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Dropshipping Canada

The habits of people in Canada – and all over the world – have changed. Physical stores are shutting down, retail sales keep declining, while eCommerce continues to grow. Whether you’re from Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, or any other wonderful province of the country, here’s a great business idea – dropshipping!

Parlez-vous Français? Fournisseur dropshipping Canada? Dropshipping Quebec? We got you. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of dropshipping – and provide the tools – to start dropshipping Canada today.

Dropshipping Canada
Dropshipping Canada Printify Worth It

Is Dropshipping Canada Worth It?

First things first – is it worth the hassle? Let me explain and show you why now truly is the perfect time to start dropshipping Canada.

The population of Canada surpasses 38 million people. The sizable digital population has made Canada a particularly attractive and profitable market. In late 2019, approximately 28.1 million Canadians have made purchases online and its share of millennial online shoppers is 28%.

Additionally, Canada has great logistics and high average eCommerce spending per capita. This means that you’ll have access to fast shipping methods and a large pool of potential customers with high disposable incomes; the Land of Maple Syrup has a GDP per capita of around $43,241. That’s more than the United Kingdom, but less than the United States

Long story short, Canada is a market worth doing business in.

The dropshipping business model has advantages, but it also comes with several built-in complexities you need to address – hard work is always required to make things successful.

But, hey, we at Printify genuinely believe in helping people make more money with less effort. We have a transparent network of dropshipping suppliers Canada and all the tools you may need to start dropshipping. Take a leap into the future – skip to section Dropshipping and print on demand and see what Printify can offer.

What Is Dropshipping, How Does It Work?

Dropshipping is a modern, low-risk business model. The idea is that a store owner sells products – but never stores inventory themselves. The merchandise moves directly from the dropshipping suppliers Canada to the final consumer without ever being handled or stored by the retailer. Basically, you sell other people’s products and take a cut for yourself.

This is made possible because customers buy digital representations of items rather than (pre-built) physical products. When shopping online, customers often buy the idea of a product rather than the actual thing. At least, until the purchase is created and shipped out.

If you approach dropshipping the right way and use viable marketing strategies, there are proven ways to build a successful business.

Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities With Printify!

Dropshipping Canada Benefits Printify

Benefits of Dropshipping

At first, dropshipping might sound like a great choice for an easy online business, but before you jump into it and start dropshipping Canada, there are a few things to consider.

Low Investment

Dropshipping Canada is inexpensive to start, and it has arguably one of the lowest barriers of entry in eCommerce. Most time is spent building relationships and creating a great online store. There’s no question you need far less money on average to get up and running with an online store built on dropshipping.

Adequate Supply Chain

Dropshipping Canada is inexpensive to start, and it has arguably one of the lowest barriers of entry in eCommerce. Most time is spent building relationships and creating a great online store. There’s no question you need far less money on average to get up and running with an online store built on dropshipping.

Larger Scaling Potential

Dropshipping gives you the option to start as small as you want and scale up, making it easier for businesses to grow. There’s no need to shovel money into the store to take it to the next level, all that is required is a great marketing strategy. Instead of building infrastructure, order management, logistics, sourcing, etc. – dropshipping suppliers Canada handle the entire logistical backend.

Dropshipping Canada Disadvantages Printify

Dropshipping Disadvantages

The large print giveth and the small print taketh away. Finding the disadvantages and weaknesses of dropshipping Canada might be the key to success. It’s beneficial to know  the limitations.

Profit Margins

Dropshipping suppliers Canada provide shipping and storage services for a slight premium. A higher price per product means less flexibility on the customer’s price point. In short, you have to sell more to make the same amount of money. However, if you successfully build brand value, you can sell for whatever you want.


A dropshipping business involves trusting a third party. This means embracing and fixing mistakes that aren’t necessarily your fault. It becomes your responsibility to make right on any issue the customer experiences. Printify has vetted and is continually evaluating its print providers, so you can be certain that you’re getting products of the highest quality.


Dropshipping products are made in bulk. This means that you are not the only one selling these products. For this reason, one of the most difficult parts of succeeding in a dropshipping business is getting to customers before the competition does. Thankfully, Printify has the largest catalog of any print-on-demand supplier and is relentlessly adding new products and print providers.

Is Dropshipping in Canada Legal?

Yes, dropshipping Canada is perfectly legal! It is merely a fulfillment model, used by many retailers. However, always make sure that you’re following all relevant government policies.

To stay safe and out of trouble, we suggest:

  • carefully vetting your dropshipping Canada suppliers
  • protecting yourself with a Dropshipping Agreement Contract
  • consulting a lawyer who specializes in dropshipping Canada
Dropshipping Canada Printing

Start Your Own Business With Printify!

Why Start a Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping Canada could be an ideal addition to your business but may prove difficult to run as the main business model. Despite its drawbacks, dropshipping still offers enough benefits to help eCommerce entrepreneurs improve their existing business substantially. Here are a few ways to use dropshipping in Canada effectively.

1. Market Research Helps

Dropshipping products rely heavily on current trends and demand – using it to gather market insight can be extremely useful. This comes in handy if you want to use dropshipping to mitigate the risk of trying out new products – test it out with a trial period using dropshipping. Dropshipping Canada will help you discover if your product ideas sell or not. Additionally, it is a great avenue for trying out new product types and feeling out business presumptions without inherent risk.

2. Protection From Unforeseen Circumstances

As we know, market fluctuations in eCommerce aren’t always predictable. Overstocking and wasting premium warehouse space can be detrimental to any business. Dropshipping Canada can help mitigate such inventory costs. You can easily fluctuate your supply to meet your demand without losing money.

Dropshipping Canada is also the ultimate insurance against extreme circumstances. You don’t risk losing your business to a natural disaster hitting your warehouse and you can still fulfill pre-made orders by sourcing the products from a different location if need be.

3. Strategic Shipping Systems

Dropshipping can be the perfect solution for shipping that hinders access to locations that fall outside your immediate regions.

Dropshipping Canada can mitigate warehousing costs or the need to set up a new shipping center. It can also be the solution for issues arising from taxes or extra fees when shipping out of state or country. Relying on dropshipping for these select areas could be the determining factor in keeping you out of the red.

An added advantage is location insight: A business can use dropshipping for a trial period in a new location to see if it’s worth venturing into. Dropshipping can help you test out different markets before fully engaging.

4. Low-Maintenance Products

Once you're happy with the final product, you can automatically publish it to your online store. Printify works with the leading eCommerce platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and others, where you can easily list your products for an international client base.

Setting up a Dropshipping Business

It’s easier than it sounds. Start with a website – one of the most representative aspects of an online business. It needs to share your vision, inspire trust, and entice customers to browse around.

Dropshipping Business Canada Printify

Step 1. Register a Domain Name

You need to establish your own unique domain name that is not used by anyone else. Make sure it’s catchy and easy to remember. Then head to a site like GoDaddy and register your domain.

Step 2. Choose an Ecommerce Platform

Now that the domain is ready, you need to open an online store for dropshipping Canada. The best way to do it is to use Shopify, WordPress + WooCommerce plugin, or Etsy. Just pick a plugin and start selling in no time. A lot of great themes and plugins can be found online.

Step 3. Design Your Store

Most eCommerce platforms provide easily customizable templates to jump-start your web design and creative process. Use them to create an appealing website for showcasing your products.

Step 4. Set Up Your Channel

Set up processes such as payment, shipping, contact details, and others. It may take some time to make sure you have the proper solutions, so don’t rush it. Make sure to cover all the bases before making the site go live.

Once that is done, power up your brand new store with a dropshipping app such as Shopify Dropshipping App or WooCommerce Dropshipping extensions. Setting up a dropshipping app can be as easy as creating an account and following a few steps on the screen.

Step 5. Select a Dropshipping Partner

The plugin you decide to integrate will be your printing partner that fulfills all incoming orders. The importance of choosing a reliable partner cannot be overstated – this is what your reputation depends on.

Printify can easily integrate with Shopify, WordPress, and Etsy, so it’s a straightforward process. With more than 800 blank products to choose from and the ability to create mockups within the app, you are set for a smooth start. Need inspiration? See some of our success stories.

It’s 100% free, profitable, and accessible.

Dropshipping and Print on Demand

Although print on demand may sound similar to dropshipping, it involves a very unique retail fulfillment method. The main difference with print on demand lies in customization – your creativity and niche are your biggest strengths. The products are dropshipped only after a sale goes through. This means that the merchandise will never require management, storage, or protection.

Things get really interesting – and much more profitable – when you combine dropshipping with print-on-demand services that Printify offers. Instead of simply moving other people’s products around, you can design your own products and run an entire business – all from the comfort of your home.

You can be your own boss and… a designer too! Don’t worry if you have no designing experience – with Printify’s Shutterstock integration you have millions of winning designs and user-friendly editing tools at your fingertips!

A Few Words From Our Merchants

Printify is trusted by over two million merchants worldwide with more signing up every day.

Print On Demand Dropshipping

Simplifying With Printify

Printify is a transparent print-on-demand and dropshipping platform that makes it simple to work with multiple print providers around the world to send your custom products to customers.

Whether you’re dropshipping Quebec, dropshipping Canada, or anywhere else in the world – we can make it happen!

Printify offers well over 800 products: t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, bags, socks, hats, phone cases, mugs, stickers, and more. Product customization is a trend that will continue to accelerate, so now is the right time to take advantage of this exciting development. We have carefully negotiated product prices to make sure that you are getting the very best in the print-on-demand market.

Arguably our biggest strength is the Printify Mockup Generator. This user-friendly engine allows anyone to upload designs and create real products in seconds. Then, it gives a highly realistic preview of how the final product will look once created. It’s a simple, powerful tool.

You can try it out by going to our catalog, choosing any product, and clicking “Start designing”.

The Mockup Generator can be used as a part of the product creation process, or independently feel free to play around with it to test out new design ideas.

With our dropshipping suppliers Canada, you don’t have to worry about vetting them, we’ve done it for you. Our suppliers offer a variety of awesome products at great prices and shipping rates. Read more in the following section.

Printify has partnered with eCommerce platforms that host your online stores and enable you to publish your merchandise and sell to thousands of customers. Leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Wix, Woocommerce and more, are at your fingertips.

We’ve got your back when it comes to anything related to dropshipping Canada. Our assistance teams are standing by and will gladly help with any relevant questions that you may have.

Dropshipping Suppliers Canada

Dropshipping Canada has never been easier, so get started today and get access to our reliable Canadian print providers who will print, package and ship directly to your customer. With Printify you can be certain that you’re getting the best products, prices, and shipping rates.

Furthermore, to help you choose a print provider, we’ve created an algorithm for Print Provider Ranking. The Print Provider Ranking is based on the product reprint ratio (the error rate) and delayed production time ratio. The higher the ranking, the better!

Printify’s Merchandise Bestsellers

These are the categories that you should explore when opening a store to start dropshipping Canada. No matter if this is just for extra income, or you’re trying to make a transition to full-time in online business, here are the top genres for consideration.

Start Dropshipping Canada!

It’s never been easier to start a shop with Printify. Sign up today and get access to our network of print providers and products. We’ll take you from dream to reality – get to where you want to be, with Printify!