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You either understand NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain — or you don’t. For those that do, let’s talk about monetizing with NFT merchandise.


People like paying for the knowledge that their items stand alone. Indeed, margins are sky-high for 100% protection from the who-wore-it-best or who-had-it-first conversation.


The iron-bound security of blockchain means that no one can ever hack, disrupt, or mess with your non-fungible tokens. It’s a rare system that enjoys total confidence.

Latest = Greatest

NFTs are the new frontier of profiting from cutting-edge artwork. Moving beyond images, this opportunity pertains to music, compositions, and many other art forms.

Create Custom NFT Merch

When it comes to moving merchandise, having good partners makes all the difference.

Printing Quality

There’s no point in having an awesome design if the final product turns out poorly. Fortunately, merchants can make the best choice for their businesses (location, color, size, etc.) through print provider rating.

Bigger is Better

The Printify Catalog is larger than that of any other print-on-demand platform. Currently, over 850 products are available for customization and shipping worldwide. This makes it easier for merchants to stand out.

Popular eCommerce

Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, Drake, and just about everyone in between have long since invested in the NFT phenomenon. There’s significant star power involved, from the bottom to the top.

Speed Kills

The Printify Mockup Generator is a user-friendly, free, and, most importantly – fast merch maker. New products can be created in under a minute… or tinkered with via a variety of in-house or integration options.

24/7 Support

With a crew of dedicated operators working around the clock, it’s no stretch to mention the strength of our security net. Please feel free to reach out personally, see our help center, or peruse the blog.

Promote and Monetize your NFT Art via Merchandising

Profiting from the booming eCommerce space is a popular idea. But, while the traditional path is to use NFT artwork to fuel print-on-demand sales, consider flipping the script.

Use merchandise featuring your NFT to boost the popularity of NFT holders, or the creator, collection, brand, etc., Instead of simply offering items on an individual basis, or using targeted ads, consider offering promotional strategies and personalized content.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Printify

Create Products

As mentioned above, there’s something to be said for good branding. Regardless of whether people wear branded company merch, apparel, products featuring a shop logo, or any other appearance of branded material – advertising is advertising. Whenever there’s a significant presence, that attention boosts profitability.

Limited Collections

Exclusivity is a big seller. When items are released in tandem, as part of a dwindling supply, available for a limited time, etc., value is added. Just ask Vignesh “Metakovan” Sundaresan, who recently purchased $69.3 million in NFT art via Beeple. People tend to enjoy paying to be part of the club at a certain perceived value.


Take a look at many of the most popular music hits of today and one is likely to see a combination of popular artists. The practice transitions well for a variety of applications.

One artist, creator, entrepreneur, etc., has a certain gravitational pull. Two or more may enjoy an amplified effect beyond the sum of their respective abilities.

This is a great opportunity for influencer, YouTuber, or podcast merch ideas – where collaboration and uniqueness come in handy.

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The Biggest Selection of Products for NFT Merchandise

Printify leads the market when it comes to diversity and scope. The catalog is continually expanding as new products and partners are onboarded to the community. 

While people are always shopping for emerging items, there’s a considerable appeal for things like these.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand T-Shirt

Universally popular, the t-shirt is as common a garment as they come. Adding in a unique NFT takes these somewhat expected items and propels them into the realm of uniqueness.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Hoodies

Arguably the most comfortable item on this list, hoodies also make a strong argument for printing area size, unisex appeal, and high margins.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Trucker Hats

The forehead is a wonderful place to feature advertising. Combine this prominence with the option of embroidery and a winning print-on-demand NFT combination emerges. In addition to solid coloring, heather gray is particularly popular.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Stickers

Appearing everywhere from skateboards to laptops, stickers are one of the most accessible, cheapest, and most enjoyably delivered options for branding available. They’re sticky, so the only limitation is your imagination.

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Tote Bags

Seen in increasing numbers on student shoulders, the eco-friendly option of the tote bag is making a dent in both fashion and single-use plastics. NFT merchandise for a better tomorrow?

Print NFT Merchandise on Demand Socks

Everyone wears them. Whether they’ll be peaking from beneath suit pants, straying over boot tops, or slit in half by sandals, socks are popular, easy sellers.

How Print on Demand Works

Print on Demand (POD) is the idea that a customer goes online and shops. But, whatever money the customer provides at checkout is used to create and ship their purchase. 

If an item sells for $10, the seller won’t get the full $10. Some of it will go toward production and shipping costs. Merchants set their own prices, so they are in full control over profit margins.

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