24 Creative Ways to Make Money in 2024

24 Creative Ways to Make Money in 2024

If the traditional nine-to-five model just isn’t for you, there are countless creative ways to make money on your own terms.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing income or start an entirely new career, we’ve curated a diverse list of creative ideas to inspire you.

From using digital platforms to embracing emerging trends, let’s explore how you can turn your skills and passions into profitable ventures.

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1. Print on Demand

A man wearing a custom hoodie created using print on demand.

With Print on Demand (POD), anyone can start their own online store and make money with little to no financial investment.

POD enables people to design, create, and sell a wide range of products – from apparel and accessories to home decor and even electronics.

While it’s easy to start, success requires effort. You need to set up a professional store, design beautiful products, and bring your marketing A-game. 

If done correctly, it’s a great way to generate passive income, because after a customer buys a product from your eCommerce store, the POD company handles all the heavy lifting: printing, packaging, and shipping.

Take a look at our Success Stories to see how other entrepreneurs have achieved financial freedom with Print on Demand.

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2. Affiliate Marketing

A woman making an online order using a laptop.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting products and services online. If you’re already a social media influencer, becoming an affiliate is an excellent way to earn passive income.

Typically, affiliates are given a link to track their sales. The affiliate receives a cut of the sale when a customer uses their link to make a purchase.

Affiliates can choose products or services relevant to their audience and promote them through various channels – websites, social media accounts, newsletters, or blogs. Successful affiliates build trust with their audience by providing valuable content and genuine recommendations.

For example, with the Printify Affiliate Program, you get a 5% commission on every order your referrals make for the next 12 months.

3. Freelancing

A freelance designer desk with a laptop and two monitors.

If you’re good at writing, graphic design, or social media management, offer your expertise online on freelance platforms.

  • Fiverr. One of the most popular online marketplaces for freelance services. Fiverr primarily focuses on short-term projects or gigs, so it’s a good option for people who want to make extra cash in their spare time.
  • Upwork. Upwork is a freelancing platform that’s better suited for larger projects. It offers a wider range of services and caters to both short-term projects and long-term contracts.

Whether you want to make money as a freelance graphic designer or social media manager, both of these platforms provide various opportunities.

In short, freelancing is a great option for those who want the freedom to choose their own clients and set their own rates.

4. Start an eCommerce Business

A woman looking at a laptop screen.

Industry experts predict that global retail eCommerce sales will reach $6.3 trillion in 2024, providing opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

While online businesses require hard work and dedication to get up and running, they can bring in good money.

Here are a few great business models:

  • POD. With POD, anyone can start an online business with minimal financial investment and without any inventory. You can design, create, and sell various products. After a sale goes through, the POD company does the rest – printing, packaging, and shipping.
  • Dropshipping. While similar to POD, there’s a slight difference – you can’t customize the products you sell. Explore the top dropshipping websites to find a supplier.

Private-label dropshipping. If you have some money to invest, this is a great option. You can customize product specifications and create original products. Similarly to previous ones, the supplier takes care of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Quick Tip

Explore the top 25 things to sell on Etsy and check out our market research on what to sell on Shopify to gain inspiration for your own online shop.

5. Online Tutoring

A photo of a live online class tutoring.

Here are a few popular online platforms that can help you get started:

  • Wyzant. A tutoring platform that provides an easy way to tutor and make money online.
  • Skillshare. A beginner-friendly platform that allows you to create and publish online courses on various subjects.
  • Teachable. A great platform for creating and selling learning materials and hosting online classes.
  • Pear Deck. One of the best online communities for tutors. The platform helps tutors connect with students and share their knowledge and skills.

While it’ll take some time to put together an engaging online course on a topic that’s in demand, tutoring can bring in good money and even fit around a full-time job.

Quick Tip

Try Skillshare as a student – get one month free and explore what it has to offer.

6. Sell Stock Photos, Videos, and Files

If you’re a creative person and want to earn money with your talent, consider the following options.

Try stock photography sites, like Shutterstock (great for stock videos, too), Getty Images, or iStock, to advertise your photos online and find clients.

You can also make money by opening a store on Creative Fabrica and selling stock files, like templates, illustrations, and, of course, photos.

7. Sell Online Courses

When it comes to creative ways to make money, creating and selling an online course is an excellent option.

Platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare streamline the process of creating and selling courses to a wide audience.

Quick Tip

Explore Udemy’s featured topics to find the most popular courses.

8. Start a YouTube Channel

A man recording for a YouTube channel.

If you know a thing or two about geopolitics, mysteries of nature, secrets of science, or any other interesting subject, consider starting a YouTube channel.

While it’s a great way to make money online, it requires careful preparation. You need equipment, study video editing, and create content that attracts followers.

Additionally, you can monetize a channel only after you become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program, which means you need at least 1,000 subscribers with 4,000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.

After monetizing a channel, you’ll also be able to use the YouTube Super Chat feature. It allows your followers to pay for a highlighted message during streams.

On average, a YouTuber earns around $0.018 for each view or $18 for every 1,000 views.

9. Become a Streamer

A streamer filming a video or streaming online.

If you enjoy gaming and interacting with people, it’s an excellent option that you can pursue in your free time as well.

After you build a loyal following, you can earn money via donations, brand partnerships, and selling merchandise for your fans.

Quick Tip

Playing games and streaming are demanding tasks for a PC – consider investing in a powerful computer setup.

10. Start a Blog

Blogging is a rewarding way to sharpen your writing skills and share your creative ideas with the world. You can blog about anything – from your daily life experiences to your passion for a particular hobby or interest.

But can you really make money blogging? Yes, but it’s important to gain followers first, so promote the blog via your social media accounts or by using Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok ads.

After you build a loyal following, you can earn from ad revenue, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

A few good platforms for blogging are Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.

11. Answer Online Surveys

While they can be time-consuming, paid online surveys are a great way to make extra money.

Sign up on sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or LifePoints. Then, select topics and start making money by answering questions.

Additionally, consider joining local in-person or online focus groups on sites like User Interviews or Ipsos iSay.

Quick Tip

Carefully vet each site and read third-party reviews to avoid illegitimate companies.

12. Test Digital Products

This is a great way to make extra money onlinetest websites, apps, and software.

As a tester, you’ll note observations about the interface, functionality, or usability errors, and the company will pay you for your feedback.

Try sites like UserTesting or Userlytics to get started on your testing journey.

13. Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

A woman walking a dog.

If you enjoy spending time with animals, starting a pet sitting or a dog walking business might be the right side hustle for you.

Use platforms like Rover and Wag! to find people who need pet-sitting services, or build your own website using Shopify or WooCommerce to start a full-fledged business.

Alternatively, offer these services via your social media or local community bulletin boards.

14. Renting Out Realty

If you own a property, starting a side hustle is easy. Rent out an apartment, spare room, or garage to make some extra cash.

Here are two options:

  • Airbnb. A marketplace for rentals, connecting hosts with guests looking for unique accommodations worldwide.
  • Neighbor. A storage-sharing marketplace that helps rent out spaces like garages, driveways, and unpaved lots.

15. Become a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer assisting a woman at a gym.

Becoming a personal trainer is a good option for fitness enthusiasts who love to inspire and educate others about wellness. However, obtaining certification from a reputable organization is essential to establish credibility and attract clients.

After all, the worldwide health and wellness market size is expected to reach around $7 trillion by 2025, providing a promising opportunity for those wanting to build a career in the fitness industry.

Quick Tip

Perfect your social media account or, better yet, create several on various platforms. Then, add images, videos, and post useful information about nutrition and exercise to establish yourself as an authority in all things fitness.

16. Car Washing and Detailing

A person detailing a car interior.

With the increasing number of vehicles on the road and people striving to keep them in good condition, car washing and detailing can be a financially rewarding business.

Detailing goes beyond a typical car wash, focusing on cleaning, polishing, and protecting every surface of the vehicle, including the exterior paint, wheels, tires, glass, interior upholstery, and dashboard.

While you’ll need an initial investment in equipment (such as a pressure washer, wheel and tire brushes, a steam cleaner, and interior protectants, to name a few), it can quickly become a profitable venture.

17. Mystery Shopping

A mystery shopper gives feedback about their experience in a company’s store. Typically, assignments involve visiting a business, evaluating its service, and writing a review.

Since most businesses want to improve their customer’s shopping experience, it’s a great way to earn extra income.

Search on Google to find local businesses looking for mystery shoppers and contact them to see what opportunities they offer.

Quick Tip

Thoroughly vet the businesses you’re planning to work for. Check reviews, ask for referrals, and do your research to make a well-informed decision.

18. Flip Different Items

Flipping items involves buying undervalued items, improving them, and selling them for a profit. This can quickly turn into a profitable side hustle.

Here are a few ideas where you can find various inexpensive items:

  • Amazon, eBay, Facebook Marketplace. Search for products with a profit potential and then resell them elsewhere.
  • Garage sale, flea market, craft fair. Great places to find various items – from clothing and accessories to electronics and furniture.

While you can simply resell items for a higher price on online marketplaces or in local markets, improving their quality is a good way to significantly increase their value.

19. House Cleaning

A man and a woman cleaning a house.

House cleaning has a low barrier to entry and requires minimal startup costs. Apart from basic cleaning supplies, there are no other expenses. 

It’s a relatively easy way to make money, and it’s a flexible job that allows you to set your own schedule and work independently.

Try freelancing websites like TIDY and TaskRabbit, offer your services via social media, or check if local companies are hiring.

20. Event Planning

If you’re detail-oriented, organized, and enjoy bringing people together, event planning might be a fulfilling opportunity for you.

While event planning can be challenging – it requires strong communication skills and the ability to think on your feet – the satisfaction of planning a successful event can be incredibly rewarding, both personally and financially.

Quick Tip

Get started by volunteering for local events or assisting established planners to gain hands-on experience. Then, create a portfolio showcasing your work and expertise.

21. Sell Handmade or Vintage Items

A man cutting leather.

Good at crafts or enjoy searching for vintage treasures? Turn your hobby into profit.

Vintage items like antique furniture, 70s clothing, and retro decor appeal to collectors and enthusiasts alike.

There is a high demand for handmade jewelry, accessories, and artwork, too. After all, industry experts forecast that the worldwide arts and crafts market will reach $50.9 billion in 2024.

Whether you want to show off your skills or simply sell vintage goods, set up a store on Etsy or Shopify to reach a wide audience.

22. Personal Shopping Services

A personal shopper helps people find and purchase items based on their specific needs. They assist with everything from clothing and accessories to home decor and gifts, providing a tailored shopping experience.

As with every business idea, this requires a professional approach, so writing a business plan outlining your services, target market, and pricing structure is essential.

Quick Tip

An easier way to earn a bit more money is by offering your services to friends, family, and neighbors.

23. Lawn Care and Landscaping

A lawnmower mowing the lawn.

If you’re passionate about nature and enjoy working outdoors, starting a lawn care and landscaping business could be the perfect fit for you.

By offering services such as mowing, weeding, and planting, you can help clients achieve the outdoor oasis of their dreams.

While it can be a rewarding business opportunity, initial investment is a must – you’ll need a truck, a lawn mower, trimming equipment, and other essential tools like safety gear, rakes, shovels, and pruners, to name a few.

Alternatively, search for yard work on platforms like Handy or TaskRabbit.

Quick Tip

Check Facebook Marketplace to find used equipment to lower your startup costs.

Depending on your location and the scale of your business, you may also need business insurance, licenses, and permits.

24. Catering Services

A chef preparing a meal for catering.

Industry experts forecast that the worldwide catering services and food contractors market size will reach $378.39 billion by 2026.

From corporate events and weddings to holiday parties and fundraisers, there’s always a need for professional catering services.

While it’s a great business idea, it’s not easy to start. You’ll need to write a business plan and invest in a well-equipped kitchen, commercial-grade appliances, food storage, and transportation.

Additionally, obtaining the necessary permits and certifications and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations is vital to meet legal requirements, build consumer trust, protect public health, and maintain the reputation and sustainability of your business.

Quick Tip

Set yourself apart by offering original menus – fusion cuisine, regional flavors, and various plant-based options.

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Closing Thoughts

While there are many creative ways to make money, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If you’re ready to dip your toes into a more adventurous path than traditional employment, all of these opportunities are a great place to start.

Whichever you choose, carefully consider your strengths, skills, and goals first. Then, let your passion guide you toward the right opportunity.

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