Custom Yoga Mats

As the popularity of home gyms, active lifestyles, and personalized fitness gear continue to skyrocket, custom yoga mats are enjoying a huge sales boom. Fueled largely by consumption in the U.S., the U.K., and China, these items align nicely with current health trends – including physical, mental, and even spiritual efforts.

Custom Yoga Mats Printify

Custom Printed Yoga Mats

Full-Side Printing

The top side is fully printable. This maximizes creative space over the entire visible canvas of these custom yoga mats. Express unrestricted creative or connotative flair with your design, artwork, message, etc.

No Minimum Order Size

With Printify, you’ll never clog up a spare room with unsold piles of inventory. You can design and sell custom yoga mats safe in the knowledge that when it comes to ordering, there will never be a minimum policy.

Quality Construction

These yoga mats are made from synthetic thermoplastic foam. It’s well-insulated, lightweight, and resistant to bacteria. Built to last, these yoga mats are expected to enjoy long, wholesome lives.

Custom Yoga Mats Turn Functional Equipment Into Pieces of Art

Whether the goal is sparking up a new tradition, adding some color to a routine, or making a profit, custom yoga mats are a great choice. They’re a boundless canvas for expressing ideas, designs, messages, or just about anything else.

Key Features:

Antimicrobial and easy to clean, thermoplastic foam is an exceptionally comfortable surface to spend some time on. There is never any worry about a cold floor getting to your feet or back through this material.

These custom yoga mats are 24″ x 72″ x 0.25″. However, we’re continually working to provide new sizes, partners, and options.

When you enjoy a piece of equipment, you’ll use it more. As such, it’s worth it to select a material that makes for a better workout, meditation, stretching session, etc. No hard edges or corners means there’s less risk of stubbed toes and other minor injuries.

Why Sell Custom Mats with Printify

Why Sell Custom Yoga Mats?

There are three main reasons this is a good idea.

  1. The yoga mat scene is doing very well from a marketing perspective. People are buying home gym equipment in greater numbers than ever before, and this trend is only expected to continue rising
  2. These are quality products. The foam material is soft and forgiving on the feet while providing a great grip, even on slippery floors. The sublimation printing extends all the way to sides and corners, so your design will always come out looking clean. 
  3. It’s risk-free. With Printify, there’s no worry about up-front costs, managing inventory, or worrying about logistical realities. As soon as you’ve designed and published a custom yoga mat, that item is ready to sell. All production and shipping costs are covered by the customer, leaving everything else as pure profit.

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Make Custom Yoga Mats!

How to Sell Custom Yoga Mats Online With Printify

With a user-friendly instrument like the Product Creator, it’s easy to build a cluster of unique products. Let’s briefly walk through how to move your digital merchandise through an online marketplace. There, customers can discover and purchase your products.

1. Sign Up With Printify

It’s free and only takes a minute.

2. Add a Design

Go to the yoga mat page and click “Start designing”. Uploading is easy; you can also just drag and drop files in. Feel free to tinker with the design. Sometimes, a little playing around can result in great ideas.

3. Order a Sample

This way, you’ll 100% know for sure what the finished product looks like and how much time it takes to arrive. There are never any surprises when it comes to a sample order.

4. Publish

With a final version ready to go, you can publish your custom yoga mat to any number of eCommerce platforms (Shopify, eBay, Etsy, WooCommerce, etc.) to start reaching customers.

5. Profit

That’s it. This passive income flow should take care of itself. However, it’s always a good idea to stay in touch with your store. You may encounter customer feedback, new innovations, or interesting opportunities.

Custom Printed Yoga Mat Designs

With so many possibilities, choosing the perfect topping for your mat can be difficult. To help you get thinking, here are a few popular ideas.

Custom Yoga Mat With Logo

There’s a special noteworthiness to simple designs that highlight a fashionable logo. Even if the mat itself is mostly plain, accenting the space with your brand’s logo is a solid way to get your message out there without going too deep. Furthermore, it’s very easy to design and set up a logo-specific yoga mat.

Custom Yoga Mat With Logo
Custom Printed Yoga Mats With Buddha

Custom Printed Yoga Mats With Buddha

When it comes to yoga, Siddhattha Gotama is a big deal. Appearing everywhere, from yogis to newcomers, the wonderful thing here is that Buddha has so many different representations, manifestations, and appearances. Whether you identify more with an Indian, Chinese, or any other demographic angle, there are many faces to be inspired by.

Nature in Your Custom Yoga Mats

A classic pattern appreciated by all, the inclusion of naturally occurring beauty is very popular for custom yoga mats. From the snow-swept peaks of Tibetian mountains to a mellow beach day in Southern California, connecting with the world at large is a bit better with some trees, rivers, or a nice landscape.

Nature in Your Custom Yoga Mats
Elemental Custom Yoga Mats

Elemental Custom Yoga Mats

Have you (or your customers) mastered earth, wind, and fire, yet? Maybe your customers could, with a custom yoga mat full of lightning bolts, fireballs, boulders, crashing waves, a blizzard, or other realities of nature. Tap into these primal forces and profit from the popularity.

Animal Custom Yoga Mats

A bit more on the cutesy side, the inclusion of a furry friend (or multiple) is a solid way to bring more love into the safe space of a custom yoga mat. Odds are, your little buddy will probably come and join the workout or meditation anyway. Why not put another fuzzy face on the mat?

Animal Custom Yoga Mats
A Fun, Quirky Yoga Mat

A Fun, Quirky Yoga Mat

While yes, the point of a yoga mat is to help encourage a stretching, meditation, or calisthenics session, they also serve as art, too. If you’ve ever had an interesting or witty observation or idea, slap it on a yoga mat for all to enjoy. Humor is a time-tested ally when it comes to getting through a workout.

Make Custom Yoga Mats!

Custom Yoga Mats 1

Custom Yoga Mats Printed on Demand

Print on demand is a no-risk, high-reward business model that requires marketing and creativity, rather than up-front investments to make it a success. Over 3 million online entrepreneurs use the services of print on demand – selling over 60 million products every day. 

All products are only created after customers purchase them, so there’s never any need to store unsold merchandise. Whenever a customer purchases an item, that piece is created by print providers. After passing quality checks, items are shipped out automatically.

When you partner with Printfy, will stockpiling never be an issue. With access to a global network of quality print providers, it’s easy to branch out to other products, niches, and profitability.

Top 6 Questions About Custom Yoga Mats

No. Only the top will be printed.

Cleaning is a simple process. A bit of warm water mixed with soap can be applied when dirty. Towel drying is recommended.

Yes. Our print providers use top-of-the-line sublimation machinery that utilizes the industry’s best pigment inks. This should prevent any discoloration over time from reasonable wear and tear.

No. Right now, there is only one size. However, we are always working to add new products to the catalog.

Most people only buy a single yoga mat at a time. As such, our custom yoga mats have no minimum order size. No bulk buying. Print-on-demand is designed to be an efficient business with minimum (or no) expenses.

Buy or Start Selling

Now that the designs are uploaded, your yoga mats are ready to be sent to production. Remember there is no minimum order required, so they can be purchased individually as gifts. Or, you can publish them to your store and immediately start selling.

Make Custom Yoga Mats!