you’ll find 118 ruled-line single pages while your print goes on the front page.

Back to School 2021 - 22oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Hydration – Whether it’s tea or coffee for that morning boost during a lecture or mama’s homemade orange juice for lunch break, the 22oz insulated bottle is the perfect choice for all students.

With a spill-proof design and vacuum insulation for keeping those drinks at perfect temps, all this bottle needs to become your bestseller is your design!

Back to School 2021 - Die-Cut Stickers

It’s a craze – everyone loves them and students can’t get enough of them. Whether it’s customizing your laptop, your skateboard, your guitar, your notebook, or anything in between, die-cut stickers are always on-trend and in high demand. 

Made with water-resistant vinyl, featuring a waterproof sticky adhesive and a matte finish, these stickers are the bee’s knees for both indoor and outdoor use.

Back to School 2021 - Indoor Wall Tapestries

Dorm Furnishing is the second most important expense on a college family’s list. Offering the perfect finishing touch for a dorm room – or any room – with a custom printed indoor wall tapestry is a winning choice that simply makes sense.

100% Polyester, high construction quality that’s mildew and water resistant makes this a long-lasting decoration choice that is unbeatable.

Back to School 2021 - Premium Matte Vertical Posters

In the same decorative vein, our vertical posters come to add some personality on otherwise plain walls. Available in both vertical and horizontal orientations, these posters are made with top-tier 175 gsm fine-art paper and sport a matte finish.

Back to School 2021 - Organic Canvas Tote Bag

It didn’t take long after its launch for this tote bag to become an instant favorite among our sellers. Its 100% certified organic cotton makes our bag a vegan-approved purchase and a must-have item for eco-conscious students. 

10+ Free Designs for You to Save Time & Pump Your Sales

Now for the good part – all the designs you saw on our products above? They’re actually part of a free back-to-school design bundle that we’re giving away.

Get your free designs here!

All our designs are originally created by our team – so no copyright risks there – and free for you to get your creative juices flowing. Start with a bang right off the gate and spend less time trying to figure out the right approach or hiring a freelancer to do the work.

Additional products for your store

Sure to sell Back-to-School ideas this season We’ve got backpacks, hoodies, cute tees, custom embroidered hats, duffle bags, notebooks, drawstring bags, sneakers, phone cases, and watch straps. Frankly speaking, you’re all set for a successful Back-to-School sales period. 

So, grab your bestsellers here, adorn them with our free or your own designs, and start selling!

With 37.1B up for grabs, it’s almost like an undercover Christmas season: just a scoop of that cash stream can turn your whole year into a success story.

Don’t miss out – summer recess is almost over! *Bell rings* 

Start Selling Your Own Merch!

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