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Canada is one of the world’s leading textile producers and eCommerce retailers. Take advantage of these thriving industries – start a dropshipping Canada-based business without the hassle of inventory management and shipping logistics.

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Start a Dropshipping Business in Canada

No Upfront Costs

Start a dropshipping business risk-free with zero inventory. Team up with Printify’s trusted Print Partners and cover production expenses only when a customer places an order.

Canadian Dropshipping Suppliers

Choose local Canadian dropshipping suppliers with decades of experience in printing and manufacturing logistics.

Over 900 Products

Explore a wide range of product categories and create merchandise with expert design templates fit for customers of all niches and demographics.

Start Your Dropshipping Business in Canada With Printify

Start dropshipping one-of-a-kind, high-quality products with your own custom designs.

How Does the Dropshipping Business Model Work?

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model for online sellers. 

Instead of producing merchandise from scratch, eCommerce merchants choose wholesale products from dropshipping platforms or directories.

The model coordinates manufacturing and shipping on a per-sale basis using worldwide fulfillment centers. 

If you and your target audience are based in Canada, merchandise is made on-demand for every sale and fulfilled through local manufacturers. 

Once a customer makes a purchase, partnered fulfillment centers produce and deliver merchandise directly to their address. Merchants set their own retail price to cover manufacturing costs and gain revenue from the added profit margin.

The main advantage of a dropshipping business is the opportunity to sell products without losing capital on manufacturing and storage.

Dropshipping provides the freedom to build your brand and create valuable products for customers without spending resources on product procurement and logistics.

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Find the Best Dropshipping Suppliers in Canada

Printify works with a network of dropshipping suppliers in Canada, offering a variety of custom products at great prices and low-cost shipping. 

Best of all, merchants get to create custom merchandise with their own designs in just a few clicks. Explore locally fulfilled products from three high-quality Print Providers in Canada.

Dropshipping Canada 1

With over 20 years of experience, Duplium offers bestselling t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, fulfilled and delivered in Canada and to other countries.

Dropshipping Canada 2

Print Geek
Print Geek started as a made-to-order Print Provider and gained a trusted community of merchants with their expertly crafted merchandise.

Dropshipping Canada 3

SinaLite is one of Canada’s largest and most profitable print producers, aiming to maximize merchant profits with decades of experience.

How to Design Products for Dropshipping in Minutes

Not only does Printify automate the dropshipping fulfillment process, but our platform also enables you to build your brand by applying designs to custom products unique to your business. To get started, follow these simple steps:

Design process of making a t-shirt with a colorful text saying, “Rise and Shine.”

Step 1

Sign Up For Printify

Set up an account with Printify for free and gain access to our best dropshipping suppliers in Canada. Design and list products with production costs only deducted after each sale.

Step 2

Choose a Product

Select your merchandise from our Product Catalog. Pick between bestselling white labels from Canadian suppliers directly for faster shipping. Check manufacturing details and product features to ensure it’s right for your store.

Step 3

Apply Your Design

On the selected product page, click Start Designing to move on to our Printify Mockup Generator. Use the template and editing tools to upload your design, size, shape, and fit, and check the results on the preview screen.

Make Your Own Custom Products

High-Quality Products for Your Online Store

Printify’s product variety fits any store demographic and target audience. Start a dropshipping business with high-quality items ranging from clothing and electronic accessories to home decor.

Printify Is Trusted by Over 2 Million Merchants Worldwide

Add your name to a growing list of profitable merchants who’ve chosen Printify to start a dropshipping business in the UK.

Is Starting a Dropshipping Business in Canada Profitable?

Large dropshipping websites are often over-saturated by bulk resellers and product catalogs without consistent quality control. This can raise profitability concerns. However, this issue has proven solutions with long-term financial gains.

eCommerce revenue in Canada is projected to reach a whopping

$94 billion

by 2027. Canada also has one of the largest digital textile printing markets worldwide.

Platforms like Printify, with a centralized distribution network, maintain consistent quality and put their expertise into finding high-margin goods. Add more value to these products with your own designs using Print on Demand, and dropshipping in Canada can become a profitable business venture.

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Why Choose Printify as Your Dropshipping Supplier

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Multiple Local Print Providers

Start a business exclusively powered by local dropshipping suppliers with decades of experience in product delivery and fulfillment logistics.

CAD Support

Printify supports Canadian Dollars to make your payments streamlined, attractive to local customers, and free of additional currency conversion fees on eCommerce sales channels.

Connect Multiple Online Stores

Your free Printify account provides access to multiple online store integrations to develop a multichannel sales strategy and skyrocket your profits.

No Upfront Costs

Set up an account in a few clicks and start designing merchandise with zero initial investment. Experiment and start selling products from various categories without expanding your budget.

Free Product Design Tool

Printify’s Mockup Generator has built-in product templates and editing features – everything you need to create unique printed merchandise with zero costs.

Open Your Dropshipping Store on Major eCommerce Platforms

Explore our list of integrating top eCommerce sales channels for your print-on-demand products. Set up your online business in an eCommerce platform or marketplace to reach your target customers, and add your merch with a single-click integration.

Starting a Profitable Dropshipping Business in Canada: FAQs

Dropshipping in Canada is a growing eCommerce business model. Instead of keeping stock, online retailers partner with suppliers to handle inventory and shipping. Customers place orders on the retailer’s platform, and production is transferred to suppliers, fulfilled, and shipped on demand.

Canada generally does not require you to have a license to start an online business. There can be exceptions in specific industries, but online retail and content production don’t have specific licensing requirements. Be sure to research any applicable regulations thoroughly before you start to sell.

A simple way to find dropshipping suppliers and start a dropshipping business in Canada is through centralized dropshipping platforms like Printify. Alternatively, look for competitors on popular sales channels and online dropshipping product catalogs with user-rated producers and distributors – for example, AliExpress suppliers.

Start a dropshipping business with t-shirts, and you’ll be part of one of the most profitable approaches. The process is straightforward with Printify. 

Create unique custom t-shirts with only a few clicks – pick a bestselling t-shirt from our Printify Catalog, apply a custom design via our Mockup Generator, set a price, and add to your store.

Resources for Building a Successful Dropshipping Business in Canada

When starting a dropshipping business using Printify, rest assured we’re here to help you on your journey to success.

With a good supplier, low shipping costs, and a growing Product Catalog of high-margin items, start dropshipping confidently with all the support and resources you need:

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Learn how to calculate your dropshipping profit margins, key metrics, and tips for a successful eCommerce strategy.

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