Custom Workout Sets

Design workout clothes with your designs for yourself or start selling for profit in your online store – it’s easy, free, and anyone can do it!

Custom Workout Sets - Print On Demand
Custom Workout Sets With Printify

Quality and Comfort

Our durable custom performance wear will keep you comfy during intense training and everyday workouts.

No Minimum Order

Whether you want to order just one set for yourself or begin selling in bulk – with us, you always can.

Endless Designs

Stunning all-over prints or minimalistic logos – design workout clothes and kick off a booming business.

Conquer the Sportswear Market With Custom Workout Clothes

People are taking care of their bodies by doing various sports more actively than ever before.

$221.3 billion

is the estimated value that the athletic apparel market will reach worldwide by 2026, as predicted by Global Industry Analysts Inc.

Custom Workout Sets Market

Custom Fitness Apparel for Women

In our catalog, you’ll find items that cover all bases of women’s sportswear: from comfortable performance tops to the most comfortable leggings that you can adorn with your design.

Custom Workout Sets - Womens Sports Bras

Women's Sports Bras

Good custom workout gear starts with the perfect support in places it matters the most. Our all-over-print sports bras guarantee comfort and support while providing much-needed freedom of movement regardless of the discipline.

Custom Workout Sets - Womens Leggings

Women's Leggings

From casual full-length leggings to high-waisted performance leggings to comfy yoga pants, we got you covered. Design performance bottoms that are squat-proof, breathable, and oh-so-complementing for every shape and size.

Custom Workout Sets - Womens T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Women's T-Shirts and Tank Tops

From breathable tank tops to lightweight tees and fitted long-sleeve shirts, you can be sure there’s uncompromised coverage and comfort in all weather conditions. Slap your designs on for a truly stunning performance.

Custom Workout Sets - Womens Shorts - Printify

Women's Shorts

For those hotter weather workouts or for ladies who simply love working out in shorts – we got you covered. We’ve got everything from super short all-over-print shorts to basketball shorts to trendy biker shorts. Explore our catalog and create a range of comfortable workout shorts that are great for running, CrossFit, and Zumba alike.

Custom Athletic Wear for Men

Browse our men’s sportswear and make stunning products with your own design for hitting the gym in style.

Custom Workout Sets - Mens Joggers

Men's Joggers

There’s nothing comfier than joggers. They provide freedom of movement and endless comfort while also looking great whether one wants to run a marathon or lounge around the house. In our catalog, you’ll find two versatile models for designing: soft fleece 80% cotton joggers and 95% polyester blend ones for stunning all-over designs.

Custom Workout Sets - Mens Shorts

Men's Shorts

In short – shorts are great. They let you stay cool while working out and provide a brilliant blank canvas for eye-catching designs. From basketball shorts to swimwear to joggers, we got them all at competitive prices for amazing profits.

Custom Workout Sets - Mens T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Men's Shirts and Tank Tops

Stock up your virtual inventory with custom athletic shirts for all sports disciplines. Create matching shorts and top sets with various tank tops, tees, and hoodies for Instagram-worthy pics at the gym

Custom Workout Accessories

Customers don’t just stop at clothes when browsing for custom fitness apparel. Expand your brand by creating handy workout accessories with bold patterns and colors.

Custom Workout Sets - Water Bottles

Water Bottles

The thirst is real when you’re working out. In our catalog, find numerous custom water bottles that you can embellish with your brand logo or motivational quotes in pretty fonts. Everybody needs a water bottle to stay hydrated, so get creative and start selling.

Custom Workout Sets - Yoga Mats - Printify

Yoga Mats

A custom yoga mat with your artwork is a great way of promoting your label. Or simply order one for yourself with your favorite photo that will keep you motivated while twisting and bending in that downward-facing dog yoga pose.

Custom Workout Sets - Fitness Bags

Fitness Bags

Let your clients carry their gear in style. Design custom fitness bags that can hold all the apparel, equipment, and accessories, plus, they’re durable and beautiful when printed with the fruits of your imagination.

Start Selling Custom Workout Sets With Printify

Design Custom Workout Sets for Any Occasion

No matter the athletic discipline, Printify’s catalog holds a category for everyone. Select the one that speaks to your customers the most and design away.

Custom Athletic Wear for Teams

Do you know which target audience needs their own athletic wear the most? Various sports teams. Make custom athletic clothing, including t-shirts, jerseys, team sweatshirts, tank tops, neck gaiters, and more, to appeal to your customer team spirit. Need inspiration? Basketball Shorts + Basketball Jersey is a timeless combo and always in high demand.

Custom Athletic Wear for Teams
Workout Clothing for the Gym

Workout Clothing for the Gym

Beautiful, high-quality sportswear is an integral part of a successful workout session at the gym. Fill your eCommerce store with beautifully designed sports tops and bottoms to help achieve your customers’ fitness goals in style. Maybe a Sports Bra + Legging combo? Biker shorts and a matching hoodie? Your clients will love it!

Home Workout Sets

Not everyone likes hitting the gym and rather choose home workouts in a more relaxed atmosphere. But it doesn’t mean they don’t need their own athletic wear. Create workout sets that are comfy yet inspiring for the most effective home exercise, for example, custom Yoga Leggings + Yoga Mat.

Home Workout Sets
Outdoor Workout Gear

Outdoor Workout Gear

Long-sleeve tops, warm and comfy pants, sweatshirts, and hoodies are wardrobe staples for working out outdoors in colder weather. These apparel pieces offer endless design possibilities, so customize away. Or think about all the runners out there and offer Joggers + Shirt + Water Bottle with your designs for the most high-spirited runs.

Athleisure Styles for Everyday Wear

Athleticwear has long since transcended the walls of a gym. Athleisure wear has conquered even the high-fashion runways and is here to stay because nothing beats comfort. Sell custom sweatshirts and joggers with your art for all comfort lovers.

Athleisure Styles for Everyday Wear

Design Your Custom Workout Sets

Why Choose Printify for Selling Your Athletic Wear

Choose Printify for Selling Your Athletic Wear

Streamlined Fulfillment

Printify will handle your order fulfillment from A to Z, so you can focus on scaling your brand.

Free Mockup Generator

Our free and easy-to-use design tool lets you design a range of custom workout clothing straight from your computer or mobile device. And no previous design experience is required.

Large Product Selection

Find over 800 custom products to design, print, and sell. Select your favorites and create an unforgettable shopping experience.

No Upfront Costs

Printify is always free. Plus, with print on demand, there are no upfront costs – you only pay us when your first sale is in.

No Minimum Order

Customize workout clothes and order a single set for yourself or sell in bulk under your brand – there is no minimum order. And no maximum, for that matter.

24/7 Merchant Support

Our 24/7 Merchant Support team will assist your customers throughout their entire shopping journey.


If you’re a designer, create your artwork and upload it to our Mockup Generator. Or find a designer on various freelancer platforms online. You can also use our Shutterstock image database and begin designing sportswear with breathtaking photos.

The process is fairly simple – check out what other brands are doing and draw inspiration there or find ideas online. The next steps are creating designs and placing them on multiple products, such as sports bras, shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, and other activewear.

Printify offers custom items at exceptionally competitive prices. But you can save up to 20% on each catalog item if you subscribe to Printify Premium.

Of course! Ordering a sample is highly recommended, as you want to feel the product before selling it to your buyers. 

Ready to Start?

Now that you have created a mental image of how simple it is to create a line of performance apparel, it’s time to get busy. Design workout clothes and start making money today!