Custom Napkins

Create custom napkins for any occasion and style, from a bridal shower or cocktail party to baby showers or a wedding celebration. You can also design, print, and order them for yourself and surprise your guests, as there are no minimum order requirements.

A white custom birthday napkin under a cup with a cocktail on a wooden table
A microfiber napkin customized in bluish shades covered by a floral twig over a white ceramic plate on a wooden table

Customize Napkins With Printify

No Order Minimum

Printify doesn't require minimums. The Print Providers will print personalized paper napkins only after they're ordered.

Free Design Tool

Customize napkins for any occasion, or add that personal touch with our free Mockup Generator. It's powerful, user-friendly, intuitive, and does the job in no time.

Global Shipping

Order wherever you are – we print and deliver worldwide. Optional order routing and geographical routing ensure the best prices and delivery time.

Create Your Own Custom Napkins!

Make Custom Napkins in Three Easy Steps

With Printify, it’s possible to customize napkins for any occasion, from a wedding celebration to receiving guests at home. Making personalized paper napkins with Printify is straightforward and only takes minutes. Here’s how to do it:

A sketched computer screen showing a pink napkin being customized with a cocktail bar logo

Step 1

Sign Up

Sign up for Printify. Choose our free plan, with five online stores and unlimited products, or go for Premium, which gives up to a 20% discount on all products and ten stores. 

Fill in your email and name, and you’re done.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Search for the best napkin in our Catalog of over 800 products. You can find microfiber and paper napkins, select the ones you like more, and check details like Print Providers, production time, and shipping rates.

Step 3

Customize It

Once you choose the best product, select the Print Provider and customize the product by clicking Start designing. Upload your designs, adjust them, select the colors, and save. Adjust the description and other information and click Publish if you want to send it to an online store or order a sample to get the product for yourself. 

Our Personalized Napkins

Choose the right napkin depending on the event, create customized napkins for your daily use, or sell them online. You can order and sell napkins made of polyester fabric that will last a long time or order disposable paper napkins for practicality.

A white paper napkin customized with a restaurant logo over a cutting board beside a spoon and parsley twigs
A small white paper napkin customized with a red smiling mug over a dark wooden table beside a fork and spoon

Paper napkins are helpful at large events, informal private parties, picnics, or daily use. Our paper napkins are manufactured with sustainable paper in facilities that are FSC® and SFI® certified.

Key Features:

Microfiber napkins are reusable, durable but soft, customizable, and sophisticated. They’re appropriate for parties and events or daily use. Since they last longer and are reusable, microfiber napkins are suitable for customizing and using at home.  

Key Features:

Design Ideas for Personalized Napkins

Customize napkins for personal use, as gifts with a special touch, or offer unique items in an online store. 

In the last case, define your target market and niche and design custom napkins according to it. Here are some trending and popular napkin ideas that will take your brand to the next level.

A brown napkin with "SR" monogrammed in gold with a floral twig over a white ceramic plate on a wooden table

Monogrammed Napkins

Monogrammed paper napkins are a traditional way to add sophistication to any event, from wedding receptions to birthday parties. Consider going beyond the classic styles by adding a modern and stylish touch to monogrammed napkins with trendy POD options like designs and fonts.

Custom Napkins With Logo

Produce logo napkins as company merch for internal use, promotional events, trade shows, or corporate parties. Small details and attentive design will give a stylish and professional touch.  

Entrepreneurs can create custom paper napkins with logos for branding and as souvenirs. Offer luncheon napkins at formal events – add a larger design or pick discrete beverage napkins for a subtle touch.

A white paper napkin customized with a restaurant logo, under a cup with a brown soft drink on a wooden table
A pink polyester napkin customized with a cocktail bar logo over a violet and white plate on a white-clothed table

Personalized Birthday Napkins

Everyone at the party will use custom birthday napkins. Personalized cocktail napkins are an excellent addition to party décor. Order them for your loved ones or offer customers customization options with names, dates, special designs, and themes.

Be sure to observe copyright laws when printing and selling popular characters, especially regarding birthday napkins for children.

Personalized Wedding Napkins

A central component of wedding cake tables, custom cocktail napkins will be used over and over by guests. They can accompany wedding favors and souvenirs and become cherished memories. 

Create custom wedding napkins for you and your beloved ones, or offer them on an online store with the option of customization. Beyond adding the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date, look for designs, fonts, and quotes like “They lived happily ever after.” Look for details representing the bride and groom’s style while still showcasing your brand.

A custom napkin with a floral design in pastel tones and a floral twig on a ceramic plate over a wooden table

Create Your First Personalized Napkin!

Start Selling Custom Napkins Online With Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a sustainable fulfillment method where products like custom napkins are printed only after being ordered. Whether a sample order or a purchase in an online store, Printify manages the fulfillment process, sending the order to Print Providers, who, in turn, will print and ship the product. 

POD is the better alternative for aspiring entrepreneurs to create and sell personalized napkins without upfront costs or the hassle of handling and shipping inventory.

A white paper napkin customized with a labrador picture under a cup with a brownish drink over a wooden table

Why Choose Printify

Printify is the best partner for your print-on-demand business and the best option for printing customized napkins for yourself – and that’s not bragging. Here’s why:

A young woman working with a laptop on a wooden countertop well-lit in front of a panel of white-framed windows

With more than 80 facilities in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, the US, and the UK. The optional Order routing and Geographical routing features ensure the best prices and fastest delivery times regardless of where you or your customer live.

Rigorous quality control over our partners – we take notice of every reprint. 

Seamless integrations with the best marketplaces and web builders, including Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and PrestaShop.  

The most customer-centric support you’ll ever experience, working hard to solve any issues that may arise.  

FAQs About Personalized Napkins

You can personalize paper napkins for all occasions with Print on Demand and Printify. Create an account, choose a napkin model, customize it, order a pack for yourself, or sell them in an online store.

Absolutely. Place orders for yourself to see if the personalized napkins meet your standards. No minimums are required. You only pay for the production costs and shipment.

That depends on the destination and Print Provider. Check specific shipping rates on our Taylor and Catalyst Fabric Solutions pages.

Creating an account with Printify and adding designs for personalized paper napkins only takes a few minutes. Creating the design itself will depend on your experience and skills. The average production time for the Print Providers is up to three business days.

Yes. Ordering a sample mug will allow you to assess the design, quality, and entire fulfillment process before you offer it to the customers.

Check Out Other Products and Create Sets

Go further and complete your table settings with additional personalized products. You can surprise your guests by pairing your dinner napkins with customized tablecloths and coasters or offer product bundles in special styles. 

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